these people!!

I love it how it’s just harries who have this reputation of being hateful and bitter and petty and whatever, but the other fans can pretty much say anything they want about Harry in the name of being “critical” and “honest” and “just my opinion” and “it’s the facts”. How convenient is this, honestly? That you can say the nastiest things about Harry and complain about people being nasty to your fave in the same breath?


Some more Bahorel content:

•has gotten kicked out of 7 diners for trying to start a performance of La Vie Boheme not even with friends he tried to get strangers to it, he got arrested for it twice
•s o f t, I don’t care how many times I have to say ya gotta listen he is Physically Soft as well as emotionally
•still not a lot of people will box him at his gym
•scar on his eyebrow, not from a fight but from crashing his bike as a kid
•sings outside Feuilly’s window until the woman next door screams at him
•the woman next door is actually quite fond of Feuilly and Bahorel just not at 3am, they get wine drunk together and she tells them about being queer in the 80s and anything else that comes up
•loves babies and anything about him that reads as scary desolves the moment you see him interact with a bab
•always knock on the door to his apartment never just enter, he’s probably not wearing clothes and won’t put any on upon you entering
•that being said he has a faint burn scar on his upper thigh from Very hot morning coffee
•that duck tattoo Bossuet has gotten three times? He has it too as a lower back tattoo and remembers less about it than Bossuet, he didn’t even know he got it for a year because of it’s placement
•kisses everyone who allows it
•drapes himself over Enjolras’ lap to tell him something, or he does something equally as dramatic because it always makes Enjolras laugh
•is 6'5" still wears heels
•when his chest totally healed after top surgery he was so jazzed about keeping his nipples he got them pierced and showed everyone he could
•i love my boy so much my dudes

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I'm not bashing Finn, saying he doesn't do good things or heroic things or whatever. Just seems like they take a backseat now. Only for major threats. Doesn't seem to save princesses much anymore, if I remember right? I might be wrong.

yeah i get that dw

i think they’re just not writing episodes like that anymore? there are little parts in episodes that show he still goes on dungeon crawls and all that, i think they’re just trying to focus on other plot right now

Our store put these stickers up on the walls of the bathrooms, but someone stole a lot of the pieces.

So what once started out as “Dance like no one is watching. Sing like no one is listening. Love like you’ve never been hurt.” and “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass its learning to dance in the rain.”

Is now:

no one’s watching.
no one’s listening.

wait for the storm.
in the rain.