these glances would mean the world

DAY 3183

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Dec 15/16,  2016               Thu/Fri  1:26 am 

What would the world be without children .. I mean how can we ever conceive, pun unintended, a world without children !! How ..

The enthusiasm of performance, an Annual Day of the educational institution, the little acts of dance and music .. the surprised and at times bewildered look as they jaunt on to the stage,  each searching within the audience their loved ones .. the loved ones, parents and keepers equally glancing rapidly at each item for their little one, as they come in their hundreds in costumes and make up and the brightest smiles in the entire world .. this, one could live a lifetime for … a warm invigorating emotional presentation of the future with the present .. stunning absolutely !!

And then the round table conference with fellow artists and colleagues, to discuss cinema and attitudes and opinions ..

The yellow of ‘yellow submarine’ and the Beatles .. did we ever come to decipher why ‘we’re all going in the Yellow Submarine’ from them in their psychedelic album ‘Sgt Peppers Lonely Heart’s Club Band’ .. did anyone ever ?

Never mind .. happens at times .. happens to me often .. like I just could not remember the name of that famous journalist, a lady, from Star & Style, whose columns we would dread .. and finally Googled it and badumbaaaa .. ! 

Devyani Chaubal !

And so on and so forth ..

The spiritual and the supreme inhabit the minds more these last few days helped and goaded and assisted by that recluse Ef near Ooty, and in admiration of all the texts that are communicated .. truly enchanting and being looked at with reverence ..

Oh dear its coming up on 2 .. and there is muscle muscled acts by 6 .. so good night …

Amitabh Bachchan

The day you finally realize just because you would never dream of hurting someone doesn’t mean they wouldn’t turn your world upside down without a backwards glance is the day you finally get to set some of your demons free.
—  allishunland

#i can’t get over this #i just can’t get over the fact #that he looks at her like that #knowing she isn’t looking back #knowing she can’t catch him looking at her like that #not knowing where this way will lead #not even knowing if he’ll ever wake up again #because who truly knows what these people will do #these people he doesn’t trust at all #but he trusts HER #with all his soul #with all his heart #and she says ‘together’ #and as long as they’re doing it together he would follow her to the end of the world #and that is why he’s taking the drink #laying down right beside her afterwards #as he always does #glad to steal just one last glance #because all of that is what ‘together’ means to him

Me: Man, imagine how neat it would have been if you got a new companion for each area of the park you entered in Nuka Cola world?

Anon: Yeah but…isn’t that a bit too much? I mean lets be realistic it’s DLC!

Me: *Glances at New Vegas*

Anon: No.

Me: *Glances at Dead Money*

Anon: No.

Me: *Glances at Dean, Christine and Dog/God*

Anon: Don’t you dare.

Me: …New Vegas did it- *Is hit by projectile*

She smiled and shifted her gaze toward the floor. She knew that when he said “I love you,” he meant that he loved their friendship, not that he wanted to scoop her up off her feet and kiss her until the end of the world. More than anything, she wanted to say that she loved him too, but she knew that she didn’t mean it in the same way that he did. So instead, she said nothing and pretended that it didn’t kill her that he would never say those three words with quite the meaning she wished he would.
—  In Love With My Best Friend

“I’m just surprised you’re letting her decorate the place. I mean, when’s the last time we celebrated Christmas?” Sam huffed, placing the ornaments on to the tree.

Dean shrugged, and glanced over to you. You were in your own little world, listening to Christmas music as you finished hanging from up the stockings. You were extremely excited when Dean came home with a box of decorations. Honestly, you didn’t think he would even remember what holiday was coming up.

“You see how happy she is?” He whispered.

Sam nodded in agreement, his lips twitching into a smile.

“Besides, Christmas isn’t that bad.”

You turned around, and smiled at the boys, making Dean nervously flash a cheeky grin and and chuckle.

Immediately, you turned your attention back to the stockings and began to sing loudly, and out of tune.

Dean met his brothers gaze, still smiling like an idiot. “I’m going to marry that girl.” He said.

It was one of those moments,
The ones that make you pause and smile contently.
Just a tiny every day blip,
Yet it means the world…

There he was,
The boy focused on what he loved,
And there was music drifting though the air.
He was so content
And so at peace.

There was something about looking at him,
A sort of natural magic one might say,
Where a simple glance at him would calm one’s worries.

Maybe it was the way his steady state of absolute focus,
A mix of concentration and joy,
A rare thing in the human world,
That sent your heart a flutter.

Maybe it was the slight upward curve of his lips,
That tiny smile spreading across his face,
That happiness that spread contentment throughout you.

Maybe it was the way his hair was ever so slightly messed up,
It always was,
But this time it has been your doing.

Maybe seeing him there,
Sitting in the chair
With his messy hair
Drove you wild.
It was after all, your doing.

But in all reality,
It was most likely all of him,
That state of being where he looked so much like him it was uncanny,
That made your heart skip a beat.

That perfectly imperfect existence
Made you realize,
Yet again,
Just how much you love him.

—  Morge (The Horror of Being Real)//
Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff

Richard groaned in boredom as he watched the screaming bratty children run around the Dining Room area. His badge was fixed onto his chest, and at the moment he hated the stupid golden thing. Stupid dumb job… Of course he needed the money so he could stay in the dingy place he called an apartment and stay as far from Child Services as possible, but still…
Didn’t mean he had to enjoy it.
He grumbled darkly as he sipped at his drink. He had to watch the children, be a guard. Kiss their booboos when they fell and such. And all do it with a sparkling smile. That wasn’t the real world…
He glanced to the entrance. He hoped something interesting would happen soon, because he was about to scream.

So What's a Rising Sign, Anyway?

Your rising sign, also know as your ascendant, is the sign on the horizon the precise moment when you were born.
Your rising sign is the “mask” you show to the world. If you’ve ever thought “this isn’t me at all!” when reading descriptions or ‘squad’ posts, it’s more than likely that your rising sign is the culprit.
For example, your sun is in Aqaurius but your rising is Pisces. That means at first glance, you are rather shy, imaginative and creative, but more emotional than you would be if, say, Pisces was your sun and Aqaurius was your rising.

Well, that’s your crash-course in rising signs! Happy blogging!

But Rigsy.

Hasn’t touched his graffiti spray paints since the last time he saw the Doctor.

Blames himself for Clara’s death and can’t even mourn about it with anyone.

Fishes his paints out from the back of his cupboard.

Finds the TARDIS.

Spends all day crying and decorating it with flowers and pictures in memory of Clara Oswald.

Watches other people frown at the flowery telephone box as they walk past, wondering what it could mean, not giving it a second glance.

Realises no one else in the world knows or cares about Clara’s death so takes it upon himself to visit the TARDIS every single day without fail.

Wishes the Doctor would come back JUST ONCE and help him feel better about everything or just to talk about it.




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“C’mon, c’mon, c’mon.” He cursed under his breath as the browser was loading his account.

For a split second, he noticed all the unread e-mails, recognizing some of the names –her name– and the tiny dot turning green that indicated that he was online before he snapped his attention back to the current situation. Glancing over his shoulder to make sure he was still safe, he opened a new e-mail, selected his mother’s email address and started typing.

He didn’t get to finish. There was a lot of yelling and from the corner of his eye he saw the guy on the computer across from him run out of his chair. Oliver stilled as panic rose within him. Waller’s man had caught up with him and gunned down the monitor from the door opening.


Outfits: Felicity in Hong Kong

Love, Hannah

The first step is learning to love yourself. Learn to walk into a crowded room and smile instead of wanting to hide in the corner. Feel comfortable in your own skin, for once. God, you’re worth is not based on what other people think. If you can look in the mirror and hold your head high because you’re proud of how far you’ve gotten, then you don’t need anyone’s praise.  Treat yourself the way you would want someone else to. If it means anything at all, I promise there are people that love you. People sneaking glances at you just to look at your eyes. Shame on you if you don’t believe me. Not to be harsh, but please appreciate the beauty you have. You have a mind that can change the world. Remember who you are, not who you want to be. Your mistakes don’t define you. Stand taller and show them that you have grown. People change. They leave, no matter how much you may want them to stay. Love yourself because when the world seems to be pulled out from under your feet, you won’t be alone.
—  The First Step 
improvedreplicas replied to your post:There was sound of frantic knocking on the door….

The two were quick to stumble inside, where they stopped and clung to each other out of nervousness. Time gave them a worried look before turning to Crystal. “Would you mind sheltering them here for a while? It’s too dangerous for them in our world.”

Crystal glanced over to the two before giving a slow nod. He didn’t exactly deal with children often, but he thought he could manage. Especially if Gemini stayed and helped out. His voice went down into a whisper. “Is everything alright? Is everybody safe?” Is Shadow safe?

Gemini gave a confused look. What did Time mean ‘our world’? Didn’t he live in the safe haven .And who the heck were these two? Finally he just summed it with portal travel or whatever and turned his attention towards the two frighten children. “…Want some candy?”

Cute - HideSas

Sasaki sat against his wall; legs sprawled out on his bed and a book with his door wide open, inviting anyone in. His glasses were perched on his nose and eyes trained on the book. 

Looking into the other’s room, Hide glanced at the scribble on his sweating palm one last time. This was the day. The day he would get Sasaki so embarrassed he would reach his limit and explode, whatever exploding would mean in his case anyway. 

He stalked into Sasaki’s room thankful that the latter was deep into his book. Silently Hide kneeled down beside Sasaki’s bed. He grabbed the ghoul’s wrist, jolting him out of his trance and gazed into the other’s confused eyes. “I found it.”

“Found what?”

“The world’s beauty” 

Raising an eyebrow at the blond, Sasaki studied him searching for any sign of him being sick. He placed his book down and used his free hand to place it on Hide’s forehead. He had no fever or any sign of illness. So what was he going on about?

Grinning at Sasaki’s concern and confusion Hide tried to keep back his comments on how cute or adorable Sasaki was. Instead he leaned up , gripped Sasaki’s jaw in his free hand and stared into his eyes “it’s gone into your eyes” he finished.

At first Sasaki blinked bemused and unsure on what to say, next what was said clicked and his face began to grow hot. He wrenched his hand back from Hide and pulled his head away to stare down at the other. Nervously he scratched the back of his neck and smiled shyly “thanks” he managed to get out.

Smiling at the said boy, Hide stood up and slid onto the bed beside Sasaki so their sides were touching. He turned his attention to Sasaki, grabbed the book off his lap and stared at it as if interested.



Looking up at Sasaki from the corner of his eye, Hide continued to speak. “If you were this book I’d slam you on the table and keep my hands on you all night.”

“Eh!?” Sasaki yelped, he stared at Hide with a gaping mouth. Hide watched in amusement as Sasaki’s face darkened.  

“Or I could do that right now?” he suggested sending a wink to the investigator “umm…eh….what!?”

Snickering at his of response, Hide moved in even closer to Sasaki’s face, so their noses were only inches apart. Instead of saying anything Hide moved into hug the unsure male, he nuzzled the crook of Sasaki’s neck loving the feel of ghoul in arms. 

Sasaki however was flushing extremely hard; if he were in a cartoon his soul would have left his body by now. His heart was hammering against his chest and elephants were trampling the butterflies, the peculiar blond was creating with his actions and words.

Hide pulled away, he let out a small snicker at the sight. Sasaki had his arms stiffly by his side with clenched hands, his face was red to the tips of his ears and his eyes were extremely wide. “You’re so innocent!” Hide chuckled out, “a-a-am not!” Sasaki barked out, “Yeah you are! You’re so freaking cute!” Hide pointed out quite loudly through his laughs.

He didn’t know Sasaki could be so entertaining with stuff like this. Biting back his complaints and protests; Sasaki shoved his stupid nerves away and lunged at Hide. Knocking him back on the bed and leaving him lying beneath Sasaki.

Hide looked up at Sasaki with wide eyes and curiosity burning away as if challenging Sasaki to try something. Determined to accept the challenge Sasaki leaned in. He leaned in enough for his nose to knock Hide’s and their lips to brush for a mere second. 

Squawking at the almost kiss, Sasaki jumped away from Hide who sat upright laughing. 

“So cute” he laughed out at Sasaki’s expense.