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Hi, I read your post about the whole VIPs against ARMY/Bangtan debacle and was wondering if Bighit could do anything about it? Like perhaps sue? thank you in advance for answering my question! and for letting us know of this unfair situation.

To be honest most posts that I have put up on here are already posts/tweets that have gained a lot of attention by both ARMYs and VIPs/EXO-Ls. What you’re seeing now probably have already been sent to Bighit. 

Bighit officially started to take reports from fans last November but I believe it’s been closed now. I’m not sure if they’re still taking in reports. 

Anynway, if you’d like to make a report, this is how you do it:

It’s advisable that you put all the evidence in PDF. 

10 More Soulmate AUs That Have Probably Already Been Posted (And If So, I'm Sorry)

1. The only color you can see is the color of your mate’s eyes.

2. Whenever your mate says your name, you will turn towards the direction they are in, no matter how far away you are.

3. Everyone has half of a symmectrical mark on them (butterfly, heart, diamond, spade, etc) and the other half will appear when you meet your mate.

4. Their hobby that they excel in has always been something you wish so badly you could do but fail epically at.

5. There is a bond between you and your mate in which you can sense each other’s emotions.

6. As a continuation of number 5, you can also send each other emotions to comfort the other or confess your love before you know anything about them.

7. If your mate is listening to music, you can hear it faintly, as if it is playing outside.

8. On your wrist you are born with a number. This is the amount of times you and your mate will see each other before you actually meet.

9. Your favorite outfit will be the one you meet your mate in.

10. After you meet your mate, it is physically impossible for you to tell anyone else you love them romatically.

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Hi Ive been trying to find all the official manga for diabolik lovers for both the sakamaki and the mukami ever since I read ur post about yui. but I'm having problems tracking them down. Can you give me some links to them?

Yeah, sure. I know there’s already a huge post somewhere (probably buried in my likes), but I do have links to the official manga saved. 

~Haunted Dark Bridal Prequel & Sequel Chapters~


Ayato - Prequel | Sequel

Kanato - Prequel | Sequel

Laito - Prequel | Sequel

Shu - Prequel | Sequel

Reiji - Prequel | Sequel

Subaru - Prequel | Sequel

***More,Blood Prequel & Sequel Chapters***

Sakamaki Prologue

AyatoPrequel | Sequel

Kanato - Prequel | Sequel (*)

LaitoPrequel | Sequel

ShuPrequel | Sequel

Reiji Prequel | Sequel [I have not found Reiji’s More,Blood Sequel, if anyone has it, please send me a message so I can update this. Otherwise, I’ll assume it’s not available.]

Subaru - Prequel | Sequel

Mukami Prologue

Ruki - Prequel | Sequel

Kou - Prequel | Sequel

Yuma - Prequel | Sequel

Azusa - Prequel | Sequel (*)

(*) - these scans are not available to the public, so it is best to purchase the volume yourself if you want to read it.


A huge kudos to @akuichansera​, @narihira​, @otakkii, @toudou@prevolt, @randomly-spicy-diamond​ for everything they have done to make massive project possible. 

I didn’t include any of the anthologies aka short stories, but you can find those easily if you look. 

I hope this helps you~

Some (Early) Dangan Ronpa Valentines

I know Valentine’s Day is a month away, that most of these have probably already been done (and some of these puns are reused throughout the post), and that this meme is old, but I really wanted to make these. (Spoilers for all three games under the cut.)

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I have been wondering about something with Solas, the elves and the Trespasser epilogue. This probably already have been discussed somewhere, but maybe someone can help me with some meta posts or reply here?

A few thing bugged me with the Trespasser epilogue about the elves disappearing from the Inquisition and the cities, along with the picture of the Dalish elf trekking away.

1. As a Dalish Inquisitor, why is the Inquisition not doing anything for the elves? Why are they leaving? Especially if you left Briala in charge, why are they not following you? Why don’t the Inquisition offer a good place to be for the elves?

2. What are Fen’Harel offering the elves? What is he telling them? (assuming they are joining his movement/army). Solas said himself that the Dalish did not trust him or listen to him when he tried to engage them. So what has changed? How can he entice them to join him (and - back to 1. not the Inquisition?). The slide clearly show a Dalish elf; what changed to make them trust Fen’Harel?

3. which is connected to what Solas tells them - is he deceiving them? When he speaks to the inquisitor in Trespasser, he makes it sound like he will destroy the world, that everyone is doomed. So is he lying to you, when he tells you that if you join him, you will watch all your friends die? Is he trying to drive you away? Or is he lying to the elves he is recruiting? Is he telling them he will restore the elves, but neglecting to tell them at what cost?

generally I am just really confused as to how he can raise an army. (I am also puzzled over what he needs it for, but that is a different discussion)

Okay one thing that I need the YOI fandom to do is to NOT CALL OTABEK X YURIO PEDOPHILIA

I mean this is my own personal opinion on it and something I need to let out so you’re free to ignore it if you want

To me, this ship is NOT pedophilia


Speaking of healthy, you have to admit that this is a healthy ship too. There are already too many posts about how healthy and good the ship is, so I won’t dwell on it, you probably already know what I’m talking about

Also, sorry if I’m wrong, but pedophilia is between a child and an adult right?

To me, when compared to an 18 year old, Yurio isn’t a child. Especially comparing him to Otabek, to me they are quite similar tbh

Compare a 15 year old to a 28 year old (Victor), NOW Yurio can be considered as a child in terms of shipping/relationship (not shitting on Victor/yurio shippers, I know that ships don’t reflect your beliefs and personality, just, like, ship them, but away from me, okay?)

So yeah, to me Otabek x Yurio isn’t pedophilia

“But legally speaking Otabek is an adult and Yurio isn’t! So it’s pedophilia!”

Yeah just like a 17 year old dating a 18 year old, but you can’t really talk about pedophilia

Also I suppose that depends on the countries, since legal age is different in some places (eg: I think in Japan it’s 20??)

Also something I’ve been meaning to say for a long time just for salt purposes, everyone in this fandom ships Guan Hong and Leo (17 and 19) sooooo… Yeah

Anyway what I mean to say is: I think that Yurio and Otabek form a very healthy and good ship despite what people say about it

(Though tbh by opinion might be a cultural thing, in my country people think it’s better that girls date older guys (as long as their age isn’t something like 14 yo dating a 30 yr old which would be downright pedophilia then) bc young guys are commonly thought to be immature and a bit dumb, so older guys are preferable for daughters in some cases. I gave a friend who married a dude 12 years older than him at 17 (religious stuff) and they have a very healthy and happy relationship?? They’re so in love it’s disgusting tbh.

All that to say that Yurio x Otabek is healthy and good currently and that I’d defend it with my life

me and rhys have been talking about this and i’m probably just gonna put what he said in this too but basically it’s about buzzfeed and how there really isn’t much for gay women. you’ve probably already seen the multiple posts i make about it lmao.

basically all the quizzes are like “we know your taste in men” and variations of that. they don’t seem to have a consistent idea about anything because one week they’re like omg so queer!!! and the next they’re publishing articles about how bisexual women aren’t gay enough and they have to choose either being “fully gay” or straight.

they seem to pander to and capitalize on only white gay men most of the time and there really isn’t anything for lesbians/bisexual women/pansexual women.


my Hot Mom olivia @gregoryhouse tagged me to post one pic of me pre-season 3 vs. one of me now. fun fact: the picture on the left was taken the literal day that teh aired. thank you BBC sherlock for clearing my skin, watering my crops, and keeping my family fed. it’s been a ride (tags under the cut)

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You've probably already read Megan Margulies' op-ed in the Washington Post about her grandfather Joe Simon, and what the Cap he helped create stands for in this world. (It's currently on the WP website.) But just in case you missed it ... they've illustrated it with a pic that might have been taken during the great Sam Cap VP snowball fight.

It’s a great piece – and yeah, that image actually inspired the snowball fight fic! 

My Cap hat and gloves are standard protest wear for me. The first time I felt weird, because Cap has sometimes been such a representative of the establishment, but I caught people smiling at the gloves and felt better about it. I like the fact that the protests are reclaiming the symbols of the country – that protesters can march under the US flag and under the Cap shield is a really great thing, I think. 

Hey all, I know you probably have some good intentions and all…But PLEASE do not repost my art anywhere, at least not without credit. ESPECIALLY ON IFUNNY. I’ve seen my art on there one too many times already. I’m glad you like it, but please! I’d really love some credit at the very least. I’ve seen other dailies have their art stolen too…

This has been a PSA. 

I absolutely agree that you probably shouldn’t leave 18+ comments on your idols’ social media accounts. However, the amount of people being so stressed about fans simply writing “chanbaek” seriously makes me laugh. Idols aren’t dumb, they are very aware of the activities their fans engage in, including shipping. They have been receiving tons of these kind of comments for years and people still make it sound like it’s a secret that cannot be exposed to them when it already is. Do you really think Baekhyun didn’t know what kind of comments he would receive before posting his greetings for Chanyeol? You think he hasn’t received comments about him and Chanyeol before? The fact that he doesn’t refrain from still posting his greetings in such a cute way shows that he is probably less bothered by it than some of you guys are. Comments do have a limit - I agree with that. But getting so damn worked up about people commenting a ship name under a picture that was obviously meant for one of the people involved in this ship is seriously unnecessary in my opinion. Rather than worrying about shippers, we should worry about those “fans” who considered dropping Baekhyun for his well-meant post just because they found it “too weird”, who told him to “delete” his post for the same reasons. If commenting 18+ stuff is rude then telling Baekhyun what to do is not better. Stop trying to control him. He is an adult who is free to post whatever he likes. Well, this was my attempt at seeing things from another perspective. Hope nobody feels attacked by this.

I took the post down. I wasn’t trying to jump to conclusions. I was attempting to piece things together and mistakenly made correlations that probably shouldn’t have been there. It’s only been a day and I already deleted it.

I apologize for making incorrect assumptions. But note in that post, since it’s still getting passed around, that I did not immediately say this movie is ripping off Yuri on Ice. I even said several times that the sources I have aren’t credible. I was simply curious and made error judgement. I feel embarrassed that I look like the side of the fandom that’s ignorant and quick to act. I apologize for spreading confusion. I shouldn’t have added to the drama. But the post is still being spread so I cannot do anything about it.

I have forgotten how quickly things get spun out of proportion on this site. How easy it is to make mistakes and be crucified for them. Stop posting hate against those who are heterosexual and white. And stop attacking me. Politely correct me. Some of you need to realize there are human beings behind these screens.

If you want to approach me about this topic, go ahead. I am happy to listen and be better educated on the topic. But let’s not beat this to death.