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Hey! London here ;) Did you stay up to watch the BBMA's? I managed bits of it due to dodgy streams - I really wish I'd thought of Tumblr but I'd been running on no sleep from the previous night, so I gave up! *cries* Girl, it looks like Jin, legendary car door guy - is bringing it back with the #thirdguyontheleft. BUT When BTS went up *squeals in infinite frequencies*...did you see every woman in the freaking front row? Eyeing them like candy, lol even Miley got smiley! Everyone is woke!

Hellooooo!! Yes haha, I stayed up till 4.30am, oh my!! What an experience lmao. I only had two hours sleep too ;; I struggled with a good stream but then someone linked me one that worked !! I was lucky lol. Ahhh don’t remind me #thirdguyontheleft. My man is living!!! Everyone thinks he’s so handsome :’) and haha, miley is smiley omg! I’m so glad everything went well for them. I was quite nervous beforehand but it couldn’t have gone better. Bless them!! The whole world needs to get woke on them lmao!

“I’m talking about starting out as friends
I’m talking about real and not pretend
I’m talking about bros of a life time
You and I can even right the end.”




Yep, I think this is the end of this short journey~

part one . part two . part three .


That will be all


Keith! When will my Life Begin animatic for the Klance Tangled AU!!

edit:sorry about the fire cracking up. I think it’s the gradient that’s causing the file to become a little corrupt. I’ll try to fix it and update it asap

edit edit: The song is a pitched down version of the original song

Since Shiro and Matt were taken by the Galra and subsequently escaped, they have, as the fandom put it, become really fuckin’ hot.

So here I am, already wondering when Sam Holt is gonna show up and Iroh his way out of a galra prison camp.

I never see any written klance relationships where the two of them know one another’s sexual orientation before they actually fall in love with them, so I decided to do it myself in a comic since I can’t write for shit.

And so a friendship is born.


Wow, super long, but worth it. I just really like the idea of them falling in love gradually rather than just, “You like guys, I like guys, let’s get together.” I hope you guys enjoy this slow burn!

alright but listen, just listen, hypothetically if lotor was the galra from the weblum, how hilarious would it be if he was just deadass convinced that he owed a life debt to keith???? like can we please just talk about a ridiculous s3 in which the big bad is actually just like “hard pass, this guy saved my life, not gonna kill him” or, maybe life debts are a big deal in galra culture and so lotor physically can’t be the one to take out voltron because it would involve killing keith in the process. i mean can you imagine how hilarious it would be to have to explain to galra generals that, sorry, their prince can’t come to the battlefield right now because the mullet guy pulled him out of a small intestine once

“lance for black paladin”

“lance is actually very smart and just pretends to be dumb”

“lance is the one who brings the team together he unifies them all uwu”

“what if lance was altean? Or galra?”


“what if the show treated lance like the main character he is–”

“what if–”

so basically, this is what you want