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Mari: Hey… Tikki… We’ve got a problem…

Tikki: What is it Marinette? Are you in trouble?

Mari: Well… I may have lost something…


Tikki: If you lost an earring…


Tikki: I know you’re increably clumsy, but how? It’s part of your miraculous! I bet Plagg wouldn’t let Adrian lose his ring!


Tikki: I mean… oops…


Adrian in back holding her earring:



Mari: ADRIEN?!

Tikki: Listen, lets get the earring back then I’ll explain…


Adrian: Look at this earring Plagg! It looks familiar

Plagg: Yea, it’s Ladybug’s, duh

Adrian: No, it’s my good friend Marinette’s!



Plagg: Nevermind…


PLOT TWIST: BTS didn’t just become the 1st K-pop group to be nominated & invited and to win at the BBMAs today; they also turned a legit Billboard twitter account into a BTS twitter fansite 😂😂😂😂😂

Big Bang reaction to a sudden confess by rookie

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[let’s say you are a rookie in YG Entertainment]

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He never really hung out with the rookies so that scared you a lot. He was nice to you and even though you were training to be a singer, you wanted to learn how to rap and he helped you a lot. You were in the middle of another class with T.O.P and you had planned to confess your feelings to him for a while. “Oppa~ I know that it will sound weird but I really like you~"He thought it was really nice of you to tell him your feelings, but since you were rookie you couldn’t date anyone. He was flattered by your confess, but because of age difference and no dating rule he just took it as a compliment. After that he tried to talk to you more because he thought you would be disappointed if he would take you as a joke. 

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He was always busy, but he did have a few classes for you. Since you were rookie for 9 years and you were about to debut with a new girl group as a leader and lead rapper, your manager decided it would be good if you learnt from the best and so you did. You became really good friends with GD and you even got the chance to be in a few of his m/v’s. With a friendship that long you started to feel more than just a friendship and you really wanted to confess to him."Oppa, would you be mad if I told you I like you a lot?"he would be surprised by your question, but he would say no and smile to you. You knew there was a little chance of him liking you that way, but you were glad he excepted it. He would still be very harsh on your rapping and all the things he had to teach you, but if he invited you to dinner he was very nice and even more comfortable talking with you.

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He would always help you with dancing and your singing. He was always very friendly and he liked talking and joking with you. As his dongsaeng he took you out for dinner or lunch a lot after the practice. Once you were at dance studio just finishing your dance practice and he asked you if you’d like to go and get dinner since it was very late. You refused and wanted to practice more so he stayed with you until he forced you to go. "Oppa… Thank you a lot. I really appreciate your help…and… I want you to know I really like you…"He would think that was the sweetest thing and he promised you he will help you more and take care of you. In future he would always ask if you were eating properly and if you are in good health. One day he also invited you on variety show to dance with him and you made choreography together. 

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You got in the YG when you were only 12 years old and Daesung was the closest friend you ever had. He always helped you with school work and your singing. He was your older brother and you both knew that. You would stay at his place a lot of times and as you got older it was really awkward for you and you began having feeling for him. You thought it would be the best if you kept it inside and not tell him, but after 3 years of hiding your feelings you finally told him."Oppa, I know you only see me as your younger sister, but I really like you."He smiled and told you he knew it all along and he was honored. He also told you he would want to date you a lot, but you were still a rookie with no dating rule. After your confession he would invite you to more events he attended and he even sang a song for you in public.

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Seungri and you came in company at the same time with 2 year difference. You quickly became best friends even though he was a boy. Your manager thought it was a bad thing for you to hang out with Seungri because of his rebellious character, but you never listened to him. You liked Seungri a lot and you were really disappointed when you heard he had a girlfriend. Finally after all this time you confessed to him."Oppa~ I want to date you~ Please let’s go out on a date sometime~"He would squeak because he was so happy you finally told him how you felt. You almost always ate with him at least once a day if he wasn’t busy. He convinced your manager to let you date him and after long negotiation he would succeed  He would be the best boyfriend and he would always support you and your group.

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Side by Side with the Falsettos cast
  • Andrew: I was naked on Girls. I did a sex scene with Allison Williams. And then two seasons ago I had a sex scene with Corey Stoll, where we were both naked.
  • Brandon: How does that work? Do they put stuff on you, is there like...?
  • Stephanie: A sock
  • Andrew: It's called a cock sock.
  • Stephanie: We have one upstairs. You wanna see one?
  • Brandon: Why?
  • Christian: Yes. The answer's yes