these guys are my fav from the gang

CLYDE: Okay, we’re getting hammered tonight!
CLYDE: Thomas?
THOMAS: Craig, you’re finally getting out of the house for the first time!
CRAIG: Yeah, ‘cause it was his birthday wish.
CLYDE: And my second wish is to get drunk.
CRAIG: Why don’t you just hang out with the others?

THOMAS: You mean Token, Twe-,SHIT, and Jimmy?
CRAIG: Yes. Them.
CRAIG: Look, just because I… can’t hang out with him anymore, doesn’t mean you can’t.
THOMAS: And didn’t you all always celebrate together at this bar?
CLYDE: It’s different now. Let’s just get drunk, okay?
CLYDE: Oh shit!
CRAIG: What?
CLYDE: Look across from us!

CRAIG: I need to go.
THOMAS: Craig-
CRAIG: I can’t do this. *goes away*
THOMAS: *follows him*
CLYDE: Hey! Wait for me guys!



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