these kinds of characters are precious gems


gemsona week gemsona week i made one!!!

this is angel aura quartz

this specific kind of quartz is made from fusing platinum and silver at a super high temperature and pressure. i kind of wanted her to be a semi-permanent fusion like garnet tbh ;; ;; (with her being made of Platinum and Silver, who arent really gems but precious metals anyways, idc. she has her head turned but theres another gem under her other eye.)

its also associated with healing energy and protection, so she uses energy shields as a defensive and offensive weapon.

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So, what is Steven's Universe? I've seen bits and pieces about it around Tumblr, it does look interesting and I want to know more on it and I find hear other people's opinions on shows to be more helpful than just looking it up.

im glad you asked, my friend! I only just recently got into it, but the basic just of it is that our main character is a half human-half Gem kid, Steven (he’s precious) and the three gems that look after him (because his mom was a gem and had to give up her physical form to have him) all call themselves (along with steven) the ‘Crystal Gems’, which is really just a title for ‘Gems who decided to protect the earth from other gems’. Since the gems are an alien race, you know, and im assuming they kind of want to invade earth and take it over and ~finish what they started~, dun dun duuunn, and shenanigans ensue for some episodes but let me tell you, when this show wants to be intense, it gets INTENSE.

non-story wise, it’s a great show with gorgeous visuals and character design, with lots of female/non-binary representation with each their own unique body type and distinct, lovable personalities. In the most recent episode, a queer relationship was confirmed too so yay!

pls watch it, you will not regret 

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connie from su

How I feel about this character:
I think she’s super precious!! The way she acts around her family and her love of books reminds me a lot of myself around that age, but she’s a lot better at speaking her mind than I was, so I kind of admire her as a character for that.

All the people I ship romantically with this character:
•Literally no one else just Steven forever

My non-romantic OTP for this character:
Connie and Pearl!!!! I think they would get along really well, and Connie would enjoy hearing about Gem history from Pearl. Also Pearl might be interested in learning more about human culture from her!! It would be so cute.

My unpopular opinion about this character:
She reminds me of Jade. From homestuck. It’s a big problem and I need to stop but it’s almost impossible they’re so similar

One thing I wish would happen / had happened with this character in canon:

I wish there was some sort of story arc that focused on her ability to unravel plots based on her knowledge of literature. Like, she has read so many books that she can spot conspiracies and links between events and ends up exposing some big master plan and the Gems are so impressed and Garnet asks is she has future vision too and she finally feels like she has a superpower of her own and is a part of everything I love Connie

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( y o u ???????? I'M ACTUALLY FLAILING LIKE WHAT THE HELL you just. you made my day. thank you for your kind words oh go sh. you're such a cutie. dsjgjkds oh man uhm !! i'd love to do a thing with you, to be honest. sakura is one of my favourite characters ever & you just... wow. i love your portrayal. i'm just so glad you like my oc like -- oh man, fksjghdksj. i'm speechless. let me love you forever because man you are too cute for wor d s ju st ??? smo och es u w u )

   braces myself. 

proceeds to cry over this.
    Oh my gosh!!! I!!! No,no, you made my entire week. I’m going to cry, you are so endearing and sweet and you deserve to be pampered and loved. I just. You are the stars, your brilliance never fades and is eternal. I can’t say how much this means and I’m speechless because when people are just so capable of writing such amazing OCs. Just. Holds you forever. I would love to write with you, nothing would make me happier.