these last few weeks have been so painful in the anime


Pics from the past few days. Have been busy but shown here is from when I went to the library & also of the layers of a photoshop poster thing I’ve been working on. The food I ate this week has been considerably less crappy than the stuff I ate last week so there has been progress in my quest of not being an actual human trash can???? Once things settle down more I’m hoping I’ll get some more free time (and motivation lol)(like all ive done lately when not doing work is stretching or watching anime. why.) to work on german and also maybe look into some type of coding project. I also need to look into getting either a different laptop or maybe a dual boot system tablet in the future but that’s at the bottom of my priorities because ill be able to survive until i completely kill the tech i currently have but also $$$$. speaking of money, trying to balance hours in class vs hours spent working or volunteering pains me. i complain about not having free time right now but i am seriously worried for my future. thank you for reading this ramble. stay tuned for more sporadic posts am i right