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  • adam:*hits his head on a door frame* ow
  • gansey:look at him. he's so tall. i mean, he's just such a pillar of determination and hard work. he's a mighty warrior and i'm just a short guy with too many journals. this is why everyone loves him. i'm in awe of how tall he is. he's almost as tall as ronan. and ronan is really tall. compared to adam, i might as well be blue. i'd have to stand on my tiptoes to kiss him. speaking of kisses-

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Hey! Could you write something where the reader is best friends with C3-PO and r2 and is just completely nicer to the droids and chewi than people maybe because that's who's she's been around her whole life you could add anything you want change anything thank you so much!!!! <3 <3

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You jerked your head up from where you had been working on fine internal wiring for a bot’s hand on the Rebel base at the sound of the familiar chirping. A wide smile broke out behind your wielding mask when you spotted one of your favorite bots in the whole wide world entering your workshop.

“Hey Artoo, long time no see! How was your mission?” You carefully set the wielder down and pull of the mask, dropping down to your knees and patting the droid’s head affectionately. Force, you had missed him. He was one of your closest friends. “Anything you need me to repair?”

The droid swiveled his head in a negative and chirped the whole story of his adventure at you as you automatically checked him over, something about a mission on a water planet with flying fish and Luke. There was minor water corrosion on some wiring, but it wasn’t critical and his systems were already beginning to fix it.

“Sounds like you had quite the adventure. Where’s Threepio?” The two were rarely seen without each other, even if they got on each other’s nerves like nothing else.

The astromech warbled a laugh, bouncing slightly on his wheels.

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*Hits the follow button* WHOA! All I can say is I love your art! You have a wonderful style!!! If the requests are still open, can I ask for something a bit unconventional? Like slave!Ford (with the collar) all naked, trying to cover himself up with the tattered remains of his trench coat?

Thank you! ^^ It’s so nice of you to say that ;w;
Well, i don’t really get it but, i tried >< Looks awful doesn’t it? 
Have a nice day <3


My friend @hamletlaertes, who runs @hamletlaertes-headcanons, and I talked (more like yelled and spazzed out) about our favorite giraffe (Kaku) yesterday. I told them I’d post up my artwork today (Also because they told me they ship me with Kaku!!! And then I told them that I had already drawn myself with that dork) Sorry bout the bad quality…I took pictures instead of having to outline and redo EVERY SINGLE PICTURE (If I were to do that, it’d take me a long time). Two of them are in my chibi style and two are in my regular style. 

written for @bodyachings

“are you going to keep looking at me without saying anything?” andy suddenly asked the other, not even looking up from her phone to address the other. “usually, i’d ignore it but our boss is out for the hour, i’m the only person who has the key and i’ve always wanted to be FUCKED in that bastard’s office,” she continued, purposely showing the other her ass as she reached down to get a pen. it was an old trick but it always worked. “so are you in? or do i have to find the newbie?”

SO I downloaded the black desert character creator and it had about the same problems I was expecting it to (can’t make male characters much other than Manly Men, women tend to look creepily like sexualized children????) BUT

I did create The Spoopy Undead Wife at least semi-successfully


Hello! So I feel as if I’ve been severely slacking in this department, but I’ve been preoccupied with so many things, so I’m going to get back on this track and actually start the KKT chat no later than Wednesday. I’m sorry if you’ve been anticipating this, but I am definitely going to get to it this time! So if you want in, please send me a message with your kkt id if you haven’t already and I’ll add you to a gc some time tonight or tomorrow, at the latest, Wednesday!

I’m feelin a bit fab today, so why not make a mistake and let people see my face for one? Or most of it anyway. I guess I’ve got a motif of keeping my eyes covered. I’ll roll with it.

So uh yeah! Here’s my ugly mug if anyone was wondering.

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No- seriously- I need to celebrate somehow with you guys. This means the world to me and I’m so, so happy about it just…

Let me smooch you all ;3; I’m gonna cry ahhhHH

the truth is I feel awful. sometimes I can easily push the guilt of hurting you so badly out of my mind, but sometimes I will look up at the sky and I feel like the world is closing in on me. I never wanted to hurt you like that, I didn’t want to hurt you at all, but sometimes promises are broken. I didn’t want to leave you stranded with a broken heart. I couldn’t be with you anymore, and that was so selfish of me to leave you all together. I ignored your messages, and I made it seem like I hated you, but I really hated myself. I still do hate myself. you didn’t deserve the words I said to you, you didn’t deserve my abrupt absence. I shouldn’t have left you in the dark. I was your light and I burnt out on you. I could contact you, but parts of me are yelling not to. I don’t know if I miss you or the guilt is just harassing me. I don’t know if I won’t contact you because of my pride or because bringing you back into my life would be letting go of him permanently. I can imagine how you feel, stupid and used. I have been there so many times, so you would think I wouldn’t be so cruel and make someone else feel like that. I have lost my ways, I don’t know how to love and I don’t even think I know what love is.
—  I’m so sorry
  • Me, before arriving at the school dance:I am so cute right now.. I am a goddess. Look at this hair! It's amazing! My dress is super cute. All of my friends will love it! I'm going to have so much fun!
  • My OCD self, an hour after arriving at the dance:Actually, you know what? I look awful. I am trash™. I'm so fat and ugly. My face is too chubby. Look at these flabby arms. Look at how everyone else smiles. They don't smile with their nose scrunched up and eyes squinted like I do. Everyone here is so pretty. Look at how they can dance! I can't dance at all. I can barely talk to other people without sounding dumb. I can't even maintain eye contact because it makes me uncomfortable. My friend is wearing the same dress as me and it looks 1000x better on her than it does on me. This music sucks. I want to go home.

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Aw cute hehe One day, Leo goes to the market again and is trying to decide between plums and apples when someone whispers behind him "get the plums, they're fresher". Leo jumps and looks behind to see Ravi with a big, sheepish grin on his face and he apologizes for startling Leo and buys him plums before Leo can object. He's about to leave with the plums but Leo doesn't follow him and looks down so he taps on his shoulder "let's share, okay?" and they walk around the market, eating plums


Eating plums and talking about everything, sharing experiences and pieces of their own minds. At some point, the plums juice starts falling on Leo’s chin, and Ravi reaches to clean it with his finger and Leo gets so flustered and red, he’s afraid he’s going to literally combust or set fire to Ravi.

Leo can swear he’s never fallen so fast and so hard for someone. It’s just the way Ravi’s eyes sparkle when he talks about the things he likes, how his voice breaks talking about his family or how his lips pucker when he’s thinking too hard. Leo’s a goner.

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why did John hold hands with Mary in the tarmac scene in His Last Vow? I thought that was terrible, really awful of him.

Sorry to leave you hanging for so long, it was late last night. (Also, I’m getting anon asks now? This is a first. :O ) 

Right now I tend to think that this is John trying to hold up the façade, make it look like they’re back together, trying to make it work. I think it’s also done in terms of misdirection for the audience, lull them into a sense of everything is ok for the time being (like, Sherlock pushed them back together, look he succeeded, ~*happy ending*~) until they pull the rug out from under everyone’s feet in S4 when they make it clear that things are NOT as ok as they seem and John has not forgiven her at all. 

At least that’s what I’m hoping because I’m not sure I can stand anything else. Though it’s possible that Mofftiss continue the misdirection for a bit, maybe at least in 4x01. Yay, I can’t wait for the fandom wank. Not. 

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"Do you need me to spend the night?"

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A quiet sigh left her lips and she shrugged a shoulder before looking over at Steve. “If you’ve got something else to take care of, you don’t need to. I don’t wanna keep you from any important Avengers business.” Even if she wanted him to stay, she knew that sometimes work came first.

(Okay but MORE cute scenarios with Frosty Frights:

-Spoons and Darby going pumpkin picking together around Halloween and they carve it together. But??? Spoons thinks it looks too plain SO Darby freezes the pumpkin with his ice powers and it looks so COOL (no pun intended) and Spoons is in awe of how awesome it looks. Bonus: the pumpkin will not unfreeze EVER.

-Spoons and Darby curled up together watching horror movies. Just… imagine it.

-Darby being too short to reach something and he doesn’t feel like floating up in the air to grab it so Spoons decides to LIFT HIM UP. Bonus points: after Darby grabs the item Spoons “accidentally” falls and lands with Darby on top of him and they end up giggling and kissing a LOT.

-Late night talks about random shit. “If two men were on the moon and one of ‘em killed the other with a space rock how messed up would that be?” “Did you know that an ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain?”)