these kids are good

the bmc script has so many iconic moments y’all...

I would’ve given my left kidney to see Eric William Morris act as a “sexy anime female”.

And then those moments when you suddenly get hit by Feels™️:

And the crown jewel of them all:

just… so many good moments. I adore this play.

here’s a fic from @dont-look-so-good’s request from a while ago for kel sick in a vehicle

okay i haven’t written these kids in a while so if they’re out of character i apologize ;;n;;  also, logically this doesn’t actually make sense with their ages, but just ignore that X’D

also, a quick but very sincere thank you to my anon who sent me fanfic earlier, that really helped inspire me to write this!!!  <333

WARNING: descriptions of vomit below

read the warning

read the warning

read the warning

okay, you’ve been warned

Despite the fact that she’d bought it used, Emerson’s black Toyota RAV4 was as pristine as any car Kel had ever seen before.  He wasn’t sure how that was even possible, but he honestly hadn’t expected anything less.  Judging from his boyfriend’s raised eyebrows and knowing smile, neither had Anslem.

“Thanks for driving us, Em,” the blond said, sliding into the back row and gesturing for Moon to sit next to him in the small middle seat.  Kel took the last spot in the row without a word and Anslem shot him a look.

“Thanks,” Kel mumbled begrudgingly, noting as he got in the car a faint smell of cigarette smoke.  It was so faint that he doubted anyone else even noticed it, but it turned his own stomach.

“No problem,” Emerson said, smirking at Kel through the rearview mirror as she adjusted it a bit.  Then she turned her body to face Anslem.  “Aren’t you afraid of heights, Annie?  Are you going to be okay?”

“Oh yeah, I don’t mind just watching!”  Emerson looked skeptical so Anslem went on.  “Really!  It’s a nice day out and this will be a great staff bonding experience, don’t worry about me,” Anslem replied, smiling warmly as his eyes flickered towards Moon.  Kel huffed a bit of a laugh, too soft for anyone to really notice.  He knew that the real reason Anslem wanted to come to the amusement part was to watch over Moon, who had a tendency towards severe panic attacks while in crowds.  

Despite their fear, the 16 year old was so excited that they could barely speak.  Instead, they bounced up and down on the leather seat, jostling both Anslem, who seemed to find it endearing, and Kel, did not.  The movement intensified as Moon saw Ethan approaching them slowly, carrying an armful of water bottles, sunscreen, and who knows what else.  Kel rolled down the window and stuck his head out.

“Hurry up, kid, or we’ll leave without you!”  He shouted, hoping that once they started driving, Moon would stop moving so much and his own stomach would settle.

Ethan’s eyebrows shot up and he quickened his pace, almost dropping something - an umbrella? - as he did so.  “Sorry, sorry, I’m coming!  I-”  The umbrella fell and Ethan nearly followed, half-tripping over it.  Kel shook his head.

“For crying out loud,” Kel said loudly, pointedly ignoring Anslem’s disapproving look as he went on.  “It’s not going to rain, kid, just leave the stupid umbrella and let’s get moving!”

Ethan’s face flushed red and he gathered his things without a word.  Kel yelped as Moon practically climbed over him to call out to their friend.

“It’s okay, Ethan, Kel’s just a cranky old man, take your time!”

Kel shoved the teen off roughly, and Anslem caught Moon by the shoulders, frowning at his boyfriend.  Moon didn’t seemed phased at all, but Kel knew he’d been too rough with them.

“What’s the deal, K?”  Anslem asked.  Kel could tell from his tone of voice that he was genuinely worried, but there was also an unusual angry edge to his words.

“Nothing,” Kel said, crossing his arms as he leaned back in his seat.  “I’m just sick of waiting for this kid.  I mean, he’s not even an RA yet.  I have no problem with him coming, but if he’s going to join us, he should at least be here on time.”

Anslem sighed, but this time Emerson broke in.  “‘This kid,’ Kel?  Really?  He’s our friend!  And he will be on our staff next year so just-”  Emerson fell silent as Ethan opened the door and got in the passenger’s seat.

“Ethan!”  Moon started bouncing in their seat again and Kel leaned his forehead against the window, ignoring Ethan’s anxious apologies.

“I didn’t mean to be late, Kel, really, I just, I ran into Blair, and you know how she is, especially with her friends, she gets so-”

Anslem laid a hand on Ethan’s shoulder and the younger boy took a breath.  “Sorry,” he said simply.  Anslem shook his head.

“You’ve nothing to be sorry for, Eth, really.  You’re not even late, the rest of us were just early.”

The frustrating thing was that Anslem was right, as was evidenced by the digital clock in the front of the car.  Kel played with the door lock as he felt Anslem’s eyes on him, pressuring him to apologize to Ethan.  He knew he should, he really did, but instead he opted to close his eyes and pretend to be sleeping.  When Kel heard a disappointed sigh, he knew for a fact that it belonged to his boyfriend.

Soon, the rest of the group filled the car with chatter, and the incident was forgotten.  Kel stayed quiet but rolled his window down to get some fresh air.  That helped calm his stomach for a while, but after about 20 minutes Emerson closed it.

“It’s too loud on the highway,” she explained.  Kel’s nausea was already returning with a vengeance, but he figured so long as he kept his mouth shut, he could power through it until they made it to their destination.  So he didn’t say anything and tried to sleep.

He must have managed somehow, because the next thing Kel knew, he was waking up with a acidic taste in his mouth.  He didn’t even have a chance to breathe before a gurgling belch had him lurching forward.  It quickly melded into a cough that was suddenly cut off by vomit was spilling out of Kel’s mouth.  It splashed onto the previously spotless floor of the car and Kel felt his cheeks burn red.

There was a moment of complete stillness and silence as puke dripped from Kel’s mouth and nose, and it was then that he realized the car was no longer moving.  Then he started heaving again and all hell broke loose.

Moon started shaking Kel, frantically asking him if he was alright even as he continued to be violently sick.  Emerson muttered distraughtly about how her car was ruined forever.  Ethan gagged and stuck his head out of the window until Emerson pulled over and he was able to get out of the car.  Anslem was the only one who remained silent the whole time, calmly pulling Moon away from Kel and quickly ushering them out of the car as it came to a stop.  Anslem was the one who opened Kel’s door and pulled him out, rubbing his back as he finished spilling his guts onto the pavement, brushing a soothing hand through Kel’s thick hair and reassuring him that everything would be okay.

By the time Kel’s stomach settled, Emerson was finishing up cleaning the mess from the floor using the set of emergency cleaning supplies that she always kept in the trunk of the car.  Kel mumbled an embarrassed apology as he noted the stain on the floor, and Emerson shrugged.

“Well, it wasn’t going to be perfect forever,” she said with a bit of a wistful sigh.  “You feeling any better?  I didn’t know you got carsick.”

Kel was too exhausted to talk much so he just shrugged, dreading getting back in the car.  Anslem spoke up for him.

“He doesn’t get carsick,” he said, staring at Kel’s washed out face.

“Is he sick, then?  Maybe we should go back to campus?”

Anslem shook his head, assessing Kel’s state carefully.  “I don’t think that’s it.  He doesn’t have a fever.  But,” Anslem frowned, his tiny nose crinkling in concentration.  “Did the previous owner smoke?”

Emerson blinked, surprised, before nodding, and Anslem hummed.

“That’s it.  Kel can’t handle the smell of cigarette smoke,” he explained.

“Oh,” Emerson said, her eyebrows drawing together.  “Wow, I thought I’d gotten rid of that awful smell.  I spent hours…”  She trailed off and looked at Kel.  “What should we do?  I don’t think I can clean it out any more than it already is, and we still have to go all the way back…”

He waved her off.  “Don’t worry about it.  It smells more like vomit now anyway, and I can swap cars with someone else for the ride back,” he explained, referring to the fact that there were two other cars of RAs also on their way to the amusement park.  “It’s not that much further, is it?”

“About 15 minutes,” Ethan said, looking at a navigation app on his phone.  Kel paled a bit, but nodded grimly anyway.

“We can keep the windows open this time,” Emerson offered, and Kel nodded again, already feeling sick at the thought of another 15 minutes in that car.  Anslem seemed to sense this, because he shook his head.

“Em, do you happen to have a bowl or even a trash bag handy?  Kel won’t admit it, but I think he’ll probably need one.”

Emerson bit her lip.  “I don’t think I have any…”

“Blair gave Ethan plastic bags!”  Moon shouted suddenly, from inside the car.  “Guys!  Ethan has some!”

“Oh!  Can we use one of them, Ethan?”  Anslem asked politely.  Ethan nodded and handed one over, and Kel made a mental note to apologize to Ethan for yelling at him before they’d left.

“He’s been telling you this for the past ten minutes!”  Moon said accusingly.  Kel felt nearly laughed at the expression of complete shock and dismay on Anslem’s face.

“I didn’t even hear you, Ethan, I’m so sorry!”

Ethan smiled.  “It’s not your fault.  I always talk too quietly.”

“You got that right,” Emerson said, ruffling Ethan’s hair.  Then she got back in the car and gestured for everyone else to do the same.  

This time Anslem ended up in the middle of the back row, so that he could stay next to Kel, who was clutching the plastic bag tightly before the car even started moving.  No more than two minutes passed before Kel threw up again.  He didn’t make any retching noises, but everyone heard it when the watery stream of sick splashed against the plastic.  Ethan plugged his ears and stuck his head out the window to avoid the smell, and Moon’s eyes went wide as they leaned forward in their seat to stare at Kel as his muscles clenched again and forced more vomit out of his mouth.

“Do you need me to pull over?”  Emerson asked, voice tense.  Kel felt Anslem’s hand on his back and shook his head without lifting it from the plastic bag.

“I think we should just try and get there as quickly as possible,” Anslem said, massaging Kel’s thin shoulders.  The older boy retched so hard that he nearly choked on his own stomach acid as it came up, desperate for air.  His whole body was shaking intensely, and he felt weak and lightheaded.  A shudder ran through him and he groaned as another rush of sour liquids left his system.

“You alright, K?”  Anslem whispered as Kel leaned further and further forward with each heave.  Despite the tears running down his face, Kel managed the tiniest nod before coughing up more burning bile.  Anslem made a skeptical noise and wrapped an arm around his boyfriend.  Gently, he pulled Kel to his side, encouraging the sick boy to lean on him even as he continued to throw up.  It turned out to be more comfortable than Kel would ever had expected, especially with Anslem whispering reassurances into his ear and pressing kisses to the top of his head the whole time.

“Hey,” Anslem said as they finally pulled in to the parking lot.  “Does this mean you’re gonna stick to the kiddie rides with me today?”

Kel cracked his neck as exited the car.  It was the first time he’d lifted his head from the plastic bag in the past 10 minutes.  He let Anslem wipe tears from his cheeks and clean up his face without complaint.  Then Kel smirked.

“Is that a joke?”  He asked suddenly.  Anslem’s face fell and Kel hurried to clarify.  “An, did you honestly think I was going to let you spend the entire day at an amusement park by yourself?  Of course I’m spending the day with you on those kiddie rides, that was the plan from the start.”

Anslem giggled and kissed Kel’s cheek.  “You’re the best,” Anslem said, grinning.  “Oh, but we also have to keep an eye on Moon, Kel!  They don’t like crowds!”

Kel laughed.  “Of course, An, of course.”


quick oc intro which i forgot to do!!

so my ocs are four musicians in a band called the dead things underfoot. theyre a band with a goth-punk kind of sound (like creeper) and their influences are bands like mcr, the smiths and queen

the band lineup is: (left to right on the first pic)

• derrin: vocalist (he/they) - hes the parent friend of the group. hes 19

• lexis: drummer (she/her) - the kind friend. dating echo. shes 17

• echo: bassist and lyricist (they/them) - the “"cool”“ friend (actually a massive nerd but they won’t tell u that). dating lexis. theyre 17

• ari: guitarist (she/they) - the youngest of the group, the positive friend. shes 15

their debut album is called wishing well, kid (which is in the second pic which u might need to click to see better!!)

its still kind of an idea in the making but the concept is they have an apartment in a city (where?? nobody knows yet) and they do very small gigs like basements and tiny clubs

if theres anything i missed off that youd like to know tell me cause im pretty forgetful lmao


anyone have good anime from like.. before 2000?

or good like .. quality anime i guess ??


hAPPY PRIDE MONTH!! have some icons of the kiddos (and the squip)

feel free to use these!! just don’t forget to credit me in ur bio ;0


Cho, Harry, and Cedric after playing some Quidditch, lying on the pitch and joking around

Because nobody dies and these three have the chance to live out their crushes on each other

Alright Guys

Yo can I just give a big shout out to my boy Alan Cumming, now some of you might be like whooooo??? but you’ll probably know him as the villain in Spy Kids  

or if not then he’s in the Good Wife and Nightcrawler in the older X-Men films. 

Now Alan Cumming is bisexual and totally open about it and has been for a long time, since the 90s, back when bisexuality was far less readily talked about than it is today (not saying there isn’t still huge bi erasure problems but back then they were way worse) so he was one of the few people publicly standing up for bisexual people back then which is super cool plus he’s done loads of work for AIDS charities and GLAAD so I reckon he’s a pretty awesome guy.

Now on CBS this fall there’s gonna be a show starring Mr Cumming called Instinct, it’s gonna be about a normal guy who’s a teacher but used to be a CIA Officer so now has to fight bad guys while trying to keep up with his normal life. The uber cool thing about this is that the main characters gonna have a husband and they’ll be trying to adopt kids and do cool things so this is gonna be the FIRST EVER Network Drama where the main character’s gay. 

How cool’s THAT?

So basically what I’m saying is let’s build the hype and get this show super successful so network execs will see that LGBT shows can have high ratings and be mega profitable :D

  • Peter: [hacker voice] I'm in.
  • Tony: Kid, no. You're not supposed to say 'hacker voice'.