these guys are such dweebs


my smol sour patch kid

asked my brother if his football (that’s a sport) game was over soon and like the sports guy he is he told me to eat shit dweeb and proceeded to break my laptop on half with his bare hands


I love SnaiLords so darn much. His artwork and storylines are so incredible. You should go read his comics on webtoons. Snailogy and Nightmare Factory. Snailogy is slice of life and is about his life and cool stuff like that. Nightmare Factory is his main work that has an actual planned storyline and is a blend of comedy, horror, and drama. Both are super cool. I recommend you read both. I am friend crushing on him so hard rn and I don’t even know him.


There’s this guy that sits in front of me who you would think is a conservative redneck bc his entire aesthetic is southern lumberjack w boots and denim and hats but he’s actually one of the most inclusive and anti trump guy I’ve ever met and today he wore this hat that sums up his entire personality and I’m screaming.

Don’t judge a book by its cover; make cornbread, not war.

Basically these are their creators/daddies

…fist me daddy //shot

Just thought that i’d show you guys these dweebs fffff

Arthur Holsted (Leather)  - 29 year old virgin nerd who fails at punchlines and flirting to women and just wants to be noticed/appreciated/remembered. Doesn’t know how to explain shit and ends up sweating nervously. (May also faint. Pls handle with care)

George Dark (Old d) - 36 year old Loud alcoholic who acts cool and knows everything he’s doing. Looks like the douchebag that beat your ass in highschool and stole your girl. Too proud of himself and wants to be above everyone/everything else. (Sounds familiar? //coughgooglecough) but is actually a sensitive loser who throws a tantrum whenever he fails. And is actually not married to a physical human because of the ring on his ring finger but is actually married to his work. (Like Sherl)

Pls handle with care
Except George
Nobody likes George

Which of the allies should you fight

APH America: what the fuck. You wanna fucking fight this guy? Sure he’s a massive dweeb but this dweeb is also A) the only superpower left as of rn, B) probably has never traveled anywhere without some kinda firearm since the 40′s and C) carried around a heavy-ass car for an hour with minimal effort. plz love urself and don’t fight him. seriously, it will not go well for u.

APH England: It totally depends. Is he drunk? Fucking go for it, you’ll win, and he’ll cry. Is he sober? Yes? Well then it depends. He might be an easy target but that target was an empire once, THE empire really. I wouldn’t but u go on ahead man, tell me how it goes.

APH France: again, plz, please love yourself and don’t fight him. You’d probably win, but you’d end up feeling so bad about it. He’s so nice and cute, and he’s probably giving you fashion advice and offer to go bake you stuff while you’re kicking his ass. just don’t man

APH China: He’s old af, just bet him food if he can touch his toes and push him over when he tries (He can’t do it anyway, lol). it’ll be funny, You’d win. However if you don’t convince him to bend over and you do convince him to fight you, It will be hell and you will lose big time, He didn’t survive for four millenniums to be beat by u, kk? 

APH Russia: WHAT. THE. FUCK. MAN. That is a ‘Fight America” level bad idea. He’s so sweet and gentle, but fuck when provoked there’s a reason ppl are afraid of his dark moments. Please go toss yourself off a bridge to achieve the same result with probably less injuries. For the love of God do not fight APH Russia.

APH Canada: Bruh. Bruh what is with you for even considering this? He’s legit the sweetest, kindest, lil angel ever, fuck why don’t you kick puppies if you wanna be that evil? Besides, He’s a hella good fighter when he needs to be, on par with his brother. You wouldn’t win, and if by some stretch of fate you did win (it would be a very close win, let me be clear), his ‘SUPERPOWER” brother would be AFTER YOUR ASS. So would his PET POLAR BEAR. do NOT fight APH Canada