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I’ve literally been fucked up about the events of Aleppo since this morning, like jesus fucking christ I can’t even fathom this.

And people arent doing anything. I’ve seen five facebook posts about this tops. #Aleppo isnt even trending on twitter. No one gives a shit. No one cares about these people. 

There are children dying. There are dead bodies lying in the street. Women are asking their husbands and brothers to kill them before the invading forces can rape them. This is fucking happening right now. Russia and al-Assad are responsible for the deaths of hundreds and we are saying and doing nothing. 

Time and time again America has proven to the international community that it doesn’t care and the fact that our news outlets, our social media, our goddamn citizens, are staying silent about this is fucking absurd. Ignorance isn’t a goddamn excuse. Google is literally at your finger tips. It takes a second to read about and understand what’s happening and people can’t even do that. 

And this has taught me that humanitys’ biggest stumbling block is not hate or discrimination, it is apathy and impassivity. And it is maddening that no one gives a fuck. 

Pray for Aleppo. Pray for the men, the women, the children, the elderly. Pray for the people who wont survive this. Pray for the ones who do. Pray for this city. Please.

a sample

Imagine Person A, walking back into their room and finding out that Person B as apparently found pictures of them when they were young (being a baby, being a kid), and they’re currently gushing over them. This obviously embarrases Person A very, very much.

“Hoooly shit, that’s a big box.”

“Told you my mama goes overboard with the packages!”

The new house was a mess. They didn’t need more boxes. But Pewds’ family were ever so insistent of mailing a housewarming gift for the two newlyweds. And to be fair, Pewds did warn Cry of potentially back breaking packages to be arriving at their doorstep soon.

But, come on, this was nothing what he had expected. This box wasn’t just a big box. It was at least 3 big boxes morphed into one gigantic box. The Giga Box.

“Mind helping me get this shit inside?” Pewds called over, trying to slip his fingers under the parsel to lift it up. Cry could see that Pewds’ fingers were too delicate to take on the task alone.

“On it, princess.”

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QAF Name Meanings - Part 2/4

anonymous asked:

Would you ever consider selling Hiro shirts on etsy or some site? I tried making my own and it looked horrendous, saw yours and thought it was the most accurate thing in the world!

Aww, I’m sorry to hear your shirt didn’t work out! But hey, learning experience, right? Trial and error is my best teacher!

Sadly, I don’t think I would be able to commit to making shirts for sale. It’s a lot of manual work since I didn’t use a stencil or template. My masking and painting style was very freehand and experimental. I am not even sure I could get the same results again, hahah! But thank you so much for appreciating my shirt! I’m pretty proud of it!

Something you might want to consider is the Hiro shirt being sold at my friend’s store: Droolwear (I’m not sure where you’re from but I believe they sell/ship internationally)

Here’s a comparison of Droolwear’s silkscreened Hiro shirt, and my handpainted one:

Their prints are really clean and since they’re silkscreened, they last a long time and photograph nicely.

I hope this was helpful!