these guys are such dweebs

from a comrade

“Planning to hit the streets to raise some hell? I commend you. You’re doing the hard work we need right now. Just remember to buy yourself some face coverage.

A bandana is always fashionable, but a balaclava provides more coverage and a more secure fit should you need to run. Plus it’s a lot warmer, which is important for these winter protests. A keffiyeh is a classic look, and wrapped correctly provides good coverage as well. Avoid shit like the Guy Fawkes mask; poor visibility, and you look like a dweeb.

"But friend,” you might protest. “Why do I need a mask if I’m not planning on doing anything illegal?” Excellent question! There are several reasons:

1. You don’t know when an illegal tactic will play out around you. You don’t want to be caught on camera next to someone smashing bank windows.
2. If only the black bloc masks up, the police immediately know who to prioritize. Even if you don’t personally involve yourself in such tactics, it’s important to stand in solidarity with your more militant brethren. They are the stick to your carrot, and we need both to be functional.
3. As these protests go on and become more disruptive, the Nazis will take an interest in direct action of their own. They’re already putting out literal bounties on resisters. The peacefulness of your protest will not protect you from the hate machine if you happen to get doxxed in a protest photo.

Fight back. Fight hard, or soft, as it pleases you. Fight together. But please, please be safe. <3"

He chokes and then turns into a ham durning the Singin’ In The World curtain-call.

I agree with Uechan, おかしな    おかしな !  → ([∂]ω[∂])

Classic Ryukun.

“Shit, let’s ALL wear stupid hats.”

((A little gift for everyone who took part in the stupid hat discourse today. XD))

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I clocked 8 hrs of work today. Hurray! That excludes post grad application. I feel somewhat guilty whenever I’m waiting for my Uber to show and a kindly looking taxi driver passes by asking if I need a ride. So much that I actually feel compelled to cancel my Uber and get into their cab. I guess it’s because it’s some cockass timing, so the cabbies that are out and about at 4.30 am are really hardworking, and I feel like that should be rewarded (which is a bit nonsensical, because my Uber driver is also out driving at 4.30 am lol.) I just feel like, old guy, still working at this hour–!!


I love SnaiLords so darn much. His artwork and storylines are so incredible. You should go read his comics on webtoons. Snailogy and Nightmare Factory. Snailogy is slice of life and is about his life and cool stuff like that. Nightmare Factory is his main work that has an actual planned storyline and is a blend of comedy, horror, and drama. Both are super cool. I recommend you read both. I am friend crushing on him so hard rn and I don’t even know him.


how is this, down to the letter, exactly what I needed after that riverdale episode. 

Betty and Jughead being pure and wonderful friends

kevin on a cute date with a non-deceptive guy

archie being a adorkable dweeb but it’s confirmed will eventually learn to be better about honest communication in relationships 


It’s like Ryan North KNEW somehow 

it’s almost scary that he knew he knew to write exactly what would heal me



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How do you feel?: Fuckwit

If you could go anywhere: Another Sun

Favorite mode of transportation: Find Your Own Way

If your life was a TV show: Lost Control

Relationship status: What You Got?

Greatest fear: Surrender

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