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not to be a debby downer or a salty sally but if Taylor wanted to meet “as many of us as she can” why is she asking people to pay a decent amount of $$ to fly across the world when she, a multi millionaire, could fly here instead and meet more? like yes OBVIOUSLY I am so grateful for what she does and the whole concept of the secret sessions BLOWS MY MIND LIKE SHE ACTUALLY DOES THAT but like how can she expect us to drop EVERYTHING and fly to America? it’s so much time and money? I’m just ?? 


Dua Lipa + Treat People With Kindness

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I just wanted to let you know that i look up to you. Ya see. My parents kinda dont understand or like the whole trans thing so it sucks for me. But when i see you posting i get really happy because you give me hope. Sorry for the long ask. I hope you have a great day.

Hey there!!! Omg this makes me feel??? sO GOOD??? fuck im so glad my lame tumblr where i mostly talk about being gay for dirk is able to help you out!!!!

A thing about being trans that I think about a lot is how people always talk about how it’s “never going to go away.” like. “lol are u sure u want to make this Decision to be trans??? its going to Haunt you for the Rest Of Your Life, and never go away, are you suuuure???” and ok im sure all of us here can understand why its not a decision and also not a ghost cause ghosts r the only things that have any business haunting my ass. But the fact of the matter is thats RIGHT, it DOESNT ever go away, like of course it doesnt go away. what kind of logic is that. What does happen is that it gets so much better!!!!!!!!!! I think a lot of parents don’t understand that, because we get to know other trans people and see other trans people grow and be happy and successful. But if your parents aren’t exposed to the Gay Medias, they never get to see that. and they may even think trans people dont exist in the real world. :(((( I remember before coming out I was so terrified my parents would not understand and tell me it was a phase and stuff (which didnt happen thank god my parents rock u guys) but like??? no matter how much they like to think they do, your parents dont actually know you better than you do. YOU know you best. cause u spend 24 hours a day being yourself every single day, u know???

anyways WHOOPS I RAMBLED but i just wanted to say this is so sweet and i think its so important to have hope and remember that like!!!! the trans experience is not perpetual invalidation and shitty parents!!! there are other great things in store for you like happiness and fuckin uhhhh, all the cool friends u will meet over the course of your Whole Life. hope is real and i love good things. that is all I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ANON!!!!!!!!!

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I love all your kanas but Iago!Kana is my favourite. I just wonder how Corrin and Iago interact even if their married Iago is still kind of well... Iago... Do they kind of get along just for Kana's sake? Sorry if it is a weird ask.

I can’t believe it, I’ve drawn the boy only twice and yet he has a fan. Amazing.

I don’t really know how to answer. This isn’t really a ship I ship and it’s not a pairing I’d really think much about. Not my thing. I drew the Kana cause I got a couple asks but other than that… yeah, not my thing. Sorry about that jahfkjahf

harry being himself is not an invitation for you to sexually assault him harry being himself is not an invitation for you to sexually assault him harry being himself is not an invitation for you to sexually assault him harry being himself is not an invitation for you to sexually assault him harry being himself is not an invitation for you to sexually assault him

!! harry being himself is not an invitation for you to sexually assault him !!

The Shadow Lord planned that the Isle of the Dead would be the penultimate stop for the prophesied king who would try to destroy the Sisters. And it planned that the final ‘warning stone’ would not be a warning at all, but a goading dare

So really, Doran is the final warning- a warning about what happens to those who try to stop the Shadow Lord. Not only will they fail, they will bring about the exact opposite of what they set out to do

When Doran defied the Shadow Lord, he became the unwilling protector of the very thing he wanted to destroy. Now, Lief will become the unwilling destroyer of the very thing he always wanted to protect: Deltora, and its people

“jaime and brienne would never be happy together because jaime would try to force her into a conventional feminine role!!!”

dude, jaime didn’t give her a valyrian steel sword so she could make him a sandwich with it

I just want everyone to know that I’m wearing my ‘Treat People With Kindness’ shirt today and when I was leaving the hotel this morning and waiting for my car a man waiting near me turned and said “I really like your shirt. We need more of that.” And then when my car came, he literally watched me get in and then closed my door for me. And my HEART IS JUST SO FULL because that’s what it’s all about you know?? Harry’s gonna have thousands of people walking around with those shirts on and it kind of feels like if you can get even one person to pause for a minute to consider how they can put a little more kindness out there–hold a door, give a compliment, make someone’s day–then that’s a really big thing. But Harry’s using his platform to get that reminder to so many people around the world everyday and I just think that’s so amazing and I’m so proud!!

“You’re beautiful when your eyes light up talking about the things you like.
You’re beautiful when you protect your values and opinions, while respecting those of others.
You’re beautiful when you offer your help to people in need of love.

You’re beautiful when you try to make people laugh cause you’re scared they may have a bad time.
You’re beautiful when you smile in front of everybody even if it seems like there’s no reason to smile.
You’re beautiful when you tell yourself that everything’s gonna be alright.
You’re beautiful when you give a concert while doing housework. Choreography included.

You’re beautiful when you sleep in a weird position.

You’re beautiful when you eat a lot of food from all the nervousness.

You’re beautiful when you look at the sky and tell your friends ‘Look at the clouds!’ ‘Look at the moon!’ 'Look at the stars!’ People tend to forget about the meaning of genuine beauty.
You’re beautiful cause you exist, cause you are alive.

You’re not alone and remember these words: you are worth it.
Cause you’re true and gentle, darling.
A gift.

This is who you are.”