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Expect a flood of grumpy wizard over the next few days! I’ll also be taking photos of various Sofia the First merchandise I haven’t been able to share and uploading them over on my personal. (Something I’ve been wanting to do for ages.) 
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“In my own mind, I’ve unpacked his suitcase of pain. And so, I can easily stand up and defend him even though many of his actions are indefensible, but I know why, I think. What’s interesting is those answers are locked in some kind of cabinet right at the bottom of him and he’s in there and nobody has the key. Do you know what I’m saying? So yeah, I do like him.” 


Azzanna Tidbits

Anna gave Azzy an embellished illuminated god book last Christmas.

On her adventures she has come across pages hidden throughout Gielinor, pages adorned with hymns, poems, illustrations, details, blessings, vows… Some of these pages were distinctly Zarosian and so she complied them in a book, which she bound, blessed and decorated in a regal Zarosian finish. She even had it signed and dedicated by Zaros himself (after the whole bringing him back to corporeal form, she figured he owed her a favour). 

She had never seen Azzy speechless until then.

Sat in the temples living quarters on a wooden chair she had once put together, she put her feet up on the table, also made by her, leaning the chair on two legs. Azzy looked up from his book and told her off for leaning. Rolling her eyes she leaned a little less heavy and rummaged around in her trouser pockets. Rummaging deep, out she pulled the headsplitter hat she bought from Vic that night a while ago when they went for a few down in the Pick and Lute. Needless to say she swiftly put it on and looked around with a stupid grin on her face, amused at herself. She began flicking the arrowhead, making it go ‘twoing’ and after several ‘twoings’, Azzy thinking ‘for the love of Zaros’ looked up from his book once more with raised eyebrows, internally sighing into eternity. Anna looked around at him with her grin from ear to ear. He returned to his book once more.

Anna and Azzy are out picking up some bits and pieces at Ardougne market when Anna heads over to the bread stall. With a mischievous look in her eye, she challenges the young breadseller to see who can fit the most bread in their mouths at once. If Anna wins she gets the bread and another loaf free, if she loses she pays double. Azzy browsing the gem stall, turns around to see the commotion. Anna looks round at Azzy, her cheeks full, her mouth overflowing with bread and gives him a double thumbs up. Azzy just looks at her in a concerned amazement, turns around and continues to browse the stall.

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i really need a quick something like a blurb or anything of Ashton making you feel less sad because i am not doing great mentally right now and im not happy with my weight and i just need a blurb (im sorry if this doesn't make any sense, I've barely gotten any sleep)

(I understand love :( I’ve been through the same thing. I’m sure we all have. I wrote this little thing like ages ago and it was saved in my drafts but hopefully you like it! I love Ashton he’s such a sweetheart. I’m always here if you ever want to talk okay!!! I love you ❤️)

TRIGGER: Mentioning of depression

“You know, I was thinking we could-”

Ashton started, but stopped his sentence mid way as he walked into the living room, looking at you staring blankly at the black tv screen in front of you.

“Um babe?” He tried again, attempting to capture your attention. But you sat there, completely unaware of his presence and consumed by deadly, vicious thoughts circulating your mind lately.

You weren’t feeling like yourself and it was tearing you apart. Ashton didn’t know of course. Why would you burden him with your minuscule problems. He already had enough on his plate.

But as you sat there, contemplating your relationship with him, why he was even with you, why he ever chose you to be his girlfriend, all the insecurities you had pushed down to the bottom of your pit came resurfacing up like a kettle about to overflow.

“Baby.” He whispered now, gently sitting beside you and taking a hold of your hand. “Can you please look at me?”

You could hear him, but you weren’t listening. The spiralling voices in your head were making it hard to do anything let alone have a normal conversation.

“Okay honey I need you to listen to me right now. I don’t know what’s going on but I’m gonna be here for you okay?” You felt his lips brush the side of your head, actually feeling something other than pure dread and exhaustion. It was mentally and emotionally taking a toll on you and the scariest part was that your life was actually okay.

You had a wonderful boyfriend who would drop everything to be with you if you needed. You went to school, got good grades, had amazing friends. So why were you feeling like this? Why couldn’t you shake this horrible and gnawing feeling that kept clawing inside you. It was this burning, agonizingly cutting sensation that you have never felt before. There were variations of it that everyone goes through, on a mild level throughout their lives. But this was something else.

You were scared. And you didn’t even know of what.

“How about we eat some ice cream, stay in, watch a bunch of movies like all the Rush Hour ones because I know those make you laugh, and we just relax and unwind ourselves for a bit. And we’ll take it one day at a time? How does that sound baby?”

You felt him squeeze your hand, eyes urging you to look at him and give something, anything, a sign that you were still here, actually listening to him.

“And then we could possibly watch White Chicks again. Even though we saw it like two days ago.”

The small, upward curve of your mouth made Ashton instantly release a breath he didn’t know he was holding. You were listening to him. The turmoil inside you slowly simmering down to a minimum as you listened to Ashton’s voice. His words instantly making you feel a tiny bit better in your otherwise anguishing state.

You turned your head slowly to the side, that small smile still decorating your face.

“That would be nice.” You murmured, looking down at your interlaced hands.

“Great. I’ll get the movies started and we’ll have a night in!” He exclaimed, peppering your face with light kisses as he stood up, pulling you along with him.

“Help me get some blankets babe because I honestly don’t know where you put them. You always do this..” He mumbled, flashing you that dimpled smile as you leaned into side, clinging onto his grey hoodie as you wrapped your arms around his torso, not fully wanting to engage in small talk right now but just relishing in his mere presence.

“You know I got you baby. I always got you.” He rubbed your arm up and down while making his way to your shared bedroom.

And you knew that whatever this was. Whatever was happening to you right now, that with Ashton and his lame dad jokes and his nurturing words and calming gestures, you knew that eventually you will be restored back to the original you. The one that made you feel like an actual person. It was going to be an uphill battle, and Ashton knew that too.

As he covered both of you with the blanket, a tub of ice cream in the middle of you, he was going to help you every step of the way. Because he loved you. And he wasn’t going to let go of the one person that finally made his life complete. No damn way would he be stupid enough to do that.

I just saw a fic for Sterek where Derek is a jock and loves taking people’s virginity, but he plans his last one will be with Stiles. I immediately imagined Stiles refusing. Not wanting to be one of the people that lose it to Derek Hale. Derek falls in love with him and tries to convince him of it, but Stiles can’t help but question his intentions. And doesn’t believe him, saying he can’t do it. Once Derek leaves to college, saying he’ll come back to Stiles soon. Then Stiles starts hanging out with Theo, though it might not be much of hanging out, they despise each other and get on each other’s nerves. But Theo starts flirting…so, it gives Stiles the idea on how to fix the situation. It’s an ugly solution but, he’s heard someone say hate sex is the best sex. So then, they do it and Stiles gets it over with. Once Derek comes back, Stiles tells him and asks if he still wants him even if he’s not a virgin…and Derek says yes, because even though it started out that way but now it’s just Stiles that he wants. Relieved and feeling a little guilty, Stiles says yes to being in a relationship with Derek.

Or it doesn’t have to be Theo. Could be Parrish…could be a much sweeter story. Just that Parrish was trying to get over his ex and when they had sex, he realized he doesn’t have that kind of feelings for Stiles and Stiles told him it was okay because it was the same way for him. He loves someone else.

Here are some kickass fanfic writers that I love! I want to draw fanart for them, but in case I don’t find the time, heres some sincere flattery

@bonusparts who writes the most amazing Borderlands fanfics, they have made me laugh and cry uncountable times. her diverse cast of OCs are so distinct and smart and funny, they’re the standard by which I judge my own characters

@cayleedactyl, has been working on their Xiaolin Showdown fanfic for 10+ years, and the hard work pays off. This draft has all the heart and polished as well. Her vision of Chase, Guan and Dashi’s era is so perfect I cant separate it from canon. (start with Age of Dawn!)

@leendenfoxx is the amazing writer of a fuckton of Zootopia stories (I recommend Patient: Gideon Gray!) and other fandoms too, his work has top notch imagery and the best action scenes Ive ever read, ahnds down

@quillypen writes kick-ass zootopia fics also, his writing is so quick witted, the dialogue and character voices perfect, perfect, the banter always makes me grin. He is just incredibly talented!

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ok so OP blocked me but i want to answer u?? so,, u went thru my blog to find the post, considering it was far down. and, i wasnt insisting it was sexual. i was insisting cg/l is a kink. she literally said she was into cg/l with her sister.

Actually, I had it accidentally saved in drafts instead of posting it immediately when I saw it. Apologies if I seemed like I was creeping.

And I have met people who both have family members help when they age regress, and people who insist their cgl is nonsexual or platonic. The OP could have been one of those people. The morality of that is up to you, but I do not believe it is fair to keep pressing it when they acted uncomfortable with the implication of being sexual with family members.


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Name: Chloe
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When did you start this blog: Last September I think, it’s coming up to a year now!
What do I post: Vocab posts and pictures of my notes/books/things
Do I run any other blogs: I have my main blog that I neglect now
Why did I choose the url: I’m a student of Japanese studies
I tag: @nocturnalinseoul @ohchickstudy @rion-wolf @goldenhikari @fromhanguk-withlove

Random Tag Game! The Rules:
1. Go to this
2. Pick 15 characters from any Fandom or whatever you’re into
3. Tag five or more people

1. Mom/Dad: CL…oh my gOD. imagine having her as ur mom it would be lit
2. Your sibling: taehyung- dis lil shit would use aegyo constantly to get out of doing chores
3. Your Grandma/Grandpa: moonbin- wat.
4. Haunts you: taeyong- i ain’t even mad,,,wazzup taebreeze
5. Your boyfriend/girlfriend: hwasa- A GIRL CAN DREAM 💖💖💖
6. Your ex: solar- my relationship status is 100% mamamoo & im so here 4 it
7. Your best friend: ten- bro u better be teaching me how to dance then
8. Proposed to you: amber- kfsdjlaJLJGLJFKLDKFA girl i ain’t worthy
9. Your boss: eunwoo- yessir LMAO
10. The random person you met at the bar: jeongguk- CHILD GO HOME.
11. Your Rival: jimin- it’s cause im mad @ him for being so perfect n talented
12. Your first kiss: momo- IM SQUEALING INTO MY HANDS IT’S 2 CUTE
13. Drunk and singing karaoke with: mj- i would ruin his 10/10 vocals tho (on second thought he’s probably a giggly drunk & wouldnt even be able to sing bc he’s laughing so hard at a wall)
14. Played 7 minutes in heaven with: rocky- ………..more like 7 minutes of do your homework and go to bed u lil peanut
15. Gave you your favourite dessert: hoseok- THANKS BABE  UR THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE

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The Laughing Box

I must have been four years old when I first held the laughing box. Maybe 5. Not possibly younger; I can’t recall any tactile memories before that age. After all, our childhoods are basically a blur at large and Most of my memories are hazy, like trying to recall a conversation during a night of heavy drinking.
I’m twenty eight years old and can’t remember most of the narrative of my childhood. Perhaps it is the drinking. Or it just feels somehow unimportant. Inconsequential. But of course that’s ludicrous. My life is the direct consequence of my childhood, of the journey that’s taken me from Point A to Point B, from There to Here.
I do remember some things. They play like scenes from an old projector in my mind’s eye. Some are more vivid than others, and some evoke other sensory stimulations, or vice versa. The smell of chlorine at the neighborhood pool where I learned to swim when I was six, for example. The wet concrete on my bare feet.
I was at that pool just a week ago. It triggered those memories, lit up the projector. And when that happens I indulge it. I follow myself, a frail child, an anxious child. Not much different from myself as an adult. Six year old me, wet hair, a bag of belongings, covered in the smell of chlorine, bitten by the late summer evening’s chilled air while I wait for my mom by the front door of the rec center.
It’s been eight months since she died. Cancer. I don’t cry as much now, perhaps I’m numbed by grief. Or maybe worse, numbed by the idea that this is life. I didn’t cry much while it was happening, slowly, painfully, right before my eyes. That was probably the most surprising thing about that last month of her life. Not the physical death process– that you can find competently described in numerous medium. It was the way it just happened around us, and to us. And we all went through with it, no fighting, no struggle. Because that was it, that was life.
For as long as I can remember, I was terrified of my mother dying. From an early age, I was astutely aware of Death and of its role in life. Like I could always see it coming. Perhaps the way one would watch a storm brewing on a horizon. You know it’s coming, not an If but a definite When. It would encourage nightmares and panic and shape my neurosis. So strange then, that when the storm finally reached, when it was her time to die, how calm it all was. As if we were finally in the eye of the storm.
And there was That damn laughing box.
I don’t have the slightest inclination as to where it came from. A joke shop, if there were such places, perhaps. It was a small, plastic, battery operated annoyance that played obnoxious laughter, to entertain children, I suppose. At five years old I assume it was entertaining, although I can’t remember. I’m not sure I even remember it being used for much of anything. But still somehow I knew where it was stored, in a drawer in my parents kitchen. And I was drawn to it, as if it had been waiting for me after all these years, saying, “this is what I was always here for.”
My mother was too weak to help herself in and out of the hospital bed that Hospice had delivered and set up in our living room. I slept on the couch, pulled back to make room, and stayed up most of the night to deliver pain medication and guide her in a wheel chair to the bathroom. But there were nights where I returned to my apartment to do laundry and gather myself and, i suppose to pretend that this wasn’t my life. And I would pour bourbon over ice and let it warm my mind like Christmas lights, which were everywhere because it was christmastime and that was another definite thing that couldn’t be fought or struggled against.
These nights were what led me to the laughing box. To ensure my mother could communicate to my father, who slept at the other end of the house, if I or my sister were not at home to help her. I sought a silver bell, in the spirit of Christmas, or anything that could produce enough noise to call for assistance but of course I had no luck. The closest thing would be a pot or pan to rattle with a metal spoon, but I knew my mother was too weak to make the effort. And that is what led me to discover the laughing box in the drawer. An object I hadn’t contemplated once in over twenty years, suddenly in my hand and ignited with a purpose, the kind of purpose I imagine we all hope to find in ourselves. “This is what I was always here for.”
I wonder, now eight months later, where that laughing box is. Perhaps it’s back in the drawer, it’s destiny fulfilled. Maybe it’s in my hands, at five years old, somewhere in another universe, waiting for its purpose. If all the moments in our lives are a simultaneity, I suppose it’s possible. That would explain the way memory works. The smell of chlorine. The wet concrete on my bare feet. The warmth of bourbon on ice and Christmas lights that will surely affect me come December. I think about these things far too deeply, the way I always have. And I wonder from where I’ll be the next time I think about that laughing box, if ever again. Maybe at age 40, I can’t possibly fathom any later. And what will be the definites of my life then? Will I look back, hazily, confused as to who I was at twenty eight? Will my mother become nothing more than a sun bleached memory by then?
We can’t possibly know where our lives are heading. Even if we can see the storms coming upon us, we cannot see in to the eye of the storm or what’s beyond it. Just as I couldn’t see what would truly become of myself of that laughing box when I was five. And so I resign myself to believe that this is life. And maybe, try to find comfort in something other than the drinking. Perhaps in the hope that the next time I encounter the laughing box, or any relic from my youth, that I’ll be strong and steadfast in the storm. And it’ll come to me, with a purpose that I have also found in myself. And I’ll know that this is why I’ve always been here.

Blog Psa

{I deeply apologize for those of you who have been waiting ages for a reply from me. The past few weeks have been pretty hectic for me, and just recently I have found myself barely able to form a coherent thought. Especially when it comes to replies and verse additions. Therefore I have made the executive decision to take a short two or three day hiatus. I do believe that should give me ample time to regain my normal thought process. When I return, I plan on finishing drafts, clearing out my inbox, and adding a Bnha verse for both Raven and Malekai. So if you have any questions about those, do not hesitate to send me an IM. I will also keep it open for those who wish to simply chat. 

Hopefully this will all be over soon… Because this has not been fun for me. I will admit my imagination can become overactive from time to time, but something like this has never really happened to me before. The latest I plan on returning will be sometime this Saturday or Sunday.

I wish everyone the best! And as I said before, you can still reach me through IMs or asks if you prefer. ^>^}