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There is nothing left of him - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : Batmom is Harvey Dent’s sister, and she…isn’t dealing very well with his Two-Face transformation. Fortunately, her Bruce is here to help…

Hey guys ! So here’s a little story that is…a bit different than what I write usually ? I don’t know if I make sense….It’s also way too fucking long sorry ‘bout that. 
Oh and if you guys don’t know much about Two-Face, the “fictional biography” on his wikipedia page (right here) will tell you everything you need to know for this story. Written in basically twenty minutes, while watching a film. Anyway, hope you’ll like it

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-Oh leave us alone (Y/N) ! 

-It’s ok Harv’, she’s not doing any harm, she just want to spend time with us.

-But Bruce, she’s a baby !! 

You weren’t very tall for your age, and your brother and his best friend were definitely taller than average but…You’d be damn if you were going to let your older brother call you “a baby” ! Outraged by his words, you say : 

-I’m not a baby ! I’m six years old ! 

-And we’re ten, you’re a baby to us !! 

-Hu hu I’m noooot ! 

-You’re acting like one for sure ! 

-No I don’t ! I’m not the one that wet the bed ! 

Harvey gives a worried look at his friend but…of course he should know Bruce wasn’t the kind to mock others. Or, he wasn’t that kind of person anymore. Since his parents died, he changed. He laughed less, he smiled less, and he never teased him anymore. He was…different. But still his best friend. 

-You can stay with us if you want (Y/N). 

Harvey gasps at his friend’s words. Maybe it’s in that moment, that you started to have a crush on him ? Right there and then, as he was about to defend you ? You don’t even remember. It felt like he was always the one that held your heart, even when you didn’t even know what romantic love was yet (and any mention of kissing a boy would gross you out). 

-Come on Harvey, your little sister is nice ! If I had a sister, I’d let her hang out with us…

There’s an indescribable sadness in his friend’s eyes, and Harvey stops himself before he can say : “it’s not the same, you would do that because your parents are dead”…He doesn’t say it because he knows how insensitive and mean it is. But he’s not about to let this pass without a fight, they couldn’t hang out with you, you were such a baby !

But he never has the occasion to protest, because his sweet lil’ sis’, you, takes his hand in yours and…His friend is smiling. 

Bruce Wayne, whom he almost never saw smiling in those past two years since his parents’ death, that Bruce Wayne…has the widest smile as he looks at you. 

In this moment, it was just children sympathy. It was a cute act from a six years old who realized that her brother’s best friend, who was always nice to her, was sad. And so you took his hand, and squeezed it. And he smiled at you because the gesture somehow soothed him. 

In this moment, neither you nor Bruce, being kids, felt this particular love that would slowly grow between the two of you…But in this moment, your hand in his was the most comforting thing that ever happened to him since his parents’ death (that and Alfred’s hugs). 

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anonymous asked:

Um I don't want to offend you by asking this, but do you have any recommendations for mm cc creators? I love your work, but I want a variety in my game with cas and build mode. Also, cc creators don't only use THEIR cc. I think. Thanks!

Hmm well there are A LOT of mm creators. And ur definition of mm is probably different then mine, bc some people think recolors aren’t mm enough lmao. but ‘off the top of my head(see page 10000000)’ the mm cc creators I see a lot of stuff from is:


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the coffee stop // x reader [gender neutral]

;; vernon x reader 

summary;; Vernon head canon: in which your usual trip to the coffee shop turns into something much more!

word count;; 1.2k 


- lil bit of swearing 

- apart from that,, none just fluff 

a/n: my first Vernon au so i hope you all enjoy it [gif is not mine,, credit goes to owner//creator]

It was just like any other cloudy day in Seoul, when you made your usual visit to the coffee stop. The rain had thankfully stopped the moment you had left the confines of your apartment which was lucky however you still carried an umbrella, just in case. The streets were quiet at this time, the occasional car rolling on past as you walked, a motorbike roaring to life in its driveway. It’s super quiet today you thought as you pushed open the door, letting the warmth from inside hit you. Only one or two people were present with laptops located in front of them with papers scattered across the table. College students. You could relate to their qualms sadly; college was simultaneously heaven and hell. 

Coming to the shop regularly had allowed a friendship to form between yourself and the baristas which in all honesty,was something you cherished. Jihoon and Seungkwan had both worked there since freshman year and despite you all having different majors, you relished at the chance to talk to them about school. Today was no different. 

“Hey boys!” you called as you shrugged off your coat, draping it casually across your arm. Both of their heads turned at the sound of your voice, Jihoon shooting you a cheery smile whilst his counter part howled in frustration. 

“What’s up with him?” you queried, taking your usual seat at the counter and folding your arms across your chest. Jihoon glanced over at his friend before letting out a slight chuckle. Seungkwan, seemingly in response, groaned loudly. He seemed to be in the middle of emptying a cafeteria but you could see school work laying abandoned next to him. 

“Our dear friend has yet again left an assignment to the very last minute,” Jihoon begun, absentmindedly tapping on the side as he did so,”which is a totally him thing to do,”. At this, Seungkwan glared up at him. You couldn’t help but laugh slightly at the hapless antics of the boy, especially considering he was older than you. It was like any other morning after that. You drank your coffee lazily, enjoying the company of the two, chatting aimlessly like always. 

You had just finished cry-laughing over one of Seungkwan’s anecdotes when Jihoon’s head whipped upwards, flashing a smile to whomever was stood behind you. 

“Hey bro,” a voice called. That voice. It was warm, smooth like honey. Despite his fluent Korean, you could hear a sort of American twang amongst his words. The stool next to you was suddenly pulled back, the legs dragging painfully against the cool tiled floor. The need to look at him was compelling. 

“Vernon! Didn’t know you were in town,” Jihoon replied happily, leaning over to give the guy [who you now knew as “Vernon”] a high five. Seungkwan looked equally excited at the arrival of this stranger and you found yourself wondering who he was. He gave off very…chill vibes. 

“Y/N, do you want a refill?”. At the moment in time you had been completely caught up in your own thoughts so the sudden voice made you jump ever so slightly. Nodding fervently as Jihoon made a reach for your cup,you finally stole a glance at him. At “Vernon”. Unexpectedly, his eyes were on you, his head cocked to one side. Wow, you thought. He was beautiful. Vernon had warm brown eyes that were mixed in with light hues of green, matching perfectly with his slightly golden complexion. His hair was short ish with blond highlights offsetting the deep brown in his bangs. He held his lip playfully between his teeth however his expression changed when you returned his gaze. He smiled sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck in an awkward fashion. 

“Sorry I-I didn’t mean to star-” he started, stuttering in his effort to apologise.

“It’s ok,” you quipped, shaking your head. He seemed taken aback at this but nodded in reply. His eyes seem to study you for a second before he speaks yet again. 

“Y/N right? Jihoon and Seungkwan mention you now and again, but I didn’t think you were actually real, you know,”. You frown, clearly confused. He continues,”They always described you as something so beautiful and bright. I have to say, I agree,”. Did he just ??? Heat bloomed across your face. You made a mental note to challenge your friends at the next given chance. 

“Are you sure they meant me?” you mumbled. It was hard to get your head around; beautiful and bright? Surely, it was someone else. Vernon scoffed and your eyes widened at the outburst. He turned slightly to face you, brows furrowed. 

“Who else would it be?” When you dont reply, he shook his head slightly at you. “What? You don’t think you’re beautiful and bright?” he questioned. Face flushing once again, you shrugged.

“I’ve always felt bleak and boring,”. It was true. Of course you aspired to be bright but you couldn’t help but act the part of a pessimist from time to time. It was probably your least redeemable attribute. Part of you wondered why you were saying this to a complete stranger but you ignored it nonetheless. For some reason, Vernon looked flabbergasted at your response.  

“But you’re gorgeous,” he muttered, frowning at the counter as if it could feel his confusion. Oh god. Your whole body felt as though it was on fire; why was this utterly adorable guy complimenting you like it was the most obvious thing in the world? 

“Are you always this sweet?!” you found yourself blurting out. He glances at you, laughing cutely. 

“Nah, only on Wednesdays,” he said, winking flirtatiously in your direction.Oh fuck. You glanced at the clock situated above the door, which now read 10:23am. And to think, you almost slept in. 

When Jihoon and Seungkwan returned with coffees in hand, you notice the smirk Seungkwan was wearing on his face. It suddenly dawned on you that this was a ploy, and you groaned inwardly. 

“I hate you,” you whispered as he hands you the bill. He grinned cheekily. 

“Why? You like him don’t you?” he whispered cockily, nodding his head in the direction of Vernon who was chatting to Jihoon. Even though you tried to deny it, you ended up stuttering and blabbering nonsense, much to your own dismay. It was true, he was handsome, kind and had an air of confidence about him. Seungkwan looked triumphant as you pulled your purse out of the bag you’d brought, handing him the correct amount begrudgingly. Vernon noticed this and his face dropped. 

“Are you leaving?”. He looked genuinely sad at this and your heart leapt. 

“I have class at 11, but I’ll be back tomorrow,”. Why did you say that? you screamed at yourself mentally. He’s going to think you like him! But his face lit up.

“So if i come by tomorrow, can i buy you a drink?” he smiled lazily, taking a sip of his drink. Butterflies. Actual butterflies were rattling around in your stomach right at that moment  and all you could do was grin at him. 

“Yes,” you said warmly as you picked up your umbrella,” I think I’d like that,”. 

Perhaps it was the start of something beautiful [and mildly dork-y] ? 

a/n: hi friends !! I hope this is good, I felt like it was time to venture out of bf aus and into the world of head canons and imagines! I am actually really proud of this, despite worrying that i wrote it in a mixture of tenses?? ive proof read like 4 times and i think it’s correct however i’m low key blind so it may be wrong. this is dedicated to my best friend @thrasherguk + to the lovely @hansolmates who was my biggest inspiration when writing this!! :]]


 I summed up the most interesting things Adam said during this interview.


During his first auditions for the role Daron was impressed by how good Adam was at making “fighting sounds”. He thanked his years of martial arts for that.

- When Adam had to come up with a voice for Marco, having seen his pictures, he thought that he looked like a “kid with a sweet demeanor who sort of wants to be a bad boy”, and he essentially used what’s his normal voice, with a higher pitch.

- Adam sometimes feels like he’s reliving his teenage years by voicing Marco, and said that when he read the script for Sleepover he was shocked to see the piano scene, since he essentially did the same to impress the girls over at his house for his sister’s sleepovers. 

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Street musician!Woozi

Requested by anon: hello! May I please request a Jihoon scenario where he’s a street musician across the street from where you work? Can be angst or fluff, I’ll leave that up to you. Thank you!

here you go anon!!! i chose fluff bc i think ppl need a break from that zombie apocalypse hwiyoung au…. LMAO i hope it was fulfilling to read happy reading from your fav mom!!!

warnings: fluff, the kind where u wanna punch them :))) woozi is a lil shit but what’s new

  • You’re a waitress at this cozy little restaurant on a fairly busy street
  • So you have quite a number of customers coming in frequently and have a handful of regulars
  • The restaurant has picked up popularity as of recent and unfortunately you guys are a little understaffed
  • So you and just a few other employees are constantly on your toes running back and forth from order to order
  • It’s a literal workout sigh
  • And you’re always extremely exhausted and ready to KO after every shift
  • One day you’re feeling more irritable because of difficult customers and restlessness
  • You’re bundled up in your lil warm coat while the winter wind chills you down to the bone
  • “Just a little more until you reach home y/n” you muttered yourself and continued trudging home
  • When you got to the end of the street your ears perked at a melodious sound
  • A crowd was increasing by the second and you’re trying to push your way to the front to get a good view bc wOW MUSIC!!1!!
  • Perched on a bench was a guy and his trusty guitar don’t hurt soonyoung

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  • meet jung wooseok, apparently music major extraordinaire with hella tats and a rep for being a badboy
  • but you personally know him at that lowkey annoying kid who’s Always falling asleep n coming in late in ur creative writing class
  • y’all met that first day when he wandered in and he just tapped ur shoulder mid-exercise to ask what was goin’ on n although u could’ve been a jerk n not said anything u threw the kid a bone n somehow his piece still surpassed everyone else’s a few days afterwards
  • ofc you get it. it’s college so being tired from classes and prolly work is what’s getting him but the little green monster on ur shoulder doesn’t relent bc this is where u learn time management and well
  • you see you love creative writing - you live, breathe, and think it a lot and it’s ur major so why wouldn’t u enjoy the one class that actually specializes in ur own interest???? and you work rlly gosh diddly darn to do it too bc writing really isn’t that easy
  • you’re one of those people that takes ages to get a piece out but bc this is a creative writing class you have weekly assignments and some pieces are hits n some are misses but u deal with it bc part of it is for the grade and another part of it is trying to get more experience in the field
  • anyway, unlike u, wooseok doesn’t seem to rlly try,,, that hard,,, or rlly,,, at,, all n that’s what ticks u off
  • ur the the kind of person who not just hates slackers, u abhor them n u suppose he tries rlly hard with his major since who wouldn’t??? but he doesn’t w/ urs n when ur teacher an english TA named Hui was talking to him abt writing before class he said it was soOoOOOo easy n u were p resolved to disliking the kid immediately
  • u just find ur seat near the back with the 30+ students n out of all the ppl to sit by,,,, he sits by u n u jst don’t try to think abt how much u dislike him n his dumb face tht’s starting to fall asleep AGAIN
  • but ok u sneak a small peek n u have to admit,,,, he’s actually pretty cute like u kno that he seemed p intimidating when u first saw him bc at first glance he’s this flippin’ hulking giant at like 6′2″ with tats up to his neck and sleeve u only get a peek of bc he’s enveloped in a huge jacket 99.9% of the time n he usually has furrowed brows n his lips pulled into a straight line unless he’s talking to hui or some other dude in his large ass group of friends bUT
  • the peaceful look on his face is different than those times n u kinda make a mental note of it even tho u most certainly are Not comparing his eyelashes to fluttering dark angel wings or his peaceful face to something akin to a statue in a museum
  • nope
  • no u r not
  • n- ok fine maybe a little 

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food critic!mingyu
  • tbh everyone knows who he is
  • like yeah food critics are supposed to be like undercover or whatever but 1) he’s handsome so he attracts attention and 2) if he’s at a restaurant with a friend he starts using Food Words and gets really excited when the food is “exquisite”
  • food critic!mingyu and at home!mingyu are two completely different people
  • fuck it they’re not even the same species
  • everyone in the food industry thinks that mingyu invented chic and that he probably models for like,,,,,armani or louis vuitton (rumor has it that he owns diamond encrusted undies)
  • but seventeen + friends have witnessed him eat pizza from a pizza box that was in the garbage and run for the hills whenever gyu looks like he’s about to sneeze
  • tl;dr: mingyu is a God in public and a Mess in private
  • like the first time minghao went with mingyu on a business meal, minghao just stared at him for like 5 minutes while mingyu tried the food and read descriptions as he typed them into his phone
  • mingyu: *using Big, Fancy words and using Extra descriptions*
  • minghao: who The Fuck are you
  • seventeen likes to make fun of him during these lunch/dinner dates bc his hyungs are like “!!look at bb mingyu all grown up!! so professional!! i feel honored to be in your presence!!” and the younger ones r like “i wish i could be as Fabulous and Successful as you, King Mingyu!! will u pls sign my used napkin??!?!?!?”
  • (he’s now reluctant to bring them along)
  • mingyu rly has a passion for food and he loves how food can make you feel and how creative you can get with it 
  • he adores his job like he gets so Excited to go to new restaurants so he can pick apart every flavor and texture and the visuals of the dish and the feel of the place
  • and tbh he never lets his job or rank or whatever get to his head he’s so H U M B L E
  • he’s always insanely polite to staff and other food critics and his readers even though they, and many other people, can be really mean to him
  • he gets frustrated sometimes tho bc a lot of people don’t take his job seriously
  • like yeah he gets to eat as part of his job, but he also has to write sometimes harsh reviews and has spent years memorizing countless ingredients and cooking styles 
  • and sometimes the harshly honest reviews bring him hate and he’s lost sleep over anonymous threats and forces himself to go to the gym every single night bc he knows that so many people only like him for his looks even though he works his ass off
  • :-(((((((((((((((((((
  • so many people see him though as this Untouchable Millionaire person because of how he presents himself
  • like he’s always wearing shiny watches and crisp shirts and slicked back hair and stylish glasses (can u fuckin imagine tho)
  • but tbh he’s just this big puppy that sits on his thrifted couch in boxers and a tshirt with his feet dangling off the end, only wearing one sock because he forgot to do laundry, while watching spongebob and eating a microwaved burrito
  • he has an italian greyhound named penne that he spends more money on than he does on him. that dog is his Child.
  • (he didn’t know what to name her so…………..he put out a bunch of foods and let the dog decide………..)
  • penne has her own mini closet and is also the logo on mingyu’s food blog
  • speaking of which, his blog looks very classy and sleek but the cursor is a pink paw print that leaves a trail of dog treats when u move it
  • he has a food insta too and it has like 700k followers bc 1) the quality of his pics is insane and the food looks so good and 2),,,,,,,,sometimes he recreates food for penne,,,,,,,,and posts pictures of it
  • (he has a separate instagram account for penne….) (he spams it)
  • (everyone follows that account like u have at some point of ur life found a picture of penne in ur camera roll)
  • and u know who mr. kim is bc ur a waitress at a restaurant in one of the top hotels in the country so you’ve been anticipating his visit and by Anticipating i mean Practicing To Call In Sick for when the day comes
  • but lucky for you your Wednesday late-night shift starts with you introducing yourself to mingyu and explaining the different items on the liquor menu
  • u get back to the kitchen after he orders some $9 drink and u clutch the doors shut and ur like “……..guys……….He’s Here” and everyone’s like “excUse mE whAT” and ur boss is like “if u screw this up you’re washing all of the dishes after last shift for three months”
  • n ur like nO pls just get me this drink before i die from The Pressure Everyone Is Putting On Me Right Now
  • u get the drink out to him and not to be Dramatic or anything but when u set down the drink he looks at you with this liL SMILE
  • and he’s like “thank you~!” he sounds like a child it’s so cUte!!!!!!!
  • you ask if he’s ready to order and he’s like “i sure am!” and he keeps looking back and forth between you and the menu and whenever u make eye contact he gives u That Smile™ and laughs to himself when u quickly look back to ur notepad
  • when u take the menu tho ur hands brush and he’s like “oH sOrry” 
  • u hurry off to the kitchen and he’s sitting there with red cheeks and u let out a breath once the doors shut behind u
  • the entire kitchen staff at once: WHATS HIS ORDER
  • as ur serving other tables, u catch mingyu looking at you a few times while sipping his drink like fuCk oK dAmN bOi
  • and he’s not even trying to be Sexy he just thinks ur rly cute like he noticed how u stuttered when u introduced yourself and how you nodded every time he named off a menu item and how your voice sounded when you described the dishes
  • its abt the little details to him let me tEll u
  • the entire time you’re waiting for them to finish his order, you’re nervously pacing around the kitchen or playing with the pen between orders becAuse 1) he’s Powerful and Influential and Handsome AF and 2) @ ur boss pls don’t make me wash dishes
  • his order is finally ready and ur carrying it out and the entire time you’re walking over, his eyes are going from you to the table to his drink to you to the floor because he’s nErvOus
  • u set down the plates carefully and accidentally kinda let the second plate drop onto the table and ur like iM soRry and quickly put down the third plate and ask if he needs anything else
  • when u look @ him he’s smiling tho lmao 
  • and he says “nope everything looks good thank u” but he means to say “ur number. pls.”
  • u tell him to enjoy the food and slip back into the kitchen after making a quick round to check on other customers
  • tbh u stay in the kitchen mostly while he eats bc ur like whAt if i Fucked It Up i should’ve called in siCk daMmit
  • u reluctantly go back to his table once he’s almost done and u ask him the usual “how was everything? could i help you to anything else?”
  • and all he asks for is the bill and a piece of chocolate cake
  • bUt bAby liTtle do u kNow
  • u get him the bill and the cake and he’s being Extra Smiley towards u and ur co-workers r sulking in the kitchen lmao
  • he leaves and with him goes the weight off of your shoulder but when you go to collect the tip, the piece of chocolate cake is untouched and on the napkin is a note with 10 numbers on it, “i hope you like chocolate,” and his signature
  • bonus: he finishes his signature off with a lil doodle of penne
“Powers “ Peter Maximoff x Reader (Request)

Request: “Fabulous!!! walkingitmaximoff is here to rain requests. (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و Reader who is Charles’ younger sibling meeting and becoming friends with Peter. LittleSib!Xavier is close to Peter’s little sister Wanda and they’re playing with her when Peter realizes he’s got the feels for them. :3″ ~Anon

Warnings: A lil bit of language, That’s all :)

Pronouns: Female (I naturally write with female pronouns, but I try to change it up every once in a while. PLEASE feel free to request a version of this, or any previously written imagine with different pronouns. IT IS NO TROUBLE AT ALL. Also, if you have a request, feel free to make specific pronouns part of it.)

A/N: I had faaarrr too much fun with this one. I have the best little sister in the world (don’t fight me on this) and she LOVES Wanda. I really hope you like it, lovley Anon. I’m sorry it’s so long! Have a rad day and enjoy! (Requests are Open!) 


“Just….Be careful, Y/N. I don’t know how to feel about you being alone with that boy.” Y/N’s brother exhaled reluctantly, his eyebrows still furrowed in thought.   

“I’m only tutoring, Charles. And Peter’s my friend. I’m not going to let you convince me to stay away from him just because you’re…you.” 

Charles chuckled, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well-”, Y/N frowned. He was always so difficult. Ever since she could remember, He’d always been stubborn. It hadn’t helped that he was so much older than her, seeing made him feel partial to bossing her around. But, as stubborn and bossy as he may have been, he always meant well.  

 “I don’t know. You’re just being all weird and overprotective. You can see into his head. It’s not like he’s dangerous.” 


“He’s not like his dad, you know.” Y/N automatically regretted her words, but Charles didn’t seem to be upset. He nodded thoughtfully. Y/N glanced down at her watch and then back at her brother, who was still thinking about what she’d said

“I’ve got to run. I’m supposed to be there at 6:00.” She quickly searched his eyes for permission. Charles gave a smile and a quick nod. 

“Go on.” 

“Thanks, Charles!” Y/N grinned and bent down to give him a short hug before running towards her car.

He smiled to himself before calling out to her, “You know, for a boy so fast, he isn’t that quick”  

She turned back to him as he gestured to his head. Cupping her hands around her mouth, she called back, “Neither are you!”

Charles laughed heartily and shook his head. She was right. Peter wasn’t like his father. But, sometimes he was far more annoying than Erik had ever been. 


The minute Y/N knocked on the Maximoffs’ front door, it flew open and Wanda tugged her inside by the wrist. Before she could protest, she had dragged her into the pantry and closed the door behind them. Y/N steadied herself against the wall, trying to regain some of her sight in the dark closet. 

“Wanda, what’s going-”

“Shh!”, She grinned and pressed her ear to the door. That little shit-eating grin. It was a carbon copy of her brother’s. 

She cupped her hand over her mouth and whispered to Y/N, “Jump out on three.” 

Wanda crouch down on the floor of the pantry and watched Peter’s sneakers through the gap between the door and the floor. He circled the kitchen slowly, opening cabinet doors and glancing under the table.

“Ready or not, here I come!” 

Wanda held up a finger. 

He called out again, “I know you’re in here!” She scrambled up off the floor and held up a second finger.


Y/N grabbed the door handle. The footsteps quickened as Peter approached the pantry. Wanda looked Y/N directly in the eyes and held up a third finger. 

Y/N flung the door open and Wanda jumped out, screaming and raising her arms over her head. Peter jumped a backwards and tripped over his feet, landing  gloriously on the kitchen floor. Y/N laughed out loud as Wanda tackled him, shrieking and giggling wildly as Peter scooped her up into his arms and tickled her. 

“You’re too sweet for something like that, Wan. I’m convinced this was all Y/N’s idea. She’s been out to get me from the beginning.” Wanda giggled and gave a toothy grin, obviously proud of her work.  

Y/N shrugged, “Not this time, Pete. She’s the evil genius, here.” 

Peter gave a mock gasp, “No! You wouldn’t”

Wanda wiggled until Peter let her down from his arms and grabbed their wrists, pulling them along after her. She stopped in front of the stairs and turned back to the two.

“Wait here, I’ll be right back,” she explained before running up the stairs. 

 Peter laughed and turned to Y/N, rubbing the nape of his neck. 

“Sorry, I didn’t know she’d be here tonight. She got out of school for bad weather. My mom usually takes her to soccer practice everyday at three and picks her up on the way back from work, but the field was flooded. She asked me to watch Wanda so she could work overtime.” 

“Don’t apologize. You know I love her.”

“She loves you. The other day when you were sick, she came into my room because she expected you to be there, but when she realized you weren’t, she just left.” Y/N laughed and Peter smiled. Suddenly, Wanda turned the corner again, tugging a huge, grey, storage box behind her. She paused, out of breath. 

“Let’s play dress up.” She said in between breaths, “Peter, you’re the mermaid.” 

Peter scoffed, “Mer-man, excuse you.” 


“But Y/N, I’m not sleepy.” Wanda yawned as Y/N gathered the little Maximoff up in her arms. Peter was still working on untangling a ‘dinglehopper’ from his hair. 

“I’ll put her to bed, Ok?” 

Peter nodded and gave her a grateful, tired, smile as he began stuffing princess dresses and superhero capes back into their box. Y/N carried a reluctant Wanda up to her room and pulled an old t-shirt out of her pajama drawer. Wanda lifted her arms as Y/N slid the pajama shirt over her head. She seemed a little bit down. 

Y/N frowned, “What’s wrong, Wan?” 

Wanda paused, “I’m not like you and Peter, am I?” 

Y/N’s heart sank a little bit. She knew immediately what she meant. By the time Peter was four, he had started showing signs of being a mutant. Wanda was six and still, nothing had changed. It broke her heart when she started noticing. Ever since she was old enough to understand Peter’s mutation, she had been excited to get powers of her own.

“What do you mean?”

“You two are both special and I’m not. ” Y/N stopped buttoning her night shirt and looked her straight in the eyes. 

“Wanda…” The little girl’s eyes stayed on the floor. Y/N tilted her chin up to meet her eyes. 

“Wanda Maximoff, I do not ever want to hear you say you’re not special ever again,” Wanda nodded obediently. 

“You are the smartest little girl I have ever met and you’re even stronger than you are smart. I don’t know if you’re a mutant or not, yet. It’s too early to tell. But, it doesn’t even matter. You know why? Because, you already have powers, Wanda. And they are strong.” Wanda smiled sweetly and hugged Y/N as tightly as she could. Y/N returned the hug and tucked her into her bed.

”G’Night, Wanda.”

“G’Night, Y/N.” 

Y/N closed the door slowly and turned to find Peter with a look of pure adoration in his eyes. 

“You’ll never know how much that meant to her,” He whispered, giving her an honest smile. Y/N returned it and sat down on the couch next to him, laying her head in the crook of his shoulder. Peter tried his best to relax his muscles, even though he was terrified of messing everything up. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her closer to him as he pressed a little kiss to the top of her forehead, lingering there until he gave up and laid his head against hers. 

“You mean the world to her.” 

Y/N traced lazy circles on Peter’s knee as her eyes began to grow heavy. She could hear his heartbeat and her forehead was pressed against his pulse. It was almost like a lullaby.

“You mean the world to me too, you know.” 

 She leaned further into Peter’s warmth and he laughed quietly.

“Shit,” He cursed under his breath. Y/N could hardly keep her eyes open anymore.

“What’s wrong?” She mumbled weakly against his skin. 

Peter yawned and sighed sleepily. 

“I think I’m falling for you, Y/N.” 

By the time Y/N had processed his words, he was asleep, but it didn’t matter. She was asleep before she could figure out how to respond. 


Miss Maximoff came home to find two exhausted kids, fast alseep on the living room couch. She smiled to herself, glancing over at her son’s content face as he held Y/N in his sleep, her head resting on his chest. She grabbed a throw blanket from the closet and spread it over the two, making a mental note to call Charles in the morning before he got too upset about his missing little sister.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I see a lot of Saku ships that seem to be really happy and healty for her (and have no problem imagining Sakura happier in other ships than Canon). But not for Sasuke (except perhaps Narusasu and sns). SS seems just to not have worked out. Want them to be happy, but I cannot see how for Sasuke any longer. He is such a tragic character. Do you have any headcanons for a healthier/happier relationship for Sasuke with a s/o who is not Sakura? Or is He at peak happiness in Boruto?

Ok so before I answer, I would like to point out that these are my opinions and my opinions only. You can feel free to disagree.

I absolutely do not believe Sasuke is at his peak happiness in Boruto. I mean, yeah, he has a family and all, but when does he get to be with them? Gaiden plotholes aside, I seriously don’t think Sasuke is all that happy to be away from his family. Happy to stay away from the village that slaughtered his clan? Maybe yes. But his new family? I don’t think so.

Sasuke hasn’t positively interacted with a lot of people in the manga canon, so it’s really hard for me to actually find a better pairing for him the SNS. [Please not that these headcanons/opinions will be more Sasuke oriented.]

Sasuke’s happiness lies with Naruto. Sasuke’s home lies with Naruto. Sasuke is complete with Naruto. For the longest time, Sasuke has believed that if it weren’t for Naruto, he would truly be lonely (yeah, he wanted to be lonely during that period of time, but that’s a topic for another day lol).

I know that whatever happened between Naruto and Sasuke throughout the manga doesn’t pave the way for something that could be deemed “healthy.” But, as far as Sasuke as concerned (and as far as my views go), him being with Naruto is the healthiest it can get for him. I mean, have you seen the Boruto movie? That movie is the reason why I started seriously considering this pairing. Just look at this:

Pardon my fangirl moment. Their differences have been cleared (or so the narrative wants us to believe). They’re at a place where they have common goals. It’s what they share is what makes me so drawn to them. They way they fought that above battle says a lot.

Okay, moving back to the original manga, we’ve been shown time and again that Sasuke always had Naruto in the back of his mind. Hell, they were barely even proper teammates and Sasuke was ready to give his life for Naruto in their fight against Haku. That’s the kind of impact the blond boy had on him. The reason why Sasuke wanted to kill Naruto was so that he can cut off the one thing that could define him as a normal kid. This alone says that Sasuke views Naruto with something that goes beyond than just friendship.

Sasuke doesn’t hold Sakura to that same regard. Sure, there were some positive moments between them in part 1, but they aren’t enough to convince me of Sasuke harbouring deeper feelings for Sakura than just “she is someone I have to protect.” Part 2? Uh…well. No, just no. There’s a reason I think SNS crushes SS and that reason is Sasuke’s approach to Naruto and Sakura respectively.

Anyway, if you want some headcanons I will give you a few headcanons about my preferred Sasuke ship:

— Sasuke can never convince himself that he deserves all the happiness with Naruto, but Naruto being the sweet dork he is always hugs him and kisses him and tells him how much he means the world to him.

— Sasuke asks Naruto why he loves him so much, to which Naruto replies “Because you’re my friend.” and Sasuke hits him with a shoe.

— Sasuke and Naruto travel around the world together <3

— They aren’t the type to go to many dates together, but when they do decide to go out together, Sakura usually does the planning because these two suck when it comes to this sort of stuff.

— Sasuke doesn’t really have many friends so Naruto encourages him to talk to people more. (Sasuke usually ends up scaring everyone away, leading to no success.)

— Kurama always tells Sasuke about the embarrassing thoughts Naruto has about him. Sasuke finds them hilarious, but he falls in love with Naruto more and more each time he learns something new.

— Their wedding happens to be a YOLO moment where they just decide to get married one day, keeping it discrete and to themselves and their close ones. (Sakura is pissed because she doesn’t get to properly plan the perfect wedding for them.)

— Naruto is a terrible cook so Sasuke is usually forced to do the cooking unless he wants to solely live on cup ramen.

— Sasuke doesn’t know whether he wants children, so Naruto never forces him. However, Naruto knows Sasuke has a soft spot for children and always makes sure that Sasuke finds time to spend at the Konoha Orphanage. Sasuke doesn’t admit it, but he appreciates these times more than anything.

I have more but I realise this post has become longer than I wanted it to be. I hope I was clear enough with what I wanted to say lol. Hope this answers your question, anon!

TL;DR: SNS is superior to anything ever. SNS is important to Sasuke.


A glimpse into how everyone’s favourite trashman, Aaron, turned green….
Written by the fabulous @lamarcodon!      
-   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -   -
           A brown haired human male in his thirties peered into an experiment chamber through bespectacled eyes. “Alright two-eighty-five, where’s my… Wow lil buddy, lookit you! You’re gettin’ so big! Look at you!”

            Inside, behind a clearsteel screen, a translucent green blob roughly the size of a basketball trundled around the chamber. It noticed him through the screen and approached, making happy little gurgles.


Some things were KNOWN: the darkening leaving the chamber meant it was time to stop SLEEPING and the sound of the door outside opening meant AARON was coming and AARON was the large SAFE creature who brought THINGS TO EAT and FUN GAMES and gentle touches and which all felt GOOD and AARON was a GOOD THING to KNOW.


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Reverse Idol!AU Pt. 3 — Wanna One Fic

part 1 part 2

requested by anon! (for the nth time LOLOL (((:)

genre: lil bit of angst (like a lil bit, trust me, shouldnt hurt your heart or make you tear), and fluff? its a happy ending!

The Next Day

Your schedule was empty, so you decided to go watch your idiotic group of friends perform at The Show. You had the privilege of going back stage before the performances AND after.

Heading backstage, you bump into a very tall, lanky guy. “Oh! Guanlinnie!!”

“NOOOONA, what are you doing here???!” He was very excited to see you, not giving you time to answer, he pulls you towards Wanna One’s dressing room. Slamming the door open loudly, announcing his arrival with you in tow, the rest of the members look up alarmed.

Noticing that it was just Guanlin exaggerating his entrance, something Ong would do tbh, Jisung walks up and smacks him upside the head, telling him to never do that again. Doors are expensive, he says. When he finally notices your presence, he immediately shouts at the other members,


The rest of the members rush over, almost knocking Jisung off his feet to the ground, shouting at your name at once. How exciting, you being there and cheering for them calmed their nerves a little bit. You spent some time with them, occasionally pulling little pranks, microphone that shocks you when you press the button. Let’s just say, Minhyun wasn’t impressed.

It was the time for them to perform, hyping them up, “YOU CAN DO IT, DON’T MESS UP. YOU HAVE TRILLIONS OF EYES WATCHING YOU!” yes as if that will calm them down. You high-five and fist bump them as they pass by you, walking up the stage, “FIGHTING!”


Screaming in delight once they got off stage, you ran towards them, gathering them into a group hug and celebrating.


Days go by, weeks, months.

Both you and Wanna One’s schedules have been piling up. What with you going on more music shows, filming for a mini web drama. Wanna One continuously going on music shows and winning more and more trophies too. However, you two don’t see each other in the music shows. You either perform before of after them. Your schedules are so packed that you arrive a few minutes before you actually perform and leave right after you finish.

You miss them, you miss their idiotic, dorky selves.

Time went by, the group chat died obviously. You opted to privately messaging each individual members, sending congratulatory messages, comforting ones, TRYING to start conversations. Some leave you on read, some don’t.

Each and every single member, one by one, slowly stop responding to your messages. They must be busy, huh?

The only one who doesn’t completely stop responding is Guanlin. He keeps you updated on things that have been happening, with the group or just himself. But one day, he randomly stops. He doesn’t respond and your messages have been left on ‘Unread.’

Yesterday 2:45PM

hey linlinn, what’s up!

Yesterday 3:01PM

I guess you are ))):

I hope you take care of yourself, and reply back soon!(:

Staring at your messages, sighing. He stopped responding too. Am I nuisance? Maybe I’m just distracting them from their activities. I shouldn’t stress over it, I have my own to focus on anyway..

“Hey, Y/N-ah,” your manager calls you. “You have The Show recording tomorrow, be prepared!”

Your heart races at the thought of meeting your friends there. But wait, they might be performing at a different time and leave straight after.. Your good mood slowly dissipates, instead of sulking over this though, you head onto practice. 

Today is actually sort of a good day for you, your schedule isn’t as packed so you get to go to The Show earlier and watch all the performances. Arriving at the location, heading out, you go straight to the vending machine. You hear loud chattering behind you, but paid it no mind,

Taking a mouthful of your drink, you look at the time. Almost spitting your drink out, Oh shoot! It’s almost my turn, aahhhh 

Abruptly turning around, you bump into a guy only a few inches taller than you, as fluffly as a cloud (hint hint). “OMG SUNGWOON, WHAT. IT’S YOU,’

“Ye, it me. Sorry, I haven’t been responding to your messages, I got busy, we all did.” Frowning slightly, “Our phones got taken away, we literally had to beg on our knees to get here earlier than usual just to see you.” Pointing at the people behind him, oh i was wondering where the rest were. They were staring at you with sad puppy eyes, their king, Kang Daniel, in the center.

Opening your arms for a hug, they all rushed towards you. Shouting that they miss you and they had no say in what happened. Forgiving them quickly since you know it isn’t their fault at all, it’s how the entertainment world runs, you try to escape the mess of a group you’re trapped in.

Panicking as it was almost your turn, like 5 minutes before. I STILL HAVEN’T GOTTEN READY??? 

“OKAY GUYS, LET ME GO.” A chorus of “NO”’s were heard,


…… Let it sink into their heads…


Daehwi was the only one who reacted fast enough (good job daehwi), “WAAAHHHHH, OKAY GUYS. HUSSLE HUSSLE. WE HAVE TO GET NOONA TO HER DRESSING ROOM. QUICK!”

Disentangling your limbs from their own was pretty hard. You couldn’t tell which arm belongs to who??? After 2 minutes, of getting out of the mess, you were dragged by Jaehwan, shouting at his members to hurry up and run their slow butts over.


Why is Jisung hyperventilating? Shouldn’t that be me? And why aren’t the rest of them doing anything?????


“Calm down Jisung, bREATHE. You’re the one that is nervous right now, WHY?”


10 seconds.

“Alright guys, watch me win this time. I’m winning that tropHY!”

“Yeah, right. We’re going to win again, just watch us princess!” Aaaaand ego man is back.


Walking towards the stage, you shout at them, “Wish me luck!” A jumbled mess of words were heard, making out a “You’re going down,” obviously from Seongwoo.


It’s showtime! (heh, BOA. heh ;-;) 

The Show was aMazING. More than usual since you finally got to meet the idiots after a while. Sadly, you didn’t win, Seongwoo jinxed it man. This was Wanna One’s 13th win. I’m so proud of these idiots.



no but seriously, congrats to our babies omg sjbjdna 13 trophies, aaahhhhhhh


i hope you like it! ♡

anonymous asked:

i know this is like highkey unlikely and probably punched through with plot holes but for an extra angsty twist on Gansey being described as made of his friend's memories and all that debatable j a z z, it's possible that with Cabeswater's contribution, he is made fully whole as he's assumed to be in the books. but given his Gansey upon Richard upon Dick upon Known masks, it's safe to assume that his friend's assumptions and opinions on him would be varied and Never Quite RightTM (p1) >.<

So does Gansey now have different instincts and feelings at war with each other? Like, maybe even the simplest of things like responding one way to a joke when he means to respond another way, because he wasn’t paying attention and Ronan’s memories of him are at war with his own, and there’s two sentences locked and loaded in his mouth but only Ronan’s gets fired? Big things, too, like maybe he’s honestly ready to unload his emotions for once in his tiny, eventful life, and someone’s (p2) >.<

assumption that he would keep everything bottled up, or that he’s stronger than the rest of them, any basic kind of thought or understanding they had about his mental fortitude, is tying is tongue in knots and he’s getting so frustrated on the couch with Henry because he actually w a n t s to share in secrets and work through things he feels are slowing him down, but not even Henry can truly k n o w him now because he’s n o t him anymore, him is just a part of many he’s and it’s mortifying (p3)

Maybe, he thinks it’s just a frazzling side effect of death at first, and the lives he’s lived and the uncertainty he feels now that he’s back for Good? This time? With who he’s going to become and what he will take from the friends he admires??? But full days after his death, he’s still tripping over himself in four, five different directions, and oh no, everything makes as much sense as this can make, tell me again how you brought me back) (p4) >.<

But given time and concentration, the urges and contradictions quieten if he manages them, and it’s just like having multiplied voices of fight and flight, which he tries to liken to his experiences with anxiety. Ever the optimist, Gansey attempts to further understand his friends using their innermost views of him, and it’s not all terrible. Despite it feeling for the first forever long like a constant, skin-crawling invasion of privacy, it helps sometimes to look in the mirror and hear (p5)

Henry’s own voice tell him he looks distractingly like a dreamboat, and Blue’s aggravation at his beloved shoes. In some ways it makes him feel less intrinsically lonely, and some things they did get right about him. Blue always understood his emotions on the phone, and Ronan was the only one who had truly s e e n On Fire Gansey and felt that energy radiating off him, like there’s definitely things that he feels as Right in his heart and smile-cries his way through the night over (p6) >.<

Though it’s hard, and he feels absurdly guilty because this isn’t just their voices in him, it’s him owning their voices and consent is a really tricky thing, though they all Literally Could Not Care Okay Gansey You’re Alive That’s All That Matters End Of Story, he tells them all about his difficulties as best he can describe it, and they know to back off and give him time if he stops suddenly, reflecting on his words or an action with that furrow between his eyebrows (p7) >.<

What’s more is they know to distract other people from his sudden faux-pas! No one is used to Gansey’s humour he shares at midnight with Ronan being something that may just slip out in social situations before Richard Campbell Gansey III can step in, but they play it off like masters, and he’s so g r a t e f u l ok im really emotional right now (p8) >.<

and the gist is that sometimes Gansey needs to be reminded of who he is truly, and who he can grow into but he has really good friends and he’s trying and i love him and i just needed some angst on this good night, thank you for being a beautiful blog on which i can unload the gratuitous gansey centric and njfknaskjfn i hope you’re having a lovely day! ~ It’s inappropriate due to context, but I swear my IRL nickname is Bee (p9/9) >.<

Boi, you know Gansey-centric angst is my jam

There’s a LOT here, and there is so much potential for post-trk exploration whoo boy. B/C yes!! I feel that it is very unlikely that Gansey is “back to normal” after his second death and subsequent Cabeswater-related revival. Gansey has so many different masks, different faces and version of himself, that each of his friends most definitely do not have the same Mental Idea of him.

Like, just imagine Gansey sitting with everyone at Nino’s, packed tightly into their usual booth now that Henry has joined and Blue is on her work break. Gansey’s squished in the middle of Blue and Henry, facing Adam and Ronan and the multiple greasy pizzas laid out in front of them, and Adam makes an offhand comment about, idk, some Cabeswater-y theories, so Gansey goes to rub his thumb along his bottom lip in deep thought, as per usual. 

However, an inch from his lip his hand pauses, and his eyebrows furrow in confusion. The talking dies down as the group eyes Gansey warily, although Gansey doesn’t react to their curious gazes just yet. He’s too busy deciding if he should retreat inwards to think and theorize or instead jump at the opportunity to talk with excitement, eyes wide and hands gesturing frantically about magic and ley lines. 

He knows he’s done both before; he knows those are both reasonable, Gansey-like reactions, but… he can’t pick. It’s like he’s lost the ability to react instinctively. Or, more likely, he’s lost the ability to act on instinct because there are three or four instinctual moves he feels obliged to follow. Outwardly, he ends up frozen with a dead gaze for a solid fifteen seconds, unmoving and eerily silent, and then as if rebooting, his gaze clears and he launches into a long-winded lecture on ley line fractures. Nobody brings up his little moment, but nobody forgets it either. 

(whoop, there’s a quick lil snippet/ficlet? idk it’s short. BUT!! Feel free to send me HCs about this cause it is INTERESTING!!! I want to explore it further!! Also here’s big hug; I’m glad you enjoy my angsty, Gansey-obsessed blog :’D )

Mother Phillippa (Lin X Reader)

WC: 1660

Warnings: It gets a lil steamy, awkward Lin

I knocked on the door of the dressing room that Renée, Pippa and Jasmine shared, sweating like a dog. The door swung open to reveal Jasmine, her hair and clothes plastered down with sweat. “Y/N! Come in, it’s so hot out there.” Jasmine said, ushering me into the dressing room. “Thanks Jazzy. I have actually come here for a reason other than escaping the heat.” I said and Jasmine nodded, sitting down on the couch next to me. “Hey Y/N. I couldn’t help but overhear. What’s the other reason behind your visit?” Pippa asked, turning the chair she was sitting in around to face me. “Well, it may or may not be about Lin.” I muttered, my cheeks flushing bright red. Pippa and Jasmine let out excited squeals, Jasmine wrapping an arm around my shoulders. “Awe, my baby’s got a crush!” Pippa said like a proud mother, and I rolled my eyes in exasperation. “Y/N it’s fine. So, what about Lin did you need advice from us about?” Jasmine asked, taking her arm off my shoulders. I sighed, sinking down in the couch. “It’s just, I think he only sees me as a friend. It’s cliche, I know, but he’s always really ‘buddy buddy’ with me.” I said and Pippa sighed, getting off her chair and sitting down on the other spot next to me on the couch. “Y/N, I’ve seen the way Lin looks at you. You may not notice it, but when you’re not looking he stares at you with what I can only describe as love.” Pippa said and my eyes widened in hope, my cheeks burning. “Really?” I whispered and Pippa nodded, a smile wide on her face. “Uh huh. Now, if you really wanna get his attention, I have an idea.” She said, her smile turning into a devious smirk. “Pippa I really don’t like the look on your face.” I said and both Jasmine and Pippa laughed. Pippa winked at me before getting off the couch and walking around the dressing room, picking up items of clothing. “Dear god what is she planning?” I muttered and Jasmine let out a loud laugh. “Have faith in mother Phillippa. She knows what she’s doing.” She said and I chuckled, shaking my head. Pippa suddenly sat down again, passing me a bundle of clothes. “Put these on if you want to grab Lin’s attention.” She said and I took the clothes, staring at them in confusion. “Ok. Jasmine said to trust you, so I shall.” I said, taking the clothes and moving to a different part of the room. I shimmied off my shorts, cringing at the fact that they had stuck to my legs. I peeled off my shirt and dumped it on top of my shorts. I picked up what looked like a pair of black bike shorts and pulled them on, marvelling at how good my ass looked in them. I picked up the shirt and pulled it on, noticing that it stopped at the bottom of my rib cage, showing my midriff. It was a lower cut than I was used to, but I gave myself a once over and realised that I looked incredible. “Pippa you clever bastard.” I muttered, picking up my discarded clothes and walking back into the open area of the room. “I’m back.” I called and the girls looked up, and their jaws dropped. “Holy crap Y/N! You look stunning.” Pippa said, wrapping me in a hug. “If I wasn’t dating Ant I’d definitely hit you up.” Jasmine said and both Pippa and I snorted. “Thanks Jazzy.” I said, still laughing as I spoke. “What? It’s true. You look hot.” Jasmine said, shrugging her shoulders. “If you’ve got Jasmine considering homosexuality, you’ll have Lin drooling as soon as he sees you. I’ve done well.” Pippa said and I shook my head, a smile on my face. We were suddenly interrupted by a knock at the door. “Ladies!” Lin called from outside the door and I looked at Pippa with wide eyes. “You get it!” I whispered harshly to Pippa and she nodded, walking over to the door. “Hey Lin.” She said, opening the door and letting him in. “Thanks Pip. I’ve got iced cof…” Lin’s voice trailed off once he laid eyes on me, his cheeks going red almost immediately. “I’ll presume that that sentence was meant to end in iced coffee.” Jasmine said, grabbing a cup of the drink from the tray Lin held. “Oh, uh, yeah.” Lin said, his voice slightly higher than usual. I giggled, pulling my hair up into a ponytail. “Well Lin, aren’t you going to give Y/N her drink? It’s bloody hot.” Jasmine said, taking a sip of her iced coffee. Lin’s eyes widened and he took a drink from the tray, scrambling over to me. “Uh, h-here’s your d-drink.” Lin stuttered, passing me the ice cold cup. I sighed in relief as I took the cup, smiling at Lin. “Thanks.” I took a sip of the drink and smiled. “You remembered my order.” I said and Lin blushed, scratching the back of his neck. “Yeah.” He mumbled and my smile widened. I took a deep breath and leaned up, pressing a kiss to his cheek. “You’re too kind, sir.” I said, smirking as I quoted the show. “Hey! That’s my line!” Jasmine shouted and Pippa and I laughed. Lin had a look of disbelief on his face, his cheeks flushed pink. Pippa leaned over and whispered something in Jasmine’s ear and I arched an eyebrow at their behaviour. “Sorry to bother you guys, but we’ve got to go get adjustments for our costumes. We’ll be back soon. Bye!” Pippa said, dragging Jasmine by the wrist out the door. The door slammed and the room fell into deathly silence. “This Starbucks?” I asked, trying to break the silence that had settled. “Ah no. It’s, uh, from this little place down the road. I know the owner.” Lin said and I nodded, a smile on my face. I took another sip of my drink, and I couldn’t help but notice that Lin was looking at everything in the room but me. “Something on your mind Miranda?” I asked, sitting down on the bench, my back to the mirrors. Lin’s eyes widened and he sat down on the couch, fiddling with his fingers. “Uh, yeah, actually.” Lin said and I nodded, leaning forward. “And what would that be?” I said, crossing my right leg over my left. Lin gulped, clearly not wanting to answer my question. “You.” He muttered quietly and I cocked my head, confused at what he said. “I didn’t get that.” I said and Lin took in a deep breath. “You. You’ve been on my mind.” He said, louder this time, and I froze. Lin sighed and he stood up, running a hand through his hair. “You’re all I’ve been able to think about for months. Your hair, your eyes, your smile, your laugh. God, I am so in love with you it isn’t funny, and then you go and do this.” Lin ranted, gesturing to the outfit Pippa gave me. “And, I just can’t help myself, but I have to.” Lin said, sighing in annoyance at the end of his rant. I took in a deep breath and lowered myself down off the bench. “This was for you.” I said, gesturing to my outfit. Lin paused, scanning my body, his jaw practically on the floor. “I was worried that you thought of me in a friendly light so Pippa gave me this, knowing you’d stop by to bring coffee.” I said, walking closer to Lin. “So, you wore this to impress me?” Lin said slowly and I nodded, my cheeks going pink. Lin rose from the couch, a smile on his face. “Well, you have most certainly succeeded.” Lin whispered and I bit my lip, noticing how small the gap between us was. I wrapped my arms around his neck and glanced down at his lips. Lin leaned forward and touched his lips to mine gently, testing the waters. I reciprocated the kiss, running my hands through his hair, gently tugging on it. Lin let out a soft moan and he placed his hands on my hips. The feeling of his skin on mine sent shivers down my spine and I let out a moan at the contact. We were interrupted by a knock on the door and I jumped at the sound. Lin broke the kiss and chuckled at my actions, his eyes bright and his smile wide. “Can we come in, or are you guys getting it on?” Jasmine called from the other side of the door and I laughed, shaking my head at her comment. “You’re all good. Come on in.” Lin said, wrapping an arm around my waist. The door flung open and we were met with squeal of excitement from the girls. “You guys look adorable. I told you the clothes would work.” Pippa said, throwing a cheeky wink in Lin’s direction. He blushed and I pressed a reassuring kiss to his burning cheek. “Since you’re the new Hamilcouple, there are some rules.” Jasmine said and Lin and I let out a groan. “I wrote the play. Shouldn’t I get to do what I want with my girlfriend?” Lin whined and Jasmine’s face screwed up. “Ew dude. What you do in private stays private.” Jasmine said and Lin and I chuckled, a loving smile on my face. “How many people have you guys told?” I asked and a sheepish look crossed Pippa’s face. “About that.” She said, and suddenly almost the entire cast appeared in the dressing room doorway. We were met with choruses of 'congratulations’ and 'you look so cute’, punctuated with the occasional 'get some Lin’ from Daveed and Oak. “Dinner tonight at 7?” Lin whispered and I nodded, pecking his lips. “I’d love that.”

He’s here with me

(A/N): this was a really cute request. I hope this doesn’t offend any of you guys but I made the reader a lil’ insecure about their gender/sexuality and stuff but it gets resolved in the end! Also #GiveCapaBoyfriend2016

Request: Hi so I’m a short trans male and I can never really find fics for us that’s are just fluff so I’d like to make a request. Ok so there’s a new avenger to the team and he’s small, like 5'4. He’s terrified being surrounded by all the tall avengers. He falls for Steve and is really awkward about it. Steve wonders what’s wrong and then at one of Tony’s parties guys are flirting with you and Steve gets suddenly jealous and protective. I’m really sorry if this is a mess.

Warnings: some swearing, a bit of drunk flirting

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   To say you were intimidated by the Avengers was putting it lightly. They were all fucking huge in comparison to your tiny 5'4 frame. Even Nat was a good 3 inches taller than you and Thor, Clint, and Steve towered over you. So, standing around them 24/7 was a little more than nerve wracking. But what made you even more initimidated was Steve Rogers. 

   The man had made it very clear he was a black and white man, he believed in only a few things and a few things only and you’re situation was not one of them. Steve was a firm Christian and you knew you must be the anti-Christ or some shit to him and that hurt, hard. It hurt because you had started to slowly fall in love with the Star Spangled Man with a plan and to know he most likely didn’t accept you hurt more than what you ever could have imagined. This usually led to awkward small talk between the two of you, the air around you so thick with it that you could nearly choke. You couldn’t believe how awkward you were about your ‘crush’. You’d had plenty before, so why should this one be any different. 

 Because it’s fucking Captain America that’s why. And he was never going to love you back, that’s why. 

   For the most part you kept your distance from the Avengers, especially Steve. You spent most days hiding in your room, listening to music or reading. Most of the time everyone left you alone, excluding Tony. The damn man was like a fly who wouldn’t stop pestering you, constantly buzzing around until you acknowledged his presence, today was one of those days.

   Tony had been pestering and pestering until you finally snapped. 

   "What the hell do you want Tony?“ Your voice holds more venom than intended and you almost feel guilty until you see he still has that dumb smirk on his face.

    "There’s a party tonight, in honor of Shields refounding and stuff, everyone’s gonna be there,” You roll your eyes and turn back to your work, going to place your earphone back in when Tony stopped you once again. “Steve will be there, all dressed up, probably looking fine as hell.” Your face burns a bright red and you want to curl in on yourself and die of embarrassment.

    Not to long ago Tony had found out about your crush and he was never going to let it go, not until you either moved on from Steve or he somehow miraculously got the two of you together (which you doubt was ever going to happen). 

    “So?” You grumble softly, still attempting to cool your blush.

    “Maybe you guys can do a little dancing, maybe have a bit of champagne, maybe take each other to bed tonigh-” You cut Tony off as you chuck a pillow at his head, wishing him to be gone. 

    “Get out of my room Tony I swear to god," 

   Now it was a few hours later and Tony had unfortunately convinced you to come down and socialize. You gulp as you take in your appearance, a simple dress shirt, a nice pair of pants and shoes; you were ready to go. 

   You attempt to swallow your nerves as you make your way through your floor, listening softly to the sounds of laughter and music a few floors below you. You sigh as you stop in front of the elevator, your finger hovering over the button.

   Why were you so damn nervous? It was a simple party, you could handle that. You breathe out deeply and stab the button, the small ding alerting you that it was already ready to go. You give yourself one last check in your phone mirror, hoping you looked somewhat presentable, before stepping in and stabbing the button once again. The doors close and the elevator begins it’s descent.

    As soon as you step onto the floor you’re overwhelmed with the amount of cologne and perfume in the air, like a damn bath and body works. There’s a rhythmic song playing and there are quite a few people out on the dance floor grinding against each other. You sigh shakily and put on your best smile before walking out into the crowd, desperate to find at least one Avenger. 

  You searched and searched but being as tiny as you were and surrounded by tall men and women in heels it was a bit harder to see where people were. Eventually you give up and make your way to the bar, most likely to drown your sorrows away on Tony’s expensive alcohol. 

  You take a seat and you can’t help but feel self conscious when your feet don’t even touch the ground. You can’t help but wish you were in bed, laying in sweats and watching some gold ole TV, like you had planned on doing before Tony convinced you otherwise.

    "Hey baby,” There’s a sudden voice beside you and you nearly gag on the smell of alcohol surrounding it. You turn to look at the source of the sound and smell and your heart drops when your eyes land upon the sight before you. It was an older man, probably late 40’s and very, very drunk. You try not to groan at his words but it’s damn near impossible when this man was so repulsive. “You here with anyone tonight?” God, you really wish you’d stayed in bed. 

    “No, unfortunately,” you give the man a polite smile, hoping he’ll drop the matter but unfortunately he doesn’t. The man is now smirking and you nearly shiver at the sight. Everything about this guy was off-putting and it made you crawl in your skin to even be near him, Little did you know you had good reasoning for it too. Quite suddenly The man’s hand is resting on your thigh and you nearly puke, his crooked smile his only making the situation worse. 

   You attempt to push his hand away but he then grips your knee with a strength you’d never witnessed. His grip is painfully tight and you can’t help the small whimper of pain and fear that falls from your lips. 

   "Mmhh, guess that leaves you all to me then,“ The man is leaning into you when there’s suddenly another hand placed upon your body. 

    "Actually, he’s here with me,” That soft, honey like voice washes over you and you can barely believe that Steve Rogers is touching you, much less protecting you at that too. “So I’d appreciate it if you got your hands off my doll,” The man looks up at Steve before looking back to you. He seemingly scrutinizes you for a bit before taking his hand off of you and slowly slinking out of his chair, a dark glare on his face as he does so. 

   "Didn’t want you anyway,“ He murmurs, "You’re probably not worth the sex anyways,” The man finally walks off and you feel as though you can breathe again.

    You exhale shakily, running your hands down your face out of aggravation. You can hear the soft squeak of a chair next to you and you don’t even have to open your eyes to know Steve is sitting down beside you, his hand still lightly resting on your knee.

      “You doin’ okay?” He whispers as his thumb begins to trail light circles along your knee. 

    “No,” You admit quickly. “I just wanted to eat food and lay in bed and be lazy and now I’m here and I hate it,” Steve chuckles lightly and as you turn to look at him you can feel your heart melt; He looks good, damn good, with his shirt sleeves rolled up and an almost effortless look about his hair. You swallow thickly and you can’t help by stare at the bit of chest his shirt reveals. 

    “Well, I’m glad you’re here,” Steve whispers. “These things are pretty stupid so It’s nice to finally have someone to talk to,” You hum softly, nodding your head in agreement. 

    “You look uh-” a blush dusts your cheeks and you can barely get the sentence out with stuttering. “You look good,” Steve looks down at his outfit momentarily before looking back up to you, smiling warmly.

    “I was just about to say the same to you," 

   "R-really?” Your voice squeaks in surprise and excitement. You wince at your tone but Steve merely chuckles once again, those damn laugh lines becoming apparent.

    “Yeah, you look-” Steve takes his gaze up and down your body, his eyes shrouded in a hazy mix of lust and adoration. “You look stunning,” You blush once again and you’re acutely aware of the wide smile on your face. 

    “Thank you,” you whisper softly, keeping your bashful gaze glued to your lap. 

    “(Y/N),” Steve’s voice sounds hesitant but there’s an underlying tone of hope. “Do you- do you wanna get out of here? Maybe go-” You look up at Steve with wide eyes. You must have looked crazy but you don’t have the heart to care. 

    “L-like a date?” You ask incredulously. Steve nods and smiles, a blush of his own rising to his cheeks. 

    “Yeah, maybe we can do your original plan, get some food, be lazy-” You’re nodding ecstatically as you grab him by the hand, interlacing your fingers with his. 

    “I’m giving you give minutes to get to my room in sweatpants, got it?” Steve can only chuckle and nod, smiling just as brightly as you.

    “Got it doll,”


“hi hi!!! thank you so much for taking your time to do this lucas really, I appreciate it!!
/cough/ I’ve recently decided to get serious with my art but.. i have no idea how to draw clothes/bodies and I really want to learn the ‘fundamentals’ but I don’t know where to start or how :(
I really, really want to improve and practice the right way!!!
oh and the little fella with the hat is my oc aka son, Gideon :)
/and the little uplifting messages are for my friends, I love using my drawings to make their day a little better by drawing their fav characters!!/
right sorry totally got off track aaaaa but thank you again for doing this!!!”

I hope you don’t mind me posting it for everyone to see! I think my advice could help other people so I’m putting out there!

Since you asked about clothes I’ll focus on that! <3

I’m not the clothes expert myself, I struggle a lot with it still, but I practice a lot just so I can get better myself and found some tutorials. (I hate myself bc I didn’t save those tutorials anywhere because I usually go from memory so I can’t link it to you, but I’ll show you what I remember and what I learned by observation).

So the first point! Like I always say when you learn something, GET YOURSELF SOME REFERENCES! Pictures, drawings, magazines, your own mirror! Anything where you can see clothes and the way they wrinkle. Try redrawing those references, just to see how it’ll look in your own style! :-)

After that, I’m advising you to draw the body before drawing the clothes. That way you’ll be sure that your proportions are right (sometimes drawing a shirt instead of a torso can make something that would look ok, but isn’t anatomically correct) -> it’s okay if it’s just a sketch ~

After that it’s time to sketch the clothes. Take a different color on a different sketch, that way you’ll see tf ur doing.

Before choosing the type of clothes you wanna go for, you have to understand how the fabric work in general.  You have to understand that gravity will affect the way your shirt will wrinkle. Wrinkles happen because there’s something pulling the fabric in another direction than where it wants to go (down, because of gravity). You can call those pull points ? Here Joonie has a really basic position so he doesn’t have many, there could be one at the waist, one around the neck/shoulders (since it’s there that the shirt is hanging, basically pulling the shirt up while it wants to go down) (but those wrinkles are usually drawn as lil bumps instead of wrinkles since they aren’t that apparent so drawing them would make your drawing too heavy (besides if you’re doing realism)) and in the armpit area.

if he moves his arm, though, the shirt will be lifted in the air, going agaisnt gravity which will create wrinkles.

wrinkles will go towards your pull points because that’s what keeps it from going down.

So what kind of clothes do you wanna go? Something loose? Tight? If you have a loose shirt, the fabric will be pulled to the ground and wont have many wrinkles. It will usually follow the farthest part of your body (usually the chest)

something tight will have a looot more wrinkles ! and that’s totally normal because it will have MOOORe pull points.

What I do there is do to wrinkles around the larger places. Since it’s tight it will follow the body, but it will get a little loose around bigger places bc it tends to stretch around it, s that’s where your pull points will be.

As for PANTS, now. It’s the same exact thing man.. just take some reference pic and get that right… and if you draw a guy .. DON’T FORGET HIS CROTCH !! they have something there… so it will create a pull point if his pants are tight enough !! If he got a small cucumber and rly lose pants there wont be nuthin’ so ur good, but if u go with the jeans.. even if he got a lil weewee there’s some stretching there girl !! If you wanna get reference u can look at pants for male, or put a pair of socks in ur pantes n see what it does to ur pants (that’s how transboys can get their fake weewee)

PHASE ONE CLOTHES, DONE !!! Now… ur oc is real cute btw, bodies !!! Man anatomy is still so hard for me crying emoji.. but imma show u how i do it bc im cool like det…

first of all, like i always say, get those reference pics !!! even porn can b a good practice ! nsfw art ? THATS D SHIT U WANT !! when i see nsfw i usually look at the anatomy instead of the sexy thing happening lol n sometimes im rly impressed like wow they did That TM..

So when you have ur ref pic you do ur sketch on it to see the basic etc etc u kno the drill !!

That’s how I do males :

ofc I ajust as I do it, for example his body looks too slim when he got big arms so i have to make it better

better !!!

as for females :

i feel like the waist is too big tbh and usually the waist is larger than the chest area so lemme fix that

So ye !! Males are more square like, straight lines, while females are more curvy. If you do a transboy you gotta make him curvy, and for a trangirl you gotta make her more square. OF COURSE ! THERE ARE VARIATIONS !! SQUARE GIRLS AND CURVY BOYS EXIST ! and i have no idea how to draw overweight people, so just google that ?? :-x If you’re a girl, lucky you, you have your own body as an exemple for the girl’s proportions. For the opposite sex, go on google :-P. Even if you don’t fit the sex your drawing, you can still ref with your own body: take a pose in the pose that you want and take pics of urself and reproduce it, and then change it to do the opposite sex (and if ur experienced enough you can change it as ur drawing it). I have a mirror to my right (that does all my wall) so whenever in doubt I look at myself, dont worry abt using ref, every artist does that !! don’T try to go by memory ~


Since it was at first a critique that you asked, I’ll tell you how you could improve what you already got.

So first of all, practice your lines. You draw multiple lines for one line, so practice that. Try doing long lines and make it more clean, it will make your drawing already a lot prettier and you’ll take less time drawing (maybe it’s just a matter of second, but that’s still seconds !!! + it takes you more energy lol (that’s my lazy side talking here)) -> on the one that you inked over the sketch, your lines were beautiful !

After that, regarding clothes, you already know what’s up with that with the advice I gave you, so no need to repeat myself!

Something I have noticed you seem to do a lot are really low mouths! As if your characters didn’t have chins ~ I guess you’re going for a more anime kind of style? But they still have chins there~ Try making more space between the end of your ching and your mouth,  If one day you do realism, you’ll realise that the space between the end of your nose to the middle of your mouth is the same length as your eye, so it isn’t that big of a space! 

-> talking of face, try practicing your proportions a little bit, yours are already really good! But I’m sure it would imprve your drawings if you practicced your proportions based of real faces that you put into your own style. Play with your own face and measure things, have fun seeing how many eyes you can enter in your face and try to understand yhte proportions better, it could help you have a better idea of how to draw it!

I see that you put your eyes in the middle of the head, that’s really good! That’s where your eyes are in real life, in the middle of your head, so the fact that you already draw it that way is really good!

Try practicing your hair a bit ~ Watch tutorials online or speeddrawings and watch how they do it~ What I see that you’re doing are really big strips of hair attached together kind like anime, but in really bigger strips which goes more like lisa simpson if I can explain it properly? Try giving more life to your hair and watch how your own hair places itself, the way gravity pulls your hair down. Try searching some pics of people online and draw their hair in your style! Maybe you’ll get something from it ~

Your ears seems to be of a generally good size! Ears usually stars from your eyebrow to the bottom of your nose and you usually follow that! If we take in consideration that there can be variation and people have smaller ears, then yours are perfect!

You make generally big eyes, but I think it’s just your style and it looks cute, so nothing bad to say about it ahah!

It’s really good that you practise different expressions! Often people do the same expression again and again and when they have to do another one they don’t know what to do, so you’re doing it right!

and your handwriting is pretty <3

CONTINUE ARTING BUDDY !!! I hope it helped you <3

Cries For You

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Enjoy my lovelies.
                                               Cries For You

Anonymous said to 5minutefanfiction:

Can you do a really fluffy DeanxReader where they’re hunting something in a mental hospital and she gets crazy violent and they drug her like Sam in “Sam, Interrupted”? Then Dean’s trying to get her out of there after killing the monster and she keeps saying ridiculously fluffy things and falling asleep on him, she’s basically a drugged mess. Thanks!

Authors Note: I may have enjoyed writing this a little too much.


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jasico headcanons for my bae @zaynmahik

  • the nagging / bickering wars oh my goodness, can you imagine? jason’s persistence and nico’s italian hand waving, it would literally never end
  • they would so be that couple that goes to wine tasting events
  • picture this: nico and jason at the wine tasting festival in epcot in walt disney world, going from country to country, and being all red in the face by the end of the night
  • nico would have the hiccups as they walked back to their hotel
  • jason is always the bigger spoon ngl rip
  • i’m so ready for older!nico though with the curly hair and the scruff and the fancy shoes, and the long jacket and the dress pants, taking after his father clothing-wise, and growing taller like almost if not taller than jason
  • older!nico jumping into bed and just automatically being the bigger spoon but after awhile jason goes “nico…i’m uncomfortable” in a whiny voice and nico rolls his eyes but let’s jason be the bigger spoon anyway
  • they’re that couple that know each other so well that in battle they know exactly where one another is and when they’re back to back they’re nearly impossible to beat
  • no matter how old they get if nico is cold jason will immediately take of his jacket and lay it over nico’s shoulders
  • after a make out session jasico where they’re both in their boxers and nico is making dinner, like cooking sauce and boiling pasta and he’s singing under his breath and jason comes up behind him and hugs him close and kisses him once on his shoulder before resting his head on it
  • omg whenever nico catches jason lifting weights at camp he just starts SWEATING bc come on the sight of jason flexing his muscles?? how can u not get a lil heated
  • sometimes when jason is watching nico spar with whoever he takes a step back a realizes how powerful nico actually is and he just stands there with wide eyes, and like a shocked lil look on his face and when nico gives him a questioning gaze that’s usually when he shakes himself back to reality
  • when they both finally get to college they go out for coffee twice a week and jason always encourages nico to try something new, nico shoos him away but orders a different pastry every time nonetheless (whether they’re at the same college or not it’s ok, nico’s got tons better at shadow traveling)
  • jasico!football/highschool au will always be my fav i just had to put that in here 
  • jason and nico at 2 am in the morning just belting out the lyrics to bye bye bye by nsync or london bridge by fergie omg
  • in the beginning of their relationship, when nico was still a little closed off, jason supplied most of the conversation a lot of the time, but as time went on nico would call him sometimes or mention things during coffee dates or text him little things, and they’d be about his day or about mythomagic or hazel or school or anything really, but no matter what jason always answered back with such enthusiasm and happiness because he was so stoked that nico was telling him things
  • and nico never said anything, but jason’s reactions meant the absolute world to him
  • during boring head cabin counselor meetings at chb, nico would doodle silly tattoos on jason’s arms while jason was sitting patiently and paying attention bc he’s such a goober
  • and nico didn’t think jason every really paid any attention to the things he drew, but one day jason walked up to him and nico saw what was very obviously a small-ish mythomagic card on jason’s inner wrist with the initials “N.D.” on it and nico literally cried and jason got really scared bc he didn’t know what was wrong
  • jason breaking into the hades cabin at night like at least three times a week bc he wants to cuddle with nico
  • nico taking them both on weekend trips through different parts of italy ahhhhHHHHHHH
  • jason getting really emotional but not showing it when nico finally takes him to venice and shows him where he lived, where he went to school (or at least where it used to be) etc.
  • nico summoning jason’s mother so he could actually get a proper goodbye / explanation and jason defending nico when the gods (u kno who specifically) appear bc “it’s against the rules how many times do we have to tell u”
  • jason almost pulls a percy and fights them
  • nico and jason going to the botanical gardens in ny and at one point nico jumps into jason’s arms bc “the hydrangeas! jason, they looked at me i swear! oh gods, she’s going to turn me into a rose bush this time…”

they’re not the usual headcanons, but i hope you like them babe!!! i’ve still got more where these came from

ily ♥♥♥

5sos Imagine - Eating Disorder [Luke] [Part 4] [requested many, many times <3]


this is the last part i swear. or maybe its not. maybe im lying to you.

you never know

link to my masterlist - x

part one - x

part two - x

part three - x

shoutout to everyone who requested this, you’re so cute and perfect ok and im sorry it took me so long to write this xx

also sorry one more lil thing - i switch from third person to first person to second person consistently as the point of view’s change and im really sorry about that ok i hope it doesnt bother you too much 


Luke had no choice. He had to leave (Y/N) behind. As much as it killed him, there was no other option. Her mother had made it perfectly clear that she didn’t want him around during (Y/N)’s recovery, and he wanted to respect her wishes. She was right, after all. He had no business sticking around when she needed to focus on her health, not her boyfriend. 

The drive back to the house was silent, and Luke’s mum made no move to ask him about what happened while he was in the hospital. 

All Luke could think about was (Y/N). She was constantly on his mind. What he’d done to her, what he’d done to her mother. He was reason she destroyed herself. He was the reason she was in hospital. He was the reason she would now have to go through a recovery just so she could do something as simple as eat again. She had been starving herself, for him. He had completely ruined her, and there was no turning away from it. There was no forgetting, and, it seemed like, there was no forgiveness. 

“I’ve got to go,” His mum said to him, as she parked in the front of her son’s house. She was lying, and Luke knew it as well. She wanted him to mend his mistakes alone, and he wasn’t sure whether to thank her or beg her to stay. 

“Okay.” He replied instead, dreading going into his own home. Luke knew he messed up, with his bandmates. He lied and ignored and pretty much threw dirt in the face of his friends, the people he’d known for years; he considered them brothers, and yet, he treated them like strangers. 

Liz gave him a reassuring smile, that didn’t do any kind of consoling to Luke’s emotions. He stepped out of the car and made small steps to his home, running through different scenarios in his head. How mad would they be? Would they yell? Would they scream? Would they forgive him?

As he stepped through the front door and into his house that had been completely remodeled into a warzone, he swallowed, a lump in his throat. 

Calum came into view, as he’d heard the door open and slam shut, a concerned look on his face as his friend appeared in the doorway. Calum was wearing rubber gloves and held a piece of a broken picture frame in his hand. In that moment, Luke felt like that broken frame. Once sturdy, once all together in one piece, until a force came thrashing down, ruining everything, destroying everything with a single touch. It was him. It was all him. He destroyed everything that he had with these boys. He threw it away like it meant nothing to him. These boys were his life, all he had to show for, they were his entire legacy. His band. His brothers. 

“Luke,” Calum whispered. It was a statement, just a single word, but it spoke sentences. 

“I’m sorry.” Luke muttered. 

And for the first time in a long time, Luke was honest with them.


“(Y/N),” A voice broke you from your daydreaming, as you stared at the ceiling. “You’ve got a visitor.”

You turned your head to see one of the hospital workers smiling gently at you as she opened the door to reveal who’d come to see you in your rehab facility.

“Hey, sweetie.”

“Hi, mum.” You smiled, sitting up in bed and watching as she took her usual seat over in the corner by the TV.

“How are you?” Your mum asked. They were just three words, but they meant so much more to that than what they lead on. Three words that usually strangers treated as empty air, a formal greeting, being polite. Your mum meant a whole lot more than those three words when she said them. She was talking about your eating disorder, your heartbreak, your obsession with being perfect. She liked to blame Luke, but it wasn’t true. He had nothing to do with it.

“I’m alright.” You smiled. “Although I’m very confined.” You frowned. The hospital set strict rules - no jewelry, no sharp blades of any kind, no leaving the premises without permission and/or supervision, you have to meet with a counsellor at least once every other day, and once you were given a meal, you were to finish it completely before you were allowed to go anywhere.

"You’re in a mental hospital,” Your mum pointed out. “Confined is what they specialise in.”

“Have you heard from Luke?” You asked, biting your lip. She always frowned when you asked this; she didn’t approve. She thought the entire reason you were here was his fault, and she’d voiced to you many times that he was no good. You refused to believe her, that he hadn’t called or said anything, you refused to think he’d give up like that.

“No.” She shook her head. “You need to stop thinking about him, it’s not good for your recovery.” She scolded you, and your gaze went to the windows.

Your mum was smart about the hospital she’d put you in; one far, far, away from Sydney, meaning far, far, away from Luke. On the complete other side of the continent. The beaches of Perth were about fifteen minutes from your hospital, not that you’d ever be allowed to go there without someone watching you like a hawk.

You desperately wanted to, just to feel the fresh air and smell sea salt and watch little kids play in the sand, building sandcastles and screaming as the waves treaded on the sand and retreated back. There was nothing more innocent than a happy kid, and it brought light to the world that had been darkened by your thoughts. Your previous lifestyle.

Needless to say, since your mum relocated you, you saw less and less of her and less and less of everyone you loved. You treasured every moment you had with her, but her need to keep everything in order and make sure it stayed that way was irksome. Like she was a director, running the entire show behind the scenes and making sure you and Luke stayed apart. It was killing you, honestly.

“Mum, can you take me to the beach?” You asked.

“The beach? Why on earth would you go there?” She scoffed.

“Because it makes me calm.” You responded.

She shook her head, “(Y/N) your doctor said that here is the best place for you right now. We need to make sure you’re okay first before we can let you go anywhere.” Her response made your blood boil. You weren’t a child anymore; you were perfectly okay taking care of yourself. You struggled with your thoughts, and your emotions, but so does everyone else. You huffed and rolled over in your bed, facing the outside window.

“I’m going to sleep.” You muttered. Your mum only nodded, and you tried not to let angry tears fall on the pillowcase.


Two Years Later

You were not the same person you were two years ago. You were not depressed, or struggling for every last breath, or worrying about the number that showed up on the scale.

You were okay now. 

Everything was okay.

You hadn’t seen your ex-boyfriend Luke since your argument in the hospital when you were first diagnosed, but your mother had convinced you over your time in hospital that that was a good thing. That you were better off without someone who made you feel like you had to stop eating to be with him. And over the days, weeks, and months, that you didn’t hear a word from him, you lost hope you’d ever see him again. You lost hope that you two were fated to be together. You accepted that it was over. You accepted he didn’t care enough about you to fight for you.

You were enrolled back in uni, you had a stable job, you had friends you adored, you had everything. Your life was back in its place. You didn’t give much thought to Luke anymore. He was gone, and that was fine.


The thought of you still consumed Luke, to this day. He wondered where you were, if you were okay now. He had done what your mother asked and left you alone, although looking back now he wished he hadn’t. He should’ve fought for you. He should’ve stayed. He should’ve tried harder.

“Don’t you think it’s time to move on?” Calum asked him, wrapping a supportive hand around his shoulder. His bandmates worried about him consistently, always trying to set up with girls they knew and always trying to get his mind off of her. 

But none of it would work, because his mind never drifted from her, not even for a second. She was always on his mind, like he just couldn’t fathom being without the one person who made him complete. 

“No,” Luke responded harshly, shrugging Calum’s arm off him. He didn’t really mean to be so rude, it was just a side effect. A side effect of being heartbroken, and so hopelessly lost. 

“Come on, man, you can’t be this angry forever.” Calum pleaded. “You’re not who you used to be." 

"Times changed.” He muttered, picking up his guitar and starting to tune it. 

“Mate,” Calum sounded like a kicked puppy behind him, and his subconscious told him to turn around and apologise, but Luke couldn’t do that. He couldn’t function without her. He needed her. He needed her so much it was pathetic, and made him sick to his stomach. He had barely scraped past these two years with worry and concern for her, always wondering if she thought of him like he thought of her.

“Let’s get this over with.” Luke whispered.


“Let’s go out.” Your friend chirped, “We can go shopping.” The two of you had crammed all night for the exams you’d had that morning, and you needed a break from all the stress. 

Uni had proven to be more of a struggle to you than you’d originally thought, since dropping out the previous year for your recovery. It had been a hard transition back into real life. But your friends and family were with you every step of the way. Even your mum supported you going back into reality, although you pretended not to listen when she told your family all about Luke and how it was all his fault. How he was always away and never there for you and how he didn’t care, and therefore, you suffered. Luke had nothing to do with your eating disorder, or your recovery. 

You agreed with your friend, deciding that you two deserved some much-needed time to not worry about your classes, and instead just look at clothes you could never afford and go buy ice cream instead out of spite for commercialism and the unappreciation of poor uni students.

You and your friend talked about nothing, about boys you’d been casually seeing and girls you didn’t like and professors who were so unfair. It made you feel normal, to talk about normal things with your friend. You hadn’t considered yourself normal since being diagnosed with an eating disorder. You always thought that you’d be labeled for the rest of your life. Labeled as spending time in rehab, labeled as having a mental illness, labeled as being fragile. Things would never how they were, but maybe that was a good thing.

You were walking down the strip, your friend at your side, and a familiar song played in the distance. 

I drove by all the places you used to hang out getting wasted,” Just the first few lyrics made your feet physically stop, gluing you to the cobblestone underneath your feet.

“What? What is it?” Your friend asked. You shook your head, trying your hardest for tears not to fall down.

I thought about our last kiss, how it felt, the way you tasted.” 

“(Y/N)? Is something wrong?" 

You shook your head, trying your best not to listen to the song playing in the background, but it was impossible. You couldn’t help your memory floating back to Luke. You and Luke had something so real, so beautiful, it was tangible. You could almost taste it when you thought of his kiss and you could almost feel the sensation of his hand on your own. 

I wish that I could wake up with amnesia,
And forget about the stupid little things
Like the way it felt to fall asleep next to you
And the memories I never can escape” 

You found your feet carrying yourself towards the sound of his voice, as he sang. His voice hadn’t changed. You stood far away from the crowd, still remaining on your side of the street as you watched him with his three best friends, performing on the strip for an acoustic show. 

Luke’s eyes were cast down; you couldn’t see his face. 

Michael had dyed his hair again.

Ashton’s hair was longer.

Calum got a new tattoo.

You wiped away the single, straying tear as it ran down your face, your friend still hopelessly confused next to you. 

"What’s wrong? (Y/N)?” She asked you. “What’s going on?" 

"That’s Luke,” You whispered. 

“Yes? And?” It appeared that your statement meant nothing to her, probably because you’d never told her about your ex-boyfriend, probably because you still weren’t able to accept the fact that there was a prefix in front of it now.

“We, er, we have a history.” You quietly explained, shaking your head, laughing at how pathetic you were acting. It’d been two years. You’d think your feelings for him would change by now.

Your friend had run off, whispering something about tissues, and you had your eyes cast downward enjoying the sound of his voice again until you felt someone’s gaze on you. 


He was looking straight at you as he sang the bridge of his song, “If today I woke up with you right beside me, Like all of this was just some twisted dream.” His eyes were wide in surprise. You waved at him, smiling lightly as you watched his eyes start to glaze over. Although they threatened to, a tear never slipped past his eyes through the song, or the next. Or the next. His eyes stayed glued to you, like if he looked away for a second, you’d disappear again. 

Your friend returned, with comforting words and a sympathetic hug. She urged you to leave, to go and find another shop down the strip. You did want to, really. The past was in the past for a reason, and you weren’t sure if Luke was really the best choice for you to make at the moment. Your entire relationship was almost purely on Skype, because of his tour with One Direction. You accepted it when the two of you were together, because you were willing to make the sacrifice if it was for Luke. But now, you weren’t so sure. You had to worry about other things now. Like relapsing.

“Let’s go,” She said.


I watched her through almost the entire set. I turned my head to Calum, when he bumped me with his arm, and I turned around again and she was gone.

Just like that, gone again.

I wondered in my mind if I had just been hallucinating, if she was even there at all, or if I was making up a vision of her being there.

“Luke,” Calum whispered. “Why’d you stop singing?” It wasn’t until he said it that I realised I hadn’t been singing the song, and now all eyes were on me. I had two choices. I could get up and run off and try to find her, or I could start singing again.

“I have to find her.” I whispered to myself, and to Calum as he sat beside me, and I ran up from the circle, pushing through the crowd with various ‘Excuse Me’s’ and ‘Sorry’s, until I was on the side of the street she’d been standing on. 

I bolted past shops, only stopping for a few seconds to see if she was inside them. This plan was ridiculous; I’d never be able to find her. Even if I did, nothing would ever be the same as it once was.

In a daze, I swear I could see her, walking with her friend as she tugged her along into a boutique.

I ran towards her; I didn’t care if she as a mirage, I just wanted to see her. To know she was okay now. I stepped through the wooden doors and onto the tile, the shop was very empty, suggesting that the items they had on display were expensive, but high quality. I scanned the shop, my eyes stop on her. There she was. In the middle of the boutique, admiring the white dress donned on the mannequin. She was beautiful; then again, there was a never second where she wasn’t.

I tapped on her shoulder. She turned around, and upon seeing me, crashed into me into a long-lost, long forbidden embrace. “Luke,” She exhaled, letting herself fall into my arms, but she stiffened for a moment. “What are you doing?” She asked. “Don’t you have a set?”

“I don’t care.” I muttered, feeling extreme remorse for not caring about my band’s acoustic show. I’d probably be scolded profusely later. “It’s really you.”

“Two years…” She  whispered into my shoulder. I held her tighter to me, ravishing in the feel of her. Her head fell onto my shoulder, and we swayed back and forth in the middle of the boutique, probably disturbing the other patrons but I couldn’t seem to care. It was really her. (Y/N). The girl I completely destroyed, the girl I completely lost, the girl I completely gave up on her, when i loved her the entire time. 

She smelled like she’d been baking - vanilla essence and cocoa. Her hair was curled; I’d always told her I thought it was pretty that way, although her hair was pretty any way she did it.

“I love you.” I told her.

“Luke,” She shook her head at my words, stepping away from our hug. It was the look on her face that told me she didn’t appreciate my faux pas.

“I do,” I admitted. “I love you. I don’t know how I loved you all this time, but I did. I’m so sorry I yelled at you, two years ago. I’m so sorry I listened to your mother, I should never have left that hospital.”

“Listened to my mother?” She asked. “What do you mean?”

Considering her mum’s anger with me, it was no surprise really that she hadn’t told (Y/N) I’d visited, only once. And it was no surprise her mum didn’t tell her that I was told to keep my distance from her.

“Your mum asked me to leave you alone, while you were in recovery.” I shrugged. “I understood. She was right, I mean, you needed space.” My arm rose to my neck, scratching an itch that wasn’t there. 

“My mum was the reason you never saw me?” She asked. “I thought…I thought you’d just abandoned me…” Her face fell into a pout, a miserable, sad, expression I never wanted to see her wear ever again. 

“Never.” I shook my head. “Never…” She looked up at me and I swore I could see her eyes lighten up a bit. I’d never felt so helpless around another girl before; I never felt like there was no much I needed to make up to her. Leaving her. Giving up on her. “I’m so sorry…" 

"Luke,” She took a step closer to me, “We’re still in public.” I blushed as I recalled that, looking around as almost everyone in the store had their eyes on us. 

She took my hand and lead me out the boutique door, leading us to a park bench outside the store. 

“What have you been up to?” I asked her. “It’s been two years, after all. How was hospital?" 

"Hospital was fine,” She shrugged. “I was there for six months. They considered me recovered and I got to live a normal life again. I came back to Sydney, enrolled in uni, and now…now everything’s as it should be. Normal,” She exhaled after the last word, letting it drift off for a second into the air.

“You don’t know how happy that makes me,” I told her. “I only wanted the best for you; your mum convinced me it was better for you if I wasn’t around." 

"My mum told me the same thing.” She laughed. “You know, I asked about you all the time, if you had called or anything. She always frowned at me and told me to forget about you." 

"I would have called. I would have called a thousand times if I had known where you were.” I sheepishly responded. “I looked into it, really, I tried. But, apparently, they’re very serious about confidentiality here." 

"I’m sure my mum made sure of that.” She shook her head. “You’re really here…" 

"Yeah,” I grasped her hand in mine, loving the feel of her fingers intertwined in my own again. “You’re really here, too. You’re really, okay." 

"You need to go back to your set, Luke.” She suddenly dropped my hand and stood up. “You need to go, you’re, you’re important to them." 


“I’m serious, Luke. You can’t do this. You can’t abandon your band. Go back, just say you had to go have a wee or something.” Her face was hard for me to read, like she was purposely trying to hide her emotions. She pulled me to my feet and pointed in the direction I’d ran from to find her. 

“I just got you back,” I whispered. “I don’t want to lose you again." 

"You won’t.” She shook her head. “Just, go back to your set, okay? It’s okay. They need you.” She smiled. “Go sing.”

“I’ll go,” I exhaled, the corner of my mouth rising as I extended my hand to her. “Only if you’ll come with." 

She smiled coyly, biting her lip for a second before nodding and taking my head, laughing with me as we ran back up the street, towards the crowd of people waiting. I held up my entwined hands with (Y/N)’s like a boxer winning a championship and my band cheered for me, and in that moment, I was on top of the world.

I’d gotten her back. 


That was ridiculously cliche not gonna lie

But I hoped you liked it anyway!! 

i mean it took me long enough

but that’s it! lovely little series :’) 

honestly if it got any longer i’d have to make a fanfic out of it and that would be disastrous so

i’ll see you little peaches later xx 

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I love me some angst, so... Moon x Lillie, prompt #43!

43. “Squeeze my hand if you can hear me” (can u believe this is my first moon/lillie thing, like, ever? god thats sad)

“Lillie?” Moon called, walking in the door of their shared home. “I saw your Tauros in the yard but all the lights are off. Are you home?”

Lillie was almost never home before Moon was, busy at Aether as head scientist, but occasionally when she got stressed she’d come home early.

Working at Aether had its hardships. Both she and Gladion were working hard to bring its reputation out of the ground (which was no easy feat) but spending most of the day in the place you grew up practically abused? That was hell to endure. It wasn’t often, but Moon had walked in on one of Lillie’s meltdowns plenty of times to know the signs that something was wrong.

“Lillie?” Moon walked through the halls, flipping on the lights. Seeing their bedroom door open, she snuck in, looking around.

On the bed sat Lillie, all curled up with her Kantonian Marowak in her arms. It looked uncomfortable, but didn’t struggle, sensing it’s trainers distress. Her labcoat was tossed on the floor in a heap, leaving her just in her uncomfortable formal wear. She was completely silent, but Moon could see her shivering.

Walking over, she sat on the bed and slowly moved her Marowak out of her arms and on the floor. Lillie almost immediately hid her head in her arms, shrinking away.

“Hey, you doing alright?” Moon asked, not expecting a response. She gently placed her hands on Lillie’s arms, uncurling her. She didn’t resist, but grew stiffer by the second as Moon unfolded her completely. Taking a good look at her face, Moon could tell she had been crying, her usually bright green eyes now glazed over with tears.

Moon gave her a soft smile, “There you are. Keep curling up like that and soon enough you’ll turn into a Sandshrew.”

Lillie didn’t respond, still frozen in a stiff state. Moon’s soft smile grew into a look of worry, fearing the severity of Lillie’s meltdown. While Lillie often tensed and found it hard to speak when stressed, not responding was a whole different thing. Whatever had happened at work must have been severe, last time she’d seen Lillie like this is when Moon reintroduced her to her father again.

Moon took her hands, and spoke softly. “Ok Lils, Squeeze my hand if you can hear me.”

Almost immediately, Lillie administer a light squeeze. Moon nodded, feeling a glimmer of hope run through her.

“Perfect, perfect. Now, I want you to focus on me, alright? Try to match my breathing.” Moon instructed, breathing in. She had done this plenty of times herself, having to endure some tough shit throughout the years. After what seemed like hours, Lillie seemed a bit calmer, a bit more relaxed than before. She finally made eye contact with Moon, sending relief down her spine.

“You feeling a little better now?” Moon asked, still holding her hands. Lillie nodded, and opened her mouth.

“I…I don’t know what went wrong. I’m sorry.” She choked out, still in shock.

“What happened?”

“It’s just…Mother. She’s been getting better every day and…she’s getting more vocal about how we run things. She’s better now, but…she still scares me. A lot.” She finished, vaguing around the details of what actually happened. Moon wasn’t going to push her on it.

“That’s normal, it’s gonna be that way for after what you’ve gone through.” She comforted, helping Lillie off the bed. “Now, maybe we could go order take out and get comfortable on the couch? You’re still as stiff as a brick.”

“Mmhm, ok.” Lillie agreed, wobbling a little. “Thank you for…this.”

Moon smiled, and placed a small kiss on her head, “It’s no problem. Now, go get out of those starchy Aether clothes and go get PJs on. I’m going to go put on a movie.”

Lillie finally smiled back, “Alright, I’ll be right there.”