these guys are mental in a good way

I really DISLIKE the current Venom book It has a plot point where the venom symbiote is losing is mental facilities

It’s going out of its way to erase some really good storytelling and character from the Agent Venom and Space Knight series. And this really bothers me

Venom isn’t fun as just a murderous alien symbiote bonded to an oblivious-to-his-own-crimes-against-humanity guy like Brock

I at least hope Flash has a symbiote to bond and become cool allies with since then

Like one of the Hybrid ones… They’re all cool symbiotes with humanity

Two years ago I met the guy I’m with now, and we connected instantly but I was going into a new relationship, so we remained friends. Even though I battled with myself internally for months at my decision.

Today he said, if we had of started dating back then, today we would’ve had a family.!

I told him, mentally I wasn’t ready to embrace a man like him. I always have to learn things the hard way. I guess I went through all that drama and came back to square one, so I could learn how to appreciate a good thing when it crosses my path.

Ladies when you find a good good good man, don’t wait or second guess. Don’t chase what excites you, think wisely about the long term and your future. Honestly, there are some weird energies out there. Be careful.

I’m thankful that in the second time around, he’s mine.

Current mood. Lately my life has been in such a pleasant flurry in the best way. Things have just been falling into place simply from me keeping a positive mindset, speaking things into the universe and manifesting the things that I want. I’ve been so unbothered and just happy it almost feels too good to be true, but I’m grateful for what’s happening now. Also, I think this might be the happiest I’ve ever looked.. photographically at least. lol what was even going on? Also are you guys?! Are you all well? How are you guys mentally? I love you all🌻

Guys help I’m emotional

So I wrote a thing- Its a Langst thing.

It isnt finished and its just in the ‘summarize’ stage but… I dont know if I should expand on it?

Read it under the cut if you wantttt

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The Perfect Blind Date - Dylan O’Brien

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Dylan O’Brien/Reader

Word Count: 10,822

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (both receiving), Multiple Orgasm, Public Kissing, Unprotected Sex, Morning Sex, Shirtless Dylan at the beach, Dylan on a motorcycle, slight shade coming from me towards my ex

Notes: So, @ninja-stiles an I were talking on day and we were sharing these motorcycle pictures of Dylan and Chris and we’re like “OMG WE SHOULD WRITE ABOUT THIS!” So, I wrote the Dylan side while she did the Chris side. The two fics are linked in plot but different in character and execution. So make sure to give hers a read as well! Also, this is slightly AU. Dylan is not famous here. Let him be a normal guy for a day y’all.

(As a note, her internet was being shitty today so I will post a link here as soon as she gets hers up! But still read hers once it is up because it is so good)

It’s hard to want to date when so many bad things have happened to you. One wrong turn in a relationship, and everything comes crashing down. Once that happens, why would you want to get back out there? You worry that the same thing will happen again, or that you won’t find the great guy you wish will sweep you off your feet the way you always imagine it.

Well, welcome to my life, honey.

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It has always been a big trouble for me to understand the mental illness of Reiner. But after these chapters, I am capable of understanding him much better now.

A very broken mother raised him and filled him with her own dream, that if Reiner can become a Warrior, then they’ll live with his father who is hoping for a way to unite with them. And the first burden Reiner started to carry on his shoulders became his mother, and Marley made this weight even heavier for a child to carry, like using children to win a war against another country. But he believes in everything Marley and his mother says, despite everything was all lies. He believed that if he’ll get to choose as a Warrior and punish those evils on that island, he’ll finally have a happy family.

And when the first lie he believed in this much shattered down, we saw him having his first mental breakdown as well.

His father doesn’t want him and her mother. He is not praying for meeting them whatsoever. He thinks they are devils he needs to run away. It is all lies.

He hasn’t even realized a whole time passing, the next time Reiner regains his consciousness, they are about to set off the mainland.

But he still has lies to hold on, that he was chosen by Marley to inherit the Armored Titan, that he’ll be a hero and get rid of those devils on Paradis. But… He finds out that this also is nothing but a lie. 

And then he has another breakdown after that realization.

And next time he regains his consciousness again, everything is about to change for him. Once again, we see Marcel getting eaten by Ymir. Once again, Reiner is having a shit day.

And then he starts to run to only lie he has left to believe, that he’ll be the hero to save the world once he punishes those devils on that island.

And once again, a lie he believed in crushes him there.

RBA snick in to the walls they have come to break down and join Military there.

And there, Reiner realizes that these people are not the devils. They are not in fault. It is his fault that they are in pain. On that day, Reiner realizes that the devils living on that island is actually more human than many, even himself. They are not planning to take down Marley, they don’t even understand what is going on. They are innocent. And the final piece of mental health Reiner flies away at that moment.

And Reiner creates a new lie for himself. That he is a loyal soldier and his cause is to protect the Walls and humanity. 

I love how Ymir is right after all these time, Chapter 46.

Before these chapters, many of us, including me, thought that Reiner’s soldier personality is based on heroic big brother Marcel. Yes, it was true that Marcel was a big brother but the heroic one was Reiner there. If Marcel and Ymir have something in common, it is that they are both the characters fandom maybe put a little bit too much hope for. Both of them ended up being much simple than we thought they are.

Soldier Reiner was based on Reiner’s lies. Behind the walls, life was so peaceful for child Reiner who never had a chance to have his own dreams and his own interests. So he forgets why he is there, why he is there, and the burden of everything he carried from mainland to Paradis. Forgetting them must have been so peaceful for Reiner.

Chapter 42.

And the realization must hurt even more.

Chapter title for 95 can’t fit any better for him. And it fits even more, specially after seeing how he keeps lying.

From left to right; Reiner telling Bertl that he is not reliable in Chapter 77, Reiner telling the days he spent at Paradis in Chapter 94, Reiner interrupting Porco and protecting him from accidentally treason in Chapter 95, Reiner telling Falco that he needs to surpass Gabi in Chapter 93.

As he was growing up, he was telling himself the lies he believed in. After years, now he is telling people the lies he doesn’t believe anymore.

13 reasons why is bad: a summary

- romanticises mental illness 
- incredibly triggering
- no compelling story
- boring main character
- 9000 bike riding scenes honestly what the hell
- main girl wrecks main guys life for no apparent reason
- feels like a john green book, and not in a good way
- just, Yikes

seriously guys, just watch 3% on netflix!

it’s the first brazilian show produced by netflix and it needs some recognition bc:

- DIVERSE CHARACTERS!!! i’m not kidding, there are so many different storylines and people and just fucsjsk watch it now
- good plot!
- good acting!
- good cinematography!
- blurred lines between good and bad (i mean, there’s not just only the Big Bad Guy™ and the main character, they all have their motives and it’s just great)
- addresses issues like mental health and disability (not just on the sidelines like most shows!! main characters guys!!)
- really cool things about our society in general and what it may become

i mean, i see people complaining about tv shows not being diverse enough or not portraying people in a realistic way but when shows like this one air, they just get ignored so…. yeah! watch it!

Kiwi || Part Two.

 Well you asked for it. I hope you like part two as much as you all did part one. If you missed part one, you can read it Here. And as always let me know what you think and if you’d like to see more. 

When the door slammed and a car had driven away Anne and Gemma cautiously made their way back into the living room, neither of them prepared for what they were about to find. Harry was on the floor in front of the couch where you had left him not ten minutes earlier. His breathing was heavy and laboured, his sobs more like screams. Motherly instinct took over Anne as she slouched down to hold him close. This had been his first proper breakdown since he was a child. She had in fact never seen him this bad. She could never blame you though, this wasn’t your fault. She felt to blame for if it weren’t for her carelessness then he’d still be oblivious and everyone would still be happy.

Her motherly instincts worried for you also as well as her unborn grandchild. She instructed Gemma to find you and make sure you were okay, so off Gemma went in her car trying to catch up to you. After fifteen minutes his breathing returned to some kind of normal rate and his sobs which had filled the room were now far and few between. “I don’t want it..” It was the first time he’d spoken words since she had left. “Don’t want what harry?”

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PD101 Reaction to S/O loving skinship

samuel, guanlin, seonho, justin, hyungseob & jihoon reaction to their s/o loving skinship? (like hand holding, hugs and that stuff)

Awe too cute > <

Kim Samuel: A bit startled at first when you grab his hand out of nowhere and hold onto his arm while you guys are walking down the street. He’d just act casual about, act like you guys have held hands before. It would take him a moment to readjust but he would eventually come to terms with your random hand holding, always making sure to swing your guys’ arms or something. He’ll always look at you and just smile to himself even though inside, he’s having one of those ‘oh my god’ moments.

Lai Guanlin: Shy little swag would just stare at you hugging him, being super flustered. At first he’d just smile and laugh a bit to himself. Would probably be crying inside panicking, wondering how he’s even still standing. He would awkwardly hug you back but then your random hugs would become a regular thing. Basically, it would take him a bit to adjust to your random hugs, kisses and hand holding. Probably longer than Samuel. I mean honestly he’s just that shy.

*his facial reaction at first*

Yoo Seonho: Chick trainee would absolutely LOVE it. He’d gladly hug you back, kissing your head probably, and if you just grabbed his hand while taking a walk in the park, he’d swing your guys’ arms and spin you. Basically, he’d take these moments to make sure he makes your heart flutter by making them sweeter than they already are. He loves whenever you randomly hug him or touch his arm while talking to him, etc.

Huang Minghao (Justin): He’d be like Seonho, but more composed. Maybe he’d just hug you back like you guys have always hugged and wouldn’t mind your random arm touches, hand grabs, etc. He’d love it, watching you take his arm while you guys are walking somewhere, or maybe you randomly backhug him because he’s facing away from you and he’ll just love every second of you being a wonderful girlfriend. Probably dying because you’re so cute.

*basically his mental reaction*

Ahn Hyungseob: Um, he would be like shy yet happy. Basically he’d just be a bit confused as to why you’re hugging him so much, but then he’ll realize you just love him and love giving hugs and holding his hand. So, he’d probably always expect some sort of hug from you whenever you guys meet at a date but if you ever don’t he’ll call you out on it. Either way, he’d love you all the same. He never minds a good hug. 


Park Jihoon: Pinky Winky would be flustered like Guanlin but not as flustered. He’d react quickly, probably hugging you back right after you run into his arms. He’d probably be the one who’s most prepared whenever he sees you. It’s like he knows you’re gonna ram into him for a long bear hug or take his arm whenever you drag him to go shopping with you so that you can find him new clothes

*probably him when you randomly hug him*

Gif (and picture) credits go to owners. I couldn’t find a gif of Samuel saying ‘Oh My God’. 

New Girl - Two

“Morning, Newbie!” I gave Jacob a small wave as I continued to brush my teeth. He turned on the shower and got into it before taking off his robe and hanging it. It’s been about a month and a half since I moved in and I had yet to get used to the fact that there was a bathroom stall, urinal, shower and two sinks all in one room. Living with three boys was hard, but as I got to know them all a little better, it made it worth while.  Well – as I got to know most of them. Tom was still a little rough around the edges. Around all the edges.

“What are your plans for tonight?” I looked back after rinsing my mouth out, seeing Harrison standing behind me with a smile on his face. I shrugged and his smile grew. “Great! You’re coming out with us tonight.” I opened my mouth to say something but Harrison interrupted me, “No ‘if’, ‘and’ or ‘but’s’, you haven’t been out of this loft since you got here. You literally only leave to go to work. You have to get out!” I rolled my eyes, placing my hand on my hip.

“I was going to ask where we were going.” I saw a bit of pink flush onto his face as he gave me a sheepish look. “I’m ready to go out again, I’m tired of moping around over that loser. So, where are we going?” Harrison clapped his hands together with a wide grin.

“Tom’s bar opening!”

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next up on Recovered Potterhead Bitches About JKR – what the fuck is this woman’s deal with splitting characters into a stupid/clever dichotomy? and what is her issue with people she doesn’t consider to be smart?

Dudley is a bully (and he’s fat! remember, fat = evil in HP!) and he is cartoonishly unintelligent. As a real person, he obviously has a severe cognitive or developmental disability. But he’s written like a damn looney toon. And there’s the implications that Dudley beats up smart kids because he’s mad that they’re smart and he’s not. As if it’s the non-disabled kids getting bullied by the disabled kids.

Next is Crabbe and Goyle. Neither of them have much characterization beyond “Malfoy’s dumb toadies”. Malfoy is smart, sure, but yes meant to be a rival. He has to match Harry, who is Smart. But his friends are dumb because only dumb people get manipulated, I guess. and that’s their fault for being stupid in the first place, right?

even Neville, who is a forgetful, bumbling, nervous boy who doesn’t do well in school isn’t truly allowed to be “stupid”. (He’s another character who is implied to be fat but is never described with that word). Instead, Neville excels in herbology and does pretty well in charms.

Another character who gets a similar treatment to Neville is Ron. Ron is bad at potions–not that there’s any repurcussions for that–but is great at chess by the time he’s 11. He’s a tactician and real brave and shit. So yeah, lol Ron is so dumb, but he doesn’t get to be dumb like Crabbe and Dudley. He has to be The Best at something, because good guys are complete idiots, right?

To some people this is probably sweet. They might read it as a message that being bad at school doesn’t mean you can’t be smart. But here’s the thing:

What the FUCK is wrong with not being smart, Joanne Rowling?

WHY is unintelligence a trait reserved for your villains? Why do your “dumb” good guys have splinter skills and redeeming qualities but your bad guys don’t? Why did you feel the need to assure us that Neville and Ron weren’t really stupid? Why is stupidity a mortal sin in your world?

Why are your mentally disabled characters locked away in a hospital instead of at home with their families who still love them?

anyway Joanne Rowling can kiss my ass

((I apologize if any of my wording here is offensive to other disabled people. it’s about half not knowing the best way to phrase things, and half being an angry autistic w/adhd yelling about this woman’s ableist bullshit. Feel free to correct me on my phrasing and word choice.))

William Nylander #1 - Not What You Think

Anon asked: Yo image idea where ur austons bff but u and nylander can literally not get along at all and everyones always joking that its bc u guys are too similar or theres just so much built up tension u need to hook up or somethin so one day auston takes u to a team party maybe?? and drunk nylander sees u w some other mans and gets jealous so he pulls u aside and starts an argument and it either ends in aggressive smut or him blurting out that he is actually in love with you u decide :)

Here you go anon! This one kind of got away from me and ended up being way longer than I intended. I had a lot of fun writing this and had to restrain myself from making it even longer than it ended up being. I hope you enjoy it!

You shut your textbook in triumph and placed your head in your hands. The library was bustling around you with students finishing assignments in a last minute attempt to boost their grade before school let out for winter break. The last assignment you needed to hand in was a paper for your literature class that only needed to be edited and you had no motivation left to do it. You did have two days left until it was due which is why you picked up your phone and thumbed through the messages you had waiting.

Unsurprisingly you had several from your best friend Auston and all of them seemed to be about some team gathering at Morgan Rielly’s house.

“Leave me alone,” you typed out. “I’m doing work.”

“False,” came the immediate reply. “You never answer your phone when you’re working.”

You rolled your eyes but knew he was right. It was a policy you put into place much to Auston’s annoyance. You put your phone on Do Not Disturb so you could only be reached in the event of an emergency and as much as Auston begged, you didn’t put him on the list. If you answered him every time he texted, you would get almost nothing done.

Before you could respond your phone buzzed again.

“Please come to Mo’s. It’ll be fun.”

“Will William be there?”

“I don’t know what your problem is with him. Willy is a chill dude.”
“I’ll take that as a yes.”

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Sherlock Holmes on Elementary is definitely a jerk. But he’s also a good person with a deep sense of empathy. Let’s explore how Elementary fits into the legacy of Holmes Adaptions, and how the character is depicted in these complex, contradictory ways.

Transcript below the cut

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My opinion on the signs, ranked from who I get along with the best to not at all

1. Taurus - Simply the best, hands down. Head and shoulders above everyone else. Determination, extreme focus and goal attainment are all part of this sign’s personality. Once a Taurus sets his/her mind to doing something, there is nothing in the universe that can stop them. They will pursue their identified goal until it is reached – even if this comes at great personal sacrifice (health, relationships, etc). They’re determined, stable, they prefer simplicity, and they’re goal driven They have a thing for beauty. Creative and talented. They don’t complain and they’re not precious or delicate. The women generally are good with finances, independent, intelligent, and have an undeniable but reserved earthy femininity and sensuality. Definitely much more a fan of the males than the females, though. The men are my kryptonite. My thirst is real for Taurus men. The men are very protective of me and strong. Generally don’t like to start or have arguments. Equanimous. Sexy as hell. Tough, hard-hearted, extremely helpful, forgiving. Don’t take them for granted. Don’t fuck with them. EVER. Protect at all costs. Logical. Stable. Steady as a rock…there’s just something about them that makes me feel safe and secure. No bullshit with them. Taurus guys are earthy, lusty, manly, sensual, affectionate, and ooze sexuality. They’re also charming, magnetic, independent, genuine, great listeners, sexy, charismatic. Taurus men tend to be gentle and tolerant of others, with a strong sense of honour and integrity. They’re honest, communicative (but not annoyingly so), expressive both verbally and physically. The men are emotionally and mentally stable and smart. They’re possessive but not jealous. They are also rather dominant but mostly in the bedroom. Taurus men are the epitome of what I find truly sexy in a man. They’re practical and have an above average level of common sense. They’re about action, not words, and I love that about them. You could throw anything at them and they’ll handle it with strength, intellect, and class. They’re kind-hearted, generous to those they care about, and extremely focused. They love deeply and completely and are highly successful in business and financial ventures. My best friend, a couple of my very very close friends as well as my father happen to be Taureans. They really make me feel special, so seriously thanks to all the Taurus men for being who they are. Lovely, lovely guys. My favourite earth sign.

2. Aquarius - Cool, detached, aloof, and cerebral, just like me. The geniuses of the zodiac, by far. Visionaries. Impartial and original. Objective. Independent and individualistic. At peace with themselves. Weird. Frequently labeled “cold”, although I love it. Their adaptability and humanitarianism is admirable. They take all sorts of people as they are and I love this about them. Curious. Charismatic. God-complex. Unconventional. Loyal people. Open-minded. Rational. Not precious or delicate. Leaders. Some of the kindest people I know. Its not a smothering kind that freaks one out,its a pure, no silly intention type of kindness that is so soft, but still leaves a mark. And to me, they’re easy to understand - they care, but they also want their own separate lives. It’s lovely. There’s an Aqua girl I used to work with; she’s a really smart girl and everything that comes out of her mouth is interesting and hilarious. Although I liked her, it was usually from a distance because I could never tell if she really liked me as a potential friend. Yet there were times when I was the indirect target (by a Leo) in our meetings, and the Aqua always came by and subtly let me know in various ways that she cared. It was weird, but it was like she never wanted me to feel alone or bad, and I always appreciated that. It’s like we can’t say more than a few words to one another without quickly going back into our “own” space, and I’m thinking that’s maybe because we possibly felt our individuality would be threatened in some way if we got too close, and also maybe we retreated because we both were/are sensitive to the other, but we supported each other on a deeper and more emotional level. It’s hard to explain, but yeah, that’s been my experience. My older brother, whom I love more than anything, is one. More than a few of my favourite associates are Aquarians. What’s not to like? Hands down my favourite air sign.

3. Capricorn - They’re the hardest workers, they have high standards, and they’re pretty engaging; extremely intelligent and have an interesting way of drawing you in. Regal. Never loses their cool unless there’s a valid reason. Witty. I’m totally in love with their ambition. Have been labelled as “mean” or “loners”, but I have a general respect for them, even if I don’t like some of them. Quiet leaders. Untrusting like me. Also equanimous. Patient and calm. They’re bosses. Thinks in advance. Not to be fucked with. Doesn’t let get things get under their skin, very classy and tough like that. Sensible. Pragmatic and practical, but also can be a bit fanciful. The females are very feminine and have great taste in clothing. The men are in control and more often than not, CEOs. The men also make me feel so protected. Two very good friends are Caps. The Cap girls I know are really selective over their friends; they won’t talk to everyone for the sake of it…if they don’t like you or find you interesting then they probably won’t say a word to you or look at you. But they’re all funny, classy, and grounded and I love that. They possess winner’s minds; look at the late David Bowie: classic example of why Capricorns are the shit.

4. Sagittarius - You’re assholes, but you’re my kind of assholes; you’re blunt, you don’t sugar-coat the truth and you people are just brilliant. Absolutely hilarious. Funniest sign in the zodiac. Love having fun with them because their confidence is infectious and inspiring. Not gonna kiss your ass. Brutal. Insensitive. Sometimes downright inhumane. Sociable. Go-getters. They’re about their freedom and their power. It’s onward and upward with these folks and I respect that. Tends not to hold grudges (something I need to work on). They use their asshole-ism for good and for things that make sense (instead of evil and general bullshit like Scorpios do). Will speak their mind even (and especially) if it hurts your feelings. I love it. A couple of very good acquaintances are Sags. The only fire sign that I can stand.

5. Libra - Also protect at all costs. Love, love, love. Complete cinnamon rolls and are diplomatic, charming and fair. Tendency to be lookers. Great friends. Terrible flirts. Intellectual savages. Great personalities. Fun. Love getting guys with these ladies. When we choose to go out, we shut it down in a club and all eyes are on us. Also love how peaceful and easygoing they can be. Warrior’s mentality with a poet’s soul. They tend to be a doormat at times, tend to enjoy being volatile shit-starters on occasion (especially the females), and tend to be liars as well. Usually have good intentions. Indecisive, just like Pisces, but unlike Pisces, their indecisiveness is in a charming, yet slightly maddening way. More often than not, a pleasure to deal with. Another close friend and a few dear acquaintances are Libras. My kind of folks.

6. Gemini - Paraphrasing from Joni Mitchell’s song “Help Me”: “[They] love their lovin’/ But not like they love their freedom”…engaging and usually intelligent conversationalists. An ex-roommate is one. Charming, if not a bit fake, flighty, and two-faced. On the other hand, Stevie Nicks. Marilyn. Fetty Wap. I like that they keep things light and hate dealing with too much emotion, although their “lightness” tends to border on the superficial and shallow. Adventurous. Craves variety. Batshit crazy. Liars. Fucked up when drunk. The children of the zodiac, by far. I mean, bipolar creatures; their mood swings make them excellent case studies. Totally schizophrenic, they specialize in mind games and are the best players, hands down. Flaky. Thirsty as hell. Desperate for attention. These people have issues. Sociable and tend to be very popular for whatever reason. No slouches for sure, they’re definitely entertaining if nothing else.

7. Leo - They remind me of the famous line that Jareth said to Sarah in Labyrinth: “I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave.” LOL. Overrated. Unconscionably selfish. Some of them are cool, but for the most part, I’m not impressed. A cousin that I used to be close with is one, we don’t really talk as much anymore, since I’ve outgrown her due, in part, to her tendency to be a bit jejune and silly as well as a drama queen. On the other hand, J. Lo. Jackie O. Kate Bush. They’re sexy, stylish and entertaining, but they’re just short-term/one-night stand material to me; they’re quite pretentious, have delusions of grandeur, and a bit sensitive for me (can’t take criticism, too dramatic, etc.) and as such, there’s nothing of real substance there with them. Tend to be liars. Animated and melodramatic (there’s a reason why most of the best actors are Leos)…they’re overgrown babies in the sense that they have a pathological need to have their asses kissed, they’re bossy, temperamental, and have a tendency to be arrogant and disrespectful (but don’t be this way to them, though, lmaooo). Very childish. Have a tendency to be something they’re not and truly believe that they’re more than what they actually are or ever will be, which is slightly amusing.

8. Scorpio - Ah, the sociopaths of the zodiac. I guess this would be my favourite water sign, if that’s possible. Not a fan of water signs in general, tbh…but out of all of them, you people are the only ones I can somewhat stand, for some strange reason. Probably because my mum is one, with whom I have a love-hate relationship (the only complicated relationship that I’m willing to have ever), as well as an ex-boyfriend. I’m a lot like them in the sense that there’s no room for ambiguity, either people hate you or they love you; regardless, you are who you are and that’s the way it is. As well as the fact that everything’s a state secret with them. However, if one wants brutal honesty, then like the good old Sags, these people are good for that, if nothing else. Opportunistic. Impossibly sexy. Bad to the bone. I’m a sucker for these men; most of the men I’ve “known”, whether we were in a relationship or not (including my current one) are Scorpios. Where we part ways: they (mainly the females, who are just unnecessary cunts, for the most part) are jealous, obsessive, love to be as negative as possible, have a crab-in-the-barrel mentality, and tend to be miserable and like making everyone else miserable as well. Tends to like having their asses kissed. Like all water signs, to me, life’s too short to really deal with them.

9. Cancer - Again, not a fan of water signs and Cancers are some of the reason why. A bit too moody, sensitive, temperamental, and clingy for my taste. Passive-aggressive. Possessive and needy. The females seem to be quite jealous of other females for some odd reason. The men tend to be kinda wishy-washy childish mama’s boys. Protective of those they love and care about, which is nice. Homebodies. Home. Like all water signs, they tend to think they’re billy badasses more than they are and their insecurity drives them to bully folks just to feel good about themselves, which is quite pathetic. These guys are crazy, but they have great music taste, good with money, and are kind of manipulative…the ones born in July tend to be temperamental as fuck. I’ve not gotten along with one ever (which is curious, since I am one), my associate’s boyfriend is one, and he’s a bitch; I have an older half-sister who’s one. To put it succinctly, we no longer speak. But, on the other hand, you guys tend to fly under the radar a bit, so I guess a scant few of them all are actually alright.

10. Virgo - Don’t really get the big deal about these people. I respect their propensity to be analytical, attention to detail and hard working natures, but other than that, you guys are completely irritating; a couple of colleagues are Virgos. They tend to be more sensitive than they like to let on (hence their moodiness), when jealous or self-conscious, they tend to act childish by getting angry and saying things they don’t mean. High maintenance. Self-serving. Also quite opportunistic. Martyr complex. Loves intellectual hair-splitting. Too much insecurity and bullshitting around with you all. Prides themselves on being harshly critical of everything and everyone, but if you tell them about their bullshit then they want to play victim and can’t handle it. People who can’t take their own medicine I don’t respect. Fussy and persnickety as hell; nitpicks everything and are often impossible to please and cowardly. They think the world should stop for them. Liars. Sneaky and shady as fuck. Doesn’t breathe unless it’s planned out thoroughly in advance. Tries too hard to be perfect and omnipotent. I’m sure OCD runs rampant in this sign as well. Control freaks, just like Scorpio. They will self-obsess over their imperfections (and are very quick to point out others’) and think they’re right all the time. Especially applies to those born in September.

11. Pisces -  Again, I truly don’t get the big deal about these people either. At all. Emotionally exhausting. Victim complex. Very artistic and musical, however. Creative. An ex-roommate and former friend are this sign. The main reason why water signs repel me. Evil as hell because they’re disasters who always project their own insecurities onto everyone. Like all water signs, they start drama and then expect you to feel sorry for them. Manipulative. They never take responsibility for their actions, and hide behind gullible people. Spineless. Feels the need to test people (like Scorpios and Aries) and be quarrelsome, then loves to turn around and play the victim (which they do exceptionally well), which is completely pathetic. Indecisive. Indirect. Adores getting offended, just like Virgos. Very passive-aggressive. Easily led. Disingenuous. Emotions/moodiness > logic. They live in a dream world, thinking everything revolves around them. They just annoy the crap out of me. Too co-dependent and (possibly due to low self-esteem) likes to suck the strength from others to validate themselves because they have none of their own. Tend to be harsh in order to overcompensate for how hypersensitive they actually are, which is exasperating. Tends to overreact and are way too emotional, reactive, and sensitive for me to deal with. February Pisceans = barely tolerable (I love you Rihanna); March Pisceans= pieces of shit.

12. Aries - Stay in your lane perhaps? Get some therapy maybe? These people see everything as a fight or an issue, and they need to chill. A boss and a couple of co-workers are this sign. Lack of foresight. Also reactive, loves confrontations just for the sake of having confrontations. Lives for being combative. Very ram-like. Fighters. Malcontents just like Scorpios and Virgos. One of the most ignorant signs.They tend to be outgoing and extroverted generally. I associate them with the colour orange or fluorescent yellow or some other grating colour. Very fast. Very bold. Courageous. Ultra-competitive. Energetic. Dynamic. Loud. Not one to mess with. Always has the need to be right. Downright rude and childish. When volatility, rage and anger is your default emotion (Leo, ARIES, SCORPIO), I dismiss it and completely have no respect for it, since that’s the way you are, so what’s to take personally, really; I have extreme distaste for grown-ass people that insist on acting their shoe size. Quit being so fucking aggressive and pushy all the time. It’s obnoxious.

one thing i really love about adam parrish is his capacity to be a villain, and his ultimate role as one of the heroes

i don’t mean that he’s evil at all, or that he’s ever even a bad person, but his personality is just so calculating and so devious. he’s introduced somewhat as the softer, quieter boy in the group compared to gansey and ronan, but as the series progresses there are clear scenes where he’s willing to take steps farther than his friends and scenes where his darker side shines (creating fake evidence to frame his latin teacher for brutal murder?) hes not fragile. he’ll do whatever he needs to do in order to reach his goal. he’s got these qualities that, in another universe, would not typically be seen as qualities of the good guy: the cold reasoning, the explosive anger, the means-to-an-end mentality

yet i found it so interesting how these qualities are juxtaposed with his intense love for gansey, ronan, noah, and blue. yeah, he’ll do anything to reach his goal, but his goal is to protect his friends. and because of that, he ends up being someone the readers root for

and i guess what im saying is that im so glad he is the way he is because i wouldn’t change a thing about him

BTS REACTS TO: Their crush getting a lap dance

Anon Asked: BTS reaction to their crush getting a lap dance from another male

Ooooohohohoho *rubs hands together menacingly* - Admin Dayna


He acts mature and collected to hide his begrudging anxiety.

Jin won’t cause a scene, vocalize his disappointment, or try to escape the room to avoid having to watch the lap dance go down. He just sits there while everyone else hypes you up, organizing the messy, insecure thoughts running through his head before jumping back into the social scene and pretending like he wasn’t mentally rambling off in his head how much prettier he is compared to the guy giving his crush a lap dance.

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Theatrical reaction to distract from his true feelings.

He knows he’s in no position to act out any sort of way, or get mad at his crush for letting some other guy rub up on them - he didn’t own them, he wasn’t their parents, he was in no place to judge.

So for the comedic relief in a very tense situation for himself, he acts tf out.

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ok but like

bryke went on and on about how zutara was so “dark and edgy” (still don’t get that, tbqh. kinda like when people think zuko is this “dark and suave and edgy” character, but really he’s just a giant dork. i feel like bryke has that same misunderstanding). 

yet in-show sends such an awful message to kids? like, think of all the little boys that grow up to resent women for “putting them in the friend zone” and feel entitled to girls and women’s attentions and affections.

aang never really unlearned that mentality (and he VERY MUCH had that mentality). he just kind of gets what he wants. 

i mean, a lot of the messages sent by the way was handled in canon are very…idk just not okay - at all. 

“he’s the main character and the hero! the trophy girl BELONGS to him! he DESERVES her!”

“look at the guys she’s been interested in! they’ve been awful and betrayed her! clearly, the Good Guy should be with her. she just doesn’t know what’s good for her! if only she’d give the Good Guy a chance!” (this one’s mostly aimed at jet, but i’ve seen it leveled at zuko which doesn’t really make sense on multiple levels because 1) zuko and katara are not shown in canon to have romantic interest in each other 2) zuko tries desperately to gain katara’s forgiveness not because he is interested in her but because he genuinely cares what she thinks of him and wants to be her friend - wanting her friendship shows how much he values her as a person and not something he deserves as a reward for Being The Hero *coughcough*)

“she’s uncomfortable with your romantic and physical advances. clearly she just is confused about what she wants! you know better! you belong together! keep persisting and she’s yours!”

tbqh, zuko showed so much more respect towards katara’s personhood. he showed a clear understanding of respecting people’s boundaries, and their experiences, and that they might have a different opinion than his own that is shaped by those things. he understood her, and when he didn’t he tried to, and not because he had some ulterior motive.

the same cannot be said for a@ng. even though i love a@ng, this was a serious character flaw - which would be fine! if he actually learned anything from it, or tried to change. 

the comics and tlok show how little he really changed, and there were never any real consequences for his shadier character traits. they were just “quirks” deserving of endless forgiveness and acceptance, and that “deserved” katara like some kind of prize for being The Savior.

and to me, that’s much darker of a message to send to kids than friends-to-lovers trope/people learning about their flaws and each other and bettering themselves through loving each other that would have been the clear direction of a zutara arc.

You Deserve Better-Ethan Nestor

Pairing: Ethan Nestor x Reader
Description: Reader’s boyfriend is abusive and Ethan’s thinking he’s ready to get shit stomped
Requested: 38, 81, and 84 for Ethan? I love your writing btw
Send me numbers and I’ll write imagines with THIS dialogue list!
Warnings: Domestic abuse, domestic abuse mentions, angst

As alsways, the fic for Ethan will be under the cut, and the warnings are above. If you feel this piece will be harmful to your health or triggering in any way, please skip it, and if you’re Ethan, skIP THIS THANKS K BYE LOVE U

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