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Only Elites can relate in reading English newspaper .. Whenever you ride a plane they would ask you “Do you want to read the newspaper?” And no one gets it … I just tried getting one at once .. ahahaha .. And thanks to it I was able to deeply asleep .. ^^;; #throwbackthursday

Ssantokki #throwbackthursday

Kids gather around so he cheerfully run and we went to a park so I too felt cheerful. ^_^ Cute~

Jollibee that I like ~ Visited the Philippines during Valentine season, there were hearts all over. This hamburger is cutie >.< also if you go to department store they have a lot of love photozone, if you go to restaurant a heart-shpaed bread will come out, then when I went to Bonifacio well .. Even the Red in traffic light came out as heart-shaped.  all over ~ It was amazing and fun ^^ #throwbackthursday

Has it almost been a year?! I started to practice playing the drums again. Oh this is difficult .. It’s been a long time since Happy Together it feels like I’m getting into it again T.T I must keep o trying!!!

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The pet store I work at has a self-serve dog wash. The owners are supplied with shampoo, brushes, towels, a velocity dryer, etc. and we clean up the mess afterwards. Pretty sweet deal for $10. I was cleaning the left tub when a family with five kids comes in wanting to use the right tub. The kids are already loud and kind of obnoxious but there are no other animals in the store they could startle so I grit my teeth, greet them, and go back to hosing out the tub. The tubs are raised, so there are tiled steps for the owners to walk the bigger dogs up to get into the tub. I watched as one of the younger kids, maybe 5 or 6, went running up the stairs and preceeded to stomp around on the small landing, right in front of the caution sign warning the tile is slippery when wet.

I summon all my strength and say as cheerfully as possible something along the lines of: “Hey, bud, it’s pretty slippery up there from the last dog. Mind coming down? I don’t want you to fall.” While simultaneously thinking to myself that a pet store is not a fucking playground.

The mom turned to me and snapped at me that it “isn’t my job to parent him” and then proceeded to let the kid climb into the bathtub with the already stressed out dog and bounce around.

I gave up and went to the back even though I knew for damn sure if the kid slipped and cracked his head open the depths of hell would open up on us from that women. Maybe I’m just trying to keep your kid sade so he doesn’t end up with a head injury? Some fucking people.

another thing about DOG, I felt distinctly uncomfortable if not unsafe with all of the characters in that game. like there was good reason to be a little wary of everyone within the context of the mystery. and then with games like CUR, I didn’t feel that way at all. I felt safe hanging out with Jane, and as a kid playing that game for the first time I went running to play games with her until I calmed down. I thought Mrs. Drake was alright to be around, and Nigel was just a pedantic idiot. You feel like it’s really some sort of outside force. And the same sort of thing can be said of SAW. It feels like we’re supposed to seriously consider the legitimacy of the supernatural, and in DOG it’s blatantly just like “so which one of you assholes is trying to poison me”. 

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Did you answer who has the softest stomach?? Sam, Dean, or Cas? Or Kevin, because why not?


Exhibit A: Sam Winchester

This boy is ridiculously ripped. I mean, we’ve all seen this. He’s got, like, 1% body fat. Like milk. A tall, cool glass of lowfat milk.

Conclusion: Not Soft


Exhibit B: Castiel

Even when he’s killing things with nothing but his palms and blinking from one place to another without having to walk, this vessel stays in some fantastic shape. I think he might just be capable of killing things with his hipbones, too. Nnn.

Conclusion: Not Soft


Exhibit C: Kevin Tran

He may be in Advanced Placement, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t work out. Kid went on the run from the King of Hell – successfullywith his mother – for like a year. He clearly kept himself agile.

Conclusion: Not Soft


Exhibit D: Dean Winchester

We’ve officially lost count of how many times this body has been reset. This body is awesome at all things hunting – running, fighting, getting pummeled, restoring itself. This body also unashamedly loves fries and pies and watching TV. Being in shape and carrying some extra flesh are not mutually exclusive things, and this body does both. The perfect combination of solid and cuddly.


…Soft, and I like it.


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I got photos of Starfire yesterday!!

Let me tell you, it took me about four hours to fully get into her.
I’m going to be getting paint for my airbrush machine to save time and also my costume cause I got orange paint on my costume too lmao

But I’m so happy! We went downtown and a group of young kids came running towards me and yelled, “Starfire!”
I had to stay ic and I haven’t roleplayed starfire, written teen titans ff, read teen titans ff or watched teen titans in a while….but I think I did pretty well all things considered haha.

But honestly this is a dream come true. My 8 year old self would be so happy rn.

Sleeping is Hard

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          Bucky blinked and gave Peter a quizzical look.  He had no idea how he had ended up at Peter’s doorstep or why he had ended up here.  If anything, Bucky assumed his subconscious would have taken him to Steve or someone else that had fought beside him.  He probably would have gone to Nat before Peter, yet here he was.  

          Peter’s words intruded on his thoughts and he caught the tail end of what the kid was saying.  Bucky went to run his fingers through his hair but turned when the jacket sleeve tugged at his missing appendage.  He shook his head in disbelief that he had forgotten his arm had been blown off.

                                “I don’t think so, but I can’t remember.”

          He shuffled his first nervously, wincing when he realized that he wasn’t even wearing shoes.  What the hell had happened?  

                                          “Can I use your phone?”

This week is the finale of one of my favorite love live ask blogs, the cat AU, @lovelivenekoproject. I never got a chance to interact with them, since I started running the kid AU when the cats went on hiatus…

So please ! I beg you ! Give Robin, the mod of the cat AU, your best shot ! there are only a few days remaining, I already sent mine, without realizing that it was a finale, and not a comeback… (I just got too excited ! My apologies !) so I invite you to do the same !

See you around, Robby ! I’ll be looking forward to the works you’ll publish later, no matter what !

I went round my mate’s house yesterday and his kids were running round the house screaming.

He looked at me and said, “Don’t ever have kids mate.”

I said, “Hard work?”

He said, “No, you’re an ugly cunt.”