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here’s a sneak-peak of some monsters i had the honor of designing for an upcoming episode of @gfdeepwoods !! I’m so excited to be contributing to a project as awesome as this , and you should check out the first half of the first episode if you haven’t already!

I love Kakashi so much & I’m actually super angry about how much I love him.


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f - fall away // twenty one pilots

u - unsteady // x ambassadors

c - coming home // gavin james

k - kettering // the antlers

e - eyelids // pvris

n - no light, no light // florence + the machine

s - scars to your beautiful // alessia cara

u - u turn (lili) // aaron

b - back to me // daya

t - timshel // mumford and sons

e - everything // ben howard

x - x&y // coldplay

t - together (acoustic) // ella eyre

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Vincent Valentine



  • HIS MENTALITY: it’s always been pretty interesting to me how vincent is good at analyzing other people and easily figuring out what’s bothering them. he even shows this in advent children, that one moment he has with cloud that I feel like speaks a lot about his character and who he is – here, he simply tells cloud “you sure this is about fighting”. and that’s because he knows that it really isn’t. vincent has this way with words where he asks rhetorical questions in order to get someone to realize something about themselves or what’s going on. but when it comes to self-analyzing, vincent is pretty bad at it – or at least, he doesn’t truly understand himself as well as he may understand others. I feel like he’s always suffering from conflicting emotions; on one hand, he may feel the need to help somebody but on the other hand, is it really his place to butt in ? like when he confronted hojo about the experiments he was doing – I felt like vincent really did want to stop him, but since lucrecia said she was fine with it, he ultimately decided to stay silent. i’m sure that he’s always had some trouble expressing himself and what he truly wants. while he’s a pretty blunt guy – he’ll tell your ass if you’re being stupid straight up – when it comes down to anything that’s even slightly related to his own emotions ( maybe even the emotions of others) , it’s like he suddenly shuts down or something. not entirely, but he isn’t sure how to deal with it, and that’s because emotions are tricky. it’s because vincent is so damn pragmatic. he doesn’t follow his emotions, he follows his head and what seems reasonable. he can forgive others but he can’t forgive himself – and maybe that’s because he doesn’t truly understand what he’s feeling, or what he’s suffering from. maybe because he kept silent while lucrecia suffered. or maybe because he didn’t fight against hojo aggressively enough. maybe he feels responsible for all that happened. and it’s these ‘maybes’ that confuse him, that create conflicting emotions. he’s never tried forgiving himself because he just doesn’t know how to. and that makes me emo as heckie.
  • CHAOS: this headcanon is way smaller don’t worry. but anyways, chaos being merged in vincent’s body has to be one of the causes – if not the main cause – for his nightmares and suffering and self-torture. in some strange way, it negatively affects his mental state, makes him more prone to depression and moodiness than normal. looking at the flashbacks, vincent didn’t seem to be as depressing as he was throughout ffvii. sure, he was still a pretty quiet dude that mostly kept to himself, but I felt like he did at least try to express himself more. he looked hella shook when lucrecia woke him up while he was sleeping on ‘her spot’, but when yuffie wakes him up after he literally got stabbed in the fucking chest, he’s so damn chill it’s kinda creepy. he even says at one point that maybe his emotions were lost somewhere along his long period of sleep. I honestly feel like chaos really messed up vincent’s emotions and how he reacts to other people – which in turn, could’ve made it difficult for him to really understand himself ( wow look at me connecting this with my previous headcanon ). but after chaos is gone from his body, personally, I think he looks more at peace. the end where he thanks lucrecia and leaves her cave, he looks like he’s finally at peace with himself. I believe that he’ll still have nightmares, of course, but not as bad as they were when chaos was in him. and he’ll definitely be his moody self, but no longer tortured by the extreme pain that chaos made him feel.


  1. Reading.
  2. Traveling.
  3. Playing the piano ( where you ask  ? probably some dusty ugly shit )

SEVEN PEOPLE THAT YOUR MUSE LOVES: ( in no particular order )

  1. His father.
  2. Lucrecia.
  3. Yuffie. ( I feel like he’s closer to her in some ways )
  4. Marlene
  5. lol
  6. All of AVALANCHE tbqh
  7. red wine maybe – but that’s not really a person


  1. For keeping silent even when he knew that Lucrecia was suffering. Pretty much acting passively throughout this whole fiasco.
  2. Deciding that it was better to sleep than acting out.


  1. Not being able to protect those that he cares about.
  2. Repeating the same mistakes.

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