these never before seen pics are gems

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what's the story about that photo when caitriona were wearing something like a nightdress and Sam a white T-shirt? it's a really intimate picture

I’m assuming you mean this gem?

This was taken at Comic Con in 2014. It was taken in the morning so two things are very clear: that’s Sam and Cait. In their fucking pajamas. They were never seen in these “outfits” again after this pic. Which means there are 2 possibilities here: 1) they slept in separate rooms and decided for the hell of it to take a selfie before either of them got dressed. 2) they slept in the same room and decided to take a selfie before they got dressed, lookin like they’d had sex all night long a bit too fresh faced. It also later came out that, at the time this selfie was taken I believe, they had “gone missing” and weren’t present for some sort of whisky tasting or something with other members of the OL crew that were there - Maril, Diana, Graham and maybe Ron? too busy taking selfies in their pajamas, obviously. 

also yes, Cait’s sitting on his lap. and yes I believe their arms are around each other. HOW are people saying they’re not together??????

The Eligible Bachelor

Sweet Jesus! I just watched the Granada version on ACD’s Noble Bachelor - The Eligible Bachelor with Jeremy Brett. And fuck me - if I had watched this before TAB aired… - I don’t know, perhaps I would have just exploded. Which I did just now.

I wont tell you the whole story (and I never read the ACD story, so I can’ point out canon divergence) but I’ll show you some pics that might make you want to watch this gem yourself. I think there are parallels with TAB as well as with things we’ve seen so far from setlock for S4.

OK, the core of the stroy is that we have some kind of bankrupt noble Bluebeard (pun intended) by name of Lord St.Simon who discards his wifes to gain their fortunes.

But let me show you some pictures:

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90% sure guy is just going back through his camera roll and posting old pics

Oh, well that sucks but maybe he’ll have some never before seen gems?


Lewi Girls, How Come We Never Talk?...

seriously, it seems we NEVER talk about Lewi when he was younger! i mean, look at him! 

Lewi in a suit

or the fact that before the beautiful hair he has now, he had regular hair. 

the man is ever changing, and i love the fact that he can look so great in almost anything.

but what really gets me is the fact that he does this to us! fuckyeahlewimorgan, have you seen this pic?

i was showing my sister who Lewi was today, and found this little gem. i nearly had a heart attack at the airport. 

i know i’m not the only one who is all like, DAMN BOY! or am i the only one???!!!

anyway, i thought i’d leave this here for you guys, and if you EVER want to come and talk to me about Lewi, my inbox is always open

i’ll leave you all with this pic of Lewi