these ones looks so much better than my old ones



So my tablet died

It was a pretty old tablet, so it was going to happen eventually, but I’m still really bummed out about it (I’ve been itching to draw).

I need to look into getting a new tablet, but my last tablet was actually a hand-me-down, so I don’t know too much about shopping for one (like what brands are trustworthy, what models are better, etc etc.)

I know I want something a little bigger than what I had (my tablet was pretty small, so I wanna go maybe one size up?  Like paper sized?), and I may want to explore brands outside of Wacom.  Can anyone give me advice on what to look for when shopping for a new tablet?  And do you have any suggestions on models that are affordable, but durable?

SU Complaints/Confession


WHAT EVEN IS LAPIS’S PERSONALITY? What is her actual hairstyle? I liked Peridot’s development the least. She used to be cool. Now she’s just a bobbleheaded baby. Steven’s body is pretty small too. Admittedly, I like the characters less pudgy. When I was watching season one, I really didn’t Garnet’s thighs so much. I would picture her in my head with smaller thighs and liked fanart that depicted her that way. I just really didn’t like it, aesthetics and all. Looking back on it now, I actually like her old design more than the current one. I like red Garnet, not purple Garnet. Yeah I guess being purple signifies a better balance between Ruby and Sapphire, but I still picture Garnet being red. Also, I wish she would get more characterization aside from her being a fusion. I do like she’s not as stoic and smiles.

As for chubbiness, it’s the same thing with Steven, but not as much. I don’t want him to become skinny, just thick. Maybe he can start resembling his actual age of 14 too? That would be something. Unlike a lot of people, I don’t actually care for Bismuth. I don’t want her to become a recurring character. I’m all for Peridot if she would mature a little, but not her. Maybe it’s because she’s newer, but I think it would just spin the groups dynamic in a way I’m not comfortable with. We started with Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven. It’s even in the song! I don’t hear the other character’s names. I don’t like Lapidot either. It just seems unnecessary. I don’t hate it because I favor another ship. I don’t care for their interactions.

I don’t think of the gems as representing any race. Rebecca even talked about that on reddit once a LONG time ago. I agree they are coded as lesbians, but not that they actually are. They are intelligent, asexual rocks. I love Pearl’s newest design and Amethyst’s second design the most. I want more development for Peridot, Garnet, and especially Amethyst. I want some closure for Amethyst and Steven because I don’t feel like they are really done. Pearl has developed enough now and Im satisfied with her. I want consistency for Lapis, in personality and design, but mainly personality. I really like her in her first episodes. I guess it can be hard to maintain that same impression they create in people of a character from when they introduce them. They can’t and shouldn’t remain mysterious forever.

Steven is my favorite character, but I love it when he’s going through trauma and crying. He’s the sweet boy. I wish people would stop calling non-gem-centric episodes filler. This isn’t a fucking anime where they have to make shit up because they are catching up to the manga or whatever. It’s all canon material and is a part of the show whether you think it’s important or not. I appreciate light-hearted episodes. I don’t want the show to be an angsty train of plot, but I don’t like it when an external or internal conflict is introduced and then addressed many episodes episodes later. The crew of SU is a lot better about not doing this than the Adventure Time crew is, which I appreciate. The problem is it feels all jumbled and incomplete. I like Jasper. I didn’t love her design at first because it didn’t seem to match the style of the show completely, but I love her now. I don’t think I would hate it if she became allies with the crystal gems. I want Steven and Jasper to get along and have nice moments together!

I didn’t like the episode “Jailbreak” at first. It made me feel like I was too old to be watching it anymore. The song “Stronger Than You”, Ruby and Sapphire’s reunion, and the final boss fight seemed cheesy and childish. I really like the episode “Alone Together” my first watch through, but then it made me feel dirty for watching it. I thought it was a little raunchy. Also, ship what what you want. Stevidot, Pewey, grearl (Pearl and Greg), Jaspis? I don’t care. I don’t like it when people hate on people who like them and act like they’re so morally superior. The show’s theme is basically about love and acceptance. Learn from the show we love.

Animation is wonky sometimes whenever I actually care to look close enough. I wish the crew was stricter about their character design, like height. It allows them to be free with it and it makes it look fresh, but I just want consistency. The fandom can be annoying too. They love diversity, such as race, body type, and sexuality, but not diversity of thought. The fandom will never make me turn away from Steven Universe though. I love it too much!




1,000 Followers – y’all have left me completely speechless. I cannot thank you guys enough for everything this past year. I was saving this picture for next week but since surpassing that landmark, I wanted to do something special. I was going through my old Raphril picts right after the movie came out to see how much better as an artist I’ve become over that time span I found my favorite one, which happened to be a tickle fight between 2k14 Raph and April. So,I went and redid it. Nevertheless, it look me less than half the time than the one I did over a year ago so that’s progress, huh? lol.

But in all seriousness, thank you all for the bottom of my heart for your likes, reblogs, follows, and kind words since I’ve joined the beautiful tmnt fandom. You guys are incredible, and wonderful, an perfect, and I love you all! Thanks so much! xoxo <3 <3 <3

~ SetoAngel01


In other news, I did a new chapter for my 2k12 Raphril fict, Afterglow, which you can read here on tumblr,, or A03.

Miraculous OCs

I drew a sketch of these two a few months ago(haven’t posted it) but then decided to re-draw them and this version looks a lot better than the old one like boooyyy…

There’s not much description about them and if people are interested in those two,then it’s still a work in progress!

So the top left one is called Mark (Poisonous Dart Frog) and he’s 17.His miraculous is a bracelet.His weapons would be throwing darts.
The bottom right one is called Lucas (Swan) and he’s 17.His miraculous is a ear piercing.His weapon would be a scythe.
Mark can stick on surfaces like walls,ceilings,etc while Lucas can fly around.
Mark tends to wave at Lucas everytime he sees him because the dork’s too shy to have a conversation with him.Mark would also tend to get nervous when Lucas gets close.Time passes and they both got to be close friends.I do not know much yet about their backstory or their hero’s names so those are also a work in progress!

Want to commission me?If so,here’s the info! [Click here!]
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Oh, how time flies!

I was looking back through my old posts when I realized, with a shock, that this blog had passed its one year anniversary! (And I didn’t do anything to celebrate it!)

There are still so many things I’ve yet to address… to that one anon that asked me how to introduce your character’s appearance: I haven’t forgotten you, I’ve just been horribly slow at finishing the series (though I can’t honestly say that’s much better than forgetting at this point.)

The anti-hero post will be out on Tuesday.

There’s another series of posts I’m outlining (also slowly, sorry about that) that was supposed to be for a follower benchmark… Maybe it’ll be ready by the next notable number…

Hmm, what do people who celebrate one year blog anniversaries usually post?
How about statistics. People like statistics, right? And links! I’ll do that too. (Sorry for the overload of exclamation points; I’m very excited. And a bit sleep-deprived at the moment.)

Current blog stats:

968 posts (before posting this one)
12,996 followers (between drafting and posting this, I’ve lost a follower)

First post, March 22, 2015

First post with more than 10 notes, April 2, 2015

First Settings Sundays post, April 5, 2015

First Magical Mondays post, April 13, 2015; Also first post with more than 25 notes

First post to get more than 100 notes, August 3, 2015

And special recognition to this post, which can easily be argued as the only reason my blog started picking up followers, August 31, 2015
Though it took a few days for it, as on September 10th, it went up by almost 600 notes. September 10th is also the day I got over 1000 followers.
(I believe that one got around to the otherkin side of tumblr, causing a larger amount of notes than seemingly possible at the time.)

These, of course, are not counting the occasional reblog of someone else’s material.

Looking back at my old posts, I can’t do much but cringe, honestly. Ouch. They are not good. Way too try-hard.