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I’ve been seeing posts from friends that there are people saying that philinda came out of nowhere. I find that shit hilarious. and to make it a bit funnier, some also said that Melinda Qiaolian May opening up to Phillip J. Coulson is out of character. Interesting.

So, here’s me shoving philinda down your throat because apparently that’s what season 4 does. I will not even be going to put ‘read more’ to this to shove it further. deeper. Until you gag.


  • Them..

Before we actually start, just so you know, Phil Coulson and Melinda May had been in each other’s history. That’s a fact.

We first saw Philinda back in season 1 during the Pilot episode. Melinda had been briefed about the group that Phil had been assembling. Words like these had been exchanged:

“and you don’t need me”
“I do, cause we’ll be running ourselves, making the ops, making the calls…”

Words that somehow showed that they already knew each other back in the day. What they were to each other wasn’t clear for us then. Phil was also reassuring Melinda that they will not have a combat op but technically, it was inevitable because by next episode, they encountered one, in which Phil Coulson specifically visited Melinda in the cockpit to apologized because it wasn’t supposed to be that. And so, we found out that she wasn’t just a pilot considering Grant Ward knew her—heard of her, whatever. She’s a Legend. Even the Fitzsimmons heard things about her. (see: Season 1 Episode 2) It was something odd because why would a freaking legend be in administration? Turns out, Phil Coulson knew the story but well not all of it. (See: Season 1 Episode 9) Boundaries and all. (see: Season 2 Episode 20).

Phil described her as always quiet, warm, fearless in the different way, getting in trouble, pulling pranks, thought rules are made to broken. (See: Season 1 Episode 9) We’ve seen those traits back in Melinda episode on season 2 and in The Man Behind SHIELD episode in our current season, season 4.  In which by the way, they’re basically a huge part of each other there.

In Melinda episode, we’ve seen that Philinda were already partners there. Melinda was married to Andrew, and they were partners. Phil was there when Melinda walked out of that building that scarred her. Phil was there to tell her to let the girl go. Melinda there was all smiley, she’s different from the Melinda that we’ve seen in past episodes. The Melinda in this was playful and impatient. She still is but it’s more obvious.

In Man Behind SHIELD episode, we’ve seen snippets of their relationship before Bahrain and before their respective relationships. Melinda even teased Phil about their first undercover job where they were married couple. In which it seems as though, this particular undercover is Sausalito that they talked about back in 2x04, where Melinda said she just took the dance pre-requisite to graduate and Phil said she wasn’t thrilled when they were assigned in Sausalito.

And then, Bahrain happened. Phil died and he was resurrected so now we are watching this damn show and you obviously meet your favs, in my case, those dumb idiots called Phil Coulson and Melinda May.

Season 1 Episode 17: Turn Turn Turn. This episode is one of the most pivotal moments for the fandom. While patching her up—in which apparently, he’s the only one who can patch her up (see S01E13) – in the episode was where the lines that are carved in every philinda fans head came from. 

“You mean a lot to me. A lot.” 

Let’s talk about “I didn’t do it for Fury, I did it for you, to protect you, I— “line first. Fury may have ordered her to do what has to be done because Fury knew that they’re inseparable. Fury trusted Melinda for Phil’s safety but he also trusted her to make the right call and he knew that Melinda will always have his back. However, Melinda didn’t go back to field because Fury asked him to but because she wanted to. Maybe there’s guilt since she’s supposed to be part of Avengers initiative (see Melinda Episode S02E17) but Bahrain happened, she wasn’t there to protect him and he died. But noticed the “I—“part there and how she stopped and changed it to “You mean a lot to me.” and to even emphasized the point she repeated “a lot” If that doesn’t tell you something then I don’t know what to say really. And to help you more, Phil did say on season 4 this line: “Her name is Melinda May and she means everything to me.”·         

  • “An open Melinda to Phil is OOC” 

FZZT Philinda End Scene, Melinda asked Phil a simple question before she said a line that engraved on every Philinda Shipper. She asked him this:               

 “Do you know how long it has taken me?” Phil nodded. 

That scene was just a small scene compared to the big “The point of these things is to remind us that… There is no going back, there's only moving forward. You feel different because you are different.” But that one scene actually show that Melinda had always been opened to Phil, in terms of feelings. Phil is her constant. We found out in Bahrain how things got shitty. And shitty is an understatement.  If you’re going to point out another type of openness? Have you watched the episode where she called him “rusty?” or that part where she actually smirked when she said she wanted the solitude? They even had a conversation in which Phil is the only one speaking while she’s doing tai-chi… like it’s the most normal thing to do for them. How open exactly are you talking about? I mean, Melinda had always been like that to Phil. Her LMD however, had no chill. 😉  

You see, they are also each other’s driving force. Not to mention, they didn’t know each other in the framework but they immediately trust each other.

What they have is loyalty, trust, friendship and deeper understanding of each other. There are signs all over the place that points out that they have something for each other. Have you seen May’s face when she thought Phil’s gone? Have you watched the sigh of relief every fucking time she figured out that he’s not dead? Where were you when Phil said “it’s like you never left?”, “i lost my right hand too?” or that moment when he prioritized her than the president? It’s been there all along. Out of nowhere? yeah right…

And really, no matter what points I say in this, in which, I basically missed probably more than half of it… but yeah, It’ll be hard to notice their subtlety back in season 1, 2, and 3 especially when you’re too focused on something else and not them. Only this time they were given this huge amount of acknowledgement because they are both finally healing. And just like what the writers and exec prod said, they’re finally giving this two a chance because it seemed like they sidelined them a lot.. that alone is already a point that Philinda had always been there. Melinda May and Phil Coulson already had something way before season 4. So if you do not know Melinda May or Phil Coulson or Philinda.. then, just rewatch the damn show. Have a good day! 

ps.. to those who were saying that Melinda May has no feelings and all that other non-emotion ice queen crap.. this is from season 1 episode 1: (the woman shows her emotions to people who are worthy of it.)


2016 carat survey! + fans’ favorite seventeen moments

Boyfriend Yuta
  • omg i really miss doing these
  • and i also miss the members a lot :((
  • but anyways, this idiot is like my third fav and i lOVE HIM
  • but let’s start this k
  • so, how you met
  • you were just walking towards a cafe that was really close from there and yoo were a bit distracted with your own thoughs you know
  • and this loser was probably getting late for practice and was running for his life
  • i mean he knew perfectly that ty was going to kick his ass if he was late again
  • and both of you were going to differents directions and you bumped into each other
  • but it was like violent like you ended up falling
  • “shit! i’m so sorry!”
  • “u-uh no, it’s fine, don’t worry”
  • he would bend and help you to colect all the books and stuff you had in your arms and keep apologising
  • “no, seriously, no need to worry about it, i’m fine”
  • he would offer you his hand to help you stand up and jesus christ can you imagine how soft and warm his hands probably are i want 2 die
  • and when you saw his face you were so shook?? like?? what¿
  • how in the world can someone be so perfect???
  • and he was wearing his training clothes and had 0 makeup but he was looking sO GOOD WTF
  • and he though the same about you, you were so good looking and damnn he wasn’t going to let pass this opportunity you know
  • and you were so embarrassed like you just fell in your butt in front of the most handsome person alive in this world can i delete my life pls
  • you got so flustered and you were blushing?? you couldn’t even talk properly
  • “i-i’m fine”
  • and he smiled so widely at you, you were so adorable to him and your heart was hurting bc he’s so nice and caring??? what
  • “i’m sorry, i was getting late to my dance practice, but, where were you going?”
  • “ah~~ just to the cafe that’s near here”
  • “let me go with you"
  • even if you tried to deny him bc he was getting late he still went with you aND paid your coffe
  • you guys even exchaged phone numbes bc
  • “i’m really sorry that i haveto go now but, what about going back here together tomorrow afternoon?”
  • he literally invited you to a date i’m-
  • you spended the whole day constantly thinking about him and dYING
  • and same for him, he spended the whole day talking about you to the other members lol
  • “why are you so late again, yuta?”
  • c h i l l
  • and the next day you actually had so much fun w him
  • he talked a lot about him and his life in japan, and he listened to you so carefully and asked you a lots of things
  • it was perfection
  • you got lots of dates together and you would text each other a lot
  • but he confessed to you in your fourth or fifth date idk
  • he had shiny eyes and he was smiling at you the whole time
  • he knew you liked him back
  • i mean you were so obvious bc you would always get flustered and shy and all cute
  • so he was feeling really confident in that moment
  • he even grabbed yoru hands and played with your fingers
  • and the way he confessed was so cute and simple
  • “you’re just so amazing, y/n, i couldn’t help but fall for your charms. please~~ be mine y/n, i can make you so happy”
  • omfg
  • he started running and jumping everywhere while laughing like an idiot
  • and your first kiss was like a week later
  • you were cuddling and making each other some questions u know
  • btw he lOVES CUDDLING
  • he would cuddle with you in any chance he has
  • “but do you prefer cuddling with me or with sicheng?”
  • “sicheng, definitely”
  • and you were like :O ??
  • “he lets me kiss him, you don’t”
  • and hellooooo loselose is not going to be better than you
  • so you just.. kiss him? lol
  • you cupped his face and just went for it without even thinking about it
  • he laughed while touching his lips and looked at you
  • and omg his glare let you all shy and blushed
  • you hide your face with your hands, but he grabed them delicately and kissed you again
  • but this time the kiss was so perfect and sweet
  • i want 2 cry my eyes out
  • he’s such an amazing boyfie
  • he’s a really protective boyfriend let me tell you
  • and everytime he gets jealous he’s SO clingy
  • even more than he normally is
  • but a t the same time he cuddles with sicheng while they watch anime and you’re like <l3
  • “I already told you y/n, i’m not dating sicheng he’s just a friend”
  • lmao
  • but he would be the perfect boyfriend that everyone wants
  • i’m rlly soft for him now bYE