these lumping lumps

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Dr. Alphys? This may sound like a strange request, but I suggest you inform Sans of everything that's happened ASAP. Also, see if you can convince Undyne to go with you.

Pfffffft, Sans?

Listen, I-I love the guy, but I don’t see how he could help.

Or why he’d even want to! 

Eheheh, if there’s one thing you can be sure about with him, it’s that he wouldn’t do any more work than he absolutely had to. 

We c-can let him and his brother know what’s happened once Asgore figures out what to do.


gif request meme: (paiqeturco asked) the mummy + favorite character

evelyn “evie” o'connell (née carnahan); “the only thing that scares me, mr. o'connell, are your manners.”

As proof that im still alive!!

Im loving yuri on ice soooo much, the characters are really fun and interesting!  I got a little carried away drawing my new son… ( ; .__.)  we’re probably not gonna get to see him again but i can dream ok

1/11/17 Good news, everyone! 

You remember how I’m always talking about how I want to get a time machine so I can go back to the 1800s and join that one fencing society where everyone wears a fencing mask with holes over the cheeks so you can get a dashing scar with which to impress romantic prospects?

And also remember how there was a feral cat inside the roof and we didn’t know how to get him down?

Well, there is no longer a cat in the roof and I no longer need a time machine to acquire a dashing facial scar! I am so dashing right now, you would not believe it. So very, very dashing. Dashing smells like bactine!

Since he was forcibly removed from the premises, The Small Grey Lump That Goes Meow has been staaaaaring sadly in the window at us, hoping fortune will smile upon him and he will someday return to the Safe Warm Place With Hot And Cold Running Rodent Supply. (Except they stop running when you bite them.)

like jesus it’s only the fourth episode and they’ve already adopted a child? like can you imagine that conversation?

Dorothy: Lucas, we have to take care of this girl. I’m a healer, I’m responsible for her welfare

Lucas: babe you literally cannot adopt every hurt thing you come across

Dorothy: why? I adopted you and the dog and you’re not complaining about that. she’s my responsibility now. we’re adopting her I’ve decided

Lucas: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

1/10/17 Due to the recent cold snap, some rodents of unknown species have taken up residence in our roof. They have inconsiderately ignored the humane live traps I set up there, baited with a wide array of healthy rodent snacks.

So today we caught one of the feral cats and put him inside the roof. Sadly less humane, but very effective.

And now, a new problem: how do we get the cat out of the roof

Folk music warned me this would happen. 


IMDB’s top ten highest voted episodes of Teen Titans [insp]