these little kisses are the cutest thing ever

Cute stuff the zodiac signs do when in a relationship

Aries and Capricorn kisses you on the shoulder and tucks the covers around you when they go to work/school while you have a day off and can sleep in.

Taurus writes you cute love letters/notes for you to open when they are not there.

Gemini likes to climb under your shirt while you’re still wearing it, it’s the cutest thing ever!

When you wake a Cancer sign and Pisces up a little, they’ll just hug you, go ‘nope’ and refuse to let you get up for a few minutes.

Leo and Scorpio always has to touch you. It could be holding your hand or just coming up behind you and circling your middle. They also kiss your hand or wrist so often that they probably don’t even realize they are doing it.

Virgo and Aquarius gets up to check on the pets when they do little cries in their sleep and cuddles them until they settle down and comes back to bed like a mother/father would a baby. So caring, it’s sexy!

Libra and Sagittarius will randomly come up just to dip you real low and literally sweep you off your feet. Every good relationship needs a good romantic dip every so often, right? ;-)

Dating Peter Parker Headcannons

these are really long and i didnt even write down every thing that i wanted to so i might do a part two just bc i love my son :’)

  • it all started when y’all got paired up for chem to do a lab
  • because practically the whole school knows of his crush on Liz Allen, you didn’t think you had a chance with him
  • but you could NOT have been more wrong
  • he was so nervous to go to the next class because he knew that he would actually have to communicate with you… for more than three seconds  
  • as soon as he walks in and sees you staring to set everything up he kind of like *dies*
  • hE iS So NeRvoUs
  • hands shaking
  • uneven breathing
  • and u just kind of look @ him like wtf dude calm down
  • he would try and talk but it was mainly him stuttering
  • but you found him sosossoosos cute (bc he’s my son obvi he’s a qt)
  • after ( to him ) being put through the most stressful time of his life, more stressful than fighting criminals as spiderman
  • he asks you if you want to go and get a sandwich with him after school
  • and thats kind of how everything started
  • studydatesstudaydatesstudydates
  • ned either being annoyed with you two bc third wheeling or having the time of his life bc you guys are #besties
  • michelle always having something to say about u and peter
  • like; gross, ew, y/n how do u hold your breath the whole time u and peter are making out
  • “peter, baby, can you please take it down five notches”
  • (“y/n), BaBY, cAn YOU tAkE IT dOwN FiVe notCHes”
  • aLwAYs tOuChiNg YoU
  • holding hands
  • arm around your shoulders
  • standing behind u and head on your head & arms around your waist
  • never ending amount of little kisses
  • peter finding u the legit cutest thing on this planet
  • his ‘creative’ way of telling you he is spiderman was picking you up for a date by swinging into your open window and then swinging you across new york
  • you almost passed out because heights but u knew that he would never let go of you
  • and you’re the luckiest girl ever bc you’re the reason that he’s smiling all the time
  • u can bet your bottom dollar he would write love letters to u - ok maybe he wouldn’t like give them to u but he would defffinetly write them ok
  • may can always tell when peters talking to on the phone or y’all just hung out bc he’s skipping around the house with the widest smile & his eyes are sparkling
  • you beg for 4 weeks strait for him to let you try on the suit but “mr. stark said its not for anyone else baby.”
  • omg the amount of pet names for u; baby, babe, angel, darling, the first letter of your name, my love, and when he’s clingy;;babbbbyyyyyyyy
  • when you’re giving him the silent treatment he will give u puppy dog eyes, sit on you, and be super clingy
  • when he’s upset you’re the big spoon
  • but he’s not that big on pda
  • but he wants to be the big spoon 9/10 times bc he’s spiderMAN
  • asking u to homecoming
  • heart thumping so loud when y’all are slow dancing you can feel it so u put your head against his chest
  • bc you’re so angelic and look so peaceful and he cannot deal w it
  • he’s in constant awe of u if u weren’t already expecting that
  • telling happy about u all. the. time.
  • so when tony meets you, he has a proud dad attitude going on
  • ugh god peter wanted u to say the three words first
  • but one day when you were having a pillow fight or doing something else childish (idk) and it just kind of comes out when you’re laying on the sheets and your hair is all poofy and his is a little messy and you have the biggest smile and he had to close his eyes when he said it because he didn’t know what your reaction would be
  • and when he felt your hand on his cheek, he swore that he 1. never let out a bigger sigh of relief before 2. and never seen u smile so wide
  • and when u said it, he almost asked to leave the room because he was so elated
  • may absolutely adores u probs more than peter does
  • because she’s never had a daughter and she thinks you and peter should get married early ( she’s like 50/50 kidding&being dead serious ) bc she is CONVINCED that you are the best that he will eeveerrrrrrr do
  • probs the type of bf to act all tough and protective but will just stare the shit out of the asshole who steps a little to close for comfort
  • but lordy he just loves u and will protect u with his life
  • because you are his world and he is yours

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BTS Reaction to you waking them up because of a nightmare


When Jin heard you open the door to his room, he started to panic, but when he heard you sniffling all the panic went away. He rolled over in his bed to see you standing there in your pink cow pajamas, with both of your hands playing with the hem of your shirt. “(Y/N) whats wrong? Are you OK? What do you need?” Jin asked as he sat on the edge of his bed inviting you over to sit. *OMG WAS THIS REALLY HAPPENING!!* Jin thought to himself. As you sat down you leaned onto his shoulder saying “I…I had…a nightmare…it..felt so…real…I….was scared…” You began crying into Jin’s shoulder as his face grew red. “Ca…can I stay here with you tonight?” You asked between sniffles. “Umm…sure if you want (Y/N)” Jin responded. You looked up at Jin to see his cute flushed face. You laid back as he laid next to you. You turned to face him and kissed him on the cheek. “Thank you Jin. This really means alot.” You said as you snuggled next to him as he smiled and pulled you closer.


Namjoon was just about to drift off to sleep when you knocked on his door. He got up and opened it to see you in a state of distress. You walked slowly into his arms and his brain began think *IM I IN A DREAM RIGHT NOW!!* He tentatively wrapped his arms around you and asked “Hey, what’s wrong (Y/N) Was is another bug on your ceiling?” He asked stepping back slightly to see your face. You looked up and giggled. “Well, no, but I had a bad dream and I was too scared to go back to sleep in my bed so i came to you. I was hoping that…well…you’d let me stay with you tonight?” You asked shyly while looking back down. “Of course you can (Y/N)!” Namjoon responded as he walked back to his bed and scooting over do there was enough room for you. Once you began walking over to him, he realized what was happening and began to blush as you climbed in bed next to him. “Well…ummm…do you want to read a book..or…magazine?” He asked instantly regretting his choice of words. *GOSH WHY AM I SO AWKWARD* “Can you read a book to me your voice is so soothing?” You asked and Namjoon happily agreed. Soon you were dozing off, when Namjoon’s voice stopped. You opened your eyes to see Namjoon had fallen asleep. He looked so peaceful and cute. You kissed his cheek and fell asleep soon after.


This boy was so confused when you walked into his open door and knocked over a rather loud trash can that he didn’t even realize it was you. You walked closer to his bed and shook him slightly. He sat up and saw that it was you. “Ahhh (Y/N) whats going on…uhh.. are you OK?” Yoongi asked in a groggy voice and you sat down on the edge of his bed. “I had I terrible dream Yoongs…ummm…can I stay here tonight?” You asked as Yoongi sat up to look at you. He pinched himself to see if this was a dream. His crush, was in his room, asking to stay for the night. “Yoongi, are you OK. It’s fine if you don’t want me to. I was just wondering…” You said sadly getting up from his bed. He grabbed your wrist. “No. It’s fine. You can stay. Please” Yoongi said scooting over so that you could lay down. You got into his bed and pushed your back into his chest. He slowly draped an arm around your waist as you two drifted of to sleep together.


Hoseok was lying up in bed when he heard footsteps coming to his door. He though that Yoongi was sleep walking again but when the footsteps stopped at his door and he heard a knock he became curious. He stood up waering nothing but his sweats and went to the door. When he opened it he was met with you in you pajama shorts and tank top, with a face full of tears. Before he could stop himself he brouhjt you into a hug and kissed the top of your head. This then had Hoseok thinking to himself. *WHY DID I DO THAT! AM I DREAMING! I MUST BE DREAMING! WELL ITS TOO LATE TO TURN BACK NOW!* “It’s OK (Y/N). It’s all OK now. Hobi is here. Are you OK? What happened?” Hoseok said after collecting his thoughts bringing you to sit on his futon bed. “I…I had a bad dream…” You sniffled out. “Well if you want (Y/N) you can stay here…” Hoseok said trailing off. You looked him in the eyes making him blush. “Thank you so much Hobi!” You said kissing his cheek. You then laid down and laid your legs across his lap as he draped an arm over your legs. You two soon fell asleep together.

(You are Yoongi)


Jimin was about to lay down when he looked out of his door to see you running towards him. He barley had enough time to open his arms when you ran into his chest. He noticed that you were crying, so he pulled back and asked what was wrong. “I had the worst dream Jimin! I was so scared!” You said. “Well lets go sit down (Y/N)” Jimin said as he began to blush and panic because you his crush were in his room in the middle of the night. As you two sat down you asked “Jimin is it OK if I sleep here tonight?” Jimin was drawn aback by your request but happily obliged. As you laid down and Jimin went to go lay down on his rooms couch you grabbed his wrist. “Please stay with me. You make me feel safe.” You pleaded with him. “Umm…uhhh…OK (Y/N).” Jimin responded. As he got in bed with you you scooted closer to him. “Thank you Jimin.” You said as you kissed his cheek, sending him blushing like crazy.


Taehyung was staying up late playing video games when his bedroom door burst open and he saw you sating there like you had seen a ghost. “Oh my gosh (Y/N) what’s wrong? What happened?” Taehyung questioned as you came and crawled in bed. *IS..IS… THIS REALLY HAPPENING!* Taehyung thought to himself. “I had a scary dream Tae. I didn’t want to stay in my room by myself,so I came to you. Also…if…its not to much to ask can…uh…I…stay here tonight?” Taehyung heard this and felt like he was on cloud nine. You were going to stay with him for the night. “Of course (Y/N)!” He said as he laid down with you. You two laid facing each other, and Taehyung saw that you were still unsettled from your dream, so he began to make faces at you through the covers. This made you giggle as you brought your self closer to Taehyung and rested your forehead against his and drifted off to sleep.


This little bun would be exhausted from practicing all day, but when you texted him that you were coming to talk he was wide awake. He sat up in his bed thinking of everything that could be coming his way. *WHAT IF SHE YELLS AT ME FOR NOT HELPING MORE WITH CHORES. WHAT IF SHE KNOWS. OHH ILL KILL HOSEOK WHEN I SEE HIM FOR TELLING HER.* Jungkook thought to himself as you walked into his room and sat on the end of his bed. You didn’t seems like your usual cheery self, in fact you didn’t say anything. Jungkook took this as a cue to comfort you by placing his hand on yours and giving a little squeeze. When you  didn’t look up he made a silly face and squeezed again. You looked up this time and giggled at his face as he too began to laugh. “There’s my happy girl.” Jungkook said. “Can I stay here with you tonight Kookie?” You asked looking into his eyes. He began blushing which you thought was the cutest thing ever and agreed. You both laid down and you placed a light kiss on his cheek as he smiled once again and pulled you closer.


BTS reaction: your baby sister loving them.


Your family loved Jin, and he loved them, especially your baby sister. It was your last night visiting them, simply to celebrate your sisters first birthday. Your parents wanted to do a date night, jumping on the fact that they had a FREE babysitter. You sat on the sofa, smiling at Jin playing with your baby sister. It was the cutest thing watching her squeal ever time he did an airplane with her. She held his face in her tiny little fingers, and gave him her version of a kiss.

“excuse me sunshine, that’s my man” you teased. She kicked her feet, clapping her hands at the same time.

“Jagi, she’s so cute, when can we have one?” he asked. 

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Suga was cautious around your baby sister, simply because he was scared to do something wrong. You guys laid in your bed, and you held her on your stomach. She toyed with the stuffed animal in her hands, and you ran your hands through her curls. 

“Y/s/n what sound does the cat make?” you asked,the the one year old, referring to the stuffed cat she was playing with. 

“meow” she said. Suga’s eyes grew wide. 

“she knows that?” he asked. You nodded.

“she knows a lot of noises.” you said. You squirmed a little, feeling your bladder being pressed on by your sister. 

“Babe I really need to pee, please take her.” you said, placing her on his stomach.

“what? no!” he yelled, but you were already out of the door. When you made your way back, you peaked in. He was playing with her hands, and she was responding to every animal he asked.

“Good job!” he cheered, clapping. She mimicked him, clapping her hands together. When you returned to your room, and tried grabbing her, she whaled, reaching for Suga. You reluctantly passed her over, and she continued her shenanigans till she got picked up. 

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J Hope

Your boyfriend danced around with your two year old sister, as she sang her little heart out to Moana, assuming she knew word for word what she said, but it came out as words separated by mumbling. You felt yourself smile as she refused to let Hobi sit down.

“no.. dance!’ she said. He couldn’t tell her no. She was his soft spot. You smiled to yourself, imagining when he had kids of his own how he would be. You watched as your poor boyfriend danced with her song after song. He carried her upstairs with you, and helped tuck her in.

“ya y/n..shes fun… I can’t wait till we have one of our own” he said, a smile on his face. 

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Rap Monster

It was safe to say, your baby sister was terrified on Namjoon. Every time he came around the poor one year old, something would break, or bang. She associated him with loud noise, and would cry anytime he came around. You were babysitting at the dorms, and Namjoon walked in, stubbing his toe on the couch.

“Owwww” he winced. From your lap, you heard the one year old errupt in a fit of giggled.

“Joon are you okay?” you asked, he stood wide eyed, watching your baby sister.

“shh shh” he said, pretending to bang his leg against the table.” 

“owwwwww” he groaned playfully. She squealed, giggling her head off.

“she likes it!” he said happily. He continued this through the night, and eventually, she fell asleep against his chest.

“She likes meeee” he hummed happily.

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You walked into the dance studio, holding your two year old sisters hand.

“Hey boys” you said. You were slightly frustrated. While you loved your sister, your parents always dumped her on you, even if you didn’t live with them. She was practically your child. There was a significant age gap between the two of you, and the looks you got were often unpleasant. Jimin placed his lips softly on yours, smiling down at you.

“hey baby. and hi princesssss” he said, picking up your sister. She laid her head on his shoulder, and he smiled.

“She just woke up.. she’s not in the mood” you said, running your fingers through your hair.

“Is she staying the night?” he asked. You nodded. He knew that automatically meant he wasn’t able to sleep over. You didn’t like having that as an example for your baby sister, even if she was so young. 

“Wanna dance with us y/s/n?” he asked. The toddler nodded, and he set her down, and the boys playfully danced with her to fire, her favorite song. She wouldn’t leave Jimin’s side. He literally gave her all of his attention, it made you jealous at times, but you loved the relationship they had. He held her in his arms, and she closed her eyed.

“oooh it’s time for us to go boys. She’s sleepy” he said. He took the diaper bag off you, and took your hand, the three of you going to your dorm and settling down. 

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You watched as your baby sister sat on the floor with your boyfriend. She loved him. He was literally her favorite person ever, and you were 99.9% sure she was his. 

“thanks for watching her while I showered babe” you said. He smiled, nodding.

“yahh. She behaved.” he said. You went to reach for her, so you could feed her and she began crying, reaching for V. You couldn’t believe it.

“bebe come on, you need to eat.” you said. She continued reaching for him, screaming her head off. He took her, wiping her eyes.

“Don’t cry angel.. come on I’ll feed you” he said. She clung to him, as he followed you to the kitchen.

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The only other girl who had a spot in Kookie’s life was your sister. She was his literally joy. He was proud of anything she did from the day her first held her in the hospital when she was born. She loved him equally as much, the majority of the time more than you. But one thing he was afraid of was being left alone with her. He was scared to hurt her or make her cry, even through he knew he wouldn’t. 

“i’m gonna go make food, watch her” you said standing. he went to argue but you swiftly exited the room. Twenty minutes went by, and you could hear your little sister squealing and giggling. When you peaked your head in, he was doing his impersonation of a chicken. She was giggling so hard, you were scared she forgot how to breath. 

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I hope you guys enjoyed! I loved this it was so fluff and cute! Remember requests are open! We literally will write whatever! 

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First Time With Them: SEVENTEEN VERNON

/ Vernon // The8 // JeongHan // Joshua /

/ B.A.P // PENTAGON // GOT7 // BTS // KHH // KActor // SF9 // WINNER // NCT // BTOB // EXO /

  • Is a known fact that he’s more nervous than you are
  • Asks for advice from his `hyungs`
  •      Though asks it only “Hypothetically speaking…” or “So my friend asked for advice…”
  • Ends up just winging the whole thing
  •      But warns you beforehand that he has little experience
  •           Even through his shame and all
  • And you’d find it hella funny and laugh hysterically
  • Like you two would be in the middle of making out
  • And he’s just be like “Hey, this is going south real quick so I just want you to know that I’m not that experienced and all…”
  • And you’d just burst out laughing
  • Because apparently Vernon sported the cutest flustered face you’d ever saw
  • Cheeks and neck red while his lips were puckered
  • You’d kiss him right then
  •      All of your previous nervousness forgotten in favour of savouring the moment
  • I feel like because of his own jittering you’d be the one leading the night
  •      And we all can guess how that will go since it’s your first time
  • But none-the-less none of you think anyone was being awkward of the pace was weird either
  • To him you were the perfect lead
  • And because of you leading it means that you will end up riding him
  • Seeing all those different expressions
  • His completely flustered state as he watched your breasts bounce
  • From that night onward, he’d be sub in the relationship
  • However, through it’s awkwardness, it was still a night to remember
  • And what was the best was the morning after
  • Because Vernon had woken up earlier than you
  • And when your own eyes cracked open there was some specially prepared breakfast from some restaurant just for you on the kitchen table.
Long Distance (Chapter Seven)

So! So this chapter was originally over 5000 words and I split it in half. There is a really good conversation in here about how the relationship between the three of them will work, and I didn’t want that lost in the cuteness/sexy times of the last half. Polyamory is something I think is very misunderstood, and I wanted to make sure not to skip over it or make it seem like this was a “threesome” fic because it’s not, it’s about these three guys finding love together.

Anyway, enough of the PSA. Our boys meet up and it’s adorable. Also we learn how Stucky hooked up. So cute. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think.


Enjoy :)

Tony smoothed the wrinkles out of his shirt nervously, staring at himself in the mirror. Pepper had insisted on the dark red shirt, saying it looked the best on him, and even he knew his ass looked amazing in these particular pants.

He was killing time, waiting for a text from the guys saying that they had arrived at the hotel.

They had opted to meet at a Four Seasons about halfway between Boston and Manhattan, not wanting to be anywhere crowded, trying to keep it nice and simple. Tony had paid for the reservation- two adjoining rooms. Partly because he didn’t want Bucky and Steve worrying about the money, partly because he was worried they would just book one room and he didn’t really know if he was ready for that.

Tony had driven, taking one of his cars out for the couple hour trip up the freeway, but he knew Bucky and Steve hadn’t been able to leave until after Steve’s last class, so they wouldn’t be in until closer to seven.

It was seven thirty now, and Tony waited nervously for his phone to ring. They were supposed to have dinner at the hotel restaurant, maybe drinks out at the outdoor bar that overlooked the golf course and resort pools. And if everything went well… well. Tony couldn’t think that far ahead.

If he was being honest, meeting the two of them was making him so nervous he was nearly sick to his stomach. It was nerve wracking enough thinking about meeting Steve, who he had been talking to longer than Bucky, but to meet both of them, to see them together….

Yeah, these last few weeks of video chats and group texting had been fun and flirty and yeah, he was into both of them but…but…

Tony’s phone trilled and he lost his train of thought, opening it quickly.

{Group Text}

From Steve– we are running late, just barely got checked in. Let’s just meet in the restaurant, Bucky and I can find our room later.

From Bucky– Steve’s being nice. I’m starving so get your perfect ass down here so we can eat

From Tony– see you guys in a minute.

Tony took a deep breath and looked in the mirror one more time before heading out.

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Got7 reaction to having a really shy s/o

A/N - The first imagine now that I’m back from Korea~ I’m going to try and post regularly but just a heads up that once I move out to university, posts won’t be everyday like they used to be and will probably end up being 3 times a week or so. Keep sending in your requests my loves!

got7 reaction to having a really shy gf and when they try to kiss her she moves away covering her face 🙈🙈

Mark: Mark would laugh if you covered your face from shyness. He might feel a little discouraged on the inside but will just smile, hoping you can sense that he felt a tad awkward. He’d lean in again and not give you chance to hide your face from him.

JB: JB would think it’s the cutest thing ever. If you shyly cover your face while blushing when he leans in, he’ll giggle and have the biggest smile on your face. He already thinks you’re absolutely adorable but even more so now.

Jackson: We all know Jackson reacts in the best ways and if you move and cover your face, blushing bright red then he’d probably tease you a bit by saying how adorable you look. He’d then get all pouty and beg for you to actually kiss him.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would notice that you got rather shy whenever he tried to kiss you so I think he’d just do it when you aren’t expecting it. Random kisses on the cheek to take you by surprise so that he can admire how adorable you are and still kiss you.

Youngjae: Youngjae would be a little shocked and maybe offended if you turned away or covered your face when he tried to kiss you. He’d mistake you shyness for dislike and would get worried you don’t like him anymore. Once you clarify you’re just nervous, he’ll be fine and wait till you feel ready.

Bambam: I think Bambam wouldn’t try and kiss you if he knew how shy you got. I think he’d either wait for you to make the first move or would just ask you plainly if you were comfortable with it. He doesn’t want to risk making you feel bad if he has an urge to kiss you.

Yugyeom: Yugyeom would probably be just as shy to kiss you so it’d result in the two of you blushing and turning away every time you got close to kissing. Eventually one of you would bite the bullet and do it, not caring how shy either of you felt.

Got7 Reaction to -

You saying “I love when you kiss + hug me because it reminds me you love me.”


Got7 reaction when their says “ I love it when you kiss me and hug me because it remind that you love me ” .


The first thing he would do is laugh a little, but not, because he thought it was funny. He’d be a little embarrassed, but overall he would try to come up with some kind of “snarky” remark. However after his remark he’d kiss you and then giggle a little after.

“Yeah well I have been told I give the best kisses, you need to up your game.”
*then he proceeds to kiss and hug you*


He would start giggling all happily after you told him. He’d give you kisses all over your body (in a non-sexual way) and he would keep making comments about how cute you are. Then he’d hug you from behind, still wearing his cute big smile saying, 

“No amount of kisses or hugs in this world could add up to how much I love you baby.”


He would get kinda quiet. Like he was a little shocked that you liked his affection. Although I don’t think he would be a person to give much affection, he would start trying to give more. Just because he wants to make you smile and laugh.

“Hmmm, jagi did I kiss you today?”


*kisses you* “There”


At first he’d joke about how cheesy it sounded. But then he’d look at you closely and smile when he realized you were being serious. He’d find it the cutest thing, in fact he’d even put reminders on his phone for you. 

“Look, these are your daily kiss/hug times but I still feel it’s not enough hmm.” *shows reminders for every hour of each day*


This boy would get so happy. He’d be smiling so much, and laughing a little. His arms would wrap around you and he’d pull you in really close to him. He would start leaving kisses all over your face too.

“I love your kisses more than you could ever like mine.”


His face would instantly turn into the biggest happiest smile ever. He would start questioning you like ‘Really? Me?’ and when you said yes it would make him even happier. He would start giving you really sweet kisses, while he was still smiling with his extremely happy grin.

“I can’t believe you love my kisses jagi!”

*proceeds to radiate sunshine*


This baby would start smiling so hard. He’d nuzzle his face in your neck & give you a quick peck. Then he would pull you closer and give you like forty kisses on your forehead. 

“Ill give you a million kisses and hugs to show you just how much I love you jagi.”

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hi yes this is the iconic seoksol kiss i was talking about

concept: Sherlock, barefoot, still in his pyjamas, his shirt inside out, hair tousled and a toothpaste stain on his chin because he was still half-asleep when brushing his teeth, now he’s sitting at the table in the sitting room, pink morning light falling upon his soft face… every now and then he takes a little bite of toast and as equally little sip of coffee while reading newspaper, trying to concentrate so hard so he ends up scrunching his nose, the tip of his tongue between his lips and once John walks out of the bedroom, he nearly melts into a puddle right then and there because seeing Sherlock like this might as well be the cutest fucking thing ever… especially the moment Sherlock turns to him and smiles so brightly and happily to say good morning, John can’t help but walk right over him and kiss that beautiful smile, kiss it long and hard but then Sherlock starts giggling so they end up nudging their noses and brushing their lips

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RFA+V&Saeran reacting to getting a nose kiss from MC~


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  • He already thinks you’re the cutest thing ever. He can’t take this extra confirmation.
  • After the first nose kiss, he’s hooked
  • He always wants nose kisses and he likes to dish ‘em out as well.


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  • He kinda takes a second to process what happened and just stares at you for a second.
  • Within two seconds, he’s blushing.
  • After he gets over it, he’s going on and on and on about how cute that was and how cute of a couple you two are.


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  • At first she’s a little shocked because she was expecting a kiss on the lips!
  • But then she’s almost impressed with how sweet of a gesture it was.
  • It was strangely warm and comforting for her. She becomes obsessed with nose kisses.


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  • As soon as you back away, his inner monologue is just screaming about how cute you are.
  • Of course though, he has zero self control. He grabs you and brings you back for another soft kiss, but on the lips.
  • One of the first times you see Jumin Han blush is when you give him a nose kiss.


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  • He immediately returns it!!
  • Pulls you down on top of him on the couch and shares a few sweet kisses with you.
  • It turns into soft touches and kisses until you decide to cuddle and nap.


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  • He just smiles.
  • Sweet, soft, little things like that make him really, REALLY happy.
  • He returns it, and is super smiley for the next little bit.


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  • He really loves sweet things like that too! Especially when it surprises him!
  • At first, he tries to act like he’d rather kiss your mouth, but he can’t hide how much he enjoys your kisses anywhere!

anonymous asked:

Okay so I have this new headcannon for reasons unknown that Bucky gets irrationally angry/swears a lot when Tony is being cute (it's because of the thing in your brain that can't handle cute so when you see cute things it responds with aggression and that's why you want to squeeze/hug cute things) so when Tony is cute Bucky kinda gets flustered and swears and hugs Tony a lot. Love what has been going on with Long Distance too❤️❤️

Ok so this turned into the fluffiest, cutest shit ever.


The first time it happened, Tony wasnt really sure what was going on.

One minute he had been curled up on the couch, wrapped in a blanket and trying his hardest to resemble a burrito because it was fucking freezing—

—-and the next minute Bucky had stomped into the room and grabbed him, blanket and all, hugging him close and growling? before depositing him back on the couch and stomping back out.

Tony had been so shocked he couldnt even be upset about it, had just laughed to himself and curled closer into the blanket.


Then it happened again, several weeks later, as Tony was sitting at the kitchen table eating nachos.

He was sharing the plate with Sam, each trying to get the biggest chip with the most cheese, and had ended up with cheese hanging off his nose.

Tony had spent an inordinate amount of time trying to lick the cheese off his own tongue as Sam just laughed at him, but their funny moment was interrupted when Bucky shoved off the counter and crossed the kitchen, swiping the cheese almost violently off Tonys nose and running his fingers through Tonys hair, tugging gently but looking pissed off.

Once he left the room, Sam swiveled around and stared at Tony with wide eyes, who was looking back at him with equally wide eyes.

“What just happened?”

“Um, I think me having cheese on my nose irritated Bucky? Im not real sure.” Tony said slowly. Sam shook his head, then reached out and snatched the last big chip.


One night when Bucky was in the lab letting Tony work on his arm, Tony wiped at his face, leaving a smear of grease across his cheek.

“Tony you got–” Bucky motioned to his cheek, and Tony grinned.

“Thanks.” he tried to wipe it off, which just made it worse of course, and Bucky clenched his fist in frustration.

“Goddamit Tony!” he snapped and yanked Tony down into his lap, smashing their mouths together in a hard kiss.

“Bucky!” Tony leaned away. “What–and I mean this from the bottom of my heart– what in the actual fuck are you doing?!”

“You have been so cute lately!” Bucky grumbled. “So damn cute with your stupid blanket burritos and the way you eat and now you have grease on your face and I cant–I cant—I just want to like, squeeze you violently.”

“Squeeze me violently.” Tony repeated, and his face turned red as he tried not to laugh. “Violently? You cant squeeze me gently?”

“Well I–” Buckys mouth opened and then closed as he thought about it. “Truthfully I didnt think about how you would respond and–”

“Because if you wanted to squeeze me gently–” Tony looked down at where he was half straddling Buckys lap. “I wouldnt be opposed to it. You dont have to get violent when you think Im cute. You could you know… just kiss me or something.”

“Yeah?” Bucky asked in surprise and Tony nodded, sliding further up his thighs and looping his arms around Buckys neck.

“I mean, kiss me gently, of course. I dont really do violent snuggles? But Im not opposed to non violent demonstrations.”

“Oh.” Bucky thought for a minute, then cupped Tonys jaw carefully and touched their lips together in a short kiss, then again, a litle longer. When Tony sighed into it, Bucky pulled him closer and kissed him again, his tongue pressing against the seam of Tonys lips until he opened with a short gasp and Bucky could stroke into his mouth, tasting and licking every corner of him.

“Wow.” Tony stammered when they finally parted, even though Bucky didnt let him go far, taking little tastes of his lips, nipping lightly along his jaw. “Bu-bucky wow. How do you–why havent we done this before? Why is this the first time I know how well you can kiss?”

“You are the cutest thing Ive ever seen.” Bucky whispered, and Tony just sort of melted against him.

“Keep showing me how cute I am.”

“All day long, sweet thing.” Bucky promised. “All night long too.”

“Oh my god.” Tony groaned and Bucky laughed quietly.

“So damn cute.”

Tastes Like Love

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Three different sweet treats for a very sweet day.
Genre: Romance/fluff
Rating: T
Warnings: Swearings
1,925 words

Notes: So…it’s been too long…LMAO. I haven’t been happy with my writing lately and I can’t seem to put any ideas into words but last night I got this little idea and ran to write something before it escaped! It’s not much but at least it’s an update. Here’s the visual of the cookie I mentioned down there, if you want. Happy (belated) Valentine’s day y’all! <3 Enjoy!

It’s around 9 in the morning when the team finally lands at the Avengers facility, having flown an all night flight after a mission in a remote place in the globe. Everyone is just so tired and so damn sleepy that the usual formalities are forgotten and Steve settles for a late debrief, after they’re all rested and fed, at least.

All Bucky can think about is taking a shower and hitting the sheets.

He knows it’s Valentine’s Day and he knows that it’s likely that his doll would be anxiously waiting for him to come home, but the idea of a shower and a nap is just too appealing for him to pass away.

That is, until he finally arrives home.

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Peter Parker request with: "You need to stop doing that." "What?" "Saying things that make me wanna kiss you."

I didn’t have too much to go from but I decided to write a little drabble with this idea!

Originally posted by septodragon

You sighed heavily as you stared at Peter’s face on your screen. You’d only been dating for a few months, but you couldn’t get over how adorable he was when he wasn’t even trying.

“What’s wrong, babe,” Peter raised his brows at the sudden noise that broke him from his studies.

He looked up from the homework splayed out on the desk in front of him, his brows reaching for his hairline as you stretched out on your bed. You were sure that in a cartoon world, you’d have hearts pulsing out of your eyes at this point.

“Nothing, you’re so cute when you’re focused,” you giggled as a toothy smile spread across his face.

“Oh am I?” he asked with a tilt of his head, “well you’re the cutest distraction I’ve ever had.”

“I don’t doubt that,” you shrugged nonchalantly. “Honestly though, you get this cute little wrinkle between your eyebrows and your jaw clenches when you’re trying to figure something out. Meanwhile, I’m just over wondering how I managed to score earth’s most adorable human as my boyfriend.”

“You need to stop doing that,” Peter warned, his pen and papers long forgotten as he beamed at you.

“What?” You smiled into the camera on your phone as your head sank into the plush pillows on your bed.

“Saying things that make me wanna kiss you,” Peter answered, resting his chin on his arms as he got lost in the image on his screen. It was no secret that he was completely smitten, he took every opportunity that came his way to tell you just how much he liked you and it never failed to make you fall deeper into the rabbit hole of love.

“Oh shut up, “ you laughed, covering your face from Peter’s probing stare, “you can’t kiss me from there anyway.”

“Say the word and I’m at your window,” Peter picked up his head, looking like he was about to shoot from his seat any second.

“Peter,” you peeked through your fingers as his name fell from your lips, “I want you at my window.” you answered, unable to fight against your self-control.

“Give me five minutes,” Peter called through the phone, already throwing on a hoodie, “and you better open the window this time.”

Healing Kisses

Peter Parker x Reader

This is a re-post of this drabble request: hiya!! i absolutely adore your fics, and i was wondering if you could write one where peter constantly worries about his girlfriend (bc worried peter is adorable) and he’s just rlly protective over her and loving but he’s trying his best to not be too overbearing and she thinks it’s the cutest thing ever?? thank you!!!

Summary: Sometimes you make Spider-man a little clumsy. Words: 800.

The giddy feeling in your chest bubbled up through your lungs and into the air, pealing, exuberant laughter filling the air, muffled slightly as you flew past shimmering buildings and rusty fire escapes, light of the stars and street lamps and office buildings reflecting off of the glassy surfaces all around you; wrapped up in Peter’s arms the way your laughter wrapped around his heart.

He’d agreed to take you for a spin around the city in style, but only if you agreed to wear a ski-mask, and only if you waited until after dark. It hadn’t been a difficult decision. You were bouncing on the balls of your feet, heart pounding, laughter already fluttering in the pit of your abdomen, hair tucked neatly underneath the scratchy fabric of your mask when he’d finally come knocking on your window.

So, really, to say that the abrupt end to your fun had been a disappointment was an understatement. Your laughter had distracted him. Your arms around his neck, and the warmth of your body pressed so closely to his had distracted him.

Both of your bodies had slammed into an ill-placed billboard. The sound of it echoing through the night would have been funny had it not knocked the wind out of you so entirely. Luckily, Peter had taken the brunt of the impact, his body jarring against yours as the whole side of him collided with the smiling face on the ad, your bones clanging against his, your mouth smashing against a pointy chin on the second bounce.

“Oh no, shit, shit, I’m sorry,” words spilling from his mouth before your bodies had run out of momentum; your knee knocked into his one more time, “Are you OK?” His voice was high and cracking, worry edging into every syllable. His hand tensed as he worked to lengthen the web he held so that he could lower the two of you to the ground, old sneakers and red boots settling on the roof together.

“I think so,” you said, mentally cataloguing every inch of you before running your hands over the lines of his shoulders, fingers running over a solid chest; you could feel his heart pounding beneath your fingers, “what about you?”

He clicked his tongue at that, shaking a masked head, “Of course I’m fine,” he said as he reached out to pull the mask off of his head, curls spilling out over a sweaty forehead before doing the same for you. You could feel the strands at the top of your head lifting with it, static pulling at the fine pieces.

His eyes narrowed as he focused in on your mouth, sucking air into his mouth again, “Dammit,” he whispered, fingers wiping at the little trail of blood making its way down your chin, “see, man, I’m so sorry. I knew this was a bad idea.”

You tried to shoo his hand away from you, lip throbbing, but probably not as bad as it looked, “Peter, I’m fine. Stop.”

“You’re bleeding.”

“So? I’m fine. It’s nothing.” Then his lips were all over your face, healing kisses smattering your cheeks, nose, and forehead.

“I’m sorry, you’re hurt and it’s my fa- ” You pulled your face away from him, his lips frozen in a pucker, to interrupt him.

“Oh my God, Peter, you’re doing the thing again.” He gave you his best attempt at a dirty look, childishly sticking his tongue out at you, and you had to laugh at him. Had to laugh at how ridiculous this boy was, with his careful fingers and tender heart. He cared about you, there was no doubting that. There was no questioning the burning in your chest and the fluttering of your heart.

In all honesty, the pulse in your lip was keeping time with the one in your chest, but you would never admit that to him.

“Ok, but are you really, really sure that you’re OK?” His brows were furrowed, gentle fingers crawling through your hair like the soft kisses he’d left all over your cheeks, checking for lumps and bumps that weren’t there.

You let your amusement paint your lips with a soft smile.

“Peter,” you huffed, an airy laugh pushing past a bruised lip, “really, really.” He stopped his fussing then, silken tresses falling back into place as his fingers retreated to your face, warm palms embracing ruddy cheeks. Tips of a calloused thumb brushed over the split on your lip; gentleness matching the look in his eyes and contrasting with the little frown weighing at his mouth. You nodded your head at him, eyes pleading with his to let it go.

But then his thumb pushed a little too firmly into your lip as you moved your head and you winced before you could really help yourself and he was groaning, eyebrows furrowing all over again as he released your face and threw his hands into the air.

“See, you’re not OK.”


“As I reached them, he leaned his head down to Bree’s, looking out from under his eyelashes at me and sounding rather thunderstruck. “Mama looks verra lovely, aye?”“Aye!” Brianna squeaked automatically, having incorporated this word promptly into her vocabulary.“So does Da,” I said fervently, taking his free hand and squeezing.“Oh?” he said, and I smiled to see his look of shy gratification. “It’s…alright, then, the Suit?”  Odd, that my throat felt so dry and yet my eyes seemed about to overflow. “You’re beautiful, Jamie.”He smiled broadly and leaned down to kiss me.”

–From Flood My Mornings by the fabulous @bonnie-wee-swordsman

This is one of my favorite au’s- Bonnie is so talented at conveying so many emotions; joy, angst, humor, love, etc, etc., and this wonderful story never fails to give me all the feels. And baby “minna fash sacknap” Bree is the cutest thing to ever happen. Bonnie is also an incredibly kind person; your support of artists is endlessly appreciated and I can’t thank you enough for making me feel so welcome in our awesome little fandom! 💗

BTS reaction to their gf being cute and shy
Thanks for requesting! I hope you enjoy.

Namjoon: “Y/N, you know I can be cute too.”

Yoongi: *gif*

Hoseok: *you’d probably just be cute with eachother for a while, there’d be lots of cuddles and shy kisses*

/why I am I doing this to myself/

Jin: *he would think you’re the cutest thing ever*

Taehyung: *you shyly intertwine your fingers with his*

“You’re so cute, I love you.”

Jimin: *he’d think about how lucky he is to have you*

Jungkook: *he’d probably just be a little shit,*

“Why are you shy jagi?”

A bunch of fucking ishimondo headcanons

Mondo orders a cake for Ishimaru and the frosting is pink so he thinks it’s blood and starts crying

Ishimaru threw a rock and it accidentally hit Mondo and he starting bawling and he took him to the hospital and Mondo’s just like “Kyoudai calm down it didn’t hurt”

Once Mondo and Ishimaru tried switching talents for a day and Ishimaru ended up driving Mondo’s motorcycle into a lake and Mondo got detention for beating up people who broke the rules so he had to give himself detention

Once Ishi and Mondo were on a ferris wheel and they got to the top and it stopped and Ishimaru got really worried that they would die up there and started bawling and hugging Mondo and saying how much he loved him

Ishimaru and Mondo had a competition about who could be nicer and Mondo said something really really nice that it made ishimaru cry

Mondo and Chihiro put trick candles on Ishimarus birthday cake so when he tried blowing them out they kept lighting back up so ishimaru started crying

In Mondo’s birthday Ishimaru gave him a cards that said “Free kisses and hugs for a life time” and Mondo used them a lot

Ishimaru makes Mondo blush a lot by kissing him in public

Leon told Ishimaru bj stands for “Big Jet” and said Mondo really wanted a big jet so ishimaru went over to Mondo and said “Kyoudai I’m gonna give you a bj one day!!” In front of everyone and Mondo almost died of embarrassment

I saw after a long day Ishimaru likes to strip down and just sleep. So after a long hard day of being a hall monitor Ishimaru didn’t feel like putting his pajammies on so he just stripped down and slept but then Mondo came in and laid beside him and he’s like “Hey kyoudai” and Ishi just starts blushing really hard and says “Kyoudai I’m not wearing anything..” and Mondo just rolls of the bed and rolls under it and has a blush attack (and for some of you I’ll let your imagination see how it plays out from there)

Mondo and Ishimaru watched some scary movie and Ishimaru almost choked Mondo from from hugging him really tight

Everytime Ishimaru tries to help Mondo study they end up trying not to do a bunch of cute shit with each other

Mondo gives ishimaru eskimo kisses a lot

Once Ishi and Mondo bought a big thing of cotton candy and shared it

Ishimaru sneezes like a kitten and Mondo thinks it’s really cute

Ishimaru and Mondo watched old yeller and cried really hard with each other

Fukawa wrote a bunch of dirty ishimondo fanfiction and they both found it and read it and blushed really hard

Mondo tried to make ishimaru cookies bit ended up burning them but Ishimaru ate them anyway

Ishimaru wore a bunny suit on Easter and it made Mondo almost die of cuteness

Ishimaru and Mondo shared a bowl of spaghetti and ended up sucking on the same noodle and kissed like the lady in the tramp movie

Everytime ishi and Mondo pass the butter at the store Ishimaru starts crying

Ishimaru and Mondo went star gazing once and they saw a shooting star and Ishimaru said “Make a wish kyoudai!” And Mondo says “My wish already came true..I’m with you” and gives him a little kiss and Ishimaru tears up a bit from the happiness
(I’m proud of this one)

Ishimaru and Mondo watched the fireworks together on the 4th of July and There was one that made a really loud boom noise and Ishi got scared to Mondo cuddled him

Ishimaru made a dog that looked like Chuck at build a bear and gave it to Mondo and he almost cried

Ishimaru and Mondo switched clothes and they imitated each other and Mondo didn’t mean to but when he was pretending to be ishi he said some pretty rude things without realizing it and Ishimaru started crying

Ishimaru tried to make a couple barbie dolls look like him and Mondo so they could play together

Ishimaru watched the Titanic with Mondo and started sobbing at the end

Ishimaru made a chart of everyday Mondo went a day without swearing and if he reaches 10 days he’ll take him to a motorcycle race or something

Chihiro gave Ishimaru the lyrics to a sex song and told him to sing it in front of everyone and Ishimaru didn’t mind cuz he didn’t understand what it was about so he said something like “This song goes out to my kyoudai!” And he sang it and Mondo just stood there face totally red the whole time

Ishimaru and Sayaka put on a show and Ishimaru plays the recorder and Sayaka plays the tambourine and when they’re done Ishimaru thought he sucked compared to Sayaka but Mondo just tells him how great he was
(Even though they both sucked)

Mondo bought a Wii and got Mario kart so him and Ishi decided to play it together and Mondo beats Ishi like 10 times in a row and Ishimaru cries

Ishimaru thinks there’s a monster under his bed so Mondo has to pretend to scare it away every night

Ishimaru once dressed up as a maid and shows Mondo and he has a nosebleed

Ishimaru and Mondo go to SeaWorld and they go to the dolphins and Ishimaru wants to feed one so they both go over to the place and Ishimaru falls in the water and starts crying and Mondo has to save him

The whole DR cast goes go the beach and when it’s nighttime Ishi and Mondo sits on the beach by the waves and draw each other and stuff in the sand

Ishimaru makes a little scrapbook of all their favorite moments and gives it to him for Christmas

Ishimaru and Mondo go on a date and Chihiro decides to be the third wheel and tags along

When Ishimaru and Mondo first kissed it was very awkward because Mondo’s hair kept getting in the way and they were both blushing pretty hard and they didn’t know when to stop

Ishimaru teaches Mondo how to make rice balls

Ishimaru cries over almost everything but Mondo’s always there to comfort him

Mondo and Ishimaru watched some movie and a sex scene came on and they both just looked away from each other and blushed really hard

Mondo tries to make Ishimaru chocolate for Valentine’s day but fails so Ishimaru helps him make some and they eat it together

Mondo goes really fast on his motorcycle sometimes just to make Ishi hold on tighter and so he can comfort him when the ride is over

Ishimaru and Mondo made out once and it was really really awkward and Ishimaru cried afterwards

Ishimaru sings you are my sunshine to Mondo and cries as he sings it

When they’re studying Ishimaru tends to ask Mondo questions to make sure he’s listening and everytime he gets a question right he gives him a kiss

Mondo gets ishimaru to play the pocky game with him and when they’re noses start touching ishimaru starts blushing like crazy but Mondo ends up breaking the pocky and Ishimaru just kisses him

Ishimaru sees Mondo slide down the stair rail and wants to show him he’s cool so he tries it but ends up falling off half way and gets a bunch of cuts and starts crying so Mondo takes him home and takes care if him

Ishimaru and Mondo go out in the snow at night time and look at all the Christmas lights and stuff

Ishimaru finds some mini doll thing and shows Mondo and he’s like “Kyoudai look! Isn’t this doll the cutest thing you’ve ever seen?” and Mondo says “No” and Ishimaru asks “…what is then?” And Mondo gives him a little kiss and says “I’m looking at him right now” and Ishi just blushes like crazy and almost cries

BTS reaction| their s/o falling asleep in their lap

A/N:what is up sorry ive been hiding work has been killing me,but I’m back.


Joon would be rambling about something you didn’t know anything about,so when he looked down to see you sleeping he would sigh out of annoyance then carry you to bed trying to not wake you up (ends up dropping you)

“Really (y/n)……”

Originally posted by rapnamu


You and Jin would be watching some princess movie, he would be getting angry at some of the parts in it and when he went to ask for your opinion and he saw you asleep he would be annoyed because he needs your opinion on the character.

“(y/n) how could you be sleeping this is an important matter!” “Jin leave Elsa alone”

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He would have agreed to watch your favorite drama with you although he clearly didn’t want to, when he saw you asleep he would be annoyed, but turn soft at the sight of you

“Really (y/n),you are the one who wanted to watch this…I guess you are pretty cute”

Originally posted by yoonmin

Hoseok/J hope:

Hobi would’ve gotten home late from dance practice and would want to just spend time with you, so when you guys snuggled up on the couch and he told you about his day he would hear little snores and look down to see you sleeping. He would fan girl completely and wake you up.

“You are so cute, its official I have the cutest s/o ever, hear that (y/n)” “yes I do, and you are cute too, can we go to bed now”

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Jimin would be watching some tv show with you after he got back from the studio he would snuggle up next to you. Seeing that you fell asleep he would be so happy and turn into a soft little mochi and completely smother you with kisses and snuggle you.

“My princess is so beautiful”

Originally posted by bangtan


You guys would’ve been laying on the couch and he would be showing you funny videos, but as soon as he stopped hearing you laugh he would ask you what’s wrong, then see you sleeping and fan girl waking you up in the process

“(y/n) are you okay?” “YOU ARE THE CUTEST THING EVER”

Originally posted by rapnamu


He would be playing some game, he would be confused on why you wanted to lay next to him, but by the time the round was over he would see you sleeping and he would have that bunny smile and bring you to bed.
“(y/n) do you want to get pizza…ahhh you’re so pretty”

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