these kids were the best part of the movie

I really don’t know if I can express this well.

The Bionicle franchise as it used to be was such an incredibly well thought out and developed universe, arguably one of the best I’ve seen. Very select few people really seem to know about it, it was after all just a Lego power ranger-type toy line with an island theme. But the toys were only a small part of the stuff for me, even as a little kid. The rest was the lore and and the fucking amazing comics. I wouldn’t have cared as much about them without monthly comics tbfh. And the movies, while not following the story to 100% comic book canon, are still such great stories and amazing works of art.

It’s kinda hard to explain to other people though because if you grew up with it but never really delved into the lore, I could probably explain what’s going on and you’d be like “Okay that makes a mite of sense,” but if you never had that experience it would literally just be “wat.”

I honestly hold my lore and storytelling, (and sometimes other people’s too haha,) and even if I were to consider only small parts of Bionicle’s lore, it doesn’t even begin to compare. The universe is so beautifully constructed, the characters follow certain patterns but are all still unique and interesting, and the idea is still so fresh and fun even today.

Holy fucking shit though it’s fucking 15 years old wat

This Means War

Prompt: AU where Dean and Sam have been best friends since they were kids and have never let anything stand between them. That is until they both meet a girl they really like, later finding out it’s actually the same woman they’re seeing.

Character: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader
Reader Gender: female
Word Count: 3097
Warnings: Language, idrk what else.

A/N: Before anyone says anything, yes, it is based on the movie. I’ve made my own little adaptation of it bc I just wanted to see this happen to Sam and Dean. Plus, the storyline is pretty fun to write. This is part one, a sort of introduction. More parts to follow if anyone’s interested, just lmk.

Part 2

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He Cheats- Ashton Irwin Imagine Part 2

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Part 3? 

“You can stay here on the couch with me, I mean, if you want.” Michael told you. Michael was one of your best friends, Ashton always didn’t like you hanging around him, but you didn’t care. Michael was always the one to help you when you were upset, when Ashton wasn’t around. “I don’t want to be any trouble Mikey.” You say sweetly. Michael knitted his eyebrows. “Y/n, are you kidding me?” Michael said slightly aggravated. “You are never a bother to me, you know that.” He explained. You smiled lightly. You and Mikey sat around watching movies, when Michael paused the film you were watching. He scooted closer to you, and put your arm around you. You stood there still. “Do you think you’re going to get back together?” Mikey asked once again. “I don’t know Mike, I want to.” You say. “What do you see in him, anyway? I know me and him are best friends, but I could treat you better, just saying.” Michael confessed. Mikey looked into your eyes. There were times where he looked at you, but this time it was different, he looked in love. You were confused when Michael closed his eyes, and softly placed a kiss onto your lips. You kissed him back, it was full of passion. His lips became dominant over yours, until you slowly pulled away. Michael looked at you in shock, realizing, what he just did. “Y/n.. I’m so sorry.” He wiped his lips, as his cheeks turned into a deep shade of red. “Mikey-” “Save it y/n. I know you still love Ashton, I know that. I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it. You are so beautiful, and you looked so sad, I… I don’t know.” Michael said as he ran his fingers through his vibrant hair in frustration. “Michael, it’s alright, don’t beat yourself over it, please.” You said. “I know you didn’t mean it to be like that.” You smiled at him. “It makes me so mad, you’re such a beautiful kind-hearted girl, and Ashton just walked all over you, and treated you like shit.” He yelled. You grabbed his hand. “Mike, it’s alright, I’m so confused right now. I just need some time to think.” You grinned. “Just forget about that kiss, if you’re going to be happy with Ashton, be happy with him. That’s all I want. For you to be happy.” He said. “Thank you, Mikey.” You said, kissing his cheek lightly. “Thank you for being the best.” You smile at him. Michael wrapped his arm around your waist, while you checked your timeline on Twitter. Your whole phone blew up with Ashton cheating on you. You sat there in shock. Michael reminded you not to think about them, and just to worry about your happiness. Michael was always so good to you, which is one of the reasons you were so happy to have him in your life. All of a sudden, Ashton walked into the apartment, of course it was still his. “What are you still doing here?” Ashton asked Michael. “Being a good guy, and caring about the well-being of my friend, because her asshole boyfriend cheated on her.” Michael yelled. “Mate, don’t start-” “No, Ashton. You’ve hurt Y/n, more than you’ll ever know. She’s been here, upset for the past week, and you didn’t even think to ask if she was okay, better yet apologize. Hope you don’t take offence to this, but she’s a beautiful girl, with a beautiful mind, and you just threw it away for some girl you met a club. That’s low Ash. Really low.” You stood there in shock. “You should date her then, if you like her beautiful mind so much.” Ashton spat. “Maybe I will.” Michael said.

Part  3