these look a lot sharper in photoshop

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how do u get such a nice glow effect? can u maybe do an editing tutorial

hmm do you mean how it’s kinda soft ? i THINK i get what you mean so here’s what i do:

1. i always do all the editing first and then do the soften/glow step last right before i save, just bc it’s like the Finish on the whole thing, so right up above is what it looks like before i do the thing (i just added some brightness layers n stuff really fast on a random screenshot for the purpose of the tutorial, i know her arm is janked to hell)

2. duplicate the layer with your sim on it ! my layers look like this now:

3. make sure you’re on the layer you just duplicated. go up to the “filters” options at the very top bar of photoshop. go to “blur”, then “gaussian blur”

3. blur it however much you want! this time, i did a LOT 

4. change the opacity of the blurred layer to whatever you like best. i like to have just a HINT of the blur showing.

5. and that’s basically it! sometimes if i want it to look a little less dreamy, i erase parts of the eyes from the blurry layer so it looks a little sharper. but that’s up to you


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You’re very good at Photoshop xD

Hehe, I’m not terrible at Photoshop when I try, but that edit was definitely not that! I thought that any of these would have been obvious giveaways that the photo was fake:

- The light/shadow sides on the Totoro plushie are the opposite to those on Hayao Miyazaki.

- The Totoro plushie is a lot sharper and higher quality than the rest of the photo.

- The original photo (above) is quite easy to find on the internet.

- And why on earth would Hayao Miyazaki be looking so closely at the BACK of the Totoro plushie! :D