these moves are cool

Links to Full Lip Sync Battle Performances 

Finn Wolfhard - Buddy Holly x Weezer

Noah Schnapp - Moves Like Jagger x Maroon 5 

Gaten Matarazzo - 50 Ways To Say Goodbye x Train

Caleb Mclaughlin - I’m Bad x LL Cool J

***check back for links to Noah & Gaten’s performances as they have not been posted yet***

🎶  𝓚𝓪𝓻𝒆𝓲  🎶

GUESS WHO’S BACK! Back again? That’s right Karei is back to bring this little shit edgelord of a muse back from his Hiatus! I have missed you guys and I am sorry for being gone so long. It’s just some things happen and the new muse took off better than I could have ever thought! But none the less I missed me boy and so I am back to cause more trouble and mayhem! 

Now that being said I know a lot of my followers have moved on and that is okay! It’s cool with me cause you know I was gone and no one could tell when I was coming back. So this is basically my way of saying all my drafts will be dropped but a few ones that I will contacting muns to check with. I know it sucks but I honestly wouldn’t be able to reply to them even if I tried….

This also applies to my asks, I want to start fresh with new drafts and asks. I will be reblogging some memes soon so I ask for your patience as I rework Vani’s new theme a bit more! But feel free to come harass me in the mean time!!


northern downpour - panic! at the disco

Gods walking among us (X)

older wizard yurio would be like the opposite of howl but just as glamorous and w more sass  

I was pretty happy how this came out hehe. I’ll probs sell it as a print next month maybe or edit it again some other time. 💕

thank you @ngc5139 for giving me the inspiration to finish this. im really happy i was able to. <33 

anonymous asked:

I know nothing about Jrey but I already love him

Is the youngest of 7. The ace of the class. competitive and cocky, has a heart of gold. Is rivals with Coran, over both serious and silly stuff. Also he and Coran dated for awhile. 

rival bf

So @momnar and I made a god today.

His name is Crux, and you could describe him as a god of decisiveness, change, and tension.  He’s the patron of protestors and all movements and so on and so forth.

The smoke coming off him right now is the release of tension when people jump into action.