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Who says you can’t go home? (chapter 6)

I made you guys wait really long for the previous chapter so I’m doing my best to update this fic a bit faster now. 

There’s only one chapter left after this one. Thank you all for sticking with me!

This chapter: Life without Bucky is hard on Jess but she isn’t ready to give up on him yet.

No warnings, mostly plot and feels.


Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5


Who says you can’t go home?

Her eyes were drawn to his hand and the way his fingers kept tapping at the bottom of the glass. 

It was a nervous tic and he’d been doing it ever since their drinks arrived 15 minutes minutes ago. It was getting on her very last nerve and at this point she was so focused on the small movement that his words were lost on her.

And there were a lot of words, this guy literally hadn’t stopped talking for the past half hour and she was wondering if he would ever come up for air.

This wasn’t going to work out, none of them were going to work out.

This was the 12th date in the past two months and Jess had hated every single one of them. 

Sometimes it was something small like an accent that bothered her, or the way he kept pushing his glasses up his nose every 20 seconds.
And sometimes it was a bigger obvious reason, like the way he couldn’t keep his hands to himself or came on way too strong or how he didn’t stop talking about his job and how much money he made.

It wasn’t that Jess didn’t want to give them a chance, she really wanted one of them to work out. She wanted to fall in love, she felt ready to move on, to forget.

At least that’s what she told herself.

The man in front of her wasn’t bad looking, beautiful brown hair, honest eyes and an open smile. He seemed nice, and he seemed genuinely interested in getting to know her too, despite of all his talking. 

Yet all she could focus on was the way his little nervous tic was driving her crazy.

She would end the date before dessert, make up an excuse about having to get up early for work, and she’d promise to call him, which of course she never would. Let him down gently, after all it wasn’t his fault.

It was nobody’s fault that all her dates failed for the very same reason: none of them were what she wanted. 

None of them were James Bucky Barnes.

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Merry Christmas! ^_^ I just saw today and saw that I have 6000 followers, which I can’t believe and am loving! I now feel pressured to take pictures of myself all dolled up for you guys really soon!!! My life has been hectic lately, and seeing this today made me feel amazing! Keep enjoying my sperm gurgling total faggot sub bottom way of life! I promise never disappoint heehee

His Shirt (Taehyung x Reader)

Someone requested a Taehyung smut scenario, so that is exactly what I am giving you guys. This smut was also the winner of the little game that we recently played together (#3). Hope you all enjoy~


“You’re trying to seduce me, aren’t you?”

A loud snort escaped from you as you felt your boyfriend finally sink into bed after a very long day.

“You wish. I was just too hot in my pyjamas.”

Taehyung made himself comfortable, snuggling into your back and flinging his arm around your waist to pull you closer. Inhaling your sweet familiar scent, he tugged at the bottom of the obviously too big shirt that was hanging on to your shoulders for dear life.

“So you thought that wearing one of my shirts would be cooler?”

Twirling the white fabric around his finger, he gently blew on the nape of your neck before pressing his lips against the exposed skin, making you shiver in response.

“It is, especially since I am wearing nothing underneath.”

You could picture the stupid smirk he had on his face without even having to turn around to see it. With eyebrows raised he slowly slipped his hand underneath his your shirt, drawing small invisible shapes on your warm tummy with his cold fingers.

“Oh really.”

You were too distracted by how low and sexy his voice sounded whenever he was turned on to notice him progressively making his way upwards. With a swift movement his hand found its place on your breast, giving it one or two playful squeezes before you managed to push it away.

“Yah! Stop it. It’s too hot for that kind of stuff.”

He whined at your resistance, but allowed you to push his reluctant hand away for the moment. Obediently returning his arm to its previous spot on your waist, he nudged his nose against the shell of your ear.
“What kind of stuff? I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m just trying to hug my girlfriend.”

Once again, you snorted. This time at his faked innocence.

“Do you normally touch people’s boobs when you hug them?”

He pressed himself against you, nuzzling into your neck as his naughty hand sneakily returned to its attack on your naked and defenceless boob.

“Well, if the person is my girlfriend, then yes.”

A soft moan rewarded him as he slowly traced tight circles around your sensitive nipple. Taking the hardened bud between his thumb and index finger, he began to toy with it, twisting and tugging to get the best response from you.

All the while, his lips were glued to your neck, scraping his teeth against your skin every once in a while just to hear you let out a little whimper of his name. You could feel his hardening member as his hips rolled into your bum.

Releasing your poor and now slightly swollen nipple, his hand began to wander downwards. A frown pressed against your neck as his hand hit the band of your underwear. With a low annoyed growl, he slipped one of his fingers underneath, lifting it and letting it go. 


You heard it snap against your skin. Rolling over to lay on your back, you looked over to see him pouting.


One of his fingers curled around the elastic band and tugged it down.

“You said ‘nothing.’”

Chuckling, you smiled brightly up at him.

“You seriously thought that I wasn’t wearing any underwear?”

You lifted your hips up off of the mattress to assist him as he hurriedly tore your panties off.

“You know they just get into my way.”

Giggling at how genuinely upset and disappointed he sounded, you sat up and brought your fingers to the hem of his your shirt. His eyes followed you as you pulled it up and over your head, tossing it somewhere on the floor before returning to your previous position on your back.

Taehyung settled himself between your legs, pushing them apart before experimentally running a single digit along your lower lips. The smug look sketched across his face clearly showed how please he was with himself for getting you so wet so quickly.

Eyes carefully watching yours, two of his long fingers circled your entrance before pushing in. Once up to the knuckles, both fingers curled and pressed against your slick walls. A string of curses flowed from your mouth when he found that special spot inside of you that made your toes curl. 

He repeatedly pushed against it, soaking in all of the moans that he elicited out of you as he brought his unoccupied hand to his own throbbing need. Slipping his boxers down far enough to free his erection, he tightly gripped his hard member and pumped it in time with the fingers thrusting inside of you.

Eyebrows drawing together and teeth sinking into his bottom lip, he watched you as your hips moved to match his digits’ movements. With every motion, he imagined that it was his penis buried deep inside of you and not his fingers. 

Catching the look of pure lust and desperation flashing in his eyes, you dropped your hand down to slow his wrist. He looked up at you, confused that you would want him to stop.

“Please. I’m more than ready. Fuck me, Tae.”

Sliding his fingers out of you and giving his member a few final pumps, he positioned himself at your dripping core. He did not wait for you to adjust to his length as he began roughly pounding into you after the first thrust. Your nails digging into his back making him realise this and slow his movements.

“Oh shit, _____. I’m sorry. It’s hard to hold back. I’ve been waiting for this all day.”

Your legs securely wrapped around his hips, forcefully pulling him closer to your centre and causing his penis to plunge deeper inside you, making you shamelessly moan in pleasure.

“It’s fine. Oh god, please don’t stop.”

His lips met yours in a sloppy yet passionate kiss as he slowly pulled himself almost all the way out before slamming back into your tightness. He repeated this motion over and over until he had you screaming his name along with a blur of curses.

Breaking away from your red lips, Taehyung buried his face into your neck. You felt a huff of air against your skin with every thrust as they became more powerful. Spreading your legs even further apart, you allowed him to reach deeper inside of you. 

He knew that he had once again found the especially sensitive spot inside of you when you let out a high pitched whine of his name. Angling his thrusts, the head of his cock continued to rub against it, driving you crazy. 

With the pace that you were going at, it wouldn’t be long before both of you came undone. Feeling his own orgasm rapidly approaching, Taehyung’s fingers danced over your clit, flicking and pinching the swollen nub as he continued to ram inside of you with shallower, but quicker thrusts.

Walls pulsing, you felt your own orgasm wash over you, but his fingers did not let up on your clit. His fingers continued to slowly circle around your hypersensitive bundle of nerves, making your whole body thrash and spasm underneath him. Your vagina tightened from the over stimulation, increasing the pressure around his throbbing member, and, with a few final thrusts, he was spilling into your hot core.

He collapsed on top of you, shaky breaths racking both of your chests as you came down from your highs. He pressed his mouth just bellow your ear as he whispered just how much he loved you with every exhale. 

Your fingers lazily ran through his messy and tangled hair as his cheek rested against your soft bosom. Breath finally returning to normal, the two of you fell asleep just like that, with his body protectively smothering yours in a warm and sweaty embrace.


“okay friend?”
twenty one pilots “kitchen sink” inspired lockscreens ; original pics on bottom
honestly the only reason i made these was because of the “sorry guys i’m at one percent” and the fact that we all heard the lyrics wrong, it’s “at my kitchen sink.” so my life is a lie now.
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danieldaekim So incredibly touched by all the birthday love. Thanks to all of you who helped make today so special. From the video, to the tweets and the IG and FB posts, you guys made me laugh, cry and appreciate how #fortunate I am to have you all in my life. Here’s to another great year, and from the bottom of my heart, #ThankYou.

I just kind of realised this and it’s blowing my mind but you know what tumblr has done for me (apart from meeting wonderful people whom I now legit love)?

6 months ago I hadn’t written anything creative, anything but theses and research papers, since I was about 15. TWENTY YEARS. (Excuse me while I take a moment to accept the fact that it’s been almost 20 years since I was 15.) Anyway. Writing was not a part of my life at all except in a professional sense. 

And now I have four different fics in progress and the thing that keeps me from writing more is lack of time, not lack of interest, and I’ve written poems and meta and smut and I like it again but it’s because you guys have made me feel good about it, like you enjoy it and like I’m not bad at it, and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart cause I know it’s not great literature, for fuck’s sake a lot of it’s just dicks and heaving flesh, ha, but you make me feel like it’s worth writing and it has made me happier and given me back a part of my life I didn’t even know I was missing.

I love you guys. x

//pretends not to be crying

I have a huge favor to ask. No one in real life believes i invented that big bang theory meme and i need to prove it to them. The only way I can think of is if someone finds the original “baspingo” comic I made. Like find the original post. And in the bottom it should say Source: flip56000, essentially proving that I created the original bazinga meme comic. So could someone who has that comic on their blog or has seen someone else reblog it PLEASE find it and link me to it so I can prove to my friends i am the meme guy that created it. THANK YOU!!!!!!!


Well, story time:

these two photos were taken within 4 years of difference, the first one i was in a disney park, the other one i was in my house, when the first one was taken (in 2011) i was bad, as you guys know my grandfathers died with just one month of difference that fucked me up, bad, my family all of them were okay and going on with their lives, but me. They used to tell me that i had to let them go but i was just to attatched that was interfering with my life, that was when i started cutting and starving, i stopped sleeping, i felt ugly and hopeless nothing made me happy, not even disneyland i was in the bottom, when we were back in town, when the trip ended i remember i tried to kill myself with pills, nobody knew about that, and it obviously didnt work, when we were back in school i was alone, again, no friends, nothing, untill i meet my two best friends, but that wasnt a good year either, i had a panic attack in the school bathroom and scratched my legs, they send me home and i obviously didnt tell anything to my mom about that, and she decided that it would be a good idea to send me with a therapist, thing that didnt worked because my family is more focused in school  than they are in my mental health of course, eventually my mom found out about the wounds, she yelled at me because she thought my self-harm issues were over, that was it, i was just locked in my room crying, i was in my worst shape, i was literally on the borderline of developing bulimia, suicide attempts, cutting, crying every night, and then faking smiles, that was me. everything was a lie, i was sick, and nobody cared, they were just too focused in their lifes, my grades, the fact that we were new living in a big city, but they didnt cared about my mental health, i was hearing voices, seeing stuff and i told my mom about this, what did she said? “Barbara, its because you are tired, thats it, go and get some sleep, you will feel better in a couple hours”, i obviously didnt, i was seeing shadows, hearing voices that were yelling inside my head saying stuff like “kill yourself, nobody cares”, “who would care about you?” “Barbara remember that u are fat, ugly, useless, and you have the worst grades in this family” i was hopeless, i didnt knew what to do, so this day i decided that i was going to try, again, the date this time was: July 17, i dont know why, just because, it was not going to be in december, i mean, christmas, january? nope, my family will start without a daughter, i dont want that, february? uh, best friends birthday, march? yeah march, it could be march, but no, in april your other best friend will be 17 so no, may? uh, sisters birthday, june, i dont know vacation, july, july, nothing happens in july, thats it. July, i wrote it in notebooks, newspapers, books, until this day a lady went to our house, i mean im not superstisious or however is that thing spelled and i was sceptical at first i mean a lady with magic potions? bull. And she did this thing where she put a drop of the magic stuff in my head and i felt it in my brain, in my eyes, in my nose, mouth, my whole body, it was relaxing and it was great, my eyes were closed and  then i saw a light i swear to god i saw a light and i was like ‘what the bloody hell is this shit' i started crying with my eyes closed, and believe it or not: that shit gave me hope, and it was amazing, i realized that im important in this life, i smile, and laugh now, and not because of that magical drop, i do that because i know im worth something, i have something to life for, im not like religious and that stuff but i know something wanted me to be here, to live, to see what life has here prepared for me, and i hope that thing is big, because now, i want to live, i want to be here, and smile, and laugh, and sing and dance, things that i used to not do because i thought i wasnt worth that happines. Now, im happy, and nothing is going to interfer with it, nothing.

So, my advice for you guys is dont give up, keep going even if u cant see any drop of light anywhere because that shit is out there, and life has something big prepared for you, if u fall, stand up clean up a little and keep going, nothing can stop you, you are strong enough to do this shit. Believe me. 

Birthday ❤️❤️

Guys… Today’s the day. It’s my birthday! I just wanted to let you guys know how completely thankful I am to pass it by with so many of you lovely mutual kink enthusiasts and Friends 😜😙 thank you all so much for being in my life! 

Tumblr really does genuinely make me happy when a lot of other things irl sometimes really don’t 🙄

 Honestly I think the main thing about Tumblr is how welcoming and friendly everyone is! So many beautiful people inside and out, and from the bottom of my heart I appreciate you all!!!!! It is because of you guys that has made my experience here so ace and help me escape the clutches of the evils of reality sometimes ❤️

 Anyways before this post gets too long and annoying…. Stay awesome loves. I never take any of you for granted 😘 and I never will! Ps. For a b day present, I want @undermyfeather ’s spot. That will be all 😜 (love ya truly!)

So as the space pic implies, this is my end of the year ‘Followforever’ post.

Thank you guys so much for this year, I know a lot of you helped me out whether it be emotionally, physically or financially and I can’t tell you how much your support has made me want to continue on with a brighter outlook for 2016.

I appreciate every last one of my followers (all 715 of you!!) and I wish you the best in the New Year, cause you guys deserve it<3 Thank you guys from the bottom of my gay heart. You are all irreplacable, and important to me.

If you see your url down there, you have deffinility made my life better in some way.

(I tried my best to go through the list, and please don’t feel bad if you don’t see your url. You are all still dear to me)

So without further ado, my followerforever will be starting out with some very amazing people.

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Happy New Year’s to everyone out there who reads this, and remember, I am always here if you need me<3