these idiots!

  • Prompto: We need more details Iggy, what type of Chocobo?
  • Noctis: Colors, markings, chips in beak!
  • Ignis: *sigh* I don't know, black, kind of blue, scar on right leg?
  • Prompto & Noctis: *Gasp* Big Baby Pudding Snatcher!
  • Gladiolus: What?
  • Prompto: That's Big Baby Pudding Snatcher!
  • Gladiolus: Why did you name it that?
  • Noctis: She snatches pudding out of our hands when we eat them in the alleyway.
  • Ignis: Why are you two eating pudding in the alley!?
  • Noctis: Where are we suppose to eat it, Specs?
  • Prompto: In the bathroom? That's gross, Ignis!

“I was supposed to scort Prince Noctis to his wedding but instead we tuned the king’s dear, expensive car into a monster truck and we toyed around with it until breaking it beyond repair and now it won’t move. It was SO much fun. Look at this disaster, I’m so proud of it. Take a picture of this! ^ ∇ ^/”

[yes, I did it. Finally destroyed it and the bastard thought it was funny :( I failed you, Regis]