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Princess Principal ending

First, without mentioning that this will remain pinned on my browser for weeks to come despite it being the last, I want to scream. THEY WENT TO CASABLANCA IN THE END.

Even if it’s a small and short happiness that quickly dropped them back into missions again, you can clearly see the hope blooming in the suggestion to finish the mission quickly and return to “holiday”. Not just in the atmosphere, but the obvious and significantly more open friendship between the girls, as well as the decision to end on Ange and Charlotte holding hands. A** top tier AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


And triple gold with Dorothy’s “thats just how our luck w men goes huh” when Ange tells her that guy made “advances” on her… with mission orders. Dorothy I love you and everything. Ange’s reply to that was so good too, my eyes are leaking with juices of joy– okay no.

The title of this fucking episode???? YES??? Who would’ve thought that meant the metaphorical wall? 

This Christmas, New Year and my neext birthday - I’ll use all my wishes just PLEASE SEASON 2.

Gtg sleep - stayed up to watch this - still got much work tmr

GM: You find a little wooden box. 

Me (Human Fighter): I open the box.

GM: Inside the box is a very tarnished brass belt buckle. Everyone, roll appraisal skill.

Half-Orc Ranger: 18.

Elf Paladin: 16.

Me: …2.

GM: Okay. *to the half-orc and the elf* You two see this belt buckle and believe it to be worth about 10 silver. *to me* You see this belt and believe it to be worth at LEAST 5,000 gold.

Me: Holy crap…guys, this belt buckle is AMAZING. It’s worth so much. We’re going to be RICH!

Half-Orc Ranger: I think you need your eyes checked. IT’s basically worthless.

Me: Are you KIDDING me?? This thing is the most expensive thing we’ve ever owned!! *grabs the belt buckle from the box and puts it on my belt* 

GM: Oh, I should tell you. This belt buckle is incredibly tarnished, but if you look closely you can see a picture of a cockatrice on it. It’s very crudely drawn and surrounded by elven runes–can you read elven?

Me: Yes.

GM: Okay. So the runes surround this crudely-drawn cockatrice, and they say, in elven,  "Check out my cockatrice.“

Me: …This is the fanciest thing I’ve ever owned and I love it.

AHH!! I can’t tell you how honored I am to finally be receiving my Gold Play Button from YouTube!! I am eternally grateful for and so humbled by the support I have from all of you and I hope I can keep entertaining you guys, gals, and non-binary pals!! ❤️💛💚💙💜

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okay hear me out: 

you know those photo series that are like “In The Running For The Next Spiderman/Young Han Solo/Bachelor/Prince Eric/Property Brother”

and it’s just like nine generically handsome brunet white men that might all be Henry Cavill or might all be Matt Bomer or might all be the photogenic runner guy from 2012 for all we know but it’s impossible to tell because they are just so generic?

and you know how nobody really remembers what Moist von Lipwig (slash Albert Spangler where applicable) actually looks like, they just remember the gold hat, or the glasses, or the bountiful ear hair?

what I want is an adaptation where Moist, whenever he’s being an anonymous face or The Man in the Golden Suit or Albert Spangler, is played by a series of generically handsome brunet white men who are swapped out shot-to-shot.

How Dan and Phil probably broke up #25
  • Dan: *wins another Dan vs. Phil*
  • Phil: all or nothing
Mr. Min - Chapter 06

Description:  Your CEO caught your attention the first day you started your new job and it seems the attraction is mutual.  Too bad he’s only interested in a relationship that benefits him.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jungkook

Genre: Angst and Smut

Word Count: 26,321 

A/N: I’m so sorry.  I don’t think I’m capable of doing short chapters anymore.  Feel free to read this on AO3 instead if your app messes up.  

And a huge round of applause to the always lovely, @avveh, for beta-ing this behemoth.  I’m so sorry to put you through that lol.

Prologue - Ch 01 - Ch 02 - Ch 03 - Ch 04 - Ch 05 

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Speaking in Memes

I’m playing a kenku rogue named Grackle, and since kenku can only speak through mimicking, I try to work in mimicked phrases as often as I can. Our party stumbled across an abandoned camp site and we split up to loot it. The others hadn’t found anything good yet.

Dm: Grackle, however, you open the chest and find 30 gold pieces inside.

Me: sweet! I take all of it for myself and definitely don’t tell anyone about it

Ranger (ooc): what, you’re not gonna share it with us?

Me: hey you guys can’t see this happening, you don’t know that I took it!

Bard (in character): Hey Grackle, what'cha got there?

Me (as Grackle): uh… *i pick up and throw the now empty chest as hard as I can while shouting-* “This bitch empty, YEET!”


Michael: I’ve liked him since what? Forever? I can’t just tell him, he probably doesn’t see me that way…

Jeremy: and risk ruining our friendship??? CHRISTINE ARE YOU INSANE??

modern!johnny cade headcannons

(there’s so mucb jally and lgbt!johnny it’s not even funny omg)

- johnny would probably listen to bands like imagine dragons, artic monkeys, some of twenty one pilot’s older music, and the hardrock dally likes

- he also managed to talk ponyboy into reading to him, which wasn’t hard because pony loves to read to him anyway

- this boy always has a pair of earbuds on him even if he isn’t listening to them

- it helps him whenever he has to block out his parents

- which is a lot

- but he’s careful not to listen to his music too loud. he doesn’t want to go deaf and especially not before he’s 20

- mostly because ponyboy and darry always nag him about it

- and johnny’s never really understood why it wasn’t socially acceptable for men to wear makeup or wear dresses or skirts?? he just doesn’t get it

- johnny also keeps a hair tie on his wrist for when he gets too anxious and needs something to fiddle with

- two-bit once had to take it away from him because he was scared johnny’d cut off his circulation to his hand

- and his hands are always shaking

- so johnny’s always fidgeting with something to try and hide it

- but it doesn’t matter who you are

- his hands are shaking


- and, okay, one night he’s with dally and they’re driving. they weren’t talking. they were letting dally’s radio fill the silence.

- johnny was cool with it

- and dally was Focused™ on driving

- and johnny’s just watching dally drive and dally runs his hand through his hair and, internally, johnny just kinda goes,“oh. oh shit.”

- mkay he realizes that he may have a small crush on dallas winston

- which he hadn’t really considered before

- and he quickly decides that it shouldn’t matter who you love if it doesn’t harm you or the other person in a negative way

- so johnny realizes that he could fall in love with anyone

- at first, it kinda scares him but he ends up researching all night about this

- turns out, he’s pansexual

- the first person he comes out to is ponyboy, who actually knew what the term meant (probably because this boy never gets off tumblr smh)

- pony accepts

- he comes out to two-bit next. then soda, steve, and darry. he had to explain what it meant, but they accepted.

- he comes out to dally last. not because he didn’t want him to know, but because johnny was scared he’d ask who made him realize that. johnny wasn’t ready to tell him that.

- so one night they’re driving again and the sun is setting and dally looks like he’s made out of gold

- johnny loves it

- dally ofc doesn’t notice or let on to johnny staring

- johnny looks back to the road in front of them

- “i’m pansexual.”

- “you’re what?”

- “i could fall in love with anyone, dal.”

- “even a guy?”

- “even a guy.”

- johnny can feel dally staring at him

- he’s terrified to look up at dally but he does

- dally’s face is totally blank

- “whatever makes you happy, kid.”

- johnny can’t figure out how dally feels about it

- a small part of johnny is scared that dally’s angry

- but dally offers him a cigarette and johnny knows he’s at least not angry

- they don’t talk. just smoke in peace. the radio fills the silence

- which allows johnny’s mind to wander

- his parents would disown him

- so he never comes out to them

- he cries when lgbt+ get equal marriage rights. first, it’s out of elation because he is so happy. but then he goes home and hears his parents bashing the lgbt+ community

- he doesn’t even get through the door when he hears them

- and he goes back to the curtises

- he’s a mess

- he’s trying really hard not to cry but he can’t

- he can’t do it

- he was apart of that community and they were people, too

- ponyboy gets him to calm down after an hour

- he stays with the curtises for a week after that night

- johnny was a lot quieter after that, if that was even possible

- it worried dallas the most, though

- “c'mon, johnny, man, you haven’t said five words all day!”

- “i’m fine, dal.”

- it went on like that for a month, driving dally insane

- so, when dally runs out of ideas, he turns to the oldest curtis brother for help

- dally and darry have always been close,, okay

- and darry honestly saw this coming. he was just waiting for dallas to figure this out himself

- so darry isn’t surprised when dallas comes to him and all he’s talking about is johnny

- darry can tell dally’s been drinking by the way he slurrs his words and how he can hardly stand up

- “dar, what’s wrong with johnny? why won’t he talk to me?”

- darry, being the genius he is, starts to play a little mind game with dallas

- “why does it matter, dal?”

- “‘cause he’s my friend, dar.“

- “you’re friends with sodapop and you don’t care if you go a few days without talking to him.”

- “well johnny’s different, man!”

- “why’s johnny different? why do you care if you don’t talk for a few days?”

- “‘cause i want him happy! and ‘cause he doesn’t act like i’m an asshole!”

- “why does it matter what johnny thinks of you?“

- “i don’t know, man! he just..he makes me want to be less of an ass.”

- “so johnny makes you better?”

- darry watched as a drunk, crooked smile found its way across the younger boy‘s face. it made darry smile, too.

- “yeah, man. i love the little dude.”

- “yeah, just like a brother to you, right?” darry knew this wasn’t how dallas loved johnny, but he needed dally to say it himself.

- darry knew he gotten through to dallas when his eyebrows scrunched up.

- “no, man. i love him the way i loved sylvia. i wanna—” dallas then went on to describe all of the very raunchy ways he wanted to see johnny cade, and it made darry want to rip his ear drums out (he did not need those visuals of his friends), but he had gotten through to dallas.

- “dal—” darry cut dallas off mid-sentence,“why don’t you go find johnny and tell him yourself?”

- dallas’ drunk smile faltered.“no, man. what if he doesn’t feel the same, man?”

- “you’ll never know unless you try.”

- “dammit, darry. he’d be in the lot, right?”

- “yeah.”

- and like that, dally was gone. darry quickly sent johnny a text to give him a heads up about what was about to happen and to be in the lot.

i felt like this was a good place to stop. should i write more outsiders headcannons??
Slytherin!Tom AU

Pairing: Slytherin!Tom + Hufflepuff!Reader

Notes: I wrote this bc I’m a Hufflepuff and when Tom said “who wants to be a Hufflepuff?” I was offended. So, now I am forcing him to love Hufflepuff’s. Bite me, Tom. THIS IS FOR ALL MY HUFFLEPUFF’S.

Two | Three | Four | Epilogue

“You’re joking!” I laughed, putting my cardigan on as I listened to Beatrice tell me what happened in her Potions class yesterday. She nodded, tucking in the rest of her shirt while she looked at herself in the mirror.

“I’m not joking!” She picked up her bag and waited for me by the door so we could head out together. “Richard totally mixed up the spell and turned Slughorn into an actual slug! It was ridiculous – now he has to help Slughorn every Saturday by cleaning out the cauldrons.”

“So, you got extra credit for turning Slughorn back to normal, and you don’t have to clean your cauldron?” She nodded, linked her arm with mine. “You lucky, Gryff.” My laughter was cut off when a shoulder bumped into me, causing my books and the other person’s to fall to the ground. I started to apologize but was cut off by a groan.

“Damn, Hufflepuff,” I flinched from the amount of venom he spit out at the mention of my house name. “Watch where you’re growing!” He bent down to pick up his books and I caught a glimpse of the green on his sweater.

“I’m sorry, Nicholas, here.” I bent down, picking up a stray notebook and handing it to him, stepping back when it was ripped from my hands.

“‘I’m sorry, Nicholas’,” I could hear the mockery in his voice, causing me to sigh. “Just watch where you’re going.”

“Nicholas, ease up.” All three of us looked up and saw Tom adjusting his backpack. “She said she was sorry, she gave you your notebook,” he shrugged, “just drop it, let’s go.”

“What, Holland? Hufflepuffs are worth your time now?” Tom shrugged, shaking his head when Nicholas muttered a ‘whatever’, heading toward wherever he was walking before. Tom turned to look at me.

“Sorry about him,” Tom bent down and picked up one of my pens, handing it to me. Our fingers brushed and we looked up at each other, Tom pulling his hand away from mine quickly. He cleared his throat, pointing toward the direction Nicholas ran off to. “I, uh – I have class. Potions.” He nodded and I nodded back, smiling shyly. “I’ll see you around, Hufflepuff.” I nodded again, but he had turned to walk away before he saw me doing it.

“Tom being nice to a Hufflepuff?” I turned and looked at Beatrice, gripping the pen in my hand. “He must have a spot for you.” I rolled my eyes, not missing the heat that was quickly surrounding my face.

“Tom doesn’t have a soft spot for anyone – except maybe his mom. And that’s a maybe.” Beatrice laughed, shaking her head while we linked arms again.

“Whatever you say, Hufflepuff.”

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You guys don’t know how how thrilled I am to see my Spanish Lunatic back. And Grif was gold throughout this whole peisode. I have… so many feelings…

hey whats up mikeyway how u doin u noodle legged motherfucker?

um hi patrick

ya so i heard ur with pete?? whats that abt huh u kno petes mine u lil bitch

patrick dude chill. me and mikey arent a thing what r u doin

bullshit gerard and i are buds he tells me everything

gee wtf

i cna explain

srsly mikeyway stay after from my bf

dude patrick srsly stop mikey and i havent fucked in seven - ten. ten years

lol i knew it frank owes me ten bucks

dude gerard get off the phone also say sorry to mikey, patrick

im sorry mikey

it’s ok patrick

k but u guys what if we just had a threesome…you can fight over my hot bod in bed

pete what the fuck

frank come here this shit is gold also u owe me ten bucks

what the fuck

First of all... Yes

Originally posted by alinok

A/N: This was actually requested by @allipotterhead1 (my first request, may I add) and I got a bit carried away but I didn’t want to miss anything out, I hope you like it, I tried my best!

Request: “Jughead x plus size reader, where their relationship is a secret. In which the reader is Kevin’s sister and one time they have a heavy make out session and Kevin, Veronica, Betty and Archie just walk in on them and Betty and Veronica are losing their shit because they ship it so hard, Kevin is totally sweet but excited and already plans their future but Archie asks him why he would date someone like her? I know it’s really specific but I can’t get this idea out of my head and I’m an awful writer… (And I don’t mean to hate on Archie, I really love him, but I love me some good angst)”

Word Count: 2,761 (jeez, this is long)

Warnings: Angst, Archie’s a bit of a dick, there is a swear word, and some makin’ out.

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character from a dream last night: how do i describe this. guy owns some land & builds it into an archeological dig site attraction for tourists? you can dig up artifacts & pan for gold and stuff. theres an area where you use pickaxes and theres gems in the rocks or something. when u find your treasure you hike up a big rocky hill to the prospector’s office where the guy sits behind the desk & he tells u the price of the thing you dug up and u can keep it if you pay him. the prospector’s office is full of cool old-timey stuff on shelves behind glass. when u leave the office theres this crappy lil local history museum with mannequins in costumes. theres a taco bell attached for some reason.

the twist: this guy is a major cocaine dealer. theres a hidden elevator in the prospector’s office that goes down into the real secret office where he does business. the employees dressed up like cowboys are actually his security team and those guns theyre carrying are real guns. the whole thing is a money laundering business. one of the security guards’ name is lawrence and the guy picks on him because “lawrence isnt a real name. its a good middle name but a shitty first name.” (??)

im trying to remember more details. hes very calm & very serious & much smarter than he lets on. this guy just has a passion for local history and also cocaine

“Harry Styles, son of Anne Styles, Furniture shop owner–” Simon introduces.

“Twenty-eight, 5’11”, educated, renowned pastry chef, mummy issues, likes working out and expensive clothes–” Louis cuts.

“You came prepared!” Simon rubs his hands together. “They told me you were good!“

“Don’t act so surprised. I always come prepared. Tell me what I don’t know about the target. What is his problem? What makes him tick? Why isn’t his fiancé the perfect match?”

Simon sighs and opens another file.

“Liam Payne.” Simon points at the picture of a smiley crinkly eyed guy with a handsome, friendly face. “Heir of a diamond empire.” Louis examines Payne’s picture. He doesn’t look like a prick. Then again, they rarely do. “You have ten days to break up their engagement.”

Fool’s gold by @tvshows-addict

anonymous asked:

do you have anymore 1990's and 2017's pennywise headcanons? when i first read the ones you already posted, i fell in l o v e with them! i need moooooore 😩

AH YES, ANON!!! I see that a lot of people are liking my previous hcs for these two so, it’s about time i elaborated on them some more:

There’s gonna b more domestic types of hcs (like if they shared the same fucking sewer like it’s a fucking house or something, lmao) included in this, soooo UHHH yeah here we go!!

Old penny-

  • He definitely has some chub, lemme tell you. This guy has basically a dad bod- like beer belly and all and is a gold ol hairy ass idiot.
  • He’s also super fucking hairy– like this dingus is a big ol bear, ok??
  • He’s also more sophisticated (from my take between the old and the remake) than New penny (he’s less rambunctious and is more likely to be calm in certain situations… this doesn’t stop him from being a grumpy ass fart tho). 
  • He’s so fucking old school with everything and “doesn’t understand these millennial terms”. 
  • Probably can waltz really fucking good and would be the life of a fucking shindig. 
  • But is also a terrible and awkward dancer when he wants to be (it pisses New Penny the hell off).
  • Smokes like a fucking chimney™.
  • Couch potato ass bitch- ™.
  • Is a very good cook, cooks for New Penny. 
  • Does a lot of the dirty house chores (dishes, cleaning shower/toilet, etc.) and is also super handy and can fix a leak in 0.05 seconds?? (lmao bitch literally lives in pipes im-.)
  • Watches really stupid shit on tv, like dumbass soap operas, and gets really into it.
  • “Call me old one more fuckin’ time- I dare you.”
  • Hates anime ™ .
  • Cynical and sassy as FUCK.
  • When he does use “millennial terms”, he uses em’ all fucking wrong and he basically sounds like a “cool dad ™ ” (New Penny HATES ITTT) .
  • Socks w/ sandals ™.
  • Stained tank-top + heart-print boxers ™.
  • Refuses all of the pointless things that New Penny puts in the shopping cart— eventually caves and makes a $100+ dollar purchase because of that dopey-eyed begging

New Pennywise-

  • Instagram baddie level of millennial ™ .
  • Dankest of all memes ™.
  • H-Hewwo…?” *Old Penny prompt yells @ him to shut his fucking mouth*
  • Bean pole ass binch. 
  • Is actually really good at sewing, crocheting, knitting, etc…???? (Will fix tears in both of their suits and would probably make old penny socks- bec get you a man who can make socks…) 
  • Is actually a lil’ hairy- has very fine hairs tho (all the same color as the ones that are barely clinging on to his mile long head).
  • Is more primal and quick to anger than Old Penny (which is really something, considering that Old penny is a big fucking grouch).
  • Will throw a temper tantrum if he doesn’t get what he wants. 
  • Cheeky shit thinks he’s smart— but he’s not
  • Loves reality TV and gets really into shit like “The Bad Girl’s Club” and screams n roots @ the TV when they start to fight (would also die for “Rupaul’s Drag Race”). 
  • Does household chores like laundry, vacuuming, dusting, etc. 
  • You might just find his ass asleep in the weirdest/ most contorted position ever one day. 
  • Snuggles like a dumb cat. 
  • Runs into things easily because of his walleye. 
  • Cries easily and is so fucking dramatic
  • Fucking can club dance damn good and Old Penny would yell @ him to stop. 
  • Super flexible- exercises by doing yoga?? Stretching?? randomly dropping into splits??
  • Loves anime™
  • Eats so damn much- even more than Old Penny. 


That’s about all i got for rn anon!!! Thanks for the ask!!

((and i purposefully left out my miles, n miles long NSFW HCs for these two– might put ‘em in a separate post because it gets…. complicated ;ppp ))

☁️ Rose gold + Marble ‘Make your own momentum’ Wallpapers ☁️ 

If you can’t tell, I’m obsessed with marble and rose gold so I made myself this adorable little wallpaper, and I thought I’d share it with you guys! I find that it’s a nice combination of inspirational and aesthetic to satisfy your inner chic geek, so I hope it brightens up your device. It’s just in the one colour for now, but it’s available for a number of iOS devices. (the iPhone 6/7 file should also fit Samsung phones!)

Links to download for each device:

I hope you guys like it! Please feel free to message me if you run into any problems or have any questions. I’d love to see photos if you use it so please share a photo with me here on tumblr or instagram (@the_girlygeek) 


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warning: angst (I think)

A/N: keep sending in requests guys


Everything between you and Jughead was great. 2 years dating and being friends many years before, so you too knew each other very well and can tell when something was going on.


It was lunch and you and the gang were all sitting at a bench outside and you were just talking about anything, Betty and Jughead were talking about the Blue and Gold newspaper and Archie and Veronica were talking about some bet and you were just leaning against Jughead, observing like you do best. What you were observing though was that your friends were hiding something from you so like the super sleuth that you are you took a real hard look at them all individually taking the opportunity as no one was paying attention to you. What you noticed though was that Betty was looking at YOUR boyfriend the same way you do, with love, but something that was really heartbreaking was that Jughead was giving her the same look. Sure you have noticed that ever since Jughead joined the newspaper he’s been distant, more than usual although you took that as normal and he wanted time to work on his stuff, wouldn’t be the first time but now you can see the difference. Not being able to sit there any longer you got up and immediately Archie and Veronica look at you

“Where you off to (y/n)?” Archie asks catching the attention of Betty and Jughead

“Um…I…just need to get something” you reply vaguely but Jughead knowing you so well, sadly didn’t let you get away with that

“What’s really going on (y/n)?” he demands you sigh dejectedly not wanting to do this now but knowing that it has to happen soon

“um well you see Jughead I just need some space and time alone to think about where I went wrong in the fact that my own boyfriend felt the need to cheat on me with my best friend” and with that you walked away leaving the gang in a stunned silence, not letting them excuse what they did.

Sore Loser

A little context: I run a homebrew 5e campaign for my school’s DnD club, so all the players are students. The regulars are a Human Paladin named Yang, a Teifling Sorcerer named Eldernoct(who was gonna for this), and a Drown Rouge named Griff. Yang has a modified sheild made specifically for sheild sliding so, naturally, I included a surfing contest. Yang joined it immediately. These are the events that transpired.

DM(Me), as Contest Announcer, on a podium: “Welcome to the 512nd Annual Sheild Surfing Competition! Are there any dudes out there rad enough to take on the Verbanian Mountains!?”

Griff, OOC: “Something is off about this guys tone. I’m going to roll Insight.”

*gets a 2*

DM: You can tell he plans on standing up there trying to recruit people for this contest.

Yang: “Hey, Buddy, I don’t know what this “Rad” thing is, but I know for a fact that’s what I am! I’m joining right now. How do pal?“

DM, as CA: "It’ll cost approximately 250 Gold my dude! If you win, you’ll get a sweet secret prize!”

Griff and Yang: “Deal!”

So they enter and I threw in two in other NPC’s to play too, for a challenge. In the end Yang won by a long shot and Griff came in second, but the Announcer had different ideas. He was distracted by

CA: “Woah dudes and dudettes, sweet moves! That was a close race! Anyway, let’s give out those ranks. In third is a… Cliff? Bummer dude, shoulda surfed better. In second place is… Yang! First place goes to the Baker lady with the sweet buns, if ya know what I mean. Yang, here’s your prize.”

*Sticks out fist for a fist bump.*

Yang, OOC: Do I know what he’s doing?

DM: Go ahead and roll Wisdom.

*Yang rolls a 1*

DM: You think he’s both attempting an attack and insulting your mother.

Yang: You son of a… *rolls to slug* *1*

DM: You end up punching the Baker Lady and her falls over and *1* smashes her face on her sheild. You now have the blood of a winner on your hands.