these past four years

i sure do love burning bridges before im even out of school. im supposed to be making connections and good impressions here but these past four years ive either been in an abusive relationship, dealing with the trauma and suicidially-ideating depression and like, quasi-ptsd from that, dealing with a recent adhd diagnosis and medication for that and realizing how much this disorder has fucked me over because i had no treatment for it, dealing with the tragic deaths of two family members, and dealing with my own big medical diagnosis, like, theres no fucking break. all people have seen of me is me being a wreck. a mess. and thats not even the whole list of awful shit ive had to deal with. theres other family stuff and other problems but like. i never get a break

i KNOW im better than this but. but every time i try and just. FUNCTION. something awful or completely exhausting happens that i have to cope with

I’m just tired, man. Like there’s so much angry and negativity in the world, and the one safe place I had for the last few years, the place where I found strength to get out of a really bad situation in my life, is gone. Poof.

Maybe I’m being over-dramatic, God knows I am so often, but this one took a lot from me. 

Look. Felix (Pewdiepie) made a mistake, he thought his little “joke” was comedy, but as someone who’s been studying comedy for the past four fucking years, racism is not comedy. If you’re gonna target a group of people for the sake of a joke, you make damn sure they deserve it. Jewish people do not deserve it. Saying “death to” a group of people who have had the fucking shit kicked out of them for centuries is not fucking funny. It’s sad and, quite honestly, lazy. What pisses me off is that instead of 100% owning up to it, he’s trying to write it off as a “joke gone wrong.” Buddy. Admit you fucked up big time. Admit the joke was not funny and that it wasn’t humor. It was not comedy. By calling it comedy, you offend people who pour their heart and soul into making the masses laugh and feel good. 

And then, major Youtubers backed him up, saying he’s “just being himself.” People like Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Lordminion777, all people who in the past have supported love and acceptance. People who I’ve looked up to for years. Hell, I’d go as far to say Mark was an idol of mine. However, they all backed up someone who is too much of a coward and too into himself to admit he made a mistake. 

As someone who really admired these people, I’m hurt as hell. 

As someone who’s studied communications and public relations for the last four years, I’m pissed off as fuck. You wanna support him? Fine. But don’t try to step back from repercussions of doing so. You went into this mess, you STAY in. Pewdiepie landed himself in hot water and by supporting him just being his wacky ol’ self, you jumped right in too. I understand standing up for a friend, but if my friend went and pulled some shit like that? You bet your ass I’m calling them out. To pull from Harry Potter books, if Neville Longbottom can stand up to his friends, so can you.

To conclude, jokes about killing minorities isn’t comedy. If you try to use them for comedy, you’re lazy and you’re pretty pathetic. Pewdiepie is a grown adult, and needs to be held accountable for his actions.       

“Today Jin-Hyung graduated from his university, but he couldn’t go to the graduation ceremony. So knowing his personality he’s probably very upset… even though he’s pretending like he’s not” - Jimin

Important info


You were a most capable partner, but I’ll be killing you here.  The work you’ve done for Baroque Works these past four years was invaluable thanks to your intellect and leadership.  For me that was enough.  You were a highly useful woman.  However, at the very end you broke your promise to me!  The poneglyph of this country failed to give me any leads on Pluton!  But I harbor not even the slightest ounce of anger towards you.  Do you know why, Nico Robin?

Richard Carbonnier’s tubular eco-house in Pond Inlet, Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada

Richard Carbonnier’s home is impossible to miss. It looks like a trio of conjoined soup cans, balanced on pilings on a hillside in the Nunavut hamlet of Pond Inlet. The Montreal-born architect spent the past four years single-handedly building his tube house to suit – and tread lightly on – the polar environment.

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listen to me. listen. jensen ackles is so hot. the only singular thought in my head when he’s on screen is “hot.” I’ve been staring at his fucking face for the past four years of my life and still it’s just. hot. you’d think I’d get used to it? get over it? grow weary of it? my tired eyes cannot take this much longer. he’s so hot. why am I like this. hot.

Going to spend the entire afternoon in the library preparing for classes and reading my two textbooks. Did all my chores and planning during the morning, now off to fetch my new glasses and then it’s time to find a cozy spot in the library!

Ps: I have been practicing piano lately, something that I haven’t done for the past four years and it feels soooo amazing to play again!

glass eyes

Part ½
word count: 2.6
warnings: none, I think
Dan’s an alien that happened to land into Phil’s classroom, and Phil doesn’t quite believe that extra terrestrial life can actually exist. Fluff and angst.

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Night Of Surprises

Joe was determined.

Determined to get his best friend to join him and the boys on a night out.

It was long overdue, really.

Over the past four years of friendship, he had yet to get her to go out on the town with them, although he knew she went out with some of her girl friends occasionally.

The boys respected Y/N’s decision though, because they knew she was busy with school. She had a scholarship to maintain, and a job as well to help support her living, between work and studying, there just wasn’t much time to go out, so the rare occasion she had time to do so, it was with her girls.

The boys had groaned and moaned about how Y/N liked her girl friends better than them, but she was quick to remind them that all her other free time was spent with them. And even when she was studying she was around them.

So the boys were quick to shut up, knowing that there wasn’t much else they could say, because she was right, they did get her a lot of the time.

But Joe was still determined, because he wanted to have a fun night out with all of his best mates. Y/N included.

He waited until finals were done and all her papers were handed in. He had stolen her work schedule one day while they were hanging out, and so knew what night would work best.

Now he just had to convince her.

“You want me to come out with you guys?” She asked one night while they had dinner at Joe’s.

“Yes. You haven’t been out with us, and I’m sure Mikey and Jack could use a wing woman.”

“I just…” She pushed the food around her plate, “There’s probably more fun people to go out with.”

“Love, you’re my best friend. There is no one better. Please?”

“Fine,” Y/N finally sighed. “I’ll go out.”


“Yes, really.”

“This is going to be the best night ever.” Joe grinned, practically bouncing in his seat.

None of the boys knew what to expect.

When the night finally arrived, the boys were buzzing, ready to take their female friend out and show her the nightlife of London.

They figured that the girls nights she had had were probably pretty tame to their nights, and were excited to show her what an actual good time was.

“Ready?” Y/N asked, appearing from upstairs of Joe’s flat, smiling over at the boys, who had all fallen silent at her appearance.

The outfit she was wearing was unlike anything they had seen on her. They had seen similar outfits at the clubs, on the girls they had tried to pull, but not on their quiet and studious friend.

“Holy shit,” Jack broke the silence, “You look hot.”

“Awe, thanks Jack. Now, are you ready to go?” She asked again, spinning around on her heel and heading for the door, “Let’s go boys!”

The moment the boys stepped foot through the door of the club, the surprises continued.

Y/N lead them over to the bar, ordering a couple rounds of shots, and a few of the boys exchanged hesitant glances, wondering if she’d be able to handle them.

Until she threw back her shots, and a few of theirs, with ease, smiling casually at them.

“Time to dance!” She told them, pulling Joe and Conor out onto the floor with her, letting the music wash over her body as she began to dance.

Joe and Conor stood in shock as they watched her for a moment, unsure of how to react exactly, and judging my the looks on the other boys faces, neither did they.

None of them had seen her like this, so used to the quiet and reserved side, she was the type of person to throw herself into her studies, to roll her eyes when they did something stupid or Jack made an inappropriate comment. Now they were watching her become someone entirely different, but in a way so confident that they were mesmerized.

Because it was clearly still their Y/N, but letting loose and having more fun.

After the initial shock, the boys did their best to simply work with this newly discovered side of their friend, but continued to exchange shocked and confused looks throughout the night.

And the most surprising part was when she slipped her way through the crowd over to their small group to announce that she was leaving.

“Alone?” Joe asked worriedly, already preparing himself to leave as well.

“Nope,” Y/N shook her head, a sly smile on her lips, “With him.” She turned to point over her shoulder at a man standing a little ways back, who nodded over at her.

“Wait,” Jack shook his head, “You pulled?”

“Jealous?” She replied.


“Good.” Her smile switched to the one they were all used to, a beaming smile, “Thanks for dragging me out tonight, you guys. I had fun. I’ll see you tomorrow for dinner, right?”

Once they had all nodded, she winked and turned away from them, making her way back to the man waiting.

“Holy shit.” Josh mumbled, taking a long sip of his drink.

“This just isn’t fair,” Jack pouted.

“Did you know?” Conor asked, looking over at Joe, who shook his head.

“Had no idea. She’s full of surprises.”

“How do I find myself a best friend like that?!” Jack whined, “I want a hot party girl for a best friend!”

“Maybe one day,” Joe laughed, patting the younger man’s shoulder.

“…Your wife is a spy. That’s right. Her real name is Rosamund Mary Greta Bengtsdotter. Swedish by birth and probably the most dangerous spy in the world. She’s been operating deep undercover for the past four years now as your wife, for one reason only…“


Cambodia’s female construction workers

Cambodia’s construction industry is booming, and high-rises are being built across the capital of Phnom Penh. With the city’s population doubling over the past four years, it has begun its transformation into a sprawling metropolis.

The industry employs a large number of migrant workers who flock to the capital in search of work.

Around a third of these workers are women, and photographer Charles Fox’s latest project documents them on the building sites.

Some of the women are just starting out, others hone skills learnt in the provinces, while others are from the masses of workers who returned from Thailand in 2014 after a crackdown on illegal migrant workers.

Many of these women have come to the capital with their family and friends, relocating to live and work on the building sites.

The sites can often be dangerous and female workers can receive lower wages than their male counterparts.

Despite this, the women of Cambodia’s construction industry are hard-working and driven, remaining resilient to the risks they face.

All photographs by Charles Fox.

Love You To Death 🌙

A/N: So I stumbled upon this in my word documents, which I wrote when I was thirteen years old. And I must admit that my writing style hasn’t changed much in the past four years, much to my embarrassment (oops). Please forgive me if you find any cringey stuff in this fic because let me repeat, thirteen years old and I know that most of us refuse to acknowledge our thirteen year old selves. Anyway, enjoy some kinky ghost Kai while I finish up requests x

Pairing(s): Kai/Jongin x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of sex

Genre: Very light smut/light supernatural

Requested: No

Summary: You and Ghost! Kai ‘interact’ with each other in the wee hours of the morning.

Word Count: 2563

*Side Note: This is a snippet from an old fic of mine, so if certain aspects are unclear, don’t fuss about them too much.

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As silently as I can, I shut the door behind me and quietly slip on my Converse. The icy night air whips at my face, numbing it as I make my way down the pitch-black corridor, occasionally bumping myself against the wall.


Using my phone as a flashlight, I slowly navigate my way to the end of the corridor and inch up the creaky stairs that links to the attic. I’m not even supposed to be awake at this time of night as it is forbidden in the dorm…but who’s to stop me from doing what I want?

The trapdoor to the attic is stiff and creaky from lack of use but I manage to open it eventually. Dust surrounds me as I squint into the darkness, desperately searching for what I’m looking for.

Books, old clothes, broken furniture…

I paw through the piles of junk blindly, hoping to feel the silkiness of the cloth-wrapped package that (Y/F/N) chucked away. Then I stop, goosebumps forming on my arms and the hairs at the back of my neck standing on end. The temperature of the atmosphere drops rapidly.

He’s here.

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Years Lost

Just throwing this in here before someone beats me to it.

“One… two… three… four…”

He’d had a routine for the past thirteen years.

“Five… six… seven… eight…”

Get up, brush teeth, jog ten miles, do pull ups, sit ups, squats, curl the heaviest stone available, bench the heaviest log he could find, and wrestle the nearest monster. Repeat twice, and chase the nearest Heckapoo clone.

“Nine… ten… eleven… twe-twelve…”

It had been more difficult that he thought it’d be to keep up the routine.

“thirteen… four… teeeen…”

His body wasn’t what his mind told him it should be.

“Fif-hah-fifteen… sixteen…”

In an instant, he’d lost sixteen years of progress.

“Seventeen… eighteen…”

His beloved dragoncycle.

“Nine-! Nine-! Come on Diaz!”

All he had was his memories.

“Nine…. Teeeen…!”

And his dimensional scissors.


Marco Diaz let himself fall to the ground, glaring spitefully at the pull up bar before glancing at the clock.

“Twenty pull ups in five minutes.”

He’d lost a lot by returning to Earth, he’d be lying if he said he didn’t miss the adventure of it all. In those eight minutes he’d become everything he’d ever wanted to be and more.

But this time around, he was different.

He could still wield his sword, even if it felt heavier than it’d had in years. He remembered his skills in combat, even if he felt he was moving at a snail’s pace. At age fourteen, he had sixteen years of experience in war, espionage, swordplay, and, thanks to a certain candle-headed demon (?), flirting.

He’d made a lot of mistakes in his training he wouldn’t make this time around.

His glare turned into a confident smirk.

It’d taken him ten years to do two hundred pull ups in ten minutes.

This time next year, it’s be three hundred in five.

“Welp, time for the right arm! One… two… three…”


“… and so, yeah, Marco’s technically thirty now.”

Jackie Lynn Thomas and Janna stared at Star, gaping like fish out of water.

It was a full minute before Janna broke the silence.

“And you didn’t take pictures!?”

“Wha!? Janna! I had more pressing matters than pictures! Like, “who’s the guy with the eight pack that’s hugging me?”!”

“Eight pack?” squeaked Janna, practically burning through her beanie, “Pictures should have been the first thing on your mind!”

“Oh come on! Jackie, back me up here.”

She stayed silent.


“I’d have liked pictures.”


“…Questioning what your country is or who you are as a nation, that is difficult because you are American; so it’s difficult to be objective. What I’m saying is, we’re from England, so we’re quite objective; and over the past four to five years we’ve been coming to America. We’ve been touring here, and we’ve kind of made a life for ourselves; so it’s kind of like our second home. We love it here. It’s difficult today to be objective about what America is and what it stands for, and who you are; and I really empathize with that. Let me tell you that I know America, we know America, and the America we know is a young America. It’s a young America, it’s a liberal America, it’s a compassionate America, it’s a socially responsible America. It’s an America that doesn’t react to fear with anger, and doesn’t react to anger with fear. It’s also a black America, it’s a Muslim America, and it’s a gay America. We feel it as well. We feel it as much as you. And the thing is, whereas I know what seemingly is half the country is at the moment sided with unfortunately bigotry and racism - all of those things we don’t stand for, but what I’m saying is… is that the other half of the country - aka you guys - is probably the best country that we’ve ever met. And they’re all gonna’ fucking die then we will outlive them. This song is about loving people. *plays Loving Someone*” Matty’s speech // Eaglebank Arena // 11-9-16

*transcends beyond the realm of stress to eventually convincing myself everything is ok by looking at more memes on the internet*