these lyrics make me emotional sorry

the one thing i love most about the 1975 concerts is how incredibly in their elements everyone is. you’ve got the crowd, screaming back every lyric they’ve spent years memorizing and dancing like it’s their last night on earth. you’ve got george, who knows every inch of his drumset like the back of his hand and puts his whole being into every performance. and adam who puts in his little playful riffs during every song and gets so incredibly into each guitar solo. and ross who gets so focused on hitting every beat onstage. and waughy adding his beautiful saxophone and making your heart ache when you hear it live. and matty feeding off the crowd’s energy and just being so unabashedly modest but so unashamedly himself at the same time. and all the crew members flowing together to form a kind of synchronized dance. its absolutely breathtaking watching them preform and turning around and seeing everyone in the crowd smiling right along with you. it’s art is what it is.


♡ “It’s Okay, now count one two three and forget
Forget all the sad memories, hold my hand and laugh” ♡

This song and the video makes me so emotional omg ㅠㅠ It’s so amazing to hear how the fans began to sing when the music is turned off 😭 thank for these perfect song and wonderful lyrics♡ ᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠᅠ
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Just a little note of appreciation :)

Hi! I just wanted to drag up some stuff from WAAAY back when and say how much I love your Homestuck Fansongs :D I found them as I was finishing up Act 3, and as I’ve read further and further into the immense work that is Homestuck, I keep picking up on all the little nuances and references you’ve snuck into your lyrics, and I just adore it! Meaningful and thought out lyrics are something I’ve always loved and just been enraptured with. Nothing makes a song better than when there’s emotion and meaning behind it! Each song is a whole new experience each time I take a listen. You have wonderful singing btw! (I’m assuming it’s you singing, if not I’m so sorry XD) Anyway, just wanted to show my appreciation and thanks! Buh-Bye!

Lol, thanks! :) it is indeed me singing haha

I’m still positively reeling from the new episode but I really, really wanna talk about Pearl’s song for two specific reasons (which I had to process back-to-back so consider me thoroughly destroyed.)

Beyond the fact that it’s beautiful and touching and basically everything about it is perfect - the pacing, the colors, DeeDee’s vocals, the lyrics, the cinematography, the emotion - I feel like this song does a little extra for us. It might feel like a rehash, especially given how much material we already have concerning Pearl’s feelings for Rose, yet despite all previous musical numbers and instances of Pearl addressing that, this still feels very fresh and unique a perspective to bring to the topic.

Because I think what’s really gripping about this song is how it’s not even really about Rose, it’s about Pearl! Who she is, what she wants, how far she’s come.

It’s about Pearl wanting to move on, about her loving Rose but her wanting to move on from Rose, to move past petty feelings, to focus on what’s important now. 

I’ll say that the moment that really struck me most in this song was when we take a step back and we see Pearl fully, when she’s standing on the glass of the balcony and delivers these lines: 

War and glory, reinvention

Fusion, freedom, her attention

Out in daylight, my potential

Bold, precise, experimental

I feel like this is Pearl reflecting back on all she dreamed of, the things she aspired for before Rose left. She was a renegade soldier, fighting for change, ideals of freedom and self-importance. Pearl came from a background where she was never meant to fight, but she worked at it, became something stronger than she was, for herself as much as for Rose. Out in daylight, my potential. Bold, precise, experimental. These are things Pearl truly sees herself as, or at least, she used to. Someone who was growing, becoming something better, something she could be proud of.

Then immediately she falls, doubts herself, thinks of what she is now, what she’s become in Rose’s absence. She thinks herself ‘petty and dull’, as if she’ll never be anything beyond that (what does it matter? it’s already done), but she has to be here without Rose. Be there for Steven. Because if there’s nothing else Pearl can do that’s worthwhile, she at least wants to be there for Steven. 

That’s why this song is so heartbreaking to me, but also gives me hope. Pearl isn’t quite there yet, but she desperately wants to be, she wants it to be over. She wants to move beyond this. Yet the song isn’t hopeful, it’s a sigh of defeat. Benign acceptance that it’s over, isn’t it? 

But Rose is gone, and she’s still here, and she still can’t move on.

I think she can, though. I think it’s important that we’re shown Pearl wants to become better. I think that’s the point of her character, in the end. As much as it might sometimes feel like Pearl’s entire character is built entirely around Rose, to the point where it feels like they’ll never be separate, I think it’s more that her character is built on top of the impact Rose left on her. 

Pearl’s development is about her learning to love herself, to better herself on her own terms, for her own reasons, and this song is amazing because it shows that she wants it and she’s slowly getting there, despite how much it still hurts.

Meteorite by Years & Years

I don’t know how it led to this
I felt a tremor in your kiss
The earth shakes and I answer it
My body realigns

It’s too much, cannot handle this
I taste the pleasure on your lips
You make planets start to spin
I’m ready to reignite

Let me feel your devotion
Let me feel your emotion
Love me like it’s the last night, like it’s the last night
Hit me like a meteorite (oh oh)
Hit me like a meteorite (oh oh)
Hit me like a meteorite (oh oh)
Don’t let me go
Don’t let me go

You’ve been following the rush
I’ve sinned, but I keep a hush
You’re near, but it’s not enough
I need this to survive
Reckless, what I’m heading for
Lights flash and I hear a roar
One touch and you’re so powerful
You’re burning through the night

Let me feel your devotion (devotion)
Let me feel your emotion (emotion)
Love me like it’s the last night, like it’s the last night
Hit me like a meteorite (oh oh)
Hit me like a meteorite (oh oh)
Hit me like a meteorite (oh oh)
Don’t let me go, don’t let me go
I can feel it coming tonight
Don’t let me go, don’t let me go

Our path turned to stone, everything’s forming
It’s silver and gold, the colour’s a warning
And I see it glow, when I look to the sky
I want it all tonight
I want it all tonight

Hit me like a meteorite
Hit me like a meteorite
Hit me like a meteorite
Don’t let me go (don’t let me go)
Don’t let me go
I can feel it coming tonight
Don’t let me go (don’t let me go)
Don’t let me go

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All we have are flashes of moments,
Lightening of emotions that strike us out of nowhere.
When I trick my mind that I’m okay
is when I get a shock,
a flash of you..

That haunts me through my day
sending shivers up my spine.

I get this heaviness in my eyes, and they begin to water
and my chest feels full and my throat gets tight -

I don’t know how to write it, I’m sorry. I can’t make it sound pretty, or lyrical. You never understood my poetry, the way my heart loved, the way I looked at life, but I miss you, please let me know what happened.

If there was a way for you to read this, and get the wind knocked out of you so you could understand, I would write it - but this is me exposed and open. Plainly and easily telling you - you were my best friend, my soulmate, you broke me and I wish I knew what I did to deserve it.

Did that send shivers up your spine?

—  Demetra Demi 

FitzSimmons Winter (Re)Watch: One song per episode
             Making Friends and Influencing People: “Weapon” by Matthew Good (x)

Song of The Day is back! 

I’m sorry I’ve abandoned you Tumblr! I’ve been uploading my song of the (err…) day(s?) on snapchat – sarahweichel – follow me for more fun over there. It’s a riot! 

This cover is by Gary Lightbody, the front man of Snow Patrol. While I love myself some Beyonce, the lyric’s didn’t really resonate with me until I heard this version. I’m a real sucker for an acoustic arrangement, guys. 

Really the point of this post is to ask the question: What is it about music that makes us so emotional? Is there an ASAPSciene or Green Brother video about the neuroscience of music? If not, I’m looking at you fishingboatproceeds edwardspoonhands.

Anyway, this is song is important to me because it’s one of my best friends favorite songs. And sometimes you hear a song thats like SOOO HOW YOU FEEL RIGHT NOW and then you get nervous because it feels like someone bugged your bedroom and then as if you couldn’t sleep before now its like… woah.

Happy Friday, friends. 

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