these guys are the shit

  • Jeremy: If the multiverse theory is true, then there's a universe where it isn't.
  • Phone Guy: Multiverse theory doesn't cover paradoxical situations.
  • Purple Guy: Except in the universe where it does.
  • Fritz: I'm having an aneurysm.


30 Day Writing Challenge Day 16: Music

Bass thrummed through the speakers Yuri had set up in his room, making Otabek jump from shock. Yuri laughed, turning down the volume.

“What, not a Skrillex fan?” He flopped down on his full sized mattress, patting the place next to him. Otabek politely sat next to Yuri, avoiding his cat.

“I’ve never heard of them before,” Otabek said, glancing around the room. The walls matched the rest of Lilia’s house, the same ornate design continued in here. The stark contrast of the superfluous accents and Yuri’s deep purple sheets, tiger print curtains, and general messiness made Otabek smile.

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i just saw a bad Fates post again. enough!!! stop comparing it to awakening!!! its a standalone entry in the series!!! let people who started with fates not feel like shit like you’re doing rn!

hello everyone!! as some of you may have noticed, this blog has been running pretty slow lately. 

the truth is that while we both very much love this blog and love running it, the two of us are going through some hard times in our lives, and its very mentally draining on the both of us. we just dont have the energy to be constantly posting things on to here. we’re still trying our best to reblog some stuff every once in a while, but i hope you can all understand why we’ve been quiet lately!

also we’re both lazy as fuck but idk maybe thats the depression talking lmao

People watching a BBC show where the creators have confirmed that neither of the lead characters are gay and were never intended to be in a relationship at any point as well as the fact that one of the lead writers is blatantly homophobic: We were being queerbaited

Me: *stares into the camera like I’m on the office*


save him

also my commissions are open, if you’d for whatever reason be interested :’)


EP 12: Yuuri’s Exhibition Gala + the pair skating we all wished for