these kids are ballin'


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anonymous asked:

I am 90% sure Balgruuf cheated. Two kids have black hair, Ballin has blonde. Nelkir has red. Who else has red? Irileth, who says they (her and Balgruuf) are close friends. Nelkir could have some dunmer blood. It's also worth noting that he's under Mephala's influence. Mephala is worshiped by Dunmer. So if Nelkir was half dunmer, Mephala would have a reason to be more drawn to him than the other kids. And if B cheated on his wife w/ Irileth, /betrayed/ her, that just makes even more sense, imo

Lol, I really don’t think so. Bethesda’s not really known for putting in that much thought, I doubt they made the haircolor different for any other reason than to differentiate them.

And you can have a redheaded child when you’re not and their siblings aren’t, as caucasians. As far as real life goes.

Is it possible sure but it’s not the first thing I’d jump to, it’s not like a Jarl only ever can have one wife, one lover in his entire life. For all we know even if the kids aren’t from the same mother, he could be the kind of dude that decides to keep them since he has the coin to take care of them. 

I don’t even like Jarl Ballin, but I wouldn’t just jump to the worst conclusion because it’s him. Though tbh that’s really the last thing on my mind as far as he’s concerned. Who he bangs or didn’t bang is literally the last thing that ever crossed my mind involving Balgruuf.