these names are hard to come up with ok

When I was little, my whole fam lived in Venezuela, which was hard because we didn’t speak Spanish very well yet. I was four years old at the time. Anyways, we had this very straight faced, emotionless maid named Carla working for us. She always did a splendid job cleaning for us without speaking much because of the language barrier between us. So one day she comes up to my mom and says “cuaima… baño”, completely without emotion, and my mom doesn’t understand so she just laughs and goes “ok, sí, gracias” and continues on with her day. Well Carla comes up and says “cuaima” again to my mom the next day, and the next, and continues once a day for a week and a half. My mom is finally like, this must be pretty important if she keeps bringing it up, and grabs a dictionary and looks up the word ‘cuaima’. Well cuaima is defined as a very poisonous snake in Venezuela, so my mom freaks out and runs up to Carla like “DONDE ESTÁ LA CUAIMA”. Carla calmly walks over to the toilet and just points, and sure enough, a big black snake pops it’s head out of our toilet every couple minutes. So my mom and dad are like “what the heck do we do”, and devise a plan that they’re just going to pour some Drain-o down the toilet, and wait with an axe until something happens. This is really exciting stuff so of course me and my sisters gathered around to watch. So my dad pours the Drain-o, and about ten seconds later, this giant snake springs out the toilet and is furiously writhing all over our bathroom floor. So creepy. My dad swings the axe and chops the snakes head clean off and leaves a giant dent in our bathroom floor. Then Carla snatched the axe from him and chops the snake into, I’m not exaggerating, fifty different pieces. Our bathroom is covered in snake guts and blood. But, anyways, the point of this story is, after this happened I couldn’t use the bathroom alone until I was ten, and I didn’t conquer my fear of actually sitting on a toilet seat until I was thirteen.

The Falcon and the Wolf

Summary:  This is an AU where you and Dean have been separated by a terrible curse for over two years.  You’re banding together with some old friends and old enemies to bring down the person responsible in hopes of removing the curse.

Characters: AU!Dean x Reader, AU!Sam, AU!Crowley

Word Count: 3542

Warnings: smut (I mean at this point it should be a given), canon typical injuries

A/N:  I may be showing my age here, but I grew up loving the film Ladyhawke with Michelle Pfeiffer.  This is partly inspired by the film, though I’m taking it in a different direction.  This will be a three part series.  This will be a multi-part series.  Part 2 can be found HERE.  This is my first AU, so feedback is very much appreciated!

Thanks to @wheresthekillswitch the lovely, talented and helpful wonder woman who beta’d this for me!

And thank you to the fabulous, wonderful and talented @arryn-nyxx for the AMAZING aesthetic!

My tags are open so send me a message or an ask if you’d like to be added!


A single candle burns in the small room.  You’re lying on a bed of rabbit furs which tickle your naked skin.  Dean is on his side looking down at you with his emerald green eyes.  Your shadows dance on the wall beside the bed as he lowers his head touching his lips to yours.  You slip your hand up his neck running your fingers through his hair as your kiss deepens.  His fingers trace lines down your naked form leaving a trail of fire as they go.  Taking one breast in his mouth he caresses the other with his strong hand as he swirls his tongue around your hardened bud making you moan his name.  He moves over your body, taking his time exploring every part of you; dropping a kiss here, licking a spot there, until at last he reaches your throbbing bundle.  You whine as he feathers over your folds ignoring your swollen bud.

“Impatient,” he whispers in your ear.  “We’ll get there, Y/N.”

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His greatest mistake

Pairing: Peter Parker x stark!reader

Plot: Peter broke  up with reader who happens to be Tony’s daughter because he wants to date girl named Betty and while tony and the team want to kick peters ass for break up with her for another girl. she tells them not to because she’s ok (even though she wasn’t) and she ends up having a fun time being single and hanging out with her friends and Peter ends up regretting breaking up with her.

Originally posted by marveling-over-imagines

You knew your relationship with Peter was over yet you still weren’t prepared for the heartbreak. “I think we should break up” Peter finally said it while he looked at his shoes. You knew this was coming, there was a new girl in school named Betty and you knew Peter found her attractive. Peter always stared at her when he thought you weren’t looking but you were always looking at the way he looked at her.

“It’s because of Betty isn’t it?” Peter didn’t answer which indirectly answered your question. “It’s ok Peter, she’s pretty and you want to ask her out. There are no hard feelings here, in fact I kind of saw this coming. Goodbye Peter.” With that you left his apartment and got a cab back to the compound.

You cried the entire ride back but made sure to dry your tears before you entered the building. When you stepped out of the elevator you were greeted to the sound of your fathers voice. “Where have you been young lad-hey why are your eyes red? Were you crying?” your father asked once you entered the lounge and all of the avengers looked at you.

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Safe With Us

Request: Um for a request, if it hasn’t already been done, can you do a teamiplier thing where the reader brings home a date who only has bad intentions and the team chases them out? But reader gets mad and goes to chase after them, only to call back a couple hours later sobbing, left in an alley after the man attacked them and took their wallet?

Summary: Fem!Reaader goes on a date with a douche and teamiplier comes to the rescueee.

A/N: Heyyo! This is unnecessarily long and I didn’t know how to fix it so I finished it and didn’t edit it I’m sorry I’m so horrible. Anyway, this is v angsty and it includes some fighting and an attack so read at your own discretion. Enjoy!

Wordcount: 2071, she’s lOng I’m sOrry

Warning: assault srry

Request some more you lovely people!

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ok but like, Sam and Dean fucking for the first time after so long in faith. just, Sam seeing Dean dying he just, holds his big brother and tops Dean for the first time ever, and it's sweet and it's soft and it's so loving. just. ugh


Like, they’ve both been pining for each other ever since they reunited again. Dean has been the bolder one, a few times, letting Sam know what he wants but Sam’s been too worried about screwing anything up between them, so scared of ruining what they have. Now though, with Dean all weak and sickly looking, eyes determined but with a hint of fear, Sam just can’t deny him anything.

Dean rests his head against Sam’s chest, fingertips gently running beneath Sam’s sweater and he just asks: “Sam, please. Don’t say no.”

And Sam just kisses him, softly, picks him up – he’s so light, he must’ve lost so much weight – and lowers him to the bed. “You sure?” he mumbles, his thumb tracing Dean’s bottom lip. “We can wait. Until you’re better.”

The way Dean looks at him breaks Sam’s heart. He looks confused, almost angry. “I’m not gonna get better,” he tells him quietly. “Don’t let me die without having this, please. You do want me, right?”

And Sam aches because Dean looks momentarily uncertain, like he doubts that Sam wants him more than he wants air. “Yeah,” he whispers against Dean’s lips. “You don’t know how much.”

Dean’s mouth opens beneath his, and they kiss slowly and messily, Dean moaning weakly, fingernails digging into Sam’s shoulder. Sam undresses himself and Dean deliberately, fingertips mapping out his body. He lets his hands caress along the line of Dean’s torso, dipping into the hollow of his collarbone before he reaches down and grasps Dean’s cock; hard and straining against his stomach.

Sam marvels at how perfect it feels, how right, as he begins to stroke it.

Dean’s eyes draw open, impossibly dark eyelashes casting small shadows over his beautiful face which is so pale that the freckles dusting his nose stands out even more than usual. “Sam,” he gasps, pushing Sam’s hair out of his face.

Sam watches under silence how Dean spread his legs, his determined eyes never leaving Sam’s, and it’s the most erotic fucking moment of Sam’s life.

He releases Dean’s cock and finds his hole, gently running his index finger over it, breath hitching as he feels it twitch under his touch.

“In my duffle,” Dean says, blushing, and Sam kisses him again before getting the lube from Dean’s pocket.

Sam slathers his fingers with it, circling Dean’s entrance, his eyes firmly fixed on Dean’s face.

“Have you ever done this before?” Sam asks, pushing the tip of his index finger into Dean’s tight body.

Dean’s eyes are closed, eyebrows knotted in concentration. “Yeah,” he mumbles. “Not recently though.”

Sam feels a stab of something. It’s not jealousy; because he knows that what they share is something far too profound and he doesn’t need to be jealous, not really. It feels a bit more like disappointment, that someone else got so see Dean like this, all spread out and beautiful, before he did.

Dean seems to sense Sam’s reaction, because he looks at him, bites his lip, and says: “It wasn’t like this. It could never have been like this. Sam, this is with you.”

Sam nods, rests his forehead against Dean’s and works another finger into Dean’s hole. It’s so tight, and hot, and perfect, and Sam’s cock twitches.

Dean let’s out a sudden hiss, and Sam freezes. “Did I hurt you?”

Dean shakes his head, his hips rising to meet Sam’s fingers. “More,” he breathes, and Sam can’t look away from Dean because he’s too fucking beautiful like this; flushed and just a little out of breath, eyes closed, his puffy lips parted.

Sam crooks his fingers again, and Dean makes a noise that makes Sam’s heart skip a beat.

“You like that?” Sam asks quietly, adding a third finger. His cock is weeping, begging for attention, but this is about Dean.

“Uh huh,” Dean manages, his hips fully moving against Sam’s hand now, shamelessly riding his fingers. “Sam, fuck, I’m – I want you to.”

Sam’s trembling, because he’s never been this turned on in his life, and he can’t stop himself from whispering into Dean’s ear: “You ready for my cock, Dean?”

Dean’s eyes are half-lidded, the look in them entirely certain. “Fuck me. I’m ready. Do it.”

Sam gets on his knees between Dean’s spread legs, feeling Dean’s eyes on him as he pours lube all over his dick, giving it a few strokes.

“You’re gorgeous, Sammy,” Dean rasps, his cheeks pink. “Wish we’d done this sooner.”

Sam lines his dick against Dean’s loosened opening, threading his fingers through Dean’s, anchoring him. “We’ll have time,” Sam promises against Dean’s lips, as he begins to push inside of him. “I swear, Dean.”

Dean’s fingers dig into Sam’s bicep, hissing as Sam works his way into him.

Sam lets out a shaky breath, overwhelmed by the feeling of Dean clenching around him. It’s so hot and perfect; better than he ever have imagined it, and he knows that he’s ruined for anyone else, he’s Dean’s, wholly and fully and forever, regardless of what happens.

Sam pauses to give Dean a moment to adjust. He looks closely at Dean’s face, looking for any signs of pain. “You OK?”

Dean grins at him; flashes him that smug, cocky grin that Sam has fallen so hopelessly in love with. “Never better. Now fuck me, I won’t break. And if I do, I’ll go happily.”

Sam lets out a shuddering sort of laughter before he begins to move, pulling out almost all the way before pushing back inside. He’s already so fucking close to coming, and he must briefly close his eyes because the sight of Dean beneath him is just too much.

“Yess,” Dean keens, wrapping his legs around Sam’s waist.

Sam thrusts grows steadier, deeper, as he wraps one arm around Dean, lifting him up so they’re flush against each other. He can feel Dean’s hot gasps against the shell of his ear, and everything is perfect.

“Ah, ah, ah - yes, there,” Dean moans suddenly, fingernails digging into Sam’s back.

Sam finds the spot again; hits it with every other thrust, and Dean mewls in his arms, begs for him to go faster, harder, but Sam maintains the pace he’s set. He won’t hurt Dean, and he would hate himself if he lost control.

“You think you can come like this?” Sam asks, still not able to tear his eyes from Dean’s face. “From just my cock?”

Dean moans then, his eyes meeting Sam’s and he comes messily all over their stomachs, and it’s the hottest thing Sam’s ever seen, Dean coming just from Sam’s cock, and he can’t stop himself. He comes inside of Dean, crying out his brother’s name as he fills him up. His orgasm seems to go on forever, and when he finally collapses next to Dean on the bed, he’s still seeing stars.

Dean smiles at him, lazily, his eyes tired and soft.

Sam threads his fingers gently through Dean’s hair, eyeing him worriedly. “You OK?”

Dean curls into him, and Sam can feel his heart beating beneath his far too prominent ribcage. It beats irregularly, and Sam wants to kill something. “Yeah, I’m more than OK. Considering that I’m dying.”

Sam hugs Dean as hard as he dares to him, buries his face in Dean’s neck. “I won’t let that happen. You hear me Dean? I won’t let it.”

Sam feels Dean tense up in his arms for a moment, then he relaxes again; allows himself to melt into Sam’s embrace. “Okay, Sammy. I believe you.”

When Sam finally falls asleep, he sleeps well, knowing that Dean finally has faith in him.

Drunk Bucky

This fic is for @bladebarnes 2k follower challenge.
Warnings: alcohol, smut, oral (fem receiving) slight metal arm kink, thigh riding, dirty talk but this is Bucky so that’s a given & of course sex.
A/n: I hope y'all enjoy this. Wow, I don’t write for more than 10 years & suddenly I write 2 fics in a week. What are y'all doing to me?

This is based off the prompt “there’s no point to a stealth approach if you’re humming the Mission: Impossible theme, idiot.”

You’re going to kill Thor & Loki, they’d shown up holding asgardian mead with the insane idea to see if they could drink the resident supersoldiers under the table. It hadn’t gone well, not only had Thor & Loki failed to out drink them, passing out long before Steve & Bucky were drunk, but now there were 2 drunk & giggly supersoldiers running about the compound. Which had left you & Natasha with the most frustrating albeit hilarious game of hide & seek you’ve ever played. You’d lost Natasha about an hour ago after y'all were searching 1 of the party rooms when you heard Steve stage whispering from behind a curtain “doyouthinkhesaurous?” & Bucky’s responding giggles at Steve quoting Jurassic Park. Shortly after that, you’d lost the spy but judging by the giggles & moans coming from her room, you know it’s safe to assume she’s found Steve.

You were definitely going to kill Thor & Loki, you still haven’t found Bucky. Finally giving up, you decide to go to bed. “Of all the people I could’ve fallen for, it had to be the stealthiest motherfucker in…what’s that sound?” You pause trying to hear it again…is that? “There’s no point to a stealth approach if you insist on humming the Mission: Impossible theme, idiot” before you can blink a large body drops down silently & pushes you against your door. You might have been scared if said body hadn’t started shaking with giggles. Bucky drapes himself over you as you attempt to unlock your door, as soon as it swings open he pushes you inside, kicking the door closed before pinning you to the wall & burying his face in your neck leaving a trail of kisses towards your ear. You’re finding it hard to breath when you can feel every hard inch of muscle that is Bucky pressed tight against you. “Bucky?” hearing you whisper his name, Bucky brings his head up. His large hands frame your face, the contrast between cold metal & warm flesh causing a shiver to run up your spine. “I love you doll, I’ve tried to fight it, was so scared you didn’t feel the same. But…I can’t fight it anymore y/n I’m tired of trying.” It feels like forever before you manage to get your tongue to work, the words barely leaving your lips before his are pressed against them. The kiss goes on & on, both of your exploring each other, tongues tangling together, hands burying in each other’s hair. Finally Bucky manages to pull away, bringing a whine from both of you, both trying to catch your breath. Bucky rests his forehead on yours & smirks “I want so badly to make love to you but I know you’d hate to feel like you’d taken advantage of me” deciding against a verbal response you instead choose to smack him in the back of the head before pulling him to bed & snuggling against his chest. Both of you quickly falling into a peaceful sleep.

You awake the next morning to gentle kisses being placed all over your face, gently pulling you from sleep. “Good morning doll” Bucky’s gruff voice making you shiver, his fingers dancing beneath your shirt before cupping your breasts pulling a moan from both of you as he presses a thick thigh between your legs. “So fuckin’ perfect for me doll, been dreaming of this for so long.” your fingers bury into his hair, pulling slightly when he takes your nipple into his mouth. A moan rumbling through him at the slight tug, he switches nipples & you can’t help but grind yourself against his thigh. Feeling you against him, Bucky releases your nipple with a pop before looking down & moaning “oh doll, I can feel how wet you are. Look at you grinding on me, are you gonna get yourself off on my thigh? Come on doll, cum for me, all over me.” and you do, unable to hold back your scream as you let go, riding your orgasm out on his thigh. As soon as you come on Bucky he buries his face in your pussy, moaning at the taste as he begins to eat you like he would starve without you. You can feel your second orgasm building, it floods through you when he presses 2 metal fingers inside you & sucks your clit between his teeth Bucky kisses you gently as you come down, he spreads your legs wide before settling between them. He hooks them over his hips, taking his cock in his flesh hand & looks to you for permission, waiting for your nod before slowly sliding into you. “Jesus doll, you’re so tight & perfect for me. You’re squeezing the hell out of me.” You’re gasping at how he fills & stretches you, feeling the pleasant burn begin to subside, you move your hips signaling it’s ok to move. Bucky slowly pulls almost completely out before thrusting back in deeper than before. He sits up on his knees lifting your hips from the bed as he picks up speed, pounding into you hard & fast. “Bucky!!  I’m.. I can’t…I’m gonna cum!!!” “I know doll, cum for me, y/n I’m right there with you” he presses his metal thumb to your clit circling once & you’re coming. Bucky swears there’s no sound in the world more beautiful than you screaming his name in ecstasy, unable to hold on any longer he thrusts deeper inside of you. He throws his head back & growls as he feels himself releasing inside of you. He rests over you & you each place gentle kisses everywhere you can reach before Bucky slowly pulls out of you & disappears into the bathroom, he returns with a warm washcloth & cleans you both before tossing it into the hamper & climbing back into bed next to you. He pulls you to his chest before throwing the covers over you. “I meant what I said doll, I love you” smiling, you can’t help but place a kiss on his chest before responding “I love you too Bucky.” Maybe you won’t kill Thor & Loki after all.

Hope y'all liked it!!
@bladebarnes @bolontiku @ryverpenrad @ms-potts-to-you @misshyen @sebstanchrisevanchickforever19 @frenchtherainbow @theimpossibleg1rl @pegasusdragontiger

Somebody with maybe photography knowledge or something, go and write a fic about Jack’s resigned teacher, talking to the rest of the staff about this student in her class who only does assignments on his boyfriend.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s cute, and he’s definitely inspired, but I know how many freckles this kid has on his nose. It’s getting awkward.”

THEN she finds out they are not dating.

“I don’t understand how he doesn’t see it! Literally. It’s right there, printed and staring him in the face and everything.”

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i have several types of alcohol blacklisted for trigger reasons including "scotch" which is a total gambit when it comes to your posts. it literally makes no sense what savior decides to block. its not even just your reblogs or posts where your name would reasonably show up. theres no point to this ask its just constantly perplexed and i think its so funny that its like your weed posts are a-ok but whenever you blog about your bird its like No

the robot is just trying to protect you but human language is hard

Does anyone else feel like the Killjoy “language” (character names, slang, etc.) was a lightning-in-a-bottle thing? Fans have tried to replicate it, but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone pull it off–including me lmao, I’m terrible at writing “slang” and coming up with OC names. Even the comics didn’t have great slang–it was OK, but didn’t match up with the original Twitter accounts. Dr. Death Defying’s original Twitter account just had the perfect blend of weird, colorful, and futuristic, without being cheesy or try-hard. I don’t think that’s been duplicated since.

After School Special Part 3

SummaryIn an alternate universe where Jughead greases his hair more than Danny Zuko and Betty Cooper gives Sandy Olsson a run for her money at being the nicest girl in town. (No Danny Zuko and Sandy do make an appearance in this fic). Set in the early 1960s at Riverdale High. Slow burn leads to rapid fire (all the bughead smut you can imagine)

Part One     Part Two

Tags: @thejugheadshow @xobughead @de6ressive

If you want a tag please don’t hesitate to ask :) My inbox is always open (literally I love to talk and gossip about bughead)

Thank you and enjoy! 

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For the nsfw how about a merfolk au where Gladio is a shark merman and he dps human you? Cause sharkies have two dickies XD

You burrow your feet into the sand, wriggling your toes and enjoying the feeling of the waves washing over you. It helps take your mind off of your dire situation for just a moment; the flaming wreckage of your ship surrounds you.

I guess I shouldn’t have gotten so drunk at port… oh well. It’s gonna be awkward explaining this to the crew’s families…

Before you have time for any further reflection, a grey fin catches your eye. You watch, transfixed, as it gets closer and closer to shore… when you notice it’s attached to a handsome man. The top half of him is human, but the bottom half appears to be that of a shark. He swims closer, watching you with great interest.

“Whats a nice girl like u doin on an island like this” he questions.

“Oh nothing I just got shipwrecked haha” u giggle. His amber orbs pierce u and it makes ur pussy wet.

“Thats cool thats cool… did u know sharks have two dickies babe?” he queries lustily.

“hahaha omg stop it merman i don’t even know u” u laugh.

“Im not a merman Im a mershark GODS” he rumbles. the anger in his voice makes u even hornier.

“oh im so sorry please dont punish me mr mershark” u apologize.

“come closer babe and ill make sure u never forget the difference between a mershark and a merman” he utters hornily. both his dicks are hard and they’re like super huge so they’re sticking up out of the water.


He lays back on his back and opens his arms and you sit down on both of his dicks at the same time and it like hurts but it also feels rly good at the same time. you scream his name

“Wait i don’t know ur name yet AHHHH whats ur name”

“Gladiolus sharkdicks amicitia babe” he growls as he fucks u with both dickies.

“ok ahhhh gladiolus sharkdicks amicitia babe ur dickies are filling me up so good” u scream

“babe isnt part of my name u ding-dong its just gladiolus amicitia sharkdicks”

“did you just say your name in a different order”

“shut up and take these shark dicks uhhhh uh uh uhuhuh uh”

his skin is like sandpaper so it fucking hurts a lot and theres blood in the water now and Gladiolus sees it and is like going crazy trying to drink it but he cant reach it because you’re sitting on top of him so he bellows like a t-rex and cums so hard you shoot off his dicks and land in a palm tree. 

“hey what the fuck how am i gonna get down from here”

“i dunno its not my problem thanks for the nut babe i got a tuna cup noodle with my name on it ciao”

you raise ur fist to the sky and shake it “CURSE THE DAY I HOPPED ON YOUR TWIN SHARK DICKS GLADOIUS AMICITA”

Originally posted by gifsme


It was like 1 in the morning and I was very tired but I wanted to do this anyways
I am sorry because it is actually kind of terrible but I told them about it and they wanna see it
I am very positive they’ll cringe
You know who you are, Person
I warned you, remember

Hugs for Comfort - Jean x Reader Fluffiness

You were tired. That was the jist of it, and about as deeply as you cared to go into the subject.
There had been a Titan incident, and you had been sent out to help take care of it. Bruised from the 3dmg straps and once accidentally smashing into a titan’s shoulder, you sat in the mess hall at a table, nursing your wounds and sipping a cup of (tea/hot chocolate). It was late, and you knew it. If any of the superiors caught you up past curfew, you’d likely catch some flack for it. You were too exhausted to care. With a yawn and a stretch, you polished off half the cup before the door opened to reveal… Jean? What was he doing there so late? You raised an eyebrow and spoke up, startling him.
“Oi, Kirschstein. It’s past curfew; why are you up and about so damn late?”
Jean snorted, and sent a pointed gesture your way. “I could ask you the same question, (L/n).” You sent back a half grin, and turned back to the table, silently conflicted but hiding it well.
It was no surprise to those in your friend group that you had a bit of a thing for Jean. Tall, strong, and he had the capacity to actually show some of what he was feeling; it honestly hadn’t even surprised you either. You kept telling yourself it was just a silly little crush, and that it would fade eventually.
It hadn’t.
You were so focused on your thoughts that you didn’t notice where Jean had decided to sit until he was directly next to you, a mug of hot chocolate in hand.
“Hope you don’t mind if I join you.” It was more of a statement than a question. You shrugged.
“If you insist.”
You both sat in a comfortable silence for a good long while, sipping at your respective drinks and trying your best to ignore each other. Eventually, Jean sighed, and broke the quiet.
“Today was brutal, huh? So many abnormals at once, they were almost hard to kill.”
You nodded, but didn’t reply. You’d lost one of your closer friends earlier, and it stung. You wanted to scream, cry, punch something, but you couldn’t. You couldn’t even sleep, the sight of it and the screams cutting through the air sticking in your mind like crazy glue. You stared absentmindedly into your cup, and didn’t notice the tears streaking your cheeks until Jean gently nudged your shoulder.
“You don’t look too good, (Y/n). Everything ok?”
You shrugged, trying to play it off, and hid your face by tipping your head so your hair fell forwards like a curtain.
“Yeah,” you whispered, “I’m alright. Nothing to worry about here.”
He glanced over at you, and set his mug down, turning his full attention your way. “Oh really? Because if I’m not mistaken, you’re usually horsing around and joking with (Bff’s name) to cheer everyone up by now.” He paused, and looked around. “Speaking of, where is she?”
That’s when you started shaking, the tears rolling freely down your cheeks whether you liked it or not whilst you desperately tried to hold back the sobs that threatened to escape your throat. When you didn’t respond right away, he placed a gentle, yet awkward, hand on your shoulder. You sniffled loudly, giving away what you had been trying to hide. Jean’s face contorted with pain and sympathy, though you couldn’t see it, and he pulled your head to lean on his shoulder as he wrapped his arms comfortably around the rest of your body. He let you cry into his shoulder, rocking slowly back and forth and muttering little meaningless nothings that you wouldn’t recall later, but it was soothing to hear. Clinging to his shirt as if it were your only tether to reality, you soaked through the fabric in seconds, but cried for minutes until finally you brought it down to hiccups and sniffles. When you had yourself more or less under control, Jean pulled slightly away, just far enough for you to see his face, and brushed the hair out of your damp eyes.
“I know it’s hard to believe, but it’ll be ok. It’ll take a while, but I promise that it gets better. Besides, would (bff’s name) really have wanted you to sit around moping? No, no she would not. So, I’ll make you a deal.”
You stared up at him while he spoke, and raised an eyebrow at his last few words. “A deal? A deal like what?” He met your gaze with a small, almost hopeful grin.
“You can come and cry to me whenever, wherever about whatever, but…”
You waited about five whole seconds before getting impatient. “But what, Jean?”
His cheeks tinted a light pink. “But I’d like to take you to dinner at some point, at least once.”
You snorted, the beginnings of a grin making their way across your face as you measured to two inches that lay between you and him. “Dinner, huh? Sure, I’ll let you take me to dinner.”
He grinned, trying his best to control his excitement. Your grin grew a touch. Unexpectedly, he pressed a small kiss to your cheek, causing your face to light up like a candle. You both sat there in silence for a few seconds, each looking at the other’s red face as if trying to decipher ancient code. Almost naturally, as if being pulled by some invisible string, you both started to lean towards each other until your lips were just barely brushing. Eyes half-closed, warm and comfortable, you felt almost like it was perfect. Naturally, you had to ruin it somehow.
“Hey Jean?” You whispered against his mouth. His response was more of a breath than a response.
“Yeah, (Y/n)?”
You paused a moment, for dramatic effect and tension build, before stating
“Your hot chocolate is getting cold.”
He snorted. “Oh well, too bad for me I guess. I only sacrificed it to help a beautiful woman in need.”
For the first time that evening, you smiled.

In case you can’t find this… @daddy-erwin
The Gym Meeting

It had been about 2 months since you’d arrived in South Korea. Seoul to be exact and it was just about everything you wanted and wished it to be. Exciting nightlife, amazing restaurants and first rate medical care that practically shat on the US. However; you came here for school. College was a daunting task, but winning out on that international scholarship, after 2 years of applying and going to Korea had been a dream of yours since 7th grade. So, here you were, after saving up money for 5 years (which had been no small feat) in your own small apartment. Playing sports all through high school had granted you an athletic figure but, you admit you couldn’t fight genetics and were a curvy girl.

5 feet 7 inches tall, long legs, thick thighs, muscular arms you definitely stood out in Korea among the petite, lithe, short women but that was good right? Going from the melting pot of the United States to a homogenous society had been a culture shock that you were well-prepared for-but still.

Standing in the foyer of your apartment she tied her 3c curls up and wrapped her hair into a pineapple on the top of her head. No getting these curls sweaty it was hard enough finding good enough hair products here for brown girls. Shoes on, keys in hand, she’d sigh and head out the door.

It wasn’t a long walk to the gym and in truth jogging there should have crossed your mind but, you didn’t. It was better to take in the sights around you and people watch along the way. A few people recognized you and nodded in your direction. Others smiled and some asked how you were as you walked. Your Korean had improved exponentially being immersed in the language, and you smiled a little realizing that. The doors to the gym locked after 9pm requiring a passcode and, the bright green LED lit keys just turned on as you waited for the door to unlock and let you inside.

The clean smell of bleach and, the slight tinge of sweat greeted your nose as you slipped on your Beats and turned on a special playlist for her workout. Jay Park began to sing as you stepped onto a treadmill and began to jog. Unbeknownst to you a special guest would be entering the gym soon.

Not wanting to be recognized Jackson Wang had donned a face mask and beanie and walked into the gym a little farther than he liked to travel but would offer him some peace of mind. It was his first time here and, although he tried to drag Mark out of the room he was content with being alone. As he entered the room, a few men here and there, the woman in the corner, with the ass to make his heart weak caught his attention. Yes. He would like it here. This was a good gym, 4 stars, Jackson approved. She had headphones on and so, he took up his place behind the treadmills on the leg machines to watch her. For scientific purposes, of course. Not being a pervert. Jackson bit his lip behind the mask, praying that she kept running a bit longer. Did she do squats? He’d help her with squats. Her long tanned legs a deep sandy brown, long waist. Her curly hair was on top of her head tied with a scarf. He watched her intently, wondering if he should speak to her or not.

Jackson’s current obsession was finished with her run and slowly climbed off the machine, breathing deeply, taking a sip of water. The masked man on the leg press caught her eye as she noticed he watched her cross the room and, start on her squats.

“Weird” She said to herself concentrating on reps and getting as low as she could. He got off his machine just as she slipped her earphones off and he moved towards her starting on his arms. Ok, she couldn’t lie he had a reason to show off and he was definitely making it known that she should look. Each grunt and heavy breath, he looked back at her to see if she was looking his way.

She smiled, turning away and glancing back every once in awhile only to meet his eyes in the mirror as he was watching her. She could talk to him, she could ask him if he wanted her to watch or were they going to play peek-a-boo the whole time. No, she wasn’t that pent up and continued her set. Jackson briefly wondered if she was interested but they met eyes, and had met eyes, several times. He was an outgoing guy, talkative and friendly and although people thought he was a ladies man, in truth Jackson was shy around women until he got to know them. Oh shit, she was leaving, his heart skipped a little bit. He watched her talk to a guy at the counter and laugh with him before she turned to look at him one more time. This is it Jackson, do something. He put up 2 fingers saluting her off, and she grinned, shaking her head walking out the door. Before he left Jackson asked the guy at the counter who she was.

“Oh her? She’s been coming here for 2 months, Nice girl. Quiet. Why?”

Jackson shrugged, earning the guys disapproving glance. “She’s a good girl.” The owner chipped in as a warning before turning away putting some towels away.

It seemed to be some kind of game between them. For a week and a half she’d go to the gym around the same time, only to see the mysterious stranger show up after her or he was already there seemingly waiting. They’d make eye contact and she would smile at him only to have him wave at her. They never talked, although one time they did run on the treadmill side by side.  Tonight though, she couldn’t go. The professor had requested a group project and she met up with a few students to go over the basics. The same with the next day, fine tuning her own part. The third day, she wondered if he was there, or if he wondered where she was and, although it was silly to even think that not even knowing what his face looked like she fantasized a little.

“You’re zoning out on me. That’s the English word right? Zoning?” Her partner MinSook waved his hand in front of her face.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Yes, that’s how you say it. I’m just thinking.” She grinned at him, reaching for her last piece of sushi.

“A man? It wouldn’t be me would it? I knew you liked me.” He winked at her before finishing off his water bottle.

“Oh my lord, MinSook.” She shook her head. “You’re the class flirt, I wouldn’t dare.” She gathered up her papers, happy with what they had and prepared to leave the small restaurant.

“True, but I have my preferences.” They both stood and he held open the door for her as they walked out into the cold evening air.

“I can only guess.” Rolling her eyes, she shook visibly. “Ok, we can fine tune some things tomorrow morning, but we are set for the presentation. Call me if anything, ok?”

“Yea, sure.” MinSook bit his lip, he was barely taller than you at 5’9” but he was adorable. “Listen, do you want to maybe, go somewhere tomorrow after class? How about dinner?”

Was he serious? She watched as he shuffled his feet a little and avoided her gaze. He was serious, her first date in Korea and he was a classmate. Not that guy from the gym. She smiled, what could it hurt? Free food. He was a flirt, but that didn’t mean he went out with other girls.

“Ok, dinner, I can do that. Text me the details?” He stood up tall, his confidence rising as he put on a serious face.

“Yea, sure! I’ll text you. I’m looking forward to it.” Saying their goodbyes the two parted, but all she could really think of was going to the gym tonight.

The temperature had dropped to a very chilly 40 degrees and, she blew into her closed fist as she walked closer to the gym only to see a man in a coat waiting outside. She didn’t recognize him from so far away, but as she approached and got closer it was the mysterious stranger from the gym. She met his eyes, which narrowed when he saw her, angry-looking.

“You were gone for 3 days. Care to explain?” His deep voice took her back as she realized he was talking to her.

“Excuse me?” He rolled his eyes at her, throwing up his hands.

“You weren’t here for 3 days. I came every time. I thought I’d see you. You like to play games, girl?” He moved closer to her, moving away from the door of the gym.

She felt her guard go up, hands gripping her keys she would stab him with them if necessary. “I don’t know what your problem is, but I don’t know you from Adam so back off.”

“Who is Adam?” He seemed thoroughly confused, waving his hand in irritation. “Forget that, I wanted to see you. What’s your name?” His tone changed to a light and friendly manner.

She was confused first he was ready to kill her and then he was her best friend? “I’m so confused and you’re invading my personal space.” She put up a hand that he purposefully walked into, his chest although covered by a jacket touched.

“I asked your name. Nothing hard. Your Korean is good though, and with me there is no personal space noona.” She shook her head, the creeping smile on her face from his antics making her smile in spite of how she was feeling.

“How do you know I’m older than you?” He shrugged, taking her hand leading her away from the gym.

“I don’t, you just seemed like it so I was being polite. Come with me.” She snatched her hand away, although the zing she felt when he touched her felt nice.

“Ok, I don’t know your name and you don’t know mine. Let’s stop. Youre weird! You act aggressive and come onto me hard and then you want me to follow you? I may have been born at night, but not last night. Let’s slow down ok? This is going too fast.” Jackson turned around sighing heavily, she could see the breath come from his mask.

“I will tell you my name and more, if you come with me. I’ve been waiting outside for you for 2 hours ok? Trust me, it’s worth it. I’m sorry I seemed…aggressive. I’m excited. I haven’t seen you in 3 days and here you come like a little deer I’ve been tracking.” He held up his hands. “Tell me your name.”

“It’s >>>, and I’m 20, I’m a student. Tell me where we are going and I’ll let you know if I want to follow.”  He listened to her and nodded his head.

“Well, I’m older than you, so it’s Oppa from now on. I’m an entertainer. We are going to a bar I know around here. Is that ok?” She bit her lip, looking around.

“I’m not dressed for a bar. What’s your name? Matter of fact, take off your mask it’s making me nervous.” Jackson rolled his eyes.

“Woman. Please. Oh my god. It’s more like a lounge, they know me it will be fine.” He took her hand again ignoring the mask comment, only for her to snatch it away again.

“Mask and a name. Or I’m going to the gym and I won’t talk to you ever again.” Jackson turned around slowly pulling the beanie off and pulling the mask from his face. He faced her and watched her eyes light up in recognition. He smiled his trademark smile, and winked at her.

“Jackson. Jackson Wang.”

Chapter Two

Okay my lovies…here it is…
Part 3 of the “fratboy Harry” blurb lol. In case you missed them, here’s Part 1 and Part 2.
This is kinda turning into a story I think. Hope you enjoy.

Five days. Five fucking days since the party.

When you and Harry had walked out of the bedroom together, nobody had seemed to notice, though you could feel the heat rising to your face. You’d exchanged numbers and Harry’d promised to call. Even then you’d taken his words with a grain of salt, acting nonchalant when you’d caught up with your friends and waved goodbye.

Then he’d texted you. That night. He’d claimed he was just making sure you’d gotten home alright, but you couldn’t help but feel elated. You’d texted back and forth until you could barely keep your eyes open. He was really funny and made you laugh and feel at ease. You didn’t want to get your hopes up, but you thought you could really like him.

Then nothing.

There was no phone call or text the next day. Okay, one day, no big deal. He might have been busy, you told yourself. The next day, Monday, still nothing. Same for the day after that, and the day after that. By Thursday you decided to just text him yourself.

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I will take my screwdriver.

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That is probably not what you expected. Bit to be honsest, i regret nothing :D


Steve groaned hearing loud rock music coming from Tony’s science lab. He hided his head in his pillow hoping to block music which made his head throbbing. How in hell Stark got up so early and got to his lab? He would normally sleep at least to noon, and then after half hour of staring at his coffee cup he would decide to drink it and then go to his lab.

Steve looked at clock standing on his bedside table and moaned unhappy. It was 6 in the morning.

He rolled on his back and looked at the ceiling hoping that it was just bad dream. After few minutes he lost his hope and got up, ready to reprimand Stark for his behavior at that early hour, after very hard mission they were only the day before.

Dressed only in his sweatpants, wit out shirt and with are foots he leaved his room, heading right to the source of the music, which was, as he expected, the science lab, not far away from the common room of the Avengers headquarters. Walking through the room he saw Bucky and Natasha, sitting with cups of coffee, already after theirs morning training session. His best friend waved at him with smile. He waved, not really paying attention at anything that wasn’t source of AC/DC Highway to Hell. He heard giggle of Natasha behind him, but payed it no mind.

He get into the lab and immediately turned off the stereo, sighing with delight when it got quiet in the room. His satisfaction didn’t last long, because of loud “The hell you did asshole” coming from behind the shelves. It wasn’t Tony’s voice.

From behind the shelves comes short (h/c) girl with frown on her face dirty from grease in tight white tank top and jeans shorts. He looked her from head to toes, taking in her whole appearance, noticing her torn sneakers. He swallowed hard his saliva looking into her (e/c) eyes, witch beside the color looked just like Tony’s.

“You are going to answer me, or should I push a screwdriver up your ass and turn it until you start to walk as a good little solider on a crank?” He opened his lips slightly, not knowing what to say. Never in his live has he meet girl as mean and pretty by the way as her. “If you are not gonna talk, then I suggest, you turn on my stereo and leave before I will take my screwdriver.” Still stunned, Steve turn on the stereo and left the lab.

He get into the common room with big eyes, still not knowing what just happened. He looked at Natasha who were laughing really hard.

“I see you met (y/n).” She said when she finally calmed down.

“W-who is this girl?” He looked behind him at the girl who were working on one of Tony’s latest project, as if she was in her own home, jumping slightly to music, and occasionally waving her head to the rhythm, making her (h/c) hair to get on her face and into her mount and eyes. Who the hell she was?!

“It’s (y/n).” Said Tony coming into the kitchen and pouring himself a coffee, clearly not happy of being woken up so early. He looked at Steve, and sighed seeing confusion still written on his face. “My sister? The world numero uno in science and mechanics, at least in women category? Really? Noting? I told you all yesterday that she is stopping by, to have a little Tet-a-Tet with my lab.” Steve was looking at Tony as if he had just told him, that elephants are flying. Stark sighed and rubbed his face. “That’s how you are listening to what I’m saying.”

“You have sister?” Tony shoot his hands up.

“No it’s my brother, don’t pay attention to boobs, it’s family thing. Yes, I have a sister, her name is (y/n) and if I see any of you closer than five meters from her, I’m personally gonna kick your ass.” Steve nodded slowly, still trying to wrap his mind around the though that Howard Stark had not one, but two kids and that they both were extremely rude…

“Antony, if you drank whole coffee, could you please make some more?”

“Of course (y/n/n).” Correction. Extremely rude for him. He looked at the girl who get out of the lab and sat on the couch next to Natasha, introducing herself to Bucky. He looked at Tony, who were making more coffee at the kitchen island. After a while go comes closer to him, leaning at one of the chairs.

“Is she staying for long?” Tony just shrugged his shoulder.

“As long as she want. She was in Asia for quite a while, and don’t have a place to go.” Blonde nodded again and looked at the girl. She was pretty, even beautiful, but she was acting just like her brother, or at least he observed it so far.

“Alright. I don’t want to sound mean, but who the hell are you, and why are you looking at me?” She turned around to look Steve right into eyes. Super Solider quickly looked at his feet, feeling blush appearing on his face. She raised her eyebrow. “Is he mute, deaf or just really stupid?” Tony rolled his eyes, coming to her and giving her cup of coffee.

“It’s Steve, or Captain America as you want. He is just really shy little girl in ‘grow men’ body.” (y/n) made sound that she understand what her brother had just told her.

“So this is the infamous Captain I-have-broom-im-my-ass America.”

“Language!” tony reprimand he satirically, which made both of them laugh. Steve groaned, sitting at the kitchen island. He got a felling that this is going to be really long visit. Bucky stood from his spot on the couch and get to his best friend.

“You two would be a sweet couple.” He whispered on his ear and laughed at the face his friend made.


Three months of being woken up on six in the morning by loud rock music later, Steve found himself looking at every move (y/n) made with lovesick puppy eyes and stupid smile on his face every time she talked to him.

It started innocently. Waking up on early morning hour, Steve would get up from his bed and go to the kitchen, where he make coffee and pour it to (f/c) cup with flowers and give to her. First few times it wasn’t pleasant. Wherever he come into the lab, you would throw daggers at him if he was to close to your stereo, calming down only when he would put her coffee on the desk. After three or four days of that, she started to smiled at him and thanked him for it.

Before he know it, Steve was looking forward the rare occasions of where she wasn’t in the lab. Instead of this, she would sit in the armchair, with cup of cinnamon-orange tea, in the oversized (f/c) sweater, leggings, and fluffy socks on her feet, with hair wet after the shower, sticking to her face, slightly parted lips and book in her hand. He would then sit on the sofa, pretending to read a newspaper in his hands, but really looking at her with affection in his eyes and blush, every time she looked up and smiled at him.

Of course, Bucky saw it first, and immediately informed Natasha about it. And then started their teasing and jokes of his behavior from them. They started to mess with him, occasionally asking (y/n) of her opinion of his hair or clothes, which she commented in her Stark-sarcastic way, making him blush every time.

“I bet a tenner that before Steve confess his feelings for (y/n/n), she will be long married with at least two children, big house with white fence and dog… named Steve.” Bucky said, placing money on the coffee table. Natasha nodded her head slightly, and she put the same amount of money next to Bucky’s.

“I say, he will do it after she get old, buried her husband AND Steve-the-dog, and decide to marry again, this time with cybernetically programmed butler of her second son.” Steve groaned, hiding his face in his hands.

“Could you guys give me a brake? And where the hell you two get an idea of her naming dog Steve?” He looked at them, but quick looked at the lab doors, which opened. (y/n) walk into the kitchen and poured herself some tea.

“Hey (y/n), if you would have a dog, how will you name him?” At Bucky’s question she looked up, thinking for a while before looking at him with grin.

“Steve.” Both assassins laughed, while super solider blushed and put his forehead on the table top. (y/n)’s smile only grew bigger and she sat with them. “Why you ask?”

“Because Steve…” said man looked hard at his friend who just smiled. “Didn’t believe us that you would name that dog.” She giggled.

“I will, just to mess up with him. OK, I have to get back to work. When you see Sam and Wanda, tell them that I will go to the shop first thing in the morning, and ask them what they wanted.”
“Sure thing, doll.” She kissed Bucky on the check and went to the lab. Steve looked at his friend with fake betrayal on his face. He just smiled like a cat that got cream and patted Natasha on the shoulder. “Come on, we have a training session. Let’s leave Mr. too-scared-to-act, alone.” Redhead nodded standing and going after him, waving to Steve, who just groaned again and started to hit his head on the table.

“Could you stop? You are devastating my beautiful table.” He looked at older of the Stark sibling.

“Tony, can I as you something?”

“Whatever you say, I’m not borrowing you my car.” Steve rolled his eyes.

“It’s about (y/n).”

“You are not dating her.” Said Tony and started to read his newspaper.

“What are you…?”
“I’m not stupid capsicle. I know how are you looking at her, and no, you can’t date her.”

“I believe it’s not your choice.”

“And yet you are asking me about it. Listen Steve.” Tony looked at him, putting his paper down. “I know what kind of men you are and no. I will not let you be with her, simple because I don’t trust you enough to protect her. She is my sister, and I will do everything to make sure, nothing will never happened to her. And you are… you. You are good man, but not for her.” Steve felt as his heart stopped for a moment.

“So you don’t trust me, that I will keep her have?” Tony raised his eyebrow.

“I just know you, and I know that if something will seem more important for you than her, then you will choose that thing instead of her. And I can’t let that happened.” They looked in each other eyes for a while, before Steve opened his mouth.

“Nothing will be more important than her.”
“You say it now. No one knows what will happen.” Stark stood up and toke his newspaper. “You may try, but if you will hurt her, you will not come out of it alive.” With that he left Steve, who sighed.


Next morning Steve woke up to almost unnatural silence in the building. First, he thought that he got deaf. He looked at the clock. It was half past six. He furrowed his brow and got up, dressing quickly and going to common room, where stood almost whole team, with out Tony, who were in the lab.

“What’s going on?”
“Oh, sleeping beauty is awake. Good. (y/n)’s missing.”

“Wasn’t she suppose to go to the store?”

“She canceled it yesterday evening, when she found out that Sam was at the store.” Steve furrowed his brow. If she wasn’t at the lab, nor in her armchair, then where were she?

“Redwing found something.” Sam announced, going to the direction of where his droid was.

At the garden, right behind the building were signs of a struggle. Steve felt as if some cold hand dug through his skin and grabbed his stomach. He crouched down and looked at the ground.

“Natasha, go and check monitoring record. Sam, you Bucky and T'challa are going to check whole terrain around. Look for everything and report to me immediately when you found something, anything that will tell us, where she could possibly be. Vision check lab, if there is any clue. And Wanda go look in her room.” Everyone looked at Steve in shock. His tone was cola and face hard, just as his eyes. He looked at everyone. “Now!” They got to their quest at hand immediately. He rubbed his face and looked at Tony. “You should check your mail. There is possibility that someone kidnapped her for ransom.”

“Yeah, come.” They get inside, going to Tony’s office.

After almost three hours, Natasha got into the room with wide eyes. Both men looked at her with raised eyebrows.

“I checked records. You should see that.” She got to Tony’s computer and put pendrive into USB point. “hmm… there.” She showed them the record of (y/n) being attacked and kidnapped by three man, dressed all in black. Tony furrowed his eyebrows.

“I know who they are.” He got up and went to his closed where he kept his armor. “They will not want any ransom. They will kill her. Call everyone. We have to go.”


Whole team landed at the forest near the big abandoned hangar, where (y/n) were held hostage. Carefully, they neared building, carefully, not to disclose themselves. Steve felt uneasy. He was nearly sure that there should be some guards, but everything were quiet, without any sighs of anyone.

When they got into the building, they stopped dead on their track, seeing nearly twenty man laying cold on the ground. Everyone was thinking the same think. What the heck happened here?! After a moment, they snapped back to reality, tearing sound from one of the rooms near them.

When they opened doors, ready to fight with whoever was in there, they stopped shocked, seeing (y/n), in her pajama from night before, sitting on top of the table with jars of peanut butter and jam next to her and with sandwich in her hand. She looked up and them and smiled happily.

“There you are. Good for you, I would turn your lives into living hell, if I would have to come home on foot.” She bite her meal and chewed on it, waving her legs. She stopped seeing their eyes staring at her. “What? I have something on my face?”

“What the fuck happened here?” She laughed at Natasha.

“I did not tall you that I am a badass?”

“You beat them? There is like twenty of them!” She jumped to the ground and throw your half eaten sandwich behind you.

“Twenty one to be exact. Yeah. I am trained badass.” She grinned. Steve was looking at her in ave before he dropped his shield and get to her, taking her cheeks in hands and kissing her.

It took her a while to proceed what is going on, but when she get whats going on, she quickly pulled off of him and knocked him out. She whipped her lips and looked at the rest of them.

“If anyone who isn’t Leonardo DiCaprio will do it again, I’m gonna kill you.” She pushed between them and went to the main doors. Everyone laughed, and Bucky bro-fisted Natasha.

“I forgot to tell him, that she will be the one who will kill him.” Tony said with smile, going after his sister. “Can someone pick Steve up?”

Im hungry and delirious at work and i just keep thinking abt how theyre gonna justify these new children. Where did fangelica come from. Did dracula turn her too. Why wasnt she in wtmh and electrified.

The wolf ones are ok but i dont care about them. i care about howleen and clawd and clawdia so where are they

They can do whatever they want w lagoonas siblings because i dont like any of them anyway all of them are ugly. The Blues are just generally ugly except lagoona. I like ebbie better than kelpie SOMEHOW but thats not hard to achieve because ive never liked kelpie

The mummy kids are cleos cousins like i said before so im ok with them now but i still cant believe they thought the gremlin child’s design was okay

At this point they just need to rip the bandaid off and give frankie a set too bc i know its coming at this rate. I bet thats what theyre gonna use the alivia trademark for. And tbh i like that name but shes gonna be ugly i can sense it

Theyre never gonna bring these children up again after this line is over, bc an mh trademark is never bringing things up again, but you bet your ass im not gonna stop nitpicking until theyve left bc thats my job