these people


“Go Daddy-O” Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Check this dancing. Yowza man!

Seriously. Holy fucking hell these people can DANCE
Episode Home part 1 mini rant

Omg! Iris, honey, sweetie I’m going to need you to get your shit together. It’s bad enough that you’re getting hot and bothered over sexy bad boy Lev when you have Nathaniel but you’re letting it make you think stupid. WHY the hell would you want to hinder your escape even FURTHER to get your mom’s crown?! “I can’t leave it behind”, she says. I’ll never give it to Grimorr she says. Well that’s a buncha fuckin hooey cuz as soon as she removes that thing from it’s amazing protection case evil overlord dude is much MUCH more likely to get it. And what’s with the girls acting like they can’t do shit about their cracked gems? This isn’t Steven Universe last I checked, they can easily fix the things with magic since it’s theirs and apart of them right? Also, last thing (4 now), WHY DID Clarissa, Talia’s sis, and um…the other girl(????) Save Auriana and Talia just to trap them again if they A. Know who the people they saved were, B. Knew they were all on the same side, C. Looked up to or respected them because princess status, and D. One of their rescued captives are related to their leader????????? And I include Talia’s sis because she gave the orders for them to do at least some of this. It just makes no sense!!

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