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For @hollyhark‘s Hunger Games AU.

So I asked Holly a while ago how their formal dresses would look like in her fic and her answer was for Hux, “something Starkiller inspired and red,” and for Ben, “all black and maybe with feathers,” which left me ???????? lol

But I tried! Seriously thank you because the AU itself has been a great inspiration for me and sobs these look better on my computer but I guess there’s nothing I can do….

(for my previous works for the AU click here because I love drawing for unwritten fics (。・ω・) )


did you receive mysterious messages? 

mc5 is wearing a unicorn mask lol. the bg color depends on who i ship them with hehe.  

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Tutorial time! Here’s a quick hair tip tutorial for eat-my-shxrts (I’m working on the eyes/facial features one, but since I finished this one I thought I’d post it :) Hope this is helpful, I wish I was better at explaining how I draw XD

I also included a process gif! Featuring some of my faves with varying hairstyles~ :) <3


I finally finished these!! I’ve spent the past week working on several things at once, but finally got my drawing project done~ Out of desire to re-design outfits for some of the Gotham villains, I drew them like fashion sketches (you can google what i mean) complete with modeling poses for fun~

though this took me a while, i’m very happy with how they turned out! I hope you guys enjoy my outfit designs (the only old one being Riddler’s; i’m kind of settled on it); you can click to get a better look at them! each outfit incorporates inspiration from their canon outfits combined with some sort of ‘fashion flair’ and were fun to create

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Soukoku 540 x 960 wallpapers

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Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! I made some older anime-themed valentine cards you can print out and share with someone you love or your anime-loving friends. Click on each image to view it better at full size and to save it, or you can download the entire sheet to print all of them at once here. Enjoy & have a fun Valentine’s day (I’ve filled today’s queue with Valentine’s-ish posts today, too, so look forward to that later today!)

Single Looks Good.

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: Just a short cute little drabble I had in my files. Figured I would post just to see.


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Adjusting your skirt, you take in the outfit you choose once more before you leave your room, your short black pleated skirt, the white crop top T-shirt with the scoop neck with the smallest peek at cleavage, you had paired with a pair of black ankle boots. You gave your curls a fluff, checking your lipstick as you pick up your sunglasses before heading out the door without a backwards glance. You stroll down the hall making your way to the kitchen, as your boot heels click against the wood floor you see the men in the kitchen look up as you walk by eyes traveling the length of you, you stop at the island popping a few grapes into your mouth, smiling at them as you turn heading for the elevator leaning forward you press the call button and wait.

“Feeling better?” Sam ask still staring at you.

“Much thank you.” You turn giving him a smile as you give your curls a fluff once more in the reflection of the elevator, the doors open and Pietro steps off, checking you over as you brush by stepping on to the elevator.

“Wow (Y/N).” He smirks at you, scrunching your nose up at him you grin.

“Eat your heart out lover.” You giggle as the door slides close again.

“Did anyone know she had legs like that?” Tony asks looking around.

“Who know she looked like that?” Sam asks tilting his head.

“I think my heart just stopped.” Pietro sighs leaning against the wall.

“I think the break up is doing her some good.” Buck nods sipping his coffee.

As you step off the elevator you slide your sunglasses on as you make your way through the lobby, pushing the main door open, and running straight into Steve Rogers.

“Oh!” You squeal as you get your footing, laughing.

“You okay?” Steve looks you over, blushing slightly as he takes in your exposed skin and navel.

“Great.” You smile up at him, biting your bottom lip.

“(Y/N) you look,” He grins that half one sided, crooked grin down at you. “wow.” His eyebrows raise for a second but the crooked smile stays.

“Thanks Rogers.” You grin back. The car horn honks and Nat rolls down the window, waving for you. “I’ve got a few things to do.” You smile tilting your head, you start taking backwards steps towards the car.

“Well single looks good on you.” He looks at you before quickly looking down again, you giggle still stepping backwards, you slide your sunglasses down your nose looking him up and down over them.

“Thanks, hopefully not for long.” He smirks at you raising an eyebrow. “I have my eyes set on something,” You look him up and down again. “bigger, you know better.” You shrug pushing your glasses up and turning towards the waiting car leaving Steve blushing and grinning after you.


Source: 56号のまゆみこぉ
Artist: muku
Pairing: Mayu/Mikoto

Scanlation: larabarq
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Decided to do something quick to make up for my absence and what better than a MayuMiko comic? I adore these two and will probably scanlate more of their stuff in the future.

Also, the images look horrible when I post them as a photoset. This is because the actual size (width mainly) of the images is rather small. For better viewing pleasure, you can either view them on my tumblr MOBILE OR (the preferred) right click - open link in new tab for the original size.

Sera:  “I can’t believe you were jealous of me.”

Evi:  “And I can’t believe you were jealous of me!”

Sera:  “I missed you, remember when we tried to get Mr. Frey to drink that stink juice?”

Evi laughing:  “Don’t remind me, my daughters have already tried that on me.  I was like ‘oh no you don’t!  Your aunt Sera and I were much better at pranks…’

Sera laughs:  “We were pretty good at them, huh?”

Evi:  “The best.  Now get up so I can look at you, mom is going to be so happy you are wearing her dress.  You look beautiful, Sera.”

The sisters hug as they finally start to put their past behind them and then Evi heads downstairs to give Sera some alone time to settle her nerves.

If you’d like to read the Runaways (Sophie/Caleb) Legacy from the beginning and check out my other stories, please click here.

Runaways Legacy History - a synopsis in one post

Presenting Grease Monkey Hologram Buddies in DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SPACESHIP

I’d say this was inevitable after that one anon of discerning taste and the ensuing highly nerdy 5 minutes total I spent around these parts today. This is kinda rough but probably as done as it’s going to get. Click for a better look at some really sketchy machinery.

Also featuring the warmup doodle “If you don’t like welding you’re a smelly peridot”.



Then put him in his place

Let’s take dance classes

Your cousin, huh?

Couldn’t even let us finish, damn (SQUAAAAAAAAD)

Who cares that you’re 17?

Ps. Your boobs look great

Uh… Merry Christmas, by the way

And don’t eat all the cookies

A happy girlfriend who actually passed her class

Maybe you should go and see a doctor or something

I stand corrected

Don’t think I didn’t see the article

Wanna kiss it better?

And your itty bitty titties

Not when I know you love her

He gives me cuddles

You’re such a dad but ok

Not till I’m done with you

There’s nothing we can do

Damn right I’d get like this

I’ll get rid of them

Please take it down

Since I’m gay n all

We’ll face them with our main forces too!

Bungo Stray Dogs ch.47


Happy Secret Santa Summer Hell, @vraik!

They requested Antigone and Georgie of Wooden Overcoats!

I picked a few of my favorite Antigone and Georgie moments to draw (technically the one from The Trial of Rudyard involves other characters, but Antigone and Georgie do spend most of the episode gumshoe-ing together) – and this gave me a great excuse to relisten to Wooden Overcoats.  I hope you enjoy it!

PS – It looks a lot better at full-view, and the images have comments if you click on them :-)