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Monsta x reacting to their s/o that has badass tattoos but is still very cute and feminine

I was supposed to do this last week but i never got around to it lol so it’s been sitting in my drafts collecting dust. Been feeling kinda out of it lately lmao


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Kihyun would have a whole instagram account dedicated to you, his girlfriend with tons of tattoos. He’d post all kinds of pictures he’d taken of you over the years. You’d be his very own tattoo model.


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The fact that you were able to have all these tattoos and still manage to be super cute at the same time was something Jooheon loved about you. He never got tired of seeing your body covered in those detailed tattoos. He thought it made you look more mature, which was a look he was definitely digging.


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Wonho would still think you were very cute even with all the tattoos. Of course you had way more than him, which left him amazed every single time he looked at you.


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Hyungwon would be confused pretty much every time he looked at you. Which was all the time. You dressed very feminine, and your actions and the way you carried yourself was also very feminine. You had a very cute, innocent face and then all those tattoos, which was a weird combination to him. But, he still appreciated it nonetheless.


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Shownu would think that you looked both cute and cool. He’d really admire how unique it made you look.

“Whaa, Jagi, you look so cool!”


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Minhyuk would always trace your tattoos with his fingers whenever you guys cuddled or even if you guys were out on a dinner date. Most of the time he’d do it at night to try and get you to fall asleep, but he’d end up falling asleep instead.


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Changkyun would always want you to wear something that showed off your tattoos. He felt all your outfits looked so much better when they were visible.

“Roll those sleeves up, Jagi!”

“It doesn’t make any sense… All these clues and hints, yet I can’t piece them together.. Pandoria… How do you work?”

I kept forgetting I had this one in my draft and it’s just been sitting there collecting dust for like 2 weeks. XD;
But fun fact: Sally’s a pencil-biter, when she’s frustrated. If she doesn’t have a pencil, she’ll nibble on a finger.

I’ve Found You

Summary: You had lost your son years ago. You’ve managed to track him to the one spot that holds one of the most feared villains, yet you go anyway. You’d do anything for Rumple, no limits, no boundaries will keep you apart from him. When you finally reunite with him, you find someone else. Someone you haven’t seen in years. Someone you once called your fiance… 

Pairing: Peter Pan x Reader, mother!Reader x son!Rumplestiltskin

Word Count: 2785

Warnings: None

(A/N): Yeah, I know. Haven’t posted in a while. But, I’ve got a GOOD explanation this time! So, first of all, I was grounded. Then, I had to take Driver’s Ed and I was very stressed. Yes, that’s right, I’m a 16 year old just NOW getting her permit. But eh, it’s whatever. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this little thing that has been sitting in my drafts, collecting metaphorical dust. I don’t know if I’m gonna do a part 2 to this yet. Tell me what y’all think. Enjoy!

The ~’s means that it is a flashback. The bold/italic words within the ~’s are you speaking. The regular italics are some one else speaking. If the italics are outside of the ~’s, then that is indicating your thoughts. (Sorry if this is confusing)

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He loved everything about her, except the fact she wasnt his.

 -because you guys wanted more psycho!5sos. Enjoy! (it kinda sucks)


It was just a stupid crush Calum had with y/n, having butterflies in his stomach whenever she was near and a bit anxious. It grew more everyday having a real effect on Calum, making his heart wanting to explode with fireworks. He was beginning to fall in love with her. He adored everything about her, her beauty, her quirky personality and the how she always changed the atmosphere of the place whenever she stepped into the room.  He always dreamed of being the perfect soul mate for y/n giving her nothing but affection and lust, only problem was that she was Luke’s girlfriend. He was always jealous of Luke seeing them together he wanted the same thing Luke was having, and not with just any girl. Only with y/n. It was obsessive, having thought of being with y/n was taking over. 

The boys went to celebrate their success at a night club sharing drinks and having a good laugh among themselves.Y/n joined in with them sitting on Luke’s lap laughing with Ashton as Michael was telling a story.  Calum glanced at y/n and Luke noticing how his arms around her tiny waist giving her light kisses. His jaw clenched becoming envious seeing them like that made him want to punch something, especially Luke. He wasnt doing anything wrong but he hated him seeing with her. Calum just chugged the rest of his beer not wanting to think about it anymore.

Y/n became wasted after a couple of drinks laughing at everything and saying nothing but nonsense. It was pretty funny seeing her like this but Luke felt like it was safe for her to go home. “Baby I think you need to go home.” Luke shouted over the music. 

“What! No way! I’m having fun!” she giggled kissing his cheek hugging him tightly. Luke kind of chuckled seeing how ridiculous she was acting. “I think your just tired y/n. I’ll call a cab and I’ll be home soon okay.” y/n gave her boyfriend a sad face pouting at him, “Your not coming?” 

“I will later baby, dont worry.” kissing her cheek. Calum couldnt stay here anymore, he wanted to be with y/n alone for a bit. “I’ll take her home.” Calum suggested standing in front of them. Luke just shrugged agreeing with him, y/n stood up stumbling a bit towards Calum as they walked out together in the dark. 

Y/n latched onto Calum’s toned arm leaning her head on his walking carelessly. He tried acting normal as possible, pretending that having y/n close to him was a huge deal. “That was fun wasnt it Cal.” she giggled. Calum shrugged continuing to walk to his car. “It was, seem liked you had more fun than anyone.” 

“I only had a beer!” she slurred. 

“You dont even remember how many drinks you had? Wow you are wasted.” nervously laughing. A million thoughts were going on in his head at once. This was possibly the only time they’ve been together alone and Calum didnt want that to end. He wanted her all to himself. 

Calum escorted her to his car, making sure y/n was able to get in. She was half asleep on the passenger side while Calum buckled her in. “I wish Lukey was here.” she frowned taking a long blink.

“He’s coming back y/n.” reassuring to her, y/n’s face lighten up remembering what Luke said. 

Y/n fell asleep in the passenger side of the car quietly snoring with her head leaning against the window. Calum constantly looked over at her deciding whether or not to take her home. Of course it was out of the line to do something like that to Luke, his friend and y/n but he didnt care at the moment. 

Calum grabbed y/n’s phone out of her purse going through it still focusing on the road. Seeing Luke’s contact he texted him pretending to be y/n, he broke it off between them saying ‘she’ never wanted to see him again. Then blocking his contact he turned off the phone throwing out the window landing into an empty grass field driving from the city of LA taking y/n with.

A/N: this has been sitting in my drafts collecting dust so i decided to post it. story line sucks but its what i had in mind

request for part two  (it might take me a while to get one because i have no idea where this is going) 

i’m going to try vERY HARD this weekend to finally respond to the drafts that have been collecting dust for awhile. And by “very hard” i mean more like I’ll make an attempt but I also need to do some work this weekend so we’ll see where all of my motivation ends up. ilu all but hopefully everyone knows by now that i’m a lazy potato and it’s a miracle i get anything done tbh