these kids went running by


‪Three letters, three stories that you just know are still going to be angrily told and re-told come Christmas dinner.

In 2024. ‬

As the smile fell from my face, I fell with it
You’ve made me blue
It’s not fair, how can you just quit?
Please tell me, what else can I do?

Yeah, the truth is that you’re sorry
And you told me not to worry
I feel like some dumb kid
Trying to kid myself
That we would last forever

Then you went running, what’s your hurry?
And I’m still hoping every morning
That you’ll start to miss every part of this
And change your mind; however

You didn’t wanna settle down
I got my hopes up, prayed for hours
But still you left without a sound
Now I’m a lost boy
Because you’re not around
—  what am i waiting for? someone could love me more.
inspired by: “lost boy” by troye sivan
(cc, 2017)

Haunted House- A BATIM Fic

I saw a post about this on @doodledrawsthings feed and I couldn’t help myself. My favorite ink demon and my favorite holiday? Together? It was too good to pass up! That being said apologies in advance to all the lovely people named Mick out there, it just sounded like the douchiest name I could think of while I was writing, but it is not a reflection on you. Once again this takes place in Doodles’ Hell’s Studio AU. Some mild swearing, but that’s about it. Enjoy!

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She was sitting on the couch, right next to me, her legs crossed and a sushi take away tray resting on her thighs. She kept trying to eat it with the chopsticks, sinking the bottom of the sushi piece in the soy sauce before putting it into her mouth. She missed a couple of them, but she had more experience using the chopsticks than I would ever have. Her laugh lightened the whole room. She was telling me things about her crazy day, about how there was a school visit in her museum and kids went nuts running down the hallways because they were bored with their teacher’s explanations. She also told me how she handled the situation by offering the teacher to do the guided tour herself instead of having him deal with that and explained the children interesting facts about the art collections that were hanging on the walls. She’d always loved kids and she knew that the right person could bring up the interest in art in them, since in her opinion it was something that had always been underrated. She looked beautiful, wearing comfy clothes, with her hair tied up in a messy bun and those big black glasses that gave her that sexy touch. I picked the sushi tray up from her lap and placed it on the table before asking her to turn around. My hand massaged the soft exposed skin that her oversized sweatshirt, which had fallen down her shoulder, allowed me to see. Soon, both of my hands were working on her shoulders and the back of her neck, trying to ease the tension of a really long day. She let out a moan and I could feel it in my cock. Fuck. She was so beautiful and sexy, and she didn’t even know. I brushed away a few locks of hair that escaped from her bun at the back of her neck and then I gave her a kiss there. She moaned again. I left a trail of kisses from the back of her neck to the side of it, going up to her jaw and behind her ear. Unconsciously she leaned towards me as I kept kissing her and I nibbled in her ear, which sent a shiver down her spine. Lust, desire, need… love. That’s what I saw in her gaze when she turned around to face me. Her lips were on mine before I could even think about kissing her and her hands got tangled in my hair. She used to like my long hair, but she seemed to have learned to love my short hair. She tugged softly the ends of it, making me roll my head back, giving her a better access to my mouth as she straddled me.

She was everything I could see, everything I could feel.

She was everywhere; she was everything.

Tongues, teeth, hands, skin, clothes that were starting to become useless, everything melting together and mixing with the sweet taste of her lips and the even sweeter smell of her perfume.

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if jungkook went to high school in america he’d be the kid that runs cross country but never talks to anyone and got his phone taken for listening to asking alexandria in class

You Belong

Originally posted by danks-gif

Summary: You didn’t feel like an Andrew, or a normal kid. And when you fell for Jughead, you felt even more confused. But turning to your twin might help you find yourself.

A/N: A sad, yet happy imagine for @glitterytreewombat

Pairing: Twin!Archie x reader

Warnings: Insecurity, sadness, cute family time

The sun shined into your room, peeking through your thin sheets and illuminating your eyes. You let out a rough groan, throwing the sheets off your chilled body and slowly sat up in bed, stretching. You heard Archie through the walls strumming his guitar, and you heard Jughead giving him advice on the lyrics.

The clock across the room went buzzing off, reminding you to stop thinking and get up for the day. You hesitantly put your feet on the cold, wooden floor and you sulked over the alarm, slamming down on the mute button.

Jughead’s laugh echoed through the walls and your heart fluttered at the melody. Recently, your crush for him grew strong, and him staying in your house isn’t helping. You went into your closet and grabbed an oversized sweater, skinny jeans and a pair of sneakers.

As you pulled your hair up to get out of your face, Archie knocked on the door.

“Hey, (Y/N), we are leaving soon.”

You grabbed your bag and whipped open the door, looking up at Archie. Of course, he was older and taller than you.


He smirked and turned on his heel, walking down the stairs. You throw the bag over your shoulder and walked down, seeing Jughead at the door, watching you. You gave him a warm smile and he returned a small one as he opened the door. A gust of cold air flew into the house and you all shivered. 

Running to Jughead’s truck, you hopped in the middle seat. Jughead drove and Archie was on the passenger side.

“So (Y/N), Jug and I won’t be home tonight. We are gonna be working on the Blue and Gold, then I have football, and after we’ll be at Pop’s hanging out with everyone. Are you gonna be home?”

You sighed, nodding. Archie always had plans, he was always busy. He was constantly with friends, and he was never lonely. Archie was talented, athletic, a lady’s man. You were just book smart and quiet. Everyday, when Archie told you his day plans, you mentally compared yourself to him. 

When Jug pulled up to the school, you and Archie hopped out of the truck. While you three typically walk into school together, you raced inside, avoiding icy patches on the sidewalk. This day was already going to be horrible.

Throughout the day, you saw Archie with his friends. Around his locker, in his class, at lunch. It gave you a burning pit of jealousy in your gut. When the final bell rang, you walked out of your final class. The hallway was packed with kids running to busses and you went to your locker to grab books. As you closed the locker door, you saw Jughead and Betty walking in the hallway. Their hands were clasped together, and Betty was leaning in to give Jughead a kiss. 

Before they could meet, you turned on your heel and ran out down the stairs and out of the school. It began to snow heavily and you kept running. Slipping on patches of ice wasn’t a concern. Hot tears slowly fell from your eyes, and thoughts were appearing in your head with every painfully cold breath you breathed out.

Why did I have no friends? Are Archie and I really that different? Why did Jughead have to be so cute? Am I undateable? Am I adopted?

When you got back home, your nose was red and running. You shook from the cold and you walked inside. Vegas greeted you at the door, licking the snow from your shoes. You shoved your bag and books onto the floor and you walked into the living room. A picture of you and Archie as kids was hanging on the wall and you took it from the wall, holding it in your hands and running your finger over your faces. 

Falling back onto the couch, you sat and stared. Tears fell onto the glass and dripped down the glass. The door opened and Archie walked inside. He looked up for a second to look at you and then kept walking past.

“Sorry, I forgot my football gear.”

He went through the living room to grab his gym bag and he turned around to face you. When he saw your tears, the bag fell from his hands and he grabbed a blanket, throwing it over your body. He sat down next to you on the couch, a hand rubbing your back.

“What’s wrong?”

You sniffled and let out a few slight sobs.

“How are you so happy? So, busy? Why are you the Andrew’s kid who everyone likes and remembers? What’s so different about me that makes me nothing compared to you?”

Archie let out a sigh, shaking his head.

“Are you kidding? All I hear from the teachers is comparisons of me to you. They always ask why you got a 100 while I got a 75. Even dad asks why I can’t be as ‘well behaved’ as you, (Y/N). You’re amazing and you need to believe it.”

You wiped your eyes and looked at Archie.

“Then why can’t I believe it?”

“I can’t tell you. But, I can show you how amazing you are.”

And that’s what he did.

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One time our neighboring rival high school had a HUGE WWE level fight. First, a huge brawl broke out in the lobby. Everyone was trying to beat each other up. Then, there was a string of small, individual fights all over the school. Then, the school went into lockdown and kids went running through the halls screaming, trying to freak people out. There were tons of police cars and even helicopters. All the other schools went into code orange and a new rule about not leaving class ever was made :/

that’s wild is this even real

Barrio Slums and More Ch.2

Click Here for Chapter 1

Let me know if you need translations! – Feedback appreciated!!! – edits and fanart too!!!

Watching everyone rushing to make food and set the table couldn’t be more painful. Lance felt like he was falling apart and he couldn’t show it. He couldn’t bring himself to disappoint them.

He’d rehearsed so many times. As he worked on his mom’s car, as he showered, as he got dressed, and as he watched. But it never made it easier. Not once, did it feel like he could tell them without bile rising up in his throat.

His little cousins were running around the adults, being ushered out to the front yard, but they were too hyped to listen. Suddenly, his cousin Lily shrieked and began bawling. “Guys, give her back her doll,” Lance scolded the two twins that were her older brothers. “You know how she gets, and unless you want me to tell Tia Carla what you did-”

“Ugh, Lance you’re the same as before you went to college,” Jose grumbled, tossing back the doll.

“Just go back to college,” Jesus, the other, muttered, sticking his tongue out. They ran out, screaming after their other cousins.

Lance sighed and mumbled, “Wish I could, buddy.” He went to be sure the kids weren’t fighting. The boys were running, and the girls were playing with dolls. Until Lance’s brother, Miguel, decided to pull their cousin Rosa’s pigtail and began a gender war of tag. He shook his head and turned back to look at the house. His tios were drinking, claiming to toast to them. His tias and his mom were cooking, gossiping in Spanish. His Papo was asleep on the couch with a cup of soda in his hand. His buela was cleaning, setting out a new mantel for the table.

It was too much. It was way too much. Despite the humid heat, Lance left the house and went to the back where the dogs were. At his Papo’s house, they had a chicken coop. Lance hated those chickens. He could still hear the shrieks of laughter and anger from the kids in the front, but from where he stood, Lance could close his eyes and pretend that it was a normal day. That he wasn’t about to drop the worst news in months to his family. That he wasn’t about to explain what a failure he was, and how he didn’t deserve anything they were doing for him.

He could pretend he had never gone to college, that it was last summer and he was filled with hope to envision all the possibilities the future would bring. He was still Lance, the jokester, the fun cousin, the fun brother, the troublemaking son, the smart one.

Lance!” one of his tias called. “Your friend is here!” Lance frowned and went inside, surprised to see Keith at his front door with his tios and tias and mother and buela surrounding him, inviting him, offering things, asking him questions.

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The pet store I work at has a self-serve dog wash. The owners are supplied with shampoo, brushes, towels, a velocity dryer, etc. and we clean up the mess afterwards. Pretty sweet deal for $10. I was cleaning the left tub when a family with five kids comes in wanting to use the right tub. The kids are already loud and kind of obnoxious but there are no other animals in the store they could startle so I grit my teeth, greet them, and go back to hosing out the tub. The tubs are raised, so there are tiled steps for the owners to walk the bigger dogs up to get into the tub. I watched as one of the younger kids, maybe 5 or 6, went running up the stairs and preceeded to stomp around on the small landing, right in front of the caution sign warning the tile is slippery when wet.

I summon all my strength and say as cheerfully as possible something along the lines of: “Hey, bud, it’s pretty slippery up there from the last dog. Mind coming down? I don’t want you to fall.” While simultaneously thinking to myself that a pet store is not a fucking playground.

The mom turned to me and snapped at me that it “isn’t my job to parent him” and then proceeded to let the kid climb into the bathtub with the already stressed out dog and bounce around.

I gave up and went to the back even though I knew for damn sure if the kid slipped and cracked his head open the depths of hell would open up on us from that women. Maybe I’m just trying to keep your kid sade so he doesn’t end up with a head injury? Some fucking people.

There’s so many other things to write about than unrequited love.

Lucinda Williams

The One After Her: A Criminal Minds Fan-fiction

Featuring: Spencer Reid x Female Reader       Setting: Season 10

A/N: Reader is a writer trope, but wouldn’t our boy love someone who could create worlds for him to hide in? Also there is some awkward intimacy stuff, not smutty though. xoxo Stu

You had fallen in a blur. There was this tall soothing man with a bundle of curls on top of his head looking down at you and suddenly you had forgotten how to speak. His lips were very expressive though his eyes were tired. You remember wanting to brush his hair out of his face. Then he scrunched up his nose and you just about sighed, right there in front of everyone. Everyone being a group of strangers in business attire all mulling around the lobby to your apartment complex.

There had been some sort of crime, you knew because there were police at every entrance. Slowly you righted yourself and remembered to breathe, then how to form words. “Forgive my clumsiness, uhm, thanks!” You waved, ducking your head down as you headed to the elevators.

“Miss? I think you dropped this as well.” The lean man called to you, well at least you still looked young enough to earn a ‘Miss’. You sighed, the blush still warm on your cheeks. You turned slowly and took a short step towards him as he had crossed the tiled floor in about two easy strides.

He had your moleskin that you kept on you at all times, constantly refilling with new inserts as the pages filled with your ramblings. “Couldn’t have lost that now could I?” You hugged the notebook to your heart. “Thank you, really, you saved worlds.”

His kind face twisted into a thoughtful glance. “How do you mean?”

“Oh, don’t mind me. I just write a lot, so I tend to be a little possessive when it comes to my stories and a great deal awkward when it comes to human interaction apparently.”

“What kind of stories do you write?” The man’s dark eyes were gently curious, his mouth seemed to have extra abilities than any other mouth could maneuver.

“Fantasy, mostly. All fiction, besides the poetry, which is half fiction half non-sense.”

“Wow, well, I love poetry actually. Fantasy too. I am happy to save your work.” He stood relaxed, his hands in his pockets. “Do you know what Ginsberg said about poetry?” You tucked a strand of hair behind your ear, despite the fact that you knew it would fall again at the lightest twist of your neck; you shook your head in response. “‘Poetry is the one place where people can speak their original human mind. It is the outlet for people to say in public what is known in private.’

“He was a true master, wasn’t he? Thank you, again.” You didn’t want to continue back to your quiet, lonely apartment. “Can I ask what you all are doing here?”

His lips wrapped in on themselves as he thought. “Well, we’re here because we’re investigating a kidnapping.” He paused as your eyes bulged slightly, pulling your purse strap absentmindedly. “Um, I’m Dr. Spencer Reid, I’m with the FBI. If you could act like we are talking about the case instead of visiting, that would make me look a lot more professional than how unprepared I feel for chasing after an attractive woman.”

And there the words went again. Your mouth was open, so you closed that. Okay, now what else was there to do? Acknowledge the compliment, Y/N. Right, open mouth and speak to the handsome doctor. Speak. Speak now.

“Uh, so, uh, Doctor? I don’t,” You were stammering and he seemed just as mortified as you felt. “Do you, need to get back to work, because I think, I think you have me confused for someone else. Is, you’re not being funny are you?”

“No, not intentionally. And I feel like I can take charming off of my resume as well,” he mumbled. Spencer’s long fingers finally brushed the strand of hair out of his face. They looked like they could build symphonies. You smiled weakly at his self-deprecation. “May I have your name?”

“I’m Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N. It is surprisingly nice to meet you Dr. Reid.” You finally tucked your notebook into your bag, trying to find something to do with your hands.

“The pleasure is all mine.” He blushed.

That was it, you had fallen twice in a matter of moments. Spencer took your information while pretending to question you about the man on the second floor, while you lived peacefully on the seventh. He mentioned in a rush that he would love to take you to a poetry reading at a coffeehouse he frequented. You just nodded, unable to be sure of your voice again. He called you the next day.

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Daddy Dallas - Cameron Dallas fluff Imagine

‘Babe trust me I understand it’s work and you have to do it but you have been going on so many buisness trips these past few months and it’s hard without you here taking care of four kids and one on the way I just don’t know how you expect me to just be okay with it “ you said to your husband Cameron. “Y/n baby I promise this trip is literally one day and I come home tomorrow night okay I will be back and this is the last buisness trip I am going on this month “ Cameron reassured you taking a seat next to you gently massaging your shoulders . 

“Mommy “ Carson your 5 year old son screamed as he entered into your room “ yes baby’ you asked letting out a soft smile at the sight of his face “Elle broke my supeman toy I told her to stay away and she wouldn’t listen “ he threw the broken toy on the bed “Carson your sister is only 1 she doesn’t understand anything yet okay I’ll tell Elle to stay out of your room okay while your play you have plenty of other action figurs to play with” you responded laying back down on the bed taking a deep sigh. ‘I’ll get Elle now ‘ Cameron offered as he left the room to grab Elle. 

You were left in the room alone for the first time in months you felt a rush of excitement for this tiny moment of relaxation. “Babe’ Cameron said as he entered the room holding Elle’s hand as she held her favorite stuffed dog “yes” you responded sitting up. ‘ I have an idea okay since you need a break you go to the spa and get a massage or whatever you want while I stay here and take care of the kids all day” Cameron said sweetly closing the door behind him so Elle couldn’t leave to bother her sibilings . 

“Really ?” You asked hopeful “yes baby go get ready and head out’ Cameron smiled giving you a sweet kiss “let me go check on them” he said letting out a slight chuckle before he picked up and Elle and was on his way to the kids. 

Cameron passed by your eldest sons room Christian he was only 8, “hey champ” Cameron said as he entered the room still holding Elle to see what Christian was up to “hey daddy “ Christian said focusing on the drawing he was trying to complete. “What you up to ?” Cameron asked seeing Christians masterpiece “just drawing” he said casually as his tounge was pressed tightly in between his lips focusing on his drawing of a dog. 

“Your doing a great job show me it when it’s all done” Cameron said as he placed a kiss on Christians head. Cameron then left the room to go to the play room where hopefully the rest of the kids were. 

“Daddy” Chase rushed to Cameron to give him a sweet hug, Chase was the second to youngest he was only three and he was exactly like Cameron. “Hey buddy” Cameron said as he placed Elle down to play with the toys in the play room. “Come on Chase you have to be batman” Carson said holding out the batman toy. 

Elle was the only girl and the youngest child she was Daddy’s little girl and surprisingly the easiest of all the babies. 

“Are you guys hungry ?” Cameron asked the kid . “Daddy I hungry” Elle said tapping Cameron’s legs “okay how about I order pizza” Cameron offered all the kids responded with excitement and agreed “okay let me go get the menu to order”.

After finishing getting ready you took a deep sigh of relief and excitement, you spotted Cameron down the hallway. “Hey” you said as you wrapped your arms around his torso “hi beatiful” he said simply “I think I’m gonna head out now before the kids see me leaving” you said letting out a slight chuckle as you let go of Cameron’s torso “go enjoy your day have fun and don’t come home early” Cameron said giving you one last kiss before you left for your day at the spa. 

Cameron went to order the pizza after spending time with the kids in the play room. 

He entered to see Carson and Chase arguing over a random action figure. “what is going on here ?” Cameron questioned as he moved closer to the arguing boys “daddy Car he took my toy’ Chase whined “its not his toy it’s mine” Carson aruged. 

“Well it’s going to be no ones toy now because you guys need to learn how to share” Cameron said as he took the action figure from Carsons hand and placed it on the high shelf. 

“Daddy I poo poo” Elle said as she looked up at Cameron concerned Cameron chuckled as he picked Elle up taking her to the changing table. 

“How does someone so tiny poop so much” Cameron said in disgusted as he wiped Elle’s bum. Elle let out a simple laugh as she continued to babble on in words no one could ever make up what they meant. 

They rest of the day was spent with Cameron breaking up arguments , changing diapers , cleaning up messes , putting kids down for naps and taking toys away. But now it was nearly bed time and he had to bathe all the kids. 

“Come on Christian , Chase and Carson its bath time go pick out your pajamas and don’t forget your underwear” Cameron said as he went to the kids bathroom to start Christians shower and run Chase and Carson’s bath. 

“No bath daddy pweas” Chase said as he pouted “no Chase you stinky” Cameron teased “I no stinky” Chase said as he smelt his underarms. “Yes you do buddy” Cameron said pretending to sniff Chases underarms “okay daddy” Chase said simply exiting the bathroom to pick out his pajamas and underwear.

Christian was the first to return with his Pajams he quickly undressed and entered the shower, Chase soon returned and following after him was Carson. Elle was outside the bathroom watching her Tv show shimmer and shine with that show on the television she wouldn’t take her eyes off the screen. 

Cameron helped Chase undress and helped Carson when he needed it. 

“Boys no splashing” Cameron said sternly as he exited the bathroom to check on Elle “daddy look shine” she said as she flashed a wide smile to Cameron “yeah” Cameron responded joyfully as he took a seat on the couch until the boys were just about done. 

“Daddy”Chase called for Cameron, Cameron quickly sprun up to enter the bathroom “look my hair” Chase giggled, Chase had formed bubble in the shape of a Mohawk on top of his head “awesome” Cameron said “Daddy I’m done”Christian said as stepped out the shower grabbing the towel off the counter to dry himself “you can go get dressed and I’ll brush your hair after Im done with your brothers” Cameron said as he was washing the soap out of Chases hair. 

Christian nodded simply starting to dress himself. Cameron pulled the boys out of the tub dressing them individually after brushing all of their hairs. 

“Alright bedtime now let’s go” Cameron said the boys quickly listens and headed to their rooms. 

Christian had his own room since he was the oldest but Carson and Chase shared a room. Cameron went to give the boys a kiss goodnight and out on Netflix for them to watch as they drifted off to a sleep. 

“Now it’s your turn little one” Cameron said taking a deep sigh as he looked at a smirking Elle. 

He picked Elle up taking her to her bedroom to pick which pajams she liked best she of course chose her shimmer and shine pajamas. He ran her bath and sat on the toilet allowing her to play for a little bit. 

“Hey” you said as you leaned in the bathroom doorway. “Oh hey” Cameron said in shock “mommy” Elle cheered in the bath tub “baby” you said with a wide smile wanting to give Elle a big hug. 

“You ready to get out ?” Cameron asked Elle and she nodded. 

Cameron dressed Elle in her pajams and placed here in her crib that was in the master bedroom with a bottle of milk. 

“So how was it ?” You asked Cameron as your removed your jewelry. “Exhausting yet amazing” Cameron said chuckling “how was the spa?” He asked taking a seat in the toilet “amazing” you said removing your shirt. 

Cameron stood up taking his shirt off as well “well I’m glad you enjoyed it , thank you” Cameron said wrapping his arms around you “thank you?” You questiond “yes thank you for being such and amazing mother to our kids and taking care of them everyday” he said giving you a sweet kiss “well it’s my job” you responded with a smile “now let’s take a shower and head to bed” you said “yes pleas” Cameron responded . 

I hope you enjoyed this imagine let me know what you think! 

Love At First Video Part 13: Alone Time

Misha Collins x Reader

1400 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

It was amazing how watching a man get tackled by two small children, while laughing all the while could make your heart flutter. He had crouched low to the ground, his arms spread wide and as soon as his kids noticed him they went running, knocking him off of his feet. You stood there, your hands full of milk, a huge smile on your face, a weird longing sensation in your heart.

You knew what it was, and it scared you more than you wanted to admit. You wanted to be a part of this family. Not just as the babysitter and the girlfriend of Misha. But you would love to have a permanent part in this family, and that frightened you. You had only known them for such a short time, and you were afraid you were letting yourself fall too hard too fast.

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Last semester in my Microsoft Word class we were taking an exam, and the teacher makes all of us put our phones in the center of the room so we don’t cheat
Someone left the room without him looking so he went after
And this other trouble making kid comes running up to the phone table, we all think he’s gonna take his phone back.
He took his friend’s phone and aims the camera down his pants, taking like 3 pictures of his dick. So we’re all screaming and laughing about it, the friend is getting up and taking the phone
The dick kid goes sitting down, friend goes to the teacher when he gets back into the room and shows telling him
We didn’t see dick kid for a week and when he came back his head was shaved

EXO - Boyfriend!Chanyeol: Day Care Date.

Originally posted by xkagayama

Pairing: Boyfriend! Chanyeol X Inserted! Reader
Mentioned: KIDS.

Warnings: I tried making this really cute (cause Chanyeol and kids) , so either it’ll make you cringe alot or make your heart flutter just a little.

Genre: Fluff, drabble

Word Count: 532

Summary: You’re working part time today at a day care, your boyfriend Chanyeol joins you. A fun little ‘date’ with adorable and silly 5-8 year olds.

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anonymous asked:

Please can I have 40 & 68 for anyone really... thanks bunches, darling, I adore your work. 😘

Thank you so much, sweetie! Hope you enjoy this one, be sure to let me know :* 

Drabble challenge - 1K celebration

40. “The kids, they ambushed me.” 
68. “Run for it!”

Words: 1.046 (I’m pretty sure this doesn’t even count as a drabble, I’m learning, okay! haha) 

Bucky possessed many good qualities. Now that wasn’t to say that he was self-centered, no, it was more a general thing he knew about himself based on what Steve and the rest of the Avengers often told him. He was kind, loyal, a remarkable friend and one of his best features, if he were to say himself, was that he was always on time. Always.

Which was the reason as to why it pissed him off when others weren’t on time. And when he referred to others, he meant you.

You were never on time. Never. It was as if you didn’t understand the concept of time at all despite the at least million different watches you owned. You were the one who told Bucky to meet you at the park at 11. It was currently 11:16, and you were nowhere in sight. Rubbing his temples, he looked around the park trying to spot you but had no such luck. Leaning back on the bench, he took a deep breath, telling himself it was okay. Waiting wasn’t that bad. Even if you had promised, at least a million times, that you’d be there at 11 sharp. And not 17 minutes and 56 seconds later.  

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random little funny memories
  • When I was maybe eight, my class found a dead squirrel on our way to the school cafeteria and very solemnly launched a murder investigation that we all forgot about by the end of the day.

  • My granddad went to Ireland once to visit the area our family came from originally. (About half of us came over around the time of the potato famine and ended up on both sides of the Civil War. Heck of time to move, guys). He was sitting in a pub with his oldest son and oldest grandson and someone said “I heard your last name was (family name). You do sort of look it. Gotta ask, are any of you musical?” 
  • And of course my granddad has to answer yes, because pretty much every last one of us is. And the fellow says “Oh yeah, then you’re definitely (family name). It runs in the blood, you’re all musical. There’s a whole slew of you still here, if you want to meet them!”

  • One of the younger gym teachers knew how much the kids hated running laps every day, so he went around to all the tables at lunch and asked us all what kind of show tunes we wanted to run to. I solemnly told him “The Incredible Hulk”.
fuck customers who dont watch kids

i work at a thrift store chain, and we get a lot of…customers who aren’t very good people. or don’t do proper jobs watching their kids. one of which is a lady which comes in with her two young kids, probably 7 and 5. all of them speak perfect english (im in a very diverse area) and have no issue understanding what im saying.

two days ago they came in and she went to shop for 5+ hours and let her kids run amok. they camped in our furniture section, rendered various toys unsellable because they took out pieces and lost them, ran into customers, pulled down blankets, and made a mess of toys, including spreading plaster and paint EVERYWHERE.

it was terrible, they didnt leave until 2 minutes before we closed, and i made three announcements telling customers to keep their children with them. none of which were acknowledged. it took us an extra hour to clean up their mess and i just..ugh.

Hey! Listen!

After recent visits to some doctors I got annoyed. Again. I’m really sick of them not listening to me and drawing quick conclusions. I’m tired of hearing I have a lot of psychological and social problems, that I’m underweight and should eat more and I should see a psychologist and dietician. I’m tired of the majority of my symptoms being disregarded and most of all I’m tired of doctors, therapists and everyone else getting things the wrong way around.

Yes, I am depressed. No, my depression isn’t why I’m in pain

It baffles me that nobody even considers that maybe, just maybe, I am depressed because I’m always in pain. That the reason for my depression is that I’m not able to do the things I want to do, that every waking moment is a struggle and that I get judged for something beyond my control. Maybe I’m depressed because I can’t work towards my goals, because whenever I try to do something my body seems to fall apart. Maybe I’m depressed because nobody seems to believe me and just disregards the way I feel. Maybe I’m depressed because being sick is so incredibly lonely.

Yes, I have social problems. No, my social problems aren’t why I’m in pain

I feel uncomfortable around people. I will be the last to deny that. I don’t have many friends and I’m usually on my own. This again happens because I’m always sick and tired. My experiences are so vastly different from the people around me that they can’t relate to me and I can’t relate to them. Besides that I’ve been bullied, judged and called out on a regular basis by both peers and elders. I’ve been called lazy, ugly and fat (how ironic now I’m chronically underweight), I’ve been told I’m just faking it, seeking attention and I’m not trying hard enough. The list goes on.

Yes, I have anxiety. No, my anxiety is not why I “think” I’m in pain

I had pain and other problems a long time before I developed anxiety. My anxiety got triggered because I fell sick. Seemingly from one moment to the next I lost all my strength. I felt increasingly nauseous and assumed I came down with the flu and I would feel better in a few days. I didn’t. It took a month before I felt slightly better and two years before it was reasonably better. During these years I couldn’t sleep at night because of the nausea and pain, I couldn’t go out for long or at all because I wouldn’t be able to carry my own body and I was constantly afraid of my body giving up on me. This is why I developed anxiety. I have it under control more than ever now, but it still gets triggered when I’m in more pain than usual, I feel more sick than usual or I have to leave the house for a long time and can’t come back easily.

Yes, I had a traumatic childhood. No, childhood trauma is not why I’m in pain

I had many doctors telling me my pain is “very real” and they believed I felt it. Then they would explain that psychological problems and trauma can induce a permanent fight or flight resonse which prevents the body from healing and makes it think it’s in danger constantly, which would explaining my anxiety. I was also told this caused my nervous system to be overly sensitive for touch and pain. And they would assure me it explained “all” my symptoms. The problem I have with this is that I had symptoms before any traumatic events happened. I was born with hip problems, I struggled to run as a kid, I went to the doctor at a young age because of pains in my knee, dizzy spells and fainting. I also don’t believe any psychological problems will lead to scoliosis, flat feet, ankles which bend inwards, fingers which bend in weird ways, hips which are out of alignment, easy bruising, scarring, cracking joints, etc.

Yes, I don’t exercise much. No, my lack of exercise is not why I’m in pain

I always get asked what I do for exercise and often it’s not a whole lot. The immediate response I get is: “See, that is your problem!”. I would kindly remind those people that the reason I don’t exercise a lot is because it is difficult for me to move, my joints hurt and moving often causes me more pain. And it’s not a case of “you just need to push through and it will get better”. I’ve tried that. It didn’t work. The more I try to push through and go beyond my limits, the more pain I will have and it will go to the point I’m completely bedridden and might have to rest for weeks. Any “progress” I would have made will be completely gone and I’ll end up in a worse spot than before. I would also like to mention that just before I fell sick I would ride my bike to school every day, 10 km to school and 10 km back, 20 km a day and 100 km a week. I don’t think lack of exercise is the reason I fell sick.

Yes, I am underweight. No, my low weight isn’t the cause of my pain

I had a healthy weight growing up. I was pretty chubby at some point during my childhood. I only started to lose a lot of weight because I felt too sick to eat. At some point in my teens I was nauseated constantly. Whenever I would eat I would get such severe cramps I was in pure agony. I couldn’t eat more than a few bites a day and this lasted for a month before it got slightly better. Currently I still struggle with eating because I respond badly to a lot of food. I want to eat and I love food, but many things make me feel bloated or nauseous, give me cramps or headaches and cause all kinds of other “inconveniences”. I’m tired of hearing I have an eating disorder and I just have to eat more.

Yes, I am sick. No, I’m not trying to get attention

Anyone who really knows me knows I’m not the type of person to ask for attention. I’ve always been the one in the background. I’ve always been fine watching everything from a distance. I never liked to draw attention to me. It made me feel uncomfortable. What I am doing now takes a lot from me. I’m not someone who reaches out. I’m someone who wants to do it all on their own. I am sick and I am asking for help. I really don’t want to but I feel like I need to for my own good. I think it’s inconsiderate for others to assume I’m just crying for attention when I’m crying for help. I feel lost and unimportant because of this.

Yes, I am hurting. No, it’s not just because I’m sick

The thing I’m struggling with most isn’t my chronic illness. What hurts me most is people not believing me when I tell them how I feel. It really crushes me when doctors, specialists and therapists disregard my symptoms. I have a lot of internal anger and frustration not just because I’m always sick, tired and in pain but also because I feel like I always have to defend myself. And even when I try to explain everything as detailed as possible it won’t make a difference at all. It’s hurtful when the people who are supposed to help you couldn’t care less. When they just look at you and say: “Well, what do you want me to do, what do you expect from me!?”.

Maybe just listen (It’s a crazy idea, I know, but you could try)

I hate how doctors assume that when there’s one really simple “explanation” then that has to be it. It couldn’t possibly be something else. I hate how they take things as my depression, anxiety and weight and treat them as the cause and never consider them as symptoms. And honestly it doesn’t matter if someone has mental health issues, they can still have a physical illness. Just because a mental illness can cause physical problems and a physical illness can cause mental problems doesn’t mean they’re mutually exclusive. They may be related, they may not. There’s no reason to assume there is no physical illness because there are mental problems or the other way around.

Shoutout to everyone who’s symptoms get disregarded

To everyone who knows there’s something wrong physically and doesn’t get taken seriously because you’re overweight, underweight, male, female, depressed, happy, black, white, introverted, outgoing or anything in between. You’re not faking it, it’s not all in your head and you’re not just imagining things. It’s not just because you’re overweight or don’t eat enough, it’s not because you’re just sensitive, it’s not just a bad attitude and you’re not too happy for the pain to be real. And I genuinely hope you will find the people who believe you and treat you the way you deserve to be treated.