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Toudou Memories of Love 6: Heisuke vs Kazama Highlights

Heisuke: What’re you even doing here?!
Kazama: What manner of idiotic question is that? I’m here to destroy those abominations. Has the corruption damaged your brain, or was your memory always so fleeting?

Heisuke: Since you beat us here, why not just run in there and kill ’em all?
Kazama: When I ask if you’re an idiot, that’s not a rhetorical question. You ‘furies’ aren’t particularly fond of the sun, as I imagine you know. An afternoon attack is much wiser. Please, feel free to enjoy a short nap. I should have this situation handled within the hour.

Heisuke: Man, I wish Amagiri was here instead of you.
Kazama: Why, do you fancy him?

Kazama: This… Why are you laughing?
Heisuke: I… I don’t know… It’s just…
Kazama: Irrelevant. Laugh all you want. Laugh until you die.

Heisuke: First order of business is the castle. We need a way in.
Kazama: ‘We’? I think you must be mistaken. Find your own way in.
Heisuke: We didn’t want your help anyway! Jerk! Come on, Chizuru! Let’s go!

moments that saved 2016

highlight music video
performance unit highlight music video
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hoshi dancing in highlight
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minghao looking AMAZING in highlight
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*REALLY LONG POST ALERT! @thedoorintosummer So. On February 23rd, 2017, the 10th graders at my school went on a field trip to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. This day starts off really crappy. I had literally just started my period the day before (TMI) and I’m in a lot of pain and the kids at my school are annoying (and barely even deserve to to the Rock Hall, might I add. That sounds really snobby but I’m sure you understand). So even though I’m about to go to my favorite place in the world, I’m really aggravated. I’m literally aggravated the whole bus ride until we get there. I’m there exploring with my friends until it’s time to go to our presentation that we’re supposed to be seeing. We watch this snippet of this movie called Take Me To The River (which looked pretty good from what I saw) about the Memphis music scene and then the museum student guide lady is like “Okay, we have some special guests for you guys”, and I’m like “yeah sure” and she says “Rock Hall inductee and member of Talking Heads, Jerry Harrison” and I’m like “?!!!” I literally only paid half attention to the other people she announced because I was as shook as I’ll ever be tbh (I know one of them was Bobby Rush who is also awesome and another was a member of Three Six Mafia). They talk to us kids about music and all that good stuff and eventually we get to the question and answer segment where us kids could raise our hands and ask them questions or whatever (I go to an arts school so this segment was crucial) (I didn’t ask a question but it took everything in me not to raise my hand and say something to Jerry specifically about a Talking Heads reunion but it could’ve been about anything but I didn’t want to be that girl) so I just sit there barely able to believe that I am sitting in the same room as Jerry Harrison, what even. Anyway, the thing is over and people are taking selfies with the people and stuff and I’m like “I gotta talk to Jerry”. My friends (who also love Talking Heads) are on the other side of the auditorium and further up in the rows (we got separated somehow) so they’re already approaching him. I have to say a million “excuse me’s” and push past like 15-20 rows of people who couldn’t possibly understand how important this is to me (very stressful). I finally get up to the stage and Jerry just got finished talking to my friends and is about to walk away (he is literally putting his jacket on to go). I’m like “Jerry! Jerry Harrison!” and he turns around like “Yeah?” And now is my time to speak. Girl. I. Cannot. Form. A. Sentence. To. Speak. To. This. Man. I say something like “sfhvfxvcbjj I love Talking Heads, thank you (?)” And that’s after several tries and me leaning over on the stage like I was nuts and almost hyperventilating. He says something back that I’m sure is nice but I’m only half sane at this point so I don’t know what he said. One of my friends is like “Can we take a selfie with you?” and he’s like “Sure!” (He was so nice!) And the end result is the photo above (I’m the one farthest to the left). I was a little sad for a while because my friends actually had a conversation with him and shook his hand while I barely formed a sentence and freaked out, but then, my friend (who took the picture) sends it to me and I see that Jerry’s. hand. is. on. my. shoulder. (Still haven’t washed that coat, maybe never will) But anyways, yeah. That’s the story of how I met one of the members of my favorite band. The funniest part is how the other kids were looking at us wondering why we were freaking out over some random old white dude. Hilarious. Sorry about the rambling and this super long post, lol.


Jackie Aina teamed up with Artist Couture to bring us this new highlighter and it looks AMAZING. 

It’s called LaBronze. It’s rose gold made with dark skin girls in mind. LIMITED EDITION.

La Bronze is exclusively available in the Jackie Aina holiday set which also includes Illuminati, Conceited, Sugar Daddy, and Double Take Diamond Glow powders.

-Launches Friday, December 2nd. 12 NOON PST.
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I think the new blinding bright green looks amazing! Can’t wait to see it in a video :D Did a small fanart, tried a different style but I’m not much into these “dot” eyes, so I won’t be drawing them more, I still like the overall thing though! 

And yes, I did use a green highlighter as the hair’s base colour. SO SHINY!!!

NEW skin overlay with more defined features and a poppin’ face & body highlight. This overlay looks amazing on ALL skintones, which you can see here. In this pic I used @xmiramira‘s skintone pack (thankssomuch). 

Download for skin is here. [SimsFileShare]

Thank you to @fashionroyaltysims for the alpha map. Thank you to all the CC creators @chisami @ebonixsimblr @sintiklia

If you use, tag me @opaqueoctober! I’d love to see it on you guys.



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Here are some select photos from the Saturday Undertale photoshoot! They aren’t the best because I was at the very front of the group, but better ones will be uploaded soon! 

Thank you to everyone who made this so fun and successful! My voice is shot from calling names out, but this was definitely the highlight of my weekend! You all looked amazing!

(ALSO! If anyone has a photo of me on Burgerpants’ shoulders when I was giving rules, pls pls pls send it my way! <3)


Swatches of 2 formulas for the new Lip Ammunition™ lipsticks 💄💦 there will be satin and glitter! Satin is creamy and has extreme pigment! The glitter is more sheer and pretty, build-able in a few swipes! (can also be used as a highlight!) ⚡️ Looks amazing by itself for a more “glow” sparkle look, or put it on top of a liquid lip to completely change the look! 💗🌟 (launching early 2016) - @JeffreeStarCosmetics

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I just want to say that we should be all soooo grateful and proud of our Alec and Magnus and  stop criticising every slight detail!!! I mean they look AMAZING !!! The red highlights, the angst in Magnus’s face, Alec’s hope-relief and terror!!! It’s more than I ever dreamt would happen in the show and i’m just soooo happy and satisfied....They deserve a huge applause !!!!
15 Days

Totally inspired by nine-run-run and thefitally to share my thoughts on the “blog facade”.  My blog is not a comprehensive look at my life.  

It is a highlight reel.  For every amazing run I write about, there is a run where I totally doubt my ability and fitness or think that I’m injured again.  For every day I post about being really productive, there is a day where I do nothing but watch Netflix and feel guilty about it.  For every healthy meal I share, there is an ice cream or a pizza night.  

I try to be as body-positive as possible; I always tell people to fuel correctly and not worry about their weight. But there are days when I struggle with body image and feeling bad about extra snacks, dessert, etc.  I’ve struggled with disordered eating in the past, and fueling my training correctly and in a balanced manner can sometimes be a struggle.  But a necessary one.

When I post about being extremely excited for Princeton, know that I am also very scared and intimidated.  It’s going to be challenging, both academically and athletically.  I’ll not longer be a big fish in a little pond, and I think there will be times where I fail, inevitably.  My coach sent me the training plan for the rest of the summer today, and even that is giving me some anxiety.  In high school, I struggled with extreme perfectionism and doubt.  My senior cross country season started out pretty roughly because of it.  Throughout the 4 years, there were a lot of breakdowns over schoolwork stress.  

So when you read a blog post and feel inadequate, remember that very few people post about the bad days.  Tumblr is my place to share what inspires or makes me happy, but it’s not really a place that I share what makes me angry or sad.  No one’s life is perfect, not even the amazing people that share parts of their lives on this website.