these need to stop as soon as yesterday

Just a small walk today. Yesterday I was lazy and didn’t end up doing anything after work other than binge watching the OA. So ya! It was raining tonight, but I walked with my parents over to the store and then we did a few loops there. Yep. Tomorrow’s my day off, so I’m planning to get a real work out in. I have a counselor in the afternoon and I need to do a certification thing for my work from home job that I’ll be starting soon that’s really the same as my old job, except the at home version, haha. 

Today I went and got Pupusas for Dinner because my favorite little mexican hole in the wall does them for 99 cents on Tuesdays. I’d never had them before, so I wanted to try them! So I felt a bit guilty for buying mexican, especially because I also got it yesterday…. BUT I stopped eating when I was full, and not sickly so, and put the rest in the fridge. So I may have gone and bought food which isn’t good, but I didn’t binge on it. Baby steps! 


happy birthday you awful dork

bitcheshateme321  asked:

I am a feminist and most of the people at my school are toxic and are always degrading someone. Whether it's female or male. How can I truly be a feminist if I can't stop anything? I'm in a such a toxic environment. Like yesterday in our announcements they said we will be having a self defense class for the upper classmen females and they were making fun of it.

I’m so sorry that you’re in an environment like that. I really hope you can get out of there as soon as possible (are you in high school?) 

I guess the only silver lining would be that you have plenty of proof and firsthand experiences to call on should anyone ever challenge why we need feminism. 

For the time being, I would suggest maybe looking for a few like-minded people (there’s bound to be at least one, hopefully), and call things out when you see them (if it doesn’t put your mental or physical health at risk). 

I’m sorry that you’re in that situation, and good luck!

this new black cat pains me so much

every day for the past week or so she just sits in the back garden making really sad mewing noises, trying to get bertie to come play with her. she sounds soooo sad. she will stop when he comes out and sits by her/they run off together so ik thats why shes crying but she starts again as soon as he leaves

but she super wont let me (or the neighbours kids) near her. i stood at the back door with her about 15 feet from me yesterday for like an hour and she wouldnt budge, just sat looking at me. 

pls kitty i want to be friends :( i will play with u! u dont need to be sad.

damn this song made me tear up all of a sudden

@lum1natrix put it in their anti playlist (which is awesome, btw! go check it out!), and if you look at the lyrics you find this:

“I cannot stop this sickness taking over
It takes control and drags me into nowhere
I need your help, I can’t fight this forever
I know you’re watching
I can feel you out there”

considering it sounded like seán was crying in the pax clip from yesterday…

…i guess the feels hit me hard ;_;

anonymous asked:

hello! i just wanted to say that your exo hospital au was very cute!~ (the kaisoo feels got me) and do you have anymore posts like that?

omg thank you <33 i didn’t even think it was going to get past like 50 notes but im glad people like it!

and i actually just started up my blog yesterday but definitely expect more content soon ^^