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"Women who behave like that" are not rare, or at least not so rare - myself and every gay guy I know (all of whom are involved in fandoms in some way, additionally) have run into that type of person. Which isn't the worst thing in the world, and it's certainly not an excuse to harass people. But dammit, why does defense of slash always slide right into "hey, gay guys, your experiences aren't real/don't matter, mmkay?"

i dont know what you want from me, dude. i have not once, not ever, said “hey gay guys, your experiences arent real and they dont matter”

what i HAVE said is that you occasionally running into gross, cringey girls who think gay men are omg so kawaiii~!!!! does not make it okay to hate, harass and belittle every female person that likes yaoi. it means you call out THE INDIVIDUAL for the inappropriate thing they said or did and if you dont have concrete evidence of someone doing or saying some nasty shit, dont accuse them of it.

ive made my stance on this pretty goddamn clear, please dont make me repeat myself

I can’t believe Jack Zimmerman getting buzzed and going around thoroughly educating everyone about Eric Richard Bittle at the Falconers Family BBQ is a thing that actually really happened. Like he pulled up videos on his phone for people to watch.

This is amazing, because not only is it hilariously ADORABLE!
But Jack so confidently speaking about their relationship is just so ANSKDWVH!!

Honestly, Justin “Ransom” Oluransi is going to be Samwell University’s 2016 Valedictorian.

This young man:

• has a 4.0 GPA
• majoring in Biology
• is co-captain of an extremely successful university sports team
• probably involved in other extracurriculars (BSA) (you can’t convince me otherwise)
• is Facebook friends with every student at Samwell i.e. sociable, knows everyone

In short, Justin “Ransom” Oluransi is a well rounded young man who is going to give a heartfelt speech at graduation that makes the entirety of the Samwell Men’s Hockey Team bawl for at least half an hour. (Bitty continues for an hour. Holster continues for two.)

I know most of y’all are ready for “Hockey Shit with Nursey and Dex” and I am too but…

While I agree their dynamic would be absolutely hilarious in the context of “Hockey Shit,” I think we’re forgetting a beautiful option.

An option that would provide us with characterization and backstory for two characters that we don’t see all that much, but in recent updates, have come to the forefront of the fandom’s attention.

So, my friends, consider:

“Hockey Shit with Ollie and Wicks”

  • me, thinking about William Poindexter in a cut off sweatshirt that shows off his abs: nice
  • me, thinking about Derek Nurse in a cut off sweatshirt that shows off his abs: NICE
  • me, thinking about Christopher Chow in a cut off sweatshirt that shows off his abs: N I C E !