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On a personal note

Only maybe…three or four of you already know this, but I’ve been having a rough time lately. There are several reasons, some the usual plights of chronic illness, others a bit more situational, but the important thing for you to know is that, for the past couple months, I have been considering leaving the Sherlock fandom. There has been a farewell post sitting in my drafts for over a month, that is how seriously I was thinking about it, and, even though I’ve decided not to do that, it’s important for me to mention so you understand the severity of the situation, and thus understand the significance of what I’m about to say.

There are so many people who have helped me through this difficult time, most of them without even knowing it. And I know I could’ve told you, all of you, posted something on this blog ages ago and you’d have been nothing but supportive, but I am not the sharing type, I never have been, so please don’t feel responsible for things you didn’t know. You were in the dark by my design, not by any fault of yours.

Nevertheless, even without knowing, each and every one of you has pushed me onward and upward, but a few people do bear special mention, so, here we have it, the truncated list of people who keep me right:
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Thank you for being my ports in a storm you didn’t even know I was weathering, and, believe me, any and all of you who have sent me messages, left replies on posts, or simply dropped a couple numbers/colors/Greek goddesses/whatever-the-current-ask-meme-is into my inbox, you have helped more than you know, more than I can say, and I am immeasurably grateful.


“In my own mind, I’ve unpacked his suitcase of pain. And so, I can easily stand up and defend him even though many of his actions are indefensible, but I know why, I think. What’s interesting is those answers are locked in some kind of cabinet right at the bottom of him and he’s in there and nobody has the key. Do you know what I’m saying? So yeah, I do like him.” 



All of this Pilot discussion on my dash and it reminded me that I’ve had this set sitting in my drafts for ages because I really wanted to talk about this scene in particular. Pilot discussion time.

For the second time in the past few days, Henry has run away, been found and brought home by someone other than her, and that someone has been the birth mother she was never suppose to have to worry about being a part of her sons life. I don’t think we’re really meant to see how much this hurts Regina at the time (At this point we’re still suppose to be guessing whether she even loves Henry) but then you see this. Regina opening the door, blood-shot eyes, stuffing tissues in her jacket. She’s clearly been crying since she last saw Emma (after letting her help find Henry again, simply because it was best for Henry. Like how she let Emma pull Henry from the mines and asked David to get him from her vault, it’s just another testament to how Regina really would put her own feelings aside for Henry’s best interest. His safety has always come before her pride). Emotional exhaustion is etched into her face and stance, he won’t even glance at her, and she doesn’t try to say a word to him as he runs past her. It’s just a really emotionally tense moment. This and the scene later with Henry laying in bed really give off just how broken and strained their relationship is at this time, and how it’s a constant struggle and weight on both of them.

What I love about this moment is that it’s seconds long and yet shows so much about Regina and her relationship with Henry at the time. It was one of those humanizing moments that Lana added that deepened Regina and Regal Believer super early on. I didn’t notice it the first time I watched the pilot but there were many other moments in the first season similar to this (some subtle and some more blatant) that show Regina’s true colors. There were discussions the other day about why people seemed to love Regina so early on despite being led to believe how dark and evil she was. This is one of those reasons. The subtle bits of humanity that seeped through.

I think the writers had a lot of fun in S1 leading the audience on with Regina. Making us guess who she was and why she was the way she was. Was she pure evil? What were her intentions with the curse? Was she herself cursed? What happened to make her this way? Did she really love Henry? All questions we were suppose to be asking to make their reveals that much more poignant. I believe our initial impression was suppose to be Regina the big, bad and evil. That’s why they waited on revealing her backstory until the backhalf of the season rather than the second episode like they initially planned, and why they asked Lana to downplay Regina’s love for Henry for ambiguity purposes. It was all because those things humanized Regina and made her hard to villainize. For the most part they seemed successful, but I think Lana really found ways of humanizing Regina early on and in the end it worked to the shows benefit. It really helped consistency of her character and storyline. It’s nice being able to go back to the Pilot and still see real Regina, rather than a fake first viewing version meant to throw us off course of who she really is.

How easily one dimensional Regina could have ended up being back in S1 due to the producers intent and Lana’s lack of knowledge of the character. But going back, you really notice how much layer Lana added to Regina in S1 just by performance. Despite how little they told her, she still somehow added in all the layers the writers meant to reveal Regina having later, and more! This is just one of the many.

hollywood!au where Levi is a well known reality star and Eren is the camera man picked to follow Levi on smaller, more intimate trips. Naturally, the two spend a lot of time together for work, sometimes only for an hour or two and other times it’s overnight trips. Because of the extensive exposure, each man gets the hots for the other and one time the sexual tension gets the better of them so they turn in early and have loud sex right when they get back to Levi’s hotel room. But what they didn’t realize is that Eren forgot to turn off his camera before setting it down so they wake up to a surprise sex tape filmed at a really awkward angle

sort of draft-y possible design for JT the small cute scene girl

she is playful and excitable and very childish but knows exactly when to cut the bullshit and be more mature than anyone else in the room. she is headstrong, thinks on her feet, and doesn’t give a fuck about whatever thinly veiled misogyny any dumb hardcore boys or metalheads have to throw her way. she has been known to bite people for asking her the age-old questions such as “do you REALLY like that band? can you even name me 5 albums of theirs?” or “do you even KNOW what real metal is?”

Evelynn hated writing papers, but even more than that, she hated editing her work. She always preferred to just turn in her first draft, but had been getting in trouble for it recently and decided the next best thing would be having someone else edit it. Glancing around the library she had been studying in, Eve spotted a boy around her age and immediately sat down next to him, giving him a disarming smile. “Hi, I know we don’t know each other or anything, but could you maybe read over my paper and make sure I don’t sound like a complete dumbass?”

kat rants about ajay ghale: part 1 - violence. or is it

since none of you guys want to talk to me about ajay and i have to do something with all these emotions, i’m just gonna go ahead and talk to myself.

fair warning: this got kind of terrifyingly long.

so, ajay ghale. if you’ve played far cry 4, you know him. he’s the protagonist: he doesn’t talk all that much, gets ordered around and manipulated by the golden path leaders (i’m not bitter, i say, bitterly, with a bitter expression), rides elephants, runs from honey badgers, and can fuck you up real bad even while naked, drugged, and armed only with a knife.

see, here’s the thing about ajay: he’s fucking. lethal.

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anonymous asked:

Stop reposting!! I saw that you posted almost the same post as in arctic-monkeys-am-alex-turner

ha ha funny. you accuse me of reposting from the blog who steals from everyone? I could show you at least 10 photos they posted in the last couple of weeks which were reposted from my blog but never mind.

Yes, I noticed they had posted similar photo set but you’re wrong. I didn’t repost it from them. This particular photo set has been in my drafts for ages. I have these pictures from the photographer’s archive and I’ve been posting his photos for months. and if you don’t believe me you can go to my archive and check. 

Tsarkoe Selo: A Flightless One-Shot

I haven’t written anything in quite a while and this was in my drafts folder for AGES. It is something that, if you have been reading Flightless, should be a foregone conclusion will happen. This is told in a different POV than the main story and does not reference any of the major plot points that will come with the exception of one (also look for the nod to another one-shot I have written!) This is for inclusion in this week’s edition of Friday Fluff Fanfare: “Will You Do Me the Honour?” Please enjoy this one-shot starring Tom and Iris!

Flightless: Chapter 1  2  3  4

Twitter had briefly crashed less than five minutes after the picture was posted. Two hands, a large male hand supporting a female’s, nails varnished a dark, shimmering russet, against a background of the ground covered with fallen leaves and twigs. Neither the setting nor the perfectly manicured hand of hers was the focus; that was the large halo set oval diamond in rose gold, twinkling just so in the late afternoon sun that filtered down. The picture did not reveal the name of the woman whose hand wore the ring but the caption read simply, “She said yes.” No more, no less. Nothing else was needed. With three words, ten letters, Twitter user @twhiddleston not only broke the website but thousands of fangirls’ (and boys’) hearts.

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     {One day I am going to hop onto this blog with no stress or pressure from this muse or real life, get drafts done, and actually interact/plot with new people properly. Until then, I am left with only selective interactions at this time that differ from day to day. Drafts will be far and few between. I really want to rp, with new and old muses/muns alike, but I’ve just been really wishy-washy about it, unfortunately.
     I just need real life to calm down a little bit. I feel like I am having a mid-life crisis at the young age of nineteen and all too soon to be twenty. I don’t want this to deter anyone from wanting to interact with me though. My ask is always open, ic and ooc, and I have AIM and Kik for anyone who is interested. This isn’t a hiatus – I refuse to do that with another muse, and one who is very active still. I don’t like to post about my personal life and come across as all “oh woe is me,” but I just want you guys to know.
     Thank you for the patience.}


I’m gonna start off by saying I’m so so sorry to my followers that checked this account everyday hoping to see that I had written your requests or posted something new. My grades have been… Pretty bad this year and it has been unbelievably stressful trying to get them back up. My break starts June 18th (I think) so starting then, I’ll be getting ALL your requests up and we’ll all be happy again and I hope you guys haven’t given up on me because you’re my friends and I love you :3 I’m going to try to get a few of my drafts finished (I’m so sorry to those of you who requested something ages ago and it’s still not up), but yeah, look forward to this summer, more imagines and preferences to come lovelies! C:

I’m sorry if I’m a little bit slow. I have a lot of work to do and I have that middle age crisis when I kinda doubt my writing and portrayal. When it happens, I have the tendency to reply to people I’ve been writing with since a long time because… I don’t know, it feels safe? I’m not afraid to disappoint them I guess - they already know I suck. So if you wrote a starter for me, don’t worry, it’s in my drafts. Same for a lot of my threads. Don’t forget you’re all great and unique. Peggy’s orders.


“Aigo, I’m sure that is not true!” He tried a reassuring smile before clearing his throat. “Here, I’ll show you…” The elegance of the steps might have been arguable - he wasn’t used to dancing standard afterall - but it was the thought that counted, right? “I think you’re doing really well, actually…”

“dancing is supposed to be my forte and all, but—i feel like not dancing in a month or so makes you forget…well, everything!” hyejeong threw her hands over her head out of frustration, a tired laugh slipped past her lips as she looked over at him. “y’think? maybe i should ask hakyeon oppa for help, heh. i know i can turn to you when i have to drop a mixtape, mr. rapper.”