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So I want to get into clipping. but idk how I'd go at it. Is there a certain order I should to the songs in or something you'd recommend?

GOOD ASK!! it really depends on what kind of stuff you’re into, but I think their latest album Splendor & Misery is a good place to start (its my fave album by them so far). Here’s the synopsis:

like…………..i love them

OK SO u should listen to these songs in the order they appear on the album bc its a narrative (u should do that for all of their albums tbh.. im not like a Music Purist but if the band puts their tracks in a certain order they did it for a reason….also use headphones) here is the full album on youtube, tracklist in the description, which is nice bc it preserves the smooth transitions between the songs unlike spotify or bandcamp

If you like Splendor & Misery they have 3 other albums u can listen to:

Wriggle came out last summer, its.. it sounds like the album cover, basically. like a few of these songs legit fluster me to the point where i get embarrassed listening to them around other people LMAO.. anyway its a great lil EP that gets bonus points in my brain bc Cakes da Killa and Antwon have verses on it and i love them both

CLPPNG is from 2014, its the first album i heard by them & it is very close to my heart. I think Get Up is the song that made me a clipping fan, but tbh i like every track on this album save one. Fun Fact the title doesnt have i’s bc daveed didnt write any of it in first person which is pretty cool

Midcity is their first album its rad as shit and harsher/more ear-bleedy than their other ones and i just remembered as i typed that that THIS is actually the first album i heard by them, i listened to it when it first came out and didnt like it because my music taste in 2013 was like, sad indie men in the woods. anyway, get money

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I'm sure you have gotten asks already but, I was wondering if you were thinking of doing drawings of any of the botw champions? or support characters like sidon? I'm sure they would be beautiful in your style.

can’t say im too interested in drawing for botw right now, but!! if i did it would probably be revali and/or kass and/or one of the other qt ritos

because birds


20 Lovely Bird Tattoo Designs

Shoutout to @grey-ling , @i-love-birds , and @sonuokan (why can’t it find your name!) for being awesome friends when i’m down. You guys are amazing. Also shoutout to the people who DID actually leave notes on my art, even as I whined that “nobody” did. Imma sober up, stop pouting, and start posting pretty Ed pics again.

But I’ll leave my selfie, bc it was so hard to take, and my last pouty post, bc of the beautiful words left by @i-love-birds

And now … *scans desktop overflowing with a seriously troublesome amount of Ed pics* Ahh, here we go…

Everything is going to be okay

how can you even try to make a bird love you like do they really get trained to rest on your hand or something or even recognize you and how do you call them, do they know if what you’re saying is actually their name and it tells them to notice you badly same goes with fishes like dude how how how but ive had a fish once and i think it recognized me or it just gets irritated when i tap the aquarium everytime i fed it and this is the fish that died because i overfed him i was proud that he looked healthy but he wasn’t he really got so plump but then i was like i’m still gonna feed it cos i dont want it to die like the fish i got before him and i miss having a pet i need one oh lemme rephrase that i want one because needing something or someone to make you feel happy is a big red no-nose reindeer all you have to do is find it in yow ass

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Even though I really want a bird as a pet, I'm perfectly fine with having my cat. I wonder if they'd get along though.

Birds and cats can get along, but I would never leave them unattended. More often than not though, they won’t get along very well. Either the bird will be too aggressive or the cat will think of the bird as a toy/prey.

Something to keep in mind is most birds are 20-100 year comittments with the intelligence of a toddler, and need constant attention. Be sure you have the time and patience to care for them ovob!

I’d love to get a bird myself someday, but at the moment I work too much to keep one happy.

I have made a Discovery

okay carry on

having a period doesn’t make you any less nonbinary
having a period doesn’t make you any less of a boy
having a period doesn’t make you any less trans
it’s your body and its just doing what it needs to do; vaginas and bleeding out of them have nothing to do with who you really are and fuck anyone who says otherwise