these nights make me so happy

Just throwing this up here in the wake of spoilers from last night’s taping. I can’t claim credit for this theory, but I have permission to share it and am happy to do so, because it intrigues me. 

I’m not going to go deep into the spoilers themselves. They’re out there. What I want to address is this. The episode definitely comes off as a ‘goodbye’ episode. Hence the name. But I don’t think it’s a goodbye to the show so much as a goodbye to the majority of the BMW elements. Not people like Shawn and Josh, who very much have a big place of their own in GMW now, but to the other random visits, as well as to many of the gratuitous references. 

The episode taped was filled with callbacks, parallels, and guests, many of which it’s easy to assume that MJ would have wanted to save for the series finale. But he didn’t. Because at the end of the day GMW is part of the BMW universe, but it’s a separate entity. It can stand on its own, and it’s doing that more and more with every episode. This season finale was the opportunity to cut those ties and make room for GMW and it’s characters to grow even more. 

So last night I was joking with my dad and I said something along the lines of “But, I want it both ways!” And my dad started laughing and was like “So, you’re like.. What do they call it? Oh bisexual?” And I was just like “Yes…” And he just kinda looked at me and was like “Whatever makes you happy, baby.” Then he just turned back to continue watching Cap2 and after a few minutes he looked back to me and was like “Do think Cap is bi too? Cause I mean… Bucky.”

In The Rain (Wanda Maximoff Award)


 Steve Rogers x Reader
Warnings: None
Notes: Halfway through! So I suddenly got really inspired to write last night or something and managed to crank out three in one night, which makes me super happy! Anyway I hope you’re all enjoying these and remember feedback is always appreciated!! <3

Staring out the window of the small coffee shop you felt completely at peace. Running your thumb over the calloused skin of your boyfriends knuckles, a smile quirked at the edge of your lips, thinking of how lucky you were to have him in your life. You’d both had tough pasts, in different ways, but had managed to power your ways through all the bullshit life could throw at you and reach one another. You didn’t want to think about what your life would have been without Steve Rogers bursting quite literally into it. “Doll, we need to go, it looks like it’s about to tip it down.” Your boyfriends deep voice snapped you out of your memories, his pale blue eyes shining in the warm light. Humming in response you laced your fingers through his before standing from the cushy seat you’d sunk into. “What were you thinking about?” Steve murmured, wrapping his arm around your waist before guiding you from the warmth of the shop. “Us.” You smiled, tipping your head back to look at him, watching the smile stretch across his lips. “Oh yeah?” He smiled, placing a kiss against your hair as you walked down the darkened street.

After walking through the bustling streets of New York, you finally reached Brooklyn. Where the feeling of home seemed to seep into your bones. Only minutes away from your shared apartment, the sky seemed to open up, sending down trickles of ice cold rain. “Told you.” Steve chuckled as you snuggled closer to his side. Sticking your tongue out, you pushed him away slightly before skipping ahead. Twirling around, you threw your arms into the air and let out a laugh. “Dance with me Stevie!” You grinned, taking his hands and twirling once again. “It’s raining Y/N; you’re going to hurt yourself.” He chastised, softened by the huge grin on his face. “Oh come on.” You pouted, wrapping your arms around his neck as his hands gripped your waist. Sighing, Steve just sighed in exasperation before dancing with you securely in his arms.

“You know; it was in the rain that I first realised how much I loved you.” Steve murmured, forehead resting against yours. “Oh yeah?” You smiled, tangling your fingers in the hairs on the nape of his neck. “Yeah.” He whispered, pressing his lips against yours, the cold droplets of rain running down the sides of both of your faces. “Well for what it’s worth…” You whispered, pulling away slightly, “I love you too.” You smiled, happy to stand there as the rain seeped into your clothing, as long as he was with you.

My Boys: Better Days - Chapter 7

Hey Guys, sorry for the long wait!

Thank you so much all of you who have messaged me asking for an update, you have no idea how happy your devotion to this story makes me.

thank you so much @soccerplusgirl, I know how busy you’ve been and you still took your time to edit this for me!


That was one of the longest nights of Amelia’s life. Time would simply not pass.

While she finished helping Thomas and Lucas with their homework, she watched as Owen prepared dinner in the kitchen. She would often catch him staring at her with malice in his eyes. She couldn’t help but to smile back, rejoicing in the intimacy of their silent exchange of words.

When Danny said he was thirsty, Amelia got up from the living floor where she’d been playing with the boys and went into the kitchen, looking for a sippy cup to fill with water.

“Have you seen the one of those Mickey cups with the red lids?” She asked Owen, looking in the cabinets above the sink.

“They’re up there,” Owen pointed to the shelf above her head.

As Amelia stretched her arm to reach it, she felt a strong hand grabbing one side of her hip as Owen stood close behind her. She could sense his warm breath on the back of her head when he leaned into brush his lips along the sensitive skin of her neck.

Amelia closed her eyes and put both of her hands on the kitchen counter, trying to keep her balance as Owen’s other hand captured one of her breasts gently. Because of the pregnancy, her breasts had become tender and slightly uncomfortable, but it didn’t stop her from getting pleasure when he touched her. Owen proceeded to get closer and closer to her as he slowly nipped her neck and shoulders, leaving red teeth marks all over her porcelain white skin.

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(oddly specific) superhero aus
  • every time i see the city’s superhero get hurt on the news you come home with a suspiciously similar injury. i let you think that you play it off well, because that seems to make you happy, but i figured it out after a week of living with you. honestly how have you kept your identity secret for so long?
  • last night after i fought the city villain and got them arrested you wouldn’t answer my calls, but the second i was told that the villain had escaped you texted me back. what the fuck.
  • we’re roommates and i told you i have a job with weird hours so that you don’t get suspicious when i’m out fighting crime. you have a weird job too, though. plus you kind of look like someone who shows up to help me sometimes??
  • the government is trying to form a team and at the first meeting when you take your mask off i realize we hooked up at a party a few years ago. i don’t want you to recognize me and i’m panicking so i refuse to take my mask off and say that it’s an insecurity thing, but now every time we’re together you try to make me feel better about myself and i don’t know what to do.
  • you’re never at our psych class so i go to your dorm room every day to drop off the notes. (you asked me on the first day and i couldn’t say no because, come on, look at you). one day you aren’t there but your roommate is. they have to go and they tell me i can wait for you inside. it’s going to be really awkward when you finally show up so i’m planning to leave asap but holy shit!!! are you bleeding? and wearing an ugly costume?
  • i work night shifts at the hospital and you always come in with the rush of patients whenever there’s been a supervillain attack. how is your luck so bad that you’re always there when it happens?
  • i work in a coffee shop in the busiest part of the city, and it’s gotten to the point where villain attacks are more annoying than scary. you come in to get a snack after you win one day, and i’m the only person who’s not starstruck and can actually take your order. you keep showing up, though? even when there aren’t villains around? one night you show up with your hand so swollen that you can’t get it out of your glove, which is the same color that the city superhero wears, actually. 
  • you live in the apartment next to mine and it’s the fourth time this week you’ve gotten home at three in the morning and woken me up. i have to work in the morning, and why the hell do you make so much noise trying to unlock your door? i go outside in my pajamas to yell at you and the city superhero is standing next to me, which obviously throws me off for a second. it’s cool and all, but i really need to sleep so can you keep it down?
  • every time that i have to fight a villain you seem to be there for me to rescue, and you’re actually pretty cute. wait, are you purposely putting yourself in danger so that you can see me? what the FUCK you could have just asked for my number!!

Yo, I’m back~  (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* Did you miss me? Haha, jk. I LOVE FLOWER SHOP AUs, SO THANK YOU FOR THIS. I want to own a small little store and sell flowers to happy people… Anyway, I hope you enjoy this extremely sappy scenario. Let’s go~

You shut the door to your flower shop and hang the small “closed” sign at the window, letting those on late evening strolls know that you’re locking up for the night. The little wind chime hanging at the top of the door rings softly as you make your way to the back, with one more thing to do before you leave.

You push past a door and walk into the little greenhouse attached to your store. The air is warm, but not unpleasantly so, and you smile at the faint floral scent that embraces you.

“Had a good day?”

You jump at the voice that suddenly breaks the silence, having momentarily forgotten what you had come to do. John straightens up from where he had been bent over a rose bush, smiling serenely when his eyes meet yours.

Your heart gives a small thump, and you quickly speak in fear that he might hear it.

“Thank you for your help today,” you say while casting a glance around the glass room. “How are the flowers?”

Your plants had recently been the victim of a water shortage, caused by a burst pipe. People had come to shut the water off, and for a while, you worked hard to transport water from your house to the store. Still, near the end of the dry spell, you could see that some flowers weren’t as bright as they had been, and others were slumped sadly against one another. The water had returned last week, and you had spent as much time as you could nursing the plants back to health.

John, a regular visitor to the flower shop, had offered to check up on them. Feeling for their health was something he could do with his ability, he had said, so you gratefully accepted his help and had let him into the greenhouse a few hours ago. This little store of yours is very important to you, and you could hardly believe you luck that John had been passing by.

“I gave the tulips a little more water,” he says, “but everything else seems healthy.” His voice is cheery, and your heart warms at the thought that your plants mean as much to him as they do to you. “You’ve made these flowers very happy.”

You give a sigh of relief before smiling widely, ready to thank him for helping you out.

“That smile gets me every time, you know.”

The words that had been at the tip of your tongue fizzle away, replaced by a nervous dryness that had been occurring more and more often when John appeared in front of you.

“Do you think you could give me a chance to make you as happy as these flowers are?”

You look away from John’s gaze and give a little cough into your hand, trying to dislodge your voice from your throat. “I’m sorry, I still…”

Who had you been kidding? It hadn’t been luck that had brought John to your store when you needed help, not really, and you know that. He had been pursuing you for about a month now, after the first time he arrived to buy little pressed flowers to send back home.

“It’s okay, take your time.”

When he had first asked you out, you had been so startled, awkwardly stammering something vague and incoherent. John had graciously accepted it as a rejection, but he hadn’t given up. Regular visits became a thing, and you had, at some point, began to look forward to them.

John walks up to you now, standing close, but not close enough to invade your personal space. His expression is one of deep thought, and he asks something you wonder yourself.

“Can I ask why you’re hesitant?”

This, you don’t know the answer to. If you were honest with yourself, you would admit that you are drawn to him. Since you had opened the flower shop two years ago, you had watched countless people buy flowers out of love, for family, friends, and significant others. Sometimes, you had wished to be one of those receiving the gifts, surrounded by love as you were. But the feelings that arise when you look at John…well, they’re foreign, and they’re strong, and make you more shaky and timid than you wish to be.

“I just…don’t know anything about you.” At least that’s true. John takes another moment of thought.

“But if I were to ask you to tell me, honestly, how you feel about me?”

You bite at your lip, wanting to tell him the truth, but unsure of how to go about it. John smiles, as if knowing what you’re thinking. You already suspect that he had caught on to your racing heartbeat and the feelings behind them. His voice is calm and pleasant when he speaks.

“Feelings count for something, don’t they?” He looks around the greenhouse before looking down at his sleeve. You follow his gaze to see a single vine wrapped around his wrist, the one he used to communicate with your flowers. He looks around again before lifting his head and catching your gaze. For some reason, the warmth in his eyes root you to the spot, and you don’t find yourself turning away this time.

“I don’t know much about you either,” he says. “I don’t know much… but somehow, I find myself drawn to you. There’s a reason why I visit so often.” His soft chuckle is pleasant, and a small smile makes its way onto your face as he continues to speak. “There’s plenty of time to get to know each other, and that’s half the fun of being with someone, don’t you think?”

He takes a small step closer. “I want to know you,” he says. Your name leaves his lips, and you find that yes, you want to know more about him too. You want to hear him speak with that voice, soft and caring, more often than just in the short minutes of his visits.

He takes another step. “I want to know you, because you’re already…”

John lifts his arm, the one with the vine, as if he’s gesturing at something. Something lands softly on your head, and you give a start before reaching up to take hold of it.  

“…you’re already on your way to becoming the queen of my heart.”

In your hands is a small flower crown. The flowers woven together are still alive, vibrant blue and yellow. You know that John hadn’t cut them to preserve them, as you would have wanted, and you suspect that he’ll return them safely to the ground after this confession, allowing them to grow even more beautiful.

You look up from gazing at the wreath to look at his face. The sweet, sweet smile warms you, and you think… maybe, just maybe, something can grow between the two of you. After a deep breath, you nod, and place the crown back on your head.

The smile on John’s face makes you believe that something like love can bloom from this.


Hina wakes up earlier than usual due to her new environment, and since her daughter is still asleep, she decides to surprise Akemi by making some food. After all, what is a mother’s visit without mother’s cooking?

In the living room, she runs into Miles, who to her initial surprise, seems to be wary of her.

Hina: Hi, you must be Miles? I’m Hina, Akemi’s mother.

Miles is somewhat calmed by her friendly manner. She doesn’t act bitchy at all!

Miles: Yep, that’s me. I take it Akemi told you about her roommates?

Hina: Oh yes. She sounds pretty happy here, with you guys. But it’s been awhile that she’s been here on her own and I thought I should pay a visit and see how everything is. Call it empty nest syndrome!

Miles: Oh yeah. That makes sense. I just didn’t realize we had visitors- I was so sound asleep last night.

Hina: Yes, you have more than one visitor, actually.

At that moment, the parrot starts yelling in an angry manner and the duo see Milena on her way out. She doesn’t stop, but gives them a glare that would’ve stopped legions.

Right after she leaves, Bernardo the Parrot erupts in a stream of “Bitchy woman” and “Bitch” yells.

Hina: Well, the bird has it accurately, I’ll tell you as much. Your uncle and I already had to deal with her antics yesterday. Poor Marwick. 

As she heads off to the kitchen, Miles reflects on the situation. With two more people in the house, his job of getting rid of all the stolen objects just became that much harder.

Quick Real Talk

((Hey guys!
There is a little something I have to address, because some people have approached me about some asks not getting responces…

Even though I’m happy for every ask I get on this blog, I just can’t answer all of them. Mostly I delete asks because questions get duplicates and have already been answered or because I just don’t understand them (bare in mind, English is only my secondary language). However I also delete questions that make me uncomfortable or of things I don’t want to draw or support by drawing them. I’ve gotten a few sexual asks in the past which were a bit questionable, to put it lightly…

While I am fine with sexual asks, the NSFW content is exclusivly reserved as milestone rewards, so they won’t get answered outside of those events. Still, it would make me really happy if you could refrain from sexual questions outside of Porn Night and check the blog’s archive to see if your question has already been answered before.

Again, I’m glad you guys enjoy the blog and my content, but I’m just a one-man-show and I can only draw as much as I feel I’m capable of.
Still, I hope you have a great day! Take Care!

~ The Mun))

Critical Role makes me so happy

I don’t know why but i’ve caught myself smiling at random times because i’ve remembered something silly or funny or cute that someone in Vox Machina or Matt Mercer did/said and I’m so grateful???

like, it’s just a bunch of people playing d&d (that I don’t even play but really want to now) with a game they’ve had running for much longer than they’ve been streaming but it’s one of the most compelling things I’ve ever watched.

The characters (even the npcs all voiced by Matt) are just so beautifully composed and funny and witty and interact in a way that’s just beautiful. The humour is incredible and spontanious even when it’s been planned

I’ve cried (out of sorrow and laughing too hard), i’ve laughed (actual breathless, snorting, covering-my-face-because-my-mum-is-in-the-next-room, upset-my-dog belly laughs), I’ve been enraptured, I’ve been caught off guard, thrown through a loop and amazed at the storylines themselves (the Briarwood arc was a master-fucking-piece)

Critical Role is the most bizarre thing that I’ve ever fallen head over heels for and I almost didn’t give it a chance but I could not be happier that I did.

A Confession (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

Originally posted by rebekka-donell

Prompt: Hey can I request a Bucky x reader where Bucky is so in love with the reader and everyone knows except her and he’s always like following her like a lost puppy and trying to make conversation but she’s really shy and awkward. And one night the avengers go out to a bar and some drunk is hitting on and harassing the reader and Bucky gets really protective and stands up for her then tells her how he feels💜 sorry if it’s long hahah

A/N: THIS WAS SO CUTE. AWKWARD BUCKY MAKES ME SO HAPPY. I hope you enjoy, lovely anon. 

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Okay so I'm really new to the fandom and...

Ever since I finished playing the game (I went with the Control ending) I’ve been utterly distraught and I’ve spent my whole summer legitimately crying

And now I’m on my second playthrough now that I’ve downloaded the extended cut and apparently that’s supposed to make the ending a little better??

It physically pains me to be at the end of the trilogy and still not knowing what to do because I seriously have no idea how to react to/interpret the three endings

And then I also see a happy ending mod?? WHAT THE HECK??? I’m on my old Xbox 360 so obviously I don’t think I can go down that route

I’m just…so confused and hurt and upset and new to this fandom and idek how active this fandom is

I’m spending so many nights crying because I don’t know how to deal with the ending to ME3

I’ve seen fanart where people make up their own endings in denial and I’m just sitting here so conflicted and lost

Like Mass Effect and all of its characters and Shepard mean so much to me….and I honestly don’t know ANYTHING about getting closure or if everyone else in the fandom is like this

Can anyone tell me how they dealt with their endings?? Or what headcanons they came up with to cope with whatever canon ending there is?? How do I deal with the pain of Shepard dying??

I’m just feeling so alone right now and would like to hear from other people who love Mass Effect just as much as I do..

I’d also like some mass effect blogs to be recommended to me so I can follow..

anonymous asked:


Anon 2: Do you wanna do me a solid and give the coma fic a happy ending? Even if it has 50 parts I’d be much obliged for some happiness in my reading exploits, thank you very much and have a good day/night :)))))

Anon 3: Heeeeeeeeyyyy. So, little question, when you gonna continue the coma fic? Because leaving us on that cliffhanger makes me wanna jump off a cliff

Anon 4: will there be more to the coma fic? it’s so gooood!

Anon 5: Can you continue the coma fic and what’s did they find? Omg omg omg what if it’s something bad I’m gonna cry OMG

Anon 6: Oh. My. God. I love the coma fic but god my heart is broken! THE CLIFF HANGER, I CAN’T. I seriously love your writing and I hope you continue the coma fic, oh my lord.

Anon 7: Please do more coma fic, coma fic is life. You are an amazing writer omg!


Anon 9: Alright, You have to continue the coma fic. If you don’t, I will be one sad human

Anon 10: Hey omg that cannot be the end of the coma fic!!!!! Ur writing is bloody brilliant and I sort of squeal when any of your work appears in my dash *blushes* Continue that coma fic please please please it sustains my life thanks

+ 1 Anon who’s ask my computer deleted when it restarted

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6

Will wanted to say he took the news well, but that would be a blatant lie.He stumbled back against the wall, trying to ground himself with something. He just got his Nico back… And now they’re telling him that something was wrong again? “What kind of something?” Will was well aware that Nico was just on the other side of the wall and could probably hear them, so he lowered his voice.

Dr. Grant frowned in a professional sort of way. Will knew that frown was always followed by “we don’t know.” “We’re not sure just yet. It could be nothing, just a bruise or a slightly swollen part of his brain from the fall, or it could be something much bigger.”

Bruise… Swelling… Will put two and two together. “It’s a tumor.”

Dr. Grant shifted uncomfortably. “Like I said, we’re not sure yet. If it is something serious, then at least we’ve already caught it. We would like to keep Nico under watch for a few days, as I’m sure you’d understand Dr. Solace.” Will wasn’t really processing the words anymore, until a single thought hit him.

“You don’t want me to tell him.”

Now, Dr. Grant dropped all professionalism. “Will, you know why we can’t tell him. That kind of stress could make his condition so much worse. You just got him back.” 

I can’t lose him again. “I understand. Is there anything else?”

“No. Get some rest, Will. He’s in good hands.”


“Why am I still here?” Nico placed his cards down for Will to see, effectively winning the game for the third time in a row. Will picked up all the cards and began shuffling them out of habit. Dr. Grant’s word laid heavily on Will’s mind. The stress would make his condition so much worse… He didn’t have the heart to tell Nico anyway.

“You were in a coma for three months and then you wake up with no memory for another three, then you pass out and wake up and remember nothing of what happened. They just want to make sure you’re really okay.” It wasn’t the truth, but it wasn’t a total lie either.

“Will, it’s been three days.” Nico flopped back on the pillow behind him, and Will watched him absently rub at the IV line.

“I think this is the most time I’ve spent with you since our honeymoon.” Will smiled half-heartedly, Nico’s foot gently kicking him under the blanket. Will sat between Nico’s legs near the foot of the bed so he could deal the cards.

“This doesn’t even come close to our honeymoon.” Nico mumbled through his hands. Will felt himself relax and grin.

“Nothing comes close to Venice.” He saw Nico smile at him and Will felt the issues slip from his mind. Even if it had to be in a hospital bed, he enjoyed the time he got to spend with Nico when Nico actually remembered him. He hoped Dr. Grant was wrong. Will couldn’t take another heartbreak.

Here it is



this was the day on which i felt so much love and happiness inside of my body that i think it may have been shining brightly out through my pores. it illuminated my cheeks; radiated on my skin. shone through my eyes. each time i spoke, or cheered, or yelled, this glow came out through my mouth and danced along through the cracks in my voice.
that night, i bursted into colours, and i turned into light.

@5sos-official thank you. you boys are so fucking lovely that i’m honestly tearing up a little bit. thank you for making me so darn happy. i can’t even begin to explain how much you dorks mean to me.
i love and miss you all.

Last night at 11:36, I received a message from you. You have no idea how my darkened world became so bright within a matter of seconds. I missed your “I love you” texts and your laughter that was contagiously amazing. God I miss your soothing voice that sent shivers down my spine. For the past two months, I’ve been writing sad poems about missing you, and finally, you found me and right away you reached out. You’ll never know how happy you make me baby. I love you.
—  Sempiternal.Poet on Instagram// You’re the light

Kosaka Ryoutarou
Today I had dinner with Wally-san (HQ Stage director) and Kenta-kun.  There’s no greater happiness than this.  It was a really precious time!  And it was a lot of fun!
And, well…
Kenta gave me clothes for a birthday present (T^T)!!!
I’m too happy.  I’ll wear it everyday.  Thank you so much.  I’ll wear it everyday.

Suga Kenta
Maaaannnnn, your Japanese turns into a mess whenever we get together!!!
Good night.

Translation by @nimbus-cloud 

1D Hiatus: Day 215

* Harry gets papped on the set of ‘Dunkirk’

* Niall posts a selfie on Snapchat

* Niall can’t wait to see Louis as a guest judge on America’s Got Talent next week

* An interview with Niall at The Open for Sky Sports comes out

It’s Jul 15th, 2016.