these headphones are great

Manley before a Rite
Not the first one, I think the second?
Manley before a Rite

((I couldn’t remember which Rite this was before oof. I just remember its not the first one because it doesn’t have him grunting to get his mask off fpfpt))

((Also hello my reader is really fucking short what else is new))

You should use headphones for this because Manley’s voice is great

Letters Split Audio
Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812 Original Cast and Original Broadway Cast

Split Audio for Letters from Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812, requested by anon

Wear headphones! The Original Cast is in your left ear, and the Original Broadway Cast is in your right ear.

The signs as things I learned as a freshman

Aries: independence, independence, independence

Taurus: the best way to be social is to be nice but not get attached to anyone; that way you won’t get hearbroken

Gemini: headphones are great, especially if you have social anxiety

Cancer: it’s okay to cry. people cry

Leo: self care, self care, self care, self care

Virgo: sleeping in bus is actually really practical and will help you get through the day

Libra: everyone is just as confused as i am

Scorpio: boys are beautiful but not worth it

Sagttarius: getting rid of things that make you unhappy is the little happiness you need in life

Capricorn: you are kind of alone in this world and that is okay

Aquarius: preparing for school in advance will save you from so much stress

Pisces: even though you and your mom aren’t as close as you used to, she’s always there to support you and she loves you

Hufflepuff: How are you doing? Oh wait you’ve got headphones on I’ll let you be.
Ravenclaw: *grabs wrist of Hufflepuff while sliding off headphones* It’s cool we can chat.
Hufflepuff: I thought you were listening to music?
Ravenclaw: I discovered a great big pair of headphones can dissuade unwanted conversations when you are studying. It stops people I don’t care about from asking me for last minute answers before going in to an exam. The real beauty is that the headphones aren’t even plugged in to anything. The cord just ends in my empty pocket.

When Stuck comes on…

When Stuck Japanese Ver. comes on…

Collision pt.2

Fandom: Sanders Sides (Human, soulmate, and college au)
Ships: Moxiety
Warnings: None

Summary: Patton wonders what question he’s got to ask to finally find his other half.  He isn’t worried, he’s just… thinking.  (College au in which Patton’s a junior, Logan’s a senior, and Virgil and Roman are both sophomores)

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part 1 - part 3

Part 2/3: Patton

Patton has spent years trying to work out a question that could warrant the answer on his arm.  He knew what the rules were, but figured that increasing his odds by asking more questions wasn’t technically “prompting” the Words.  

So he started asking so many questions.  

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BTS Reaction to them seeing their ex-girlfriend (you) after a while

Requested: Yes

first / this time, they walk up to you and talk to you

i hope you don’t mind but these are slightly longer than my normal reactions, oops-

Rap Monster

When he saw you sitting there on a park bench, all alone, reading a book he couldn’t help but walk over. He sat down beside you, silently, not too close as he took a good look at you. You hadn’t changed much, still beautiful to him. You looked at him for a split second but didn‘t react any further. Maybe you hadn’t recognized him? Or maybe you just didn’t want to.

“It’s been a while.” You didn’t respond at first, keeping your focus on your book but he knew you had heard him, the way your fingers clenched around the object. “I never wanted to break up.” He knew it was stupid to say but,

“Me neither, Namjoon.”

You always thought so. He had looked geniuenly sad when he broke up with you. You didn’t question it, but it had still hurt. You had closed the book, placing it in your lap as you kept your gaze ahead of yourself. His head snapped up at your words. He had expected everything, just not that. 

“I know Namjoon. I never questioned your actions, because I was sure you had your reasons. I always tried telling that to myself. It really did hurt me.” It pained him how calm you sounded while talking about how he hurt you. 

“I owe you an explanation. How about that coffee shop we always went to?” He knew it was risky to ask for and he mentally prepared himself for a rejection.

“I’d love to, Kim Namjoon.”

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He’d be walking by the small coffe shop you two always went to. He made the mistake of stopping, letting his eyes wander through the big window. He almost didn’t notice you, almost. You were seated in the same booth you two had always been, your favorite beverage on the table infront of you while you typed something on your phone.

Without much thought, he pushed the door open, barely recognizing the small bell sound of arrival as he walked straight over to were you sat. He slipped on the bench opposite of you, waiting for you to notice him. When you did lift your head at the noise, your eyes widened slightly when they made contact with his.

“Jin.” Your voice still sounded at beautiful as ever, his name slipping from your lips like you never had that argument that made you leave. You placed your phone down on the table, giving him a small smile. “I didn’t think I’d see you here.”

“Me neither.” You could tell by his voice that he was nervous. Nervous to speak to you again after so much time had passed. Now that you were right there in front of him, he didn’t knew what to say. He may have seemed confident, but he wasn’t. Your smile was so gentle, as if none of that ever happened, as if you still were the same couple as six months ago.

When he noticed the waiter moving over to their table, he went to move and just leave and let you be, though when he heard his favorite order slip out of your mouth so easily, without any question, he knew he could stay.

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Since your break-up with Hoseok, you had been going to the local dance studio instead of the practice room. You had to wait for a room to get free, and you had to pay for your session, but it was fine. You could easily afford one or two hours, and it wasn’t like you went there every day. 

You were lying on the ground, exhausted and out of breath when you heard the door open. You lifted your hand, pointer finger out-stretched. “One minute.” You didn’t even look at the person that entered, though it seemed that your words had caught his attention.


You had expected everything. But never had you thought that Hoseok would use public dance studios. You turned your head to find him looking at you with a hesitant smile, though you could see the nervousness swirling in his eyes.

“Wouldn’t have thought you’d go to a public dance studio. I’ll be gone in a minute.” You knew you sounded rude, but you weren’t even sure if he wanted to talk to you. You lifted yourself off the ground slowly, walking over to your bag.

“Why don’t you stay? You were always honest with me when I looked like an Idiot trying out something new.”

His voice was hesitant, but you smiled slighty, sitting back down on the ground.

“I hope you’re still as good.”

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You never thought you’d meet him again like that. It wasn’t unusual for you to go out late at night. It was more peaceful, there were less people, less noise. Never had anything happened to you on these walks, and even if someone decided they’d want to mess with you, you could handle yourself pretty well.

Though this one guy seemed to be either extremely drunk or just plain stupid. No matter how many times you had told him off already, he’d just keep on following you. You knew you could just go home, you weren’t that far away, but you didn’t want that creep to know where you lived.

Though never had you expected the man to be cut off mid-sentence by none other than your ex-boyfriend.

“Didn’t your mom taught you any manners? Come on man, she said no. Fuck off already.” You couldn’t help but notice how the stranger eyed Yoongi carefully before he lifted his hands in defeat. “Girl never told me she was taken.” He’d shrug before walking off, purposely bumping shoulders with Yoongi when he left.

“So you still walk around late at night, huh.”

“I see you still terrify poor male specimen as well.” You could see the corner of his lips twitching up in a faint smirk at your words. Truthfully, you were glad that he had scared the other man off, even if it seemed as if he had been your boyfriend again.

“Let me walk you home. That guy could be creeping.”

You smiled slightly at the excuse, but nodded anyway. “You know the way.”

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He’d been staring at you for a while now, too hesitant to just walk over and talk to you. To others, he probably looked like a creep, but he didn’t even care. He wanted to, he really wanted to talk to you, but he didn’t even knew what he would say. Though when he saw you trying to reach for something on one of the higher shelves, he saw his chance.

He was quick to walk over, easily grabbing the object you were reaching for. When you noticed the arm beside you taking what you were just trying to get, you turned around slowly, surprised with the familiar face you met.

“Taehyung.” He was holding the object out for you, wordlessly waiting for you to take it. Hesitantly, you took it out of his grasp, your fingers brushing his skin slightly before you lifted your head to smile at him.

“Thank you. As you can see, I’m still too small for the top shelves.” Though your smile faltered slightly when he didn’t answer but just continued to stare down at you. You bit the inside of your cheek slightly, wondering if you should just leave.

When he saw your reaction, he panicked, his eyes moving over your face in a hurry, mumbling incomprehensible words to form a sentence not even he knew the meaning of. Though you had seemed to notice that he was just being nervous when you smiled again.

“You think we could get those cookies we always had as midnight snacks?”

And all he could do was nod, as he followed you around like a lost puppy that had found it’s owner again.

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It was ice cold, pouring like hell, you had just gotten the notification that your bus wouldn’t come because of difficulties and had you packed an umbrella? Of course not. So here you were, already soaking, shivering to the bones as you made your way home from work.

What you didn’t expect was to be stopped by some boy in front of you, as you nearly bumped into him while walking. You went to apologize, though when you saw who it was, your eyes widened slightly.

“Jimin.” Even though he had an umbrella with him, his hair and clothing were completely soaked, just like yours. He didn’t say anything as he stared down at you, only lifting his umbrella slightly, a silent sign for you to get under. Hesitantly, you stepped closer, and when he made no move to step away, you smiled slightly.

“The dorm is still a way isn’t it? Why don’t you warm up at my apartment? You seem just as cold as me..”

You could see him smile slightly and with a short nod, he turned, though waited for you to walk with him in comfortable silence.

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He watched as you went to sit down on a nearby bench, probably exhausted from your run. He was just out to relax a little when he saw you jogging through the park. Though even if you weren’t together anymore, he couldn’t help but feel mesmerized to see you.

He knew he’d probably mess up if he went to talk to you, though he didn’t want to let this small chance slip through his fingers. With big steps, he walked over to where you had sat down, stopping right before you.

You had lifted your head when you noticed someone approaching you, already pulling out one of your headphones, though Jungkook was the last person you expected to meet on your walk. You were aware that his own solo ‘Begin’ was still playing, and by the smile on his face, you knew he could hear it through your headphone.

“Been a while. I see you still have a great taste in music.” His words may have sounded cocky to anyone else, but you could hear how nervous he was, even if he gave off a confident aura. You smiled slighty, moving over to give him some space on the bench.

“You want to know just how good my taste in music is?”

He gladly accepted your offer, happy that he didn’t mess up like he thought he would.

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anonymous asked:

hi emma! my school has extremely high standards and they set really difficult exams. i don't think i'm coping well, and my depression is making everything so much harder. i used to be pretty good with stress, but this is seriously way too much. the biggest source of my depression is my mother, and i obviously can't stay away from her. i also can't concentrate unless i study at home, which means i'm always near her. what do i do to manage my depression and my stress?

Hi! I’ll be honest and say I’ve never experienced depression so I feel like I’m not the one to give advice on this particular issue. I wouldn’t want to seem like I know everything about dealing with it when in fact I haven’t. For this reason, I’ll link you to some people have have experience and some recommended tips:

As for studying at home, I’d try to make yourself a study sanctuary. Somewhere out the way where you can close yourself off and take some time to focus. It could be in an office, your bedroom, the kitchen. I’d also recommend using headphones to block out noise. Spotify has great playlists dedicating to focusing and studying! Perhaps just talking to her before you study sessions and saying “hey, I’m going to study for 30 minutes. Please let me have this time to focus and I’ll come out when I’m done” can help stop her interrupting!

I’d also love if any of my followers had suggestions or tips that has worked for them and they’d be willing to share. Best of luck with everything x

Hoodies and Headphones

Anon asked: And now if you have time, a fic combining some of the headphones and sweater hc’s??

This is 100% fluff and I don’t know man it’s been a while since we’ve had pure fluff so let’s get into it

“Jeremy. We need to talk”

Oh great, that was always a perfect way to start off a conversation. Yeah that totally didn’t set Jeremy on edge. Not at all.

Michael was facing his closet, arms crossed. Apparently he wanted some sort of response because when the boy sitting crisscross on his bed stayed silent he turned around.

“Jeremiah Heere, I said we need to talk.”

Jeremy huffed and dug his feet further into the bend of the mattress he was making, “What turned on Mom Mode today?”

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Heart Attack - H.S x Reader

Quick Description: You’ve climbed your way up the celebrity ladder and are pretty well known… so well known that people know about your love for Harry Styles. Nick Grimshaw pulls you in for an interview and decides to play a cheeky heart monitor game with you.

Read part two and part three here when finished ;)


“Y/N, you’re a massive fan of Harry Styles, right?” Nick questioned, a smirk sprouting across his face.

You tried to contain a smile as you responded, “Yes…”

“So then you know all about the little heart monitor game we played with him a while back,” he said and your eyes narrowed playfully.

“Oh no,” you muttered. Just then, people entered the room with a machine and a handful of chords. “Oh no!”

Once successfully strung up in wires, Nick grinned menacingly at you.“Right, so I’m going to show you a series of pictures and you just… let your heartrate do the talking.”

“That’s never a good idea,” you replied, chuckling lightly.

“Okay, how do we feel about… Pugs?” he asked, flashing a picture of a particularly odd looking pup.

“Starting easy, are we? He’s a cute little guy, definitely.”

“Okay, okay, heartrate peaks slightly, nothing special…” Nick fiddled with the next picture and you watched apprehensively. “Oh, nervous, Y/N?” he teased.

“I’m terrified,” you admitted, laughing slightly.

“You should be,” he blurted and whipped up a picture of none other than Harry Styles in a tight blue suit, sprawled across a prop and looking so terribly inviting. “Harry in a nice periwinkle suit…!”

“I knew you would do that,” you mumbled, your face melting into your hands.

“Heart rate rises! How are we feeling, Y/N?” Nick pried.

“You had to embarrass me, didn’t you?” you groaned between your fingers.

“We had to see how much you really love him, Y/N! Heart rate above 90!”

You giggled, dragging your hands down your face and giving the picture a good second look. “You are terrible,” you grumbled at Nick.

“And you are blushing. Cheeky little crush we have here. Oh, I guess not so little. Look at that heart rate - we reached 100 beats per minute!”

“Stooop!” you laughed.

“What if I told you that I was only just starting?” Nick wondered casually. You tilted your head.

“What do you mean?” you asked slowly.

“Harry? Come on out!” As soon as the words left Nick’s mouth, I felt my heart drop into my stomach.

Harry Styles strolled through the door, the cheesiest grin on his face. You watched him, eyes open wide.

“Hi, Y/N,” he chirped.

“Hi, Harry…” you said. He opened his arms and you rose from your chair, practically spilling onto him. He smelled amazing, sort of fruity, but in a cool way. His lean arms pressed you tightly into him and you wanted nothing more than this moment for the rest of your life.

“Enough embracing each other like long lost lovers, take a seat, you two,” Nick demanded, pointing to the two chairs across from him. You both did so and Harry glanced at you, his eyes dancing with amusement.

“You really just did that,” you remarked to Nick.

“Yes, ma'am,” he answered with a cheeky smirk. “What’s the heart rate at? 110!” You scoffed, smiling like a fool.

“Well it’s nice to finally meet you,” you told Harry with a polite nod.

“Harry, Y/N’s your biggest fan, don’t take the curt small talk the wrong way,” Nick commented.

“Oh shut up!” I exclaimed, making everyone laugh.

“Major chemistry, these two,” Nick whispered, pretending we couldn’t hear a word he was saying. “Anyway, that was a quick Heart Monitor Challenge with Y/N Y/L/N and special guest appearance Harry Styles! Now, Y/N, have you seen Harry’s new movie recently?”

The rest of the interview went quickly, Nick bouncing questions between you and Harry. He wrapped it up with a shoutout to Harry’s new movie and your new book. The cameras shut off and the headphones found their proper hooks.

“It really was great to meet you,” you noted when you got a breath alone with Harry.

He tugged you in a hug saying, “I had a great time. I hope you don’t mind my barging in on your interview, but I’m always in for a good surprise.”

“No, no, it was awesome!” you exclaimed as you pulled away from him. He watched you in silence, eyes quickly snapping over your body.

“I hope I can see you another time?” he asked finally. You bit your lip in attempt to hide your face-consuming grin.

“Absolutely,” you nodded. He smiled dashingly before being dragged away by his coworker.


Author’s Note:

Ta daaaaa! This idea has been brewing in my mind recently I just had to write it. Been a while since I’ve posted my writing. I hope I still got it, and you still have the likes and reblogs and comments to give ;)

I think I might post a part two to this, any thoughts?

Thanks Lovelies, much love xx

wheres my expensive headphones au with pining rich whos had a crush on michael since freshman year and got a squip to try and impress HIM but instead the squip just made him popular and a jerk to him and his buddy becus they were nerds and eventually landed him in the hospital with a surprisingly forgiving and nice michael mell who still came back to visit rich even after his best friend was discharged!! and rich is so head over heels for him that he acts like the nerd he was in freshman year whenever hes around him which is super super endearing to michael and then!!! rich asks him to prom!!!!! he gets super fancy with it and brings flowers and chocolates and everything!!! and then rich and michael go to prom together and dance to whitney and have a great great time the end 

call me yours | m

↘︎ friends with benefits au, college au, dj au
○ pairing: hansol | reader
○ genre: angst/fluff
○ word count: 7.6k
○ story note: contains mature content
○ summary: you weren’t exactly perfect at no strings attached, but jealousy and deeper feelings threaten to tear the entire deal apart.

I got close to your skin while you were sleeping. I taste the salt on your hands. I reached out to touch you. The morning light disarms you. Won’t you let me in?

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Does it ever hit you that Luke Hemmings is an actual person and not just a face on a screen or a voice coming through headphones? Like he has arms, noodle legs and like a chest that’s great for laying your head on and feet that he trips over on a daily basis. He has a life so vivid and complex and so diFfeRent to OurS and for all we know the poor idiot’s probably trying to lick his elbow right now or something like that.