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Random Domestic BNHA Thoughts ... Again

Okay, I am complete and utter domestic garbage and we all know this at this point so here we go again. I just had this thought and I need to get it out. These are just some random thoughts. 

Eraserhead and Present Mic adopt a little girl that is obsessed with their hair. Both of them have very long and beautiful locks so she loves brushing, braiding, and making them pretty with sparkly clips. 

Just imagine her coming up to Shouta while he’s watching the news, holding her pink kitty brush and her bag of hair clips behind her back. And she uses her best manners and cutest face to ask her father because, although he tries to be the stricter parent, she knows exactly how to work him over. “Papa, may I pretty please play with your hair?” / “Hmm, since you have good manners and asked nicely, that’s fine.” / “Yay! Thank you, Papa!”

Or Hizashi comes home with groceries to find Shouta face down on the floor with his daughter sitting his back happily braiding away.  Or Shouta walks in the door and sees Hizashi rocking twin pigtails with poorly done make up on his face. “Papa, look! I made Daddy all pretty!” / “Yeah, Shouta, tell me. Am I beautiful?” / “Well … she certainly did her best with what she had to work with.” / “Shouta, you’re so mean.”

And one day, when Shouta gets a trim because his hair was getting too long to manage, his daughter is devastated. Even though he only got an inch cut, she throws a fit because “Papa cut all his hair off!” / “… I only got a trim.” / “Shouta, how could you do this to our angel!” / “ …… Are you kidding me? Not you too.” So Shouta goes out to buy some new kitty hair clips because he really hates to see his little girl so upset.

Last thought. Imagine Hizashi and Shouta talking their daughter out for ice cream while wearing pink, sparkly, kitten clips, temporary dye, twin buns, and just looking so unbothered. Their daughter is on Hizashi’s shoulders; he is grinning, of course, as Shouta wears a bored look on his face, but both of them know he’s actually enjoying himself. It’s just two gay heroes with their little girl and their ice cream trying to enjoy their day out.

Okay. I’m done.


Pairing: Zach x Reader
Warnings: Very minimal swearing, a lil smut hehehe

A/N: This is my very first imagine ever. I’m not a writer so don’t get your hopes up too high.. Hahaha, not gonna lie, this has been in my drafts for weeks but I’ve been insecure about posting it. But here ya go! Let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy!

It’s a typical warm summer night, and you’re getting ready for one of Bryce’s big parties.

You’re wearing a white spaghetti strap top, along with a red flannel and denim booty shorts. Underneath you’re wearing a sexy black bikini top and bottom.

You sit in front of your mirror and tie your hair up in a bun, when your phone buzzes.
You look down to see a text.

Zach: You ready?
You: Yep. Just meet me out front.

You and Zach Dempsey have been talking since the end of the school year, something you didn’t really know how to go about, mostly because he was one of the hottest jocks at school and you had no idea why out of all the girls in school, you were the one he wanted to talk to. He still had girls coming from every corner to get all over him, he never established anything between you two, and you were pretty sure none of his friends knew about you. You assumed you were probably just a fling. So instead of giving him all of you, you always held yourself back from becoming too attached, in order to prevent being heartbroken. The last thing you wanted was to get played.

That being said, this was only your second time seeing Zach all summer, since you’ve been holding yourself back. Though, the thought of seeing him again made you more excited than ever.

You grabbed your duffle bag (in the rare case you’d end up needing to sleep over), and headed downstairs to meet Zach at his car.

Locking the door behind you, you looked over at the car, where you saw Zach standing outside, leaning against it. He looked you up and down and bit his bottom lip as you walked over. “Damn, mama.” 

“Oh shut up,“ you responded playfully, as he wrapped his arms around you to hug you. You gotta admit, you missed the warmth of being in his arms. He opened the passenger door for you, and put your bag in his trunk.

He drives you both to Bryce’s place, which is about 15 minutes away from your neighborhood. You look out the window, gazing at the stars, when all of a sudden you hear Zach’s phone buzz.

“Y/N, can you check that for me?”

Looking down, you see it’s a text from one of the prettiest cheerleaders at school, Jess. 

This clearly upset you, as if Zach didn’t have enough girls waiting for a taste of him already. Now he pulls one of the hottest chicks you know? It wasn’t fair how he could possibly make you this jealous. This is why you were afraid to get attached.

“Who is it?” Zach asked, interrupting your train of thought.

“Oh, um, it’s that one cheerleader, Jess.” Irritated, you tossed his phone into his lap as he drove into Bryce’s driveway.

“Jess? What could she want from me?”

Oh, I have an idea, you thought.

You both got out of his car, and you walked into Bryce’s backyard, his arm around you. You didn’t wrap yours around his waist, which he was used to, giving him the sense that you were pissed off.

“You okay Y/N?” He asked, with a concerned look on his face.

“I’m great,” you said, faking a smile in his direction.

As you made your way to the hot tub, you stop suddenly when you see Jess, along with the rest of Zach’s friends, inside.

Great, she’s here, you thought.

“Why don’t we go in the house?” You suggested to Zach, before you were rudely interrupted.

“Zach! You’re here!” You turn to see Jess coming out of the hot tub to greet Zach. She has a great bod, it’d be no surprise if Zach left you right then and there.

She hugs him, the wetness of her suit soaking the dry clothes on his body. “I haven’t seen you since school ended. I missed you!” She turned around to look at you, with a smile, “Oh, hey Y/N, sorry didn’t see you there.”

You never ever gave in to anything that irked you, but in this moment you really wanted to smack her across the face.

But you didn’t.

“Hi, Jess,” you said with a small wave. Zach continued talking to her, not realizing you were irritated, and so you decided to give him a taste of his own medicine.

You ran inside to grab a couple of beers, and came back out to join the guys in the hot tub.

You unraveled your hair, which was previously in a bun, and began to strip. “Who’s ready to get fucked up?” You handed the beers to each of the boys as you took off your clothes, the boys whistling as your top and shorts came off. You knew the boys were too drunk to control their actions, which made it the perfect opportunity to get back at Zach.

“Damn, look at you Y/N. Didn’t know you could get freaky,” Bryce commented.

He did disgust you, but you played along and winked at him.

In your peripheral, you can see Zach staring you down. Perfect.

You joined the boys in the hot tub, and challenged them to a chugging contest.

As you see Jess enter the house, Zach decides to join in on the hot tub fun. He lifts off his shirt and enters the hot tub, and you realize your plan was backfiring. You scoot next to Justin Foley as he puts his arm around you. You look over at Zach, who immediately gives Justin a death stare. “Didn’t know you were such a party girl, Y/N.”

“Yeah, neither did I,” Zach said in a deep menacing voice. You could tell he was getting pissed. So you kept doing what you were doing.

“Wow Alex, have you been working out?” you said to Alex Standall, sitting across the tub.

“Uh… yeah.. a little. How’d you know?” He responds.

You slipped out of Justin’s arms and sat next to Alex, placing your hand over his abs, whispering loudly in his ear, “You just look really sexy tonight.”

He didn’t react the way you expected him to, which made you realize he was the only sober one in the tub. Feeling uncomfortable and confused, he pulled back and asked, “Dude, what is wrong with you?”

Zach’s voice bellowed across the tub, startling everybody in it. “YEAH Y/N, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?”

He gets out of the tub, shaking his head, and makes his way into the house. 

Justin wonders, “What’s up with him?” The rest of the boys stare at you with confusion, and you apologize for your immaturity, as you get out of the tub and follow Zach into the upstairs bedroom.

Walking up the stairs, you try to gain his attention. “Zach, I’m sorry.”

He walks into the bedroom, refusing to turn around to talk to you. You close the door behind you so that it’s just you two alone. Only silence and the bright moonlight filled up the room.

“Zach, I was just playing around–”

“Playing around? With what? My feelings?” He paces around the room, his trunks still soaking wet, dripping all around the carpet. “What the hell is going on with you? Canceling our plans, ignoring my calls, I acted like everything was okay between us but I guess it’s not. Do you know how long I’ve looked forward to this day for? This is our second time seeing each other this summer and this is how you treat me?”

You stood in one spot, your back facing the closed bedroom door as you watched Zach unravel his anger on you. You realized how much of a dick you were being, but continued to defend yourself. 

You yell, “You’re not the only one who feels like their feelings are getting played!” Zach stops pacing, and draws all his attention towards you.

“What the hell are you talking about Y/N?”

You sigh, “Do you know what it’s like to just stand aside and watch all these attractive girls drool all over you, trying to make moves, and I can’t do anything about it?” Zach listened attentively. “You just let Jess–”

“Oh, so this is about JESS! Are you for real right now?” Zach laughed, throwing his head back in frustration. “Jess is just a friend. Just another person. Okay? That’s all she is.”

You didn’t believe him. “Oh yeah, so that explains why she was all over you, with the whole ‘oh my god Zach, you’re here!’” you mocked.

“Oh my god, Y/N, you’re overreacting. But look, that’s the thing. I wasn’t all over her, like you were all over ALEX STANDALL’S NONEXISTENT ABS!”

Shit. He’s right. 

“Why do you even care? I’m nothing like those other girls at school! I’m not sexy, I’m not beautiful like them, I’m not popular like them–”

Zach walked towards you, causing you to back up against the door. Aggressively, he exclaims, “Who the hell cares?! I didn’t choose them.” He reaches his hand out to reach the door to lean over you. You can feel his breath brush your cheeks, as he looks into your eyes and says, “I chose you.”

Letting your insecurities get the best of you, you asked, “And why should I believe you?”

Without warning, Zach forcefully pushes his lips against yours, and you wrap your arms around the back of his neck as you get on your toes to kiss him back. He lifts you off the ground, gripping your thighs, as you wrap your legs around his waist. Running your fingers through his hair, he carries you across the room and places you gently onto your back on the bed, kissing you. You can feel the pressure of his tongue asking for entrance, and so your lips part, giving way for his tongue to dance against yours. You softly moan into his mouth which turns him on. He moves his hands from your waist to your ass, which he grasps tightly.

He whispers in your ear, “I chose you…”

You can feel his hard on through his trunks rub against your inner thigh, which was still wrapped around his waist. Your hands wander from his hair, down to his back. His lips travel to your jaw, down your neck, as he sucks on your collarbone. As he leaves his mark, your nails dig down his back, as you try to gain more satisfaction by rubbing yourself against him. You let out a soft moan as his hands move to your back. He reaches for the back of your bikini, and makes eye contact, asking for your approval. As you nod, he pulls the string and throws your bikini across the room. But before he can take in the sight of you half-naked, you’re both startled by the sound of laughter.

As Zach climbs off of you, you gasp, grabbing the bed comforter to hide your bare torso. 

And there you see it. Justin carrying Jess into the bedroom, kissing her passionately. He pushes her against the wall, her hands running through his hair, his hands gripping onto her thighs. 

You and Zach look each other in the eyes, snickering softly, as this awkward moment filled up the silence of the room.

After sitting there for a good minute, wondering how you could both escape this situation, you decided to just make the two lovebirds aware of your presence. 

Zach loudly cleared his throat, “Ahem.”

Jess pulled away from Justin, you hear her whisper in his ear, “Dude, this room’s already taken!” She looks up over his shoulder to see Zach on the bed. “Oh, h-hey Zach…” she stuttered, as Justin gently placed her onto the ground. “…and.. Y/N?” 

Still protecting your body with the blanket, you wave at her, embarrassed, “Heeyyy Jess.”

Justin stares at you in shock, and apologizes to Zach. “Shit Dempsey, sorry, if I knew Y/N was your girlfriend I wouldn’t have moved in on her in the hot tub.”

You scoff, “Justin, I’m not his girlfriend.”

Zach, wraps his bare arm around you and stares into your eyes. “Yeah, you are.”

You blush and lean in for a kiss, when you’re interrupted by Jess, awkwardly standing against the wall with her arms crossed, watching. “Uhh.. you know, one of us pairs has to leave the room. Unless y’all want an orgy to happen up in here.”

You look at Zach to answer, and he responds, “Right. Um, you know what, we were here for a while, you can take the room now.” You frown to yourself in disappointment. You wanted to keep kissing him.

He gets up to leave, and you pull back at his arm to remind him you’re still naked. “Oh, shit. Sorry.” He goes to grab your bikini which was hanging on a lamp, and puts it back on you quickly. 

You get up from the bed, and follow Zach out of the room, as Justin and Jess close the door behind you. 

“That was so awkward,” you chuckle, holding Zach’s hand as he led you down the stairs. He walked you two back outside, through the backyard, past the hot tub. “Where are we going?” you asked in confusion, wondering why you were all of a sudden leaving the party.

He leads you back to his car, as he opens the door to the back seat, and gestures for you to go in. “We’re going to continue our session in the car.”

Zach crawls into the backseat with you, ready to press his lips against yours, when you stop him.

“Hey Zach,” he looks up at you, his eyes gleaming at your beauty. “I believe you.”

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RFA+V+Saeran with a passionate MC who keeps making them all flustered, like complimenting them about their little quirks, always snuggling up to them... Bonus : MC is a looooves tickling them

Okay, so I think this just turned into random, cheesy, cute fluff,,, Sorry if it’s not what you wanted ^^;


  • It’s the worst when you compliment his eyes.
  • Sometimes in the middle of a make out session, you’ll look into his eyes and just tell him how pretty they are and how you can see the whole universe in them
    • “It might just be my love for you talking, but I can see so many stars… entire galaxies… It’s beautiful. I think you’re beautiful…”
  • When that happens, he starts blushing like crazy
    • your fave is when his whole face turns pink and he just keeps trying to look away from you
  • “Yoosung, you’re so cute! You’re even cuter when your cheeks are all pink like that!”
  • You like to play with his hair a lot and shower him with completely random compliments. He tries to overpower your compliments with his own, which usually leaves him a stuttering mess when you one-up him again
  • Also, this boy’s sides are veeeeeery ticklish
  • He likes to hold your waist while cuddling or dancing or whatever, but as soon as your hands go above his hips, he freaks out
    • “MC I’m just trying to have a nicE TIME WITH Y- MC STOP.”
  • He likes payback though


  • Honestly, just telling him you love him makes him blush a little
  • Whenever you do something nice for him, he thanks you profusely
  • You really like just doing nice things for him, but you reeeeeeaaaaally like the way he acts when you do
  • When you cook him dinner, he just looses it
  • The entire dinner, he showers you and your food with compliments
  • Towards the end, when he tones it down a bit, it’s your turn.
  • Jumin, your skin is so pretty. Like, you have such a nice complexion.”
  • When you bring that one out, you typically come over and touch his face.
  • He absolutely adores feeling your hands on his face in a calm, loving way, and he loves the little kisses that come with it
  • His weakness tho
  • When you two are cuddling, you’ll run your hands through his hair and tell him how much he means to you
  • the man practically melts in your hands at that one


  • Okay, it is so damn hard to fluster this kid
  • He knows all your weaknesses, but you’ve never succeeded in making him more than blush
  • Whenever he winks at you or flirts with you, you’re a babbling mess
  • You just want to make him feel all warm and bubbly like he makes you feel
    • also revenge
  • You two cuddle a lot, but it’s always just peaceful
  • One day while you were getting up, you accidentally brushed your hand against the back of his leg and he freaked out
  • He brought his leg in so that you wouldn’t touch it again and his face turned red
    • “Zen, are you ticklish??”
    • “N-No! That was just-!”
  • That turned into a tickle war, only ending when you almost got kneed in the face
  • To this day, its the only innocent thing you know to do to make him blush, so you’ll sometimes brush the back of his knee in public and just laugh at him
  • He gets sorta pissed, but he thinks it’s cute that you’re having so much fun, so he doesn’t really mind.


  • Every single compliment you give her makes her blush and you love it
  • You compliment her every chance you get because not only are they all true and always relevant, but you think she’s so cute when she’s flustered
  • Like, always-put-together-Jaehee crumbling at your compliments is your weakness
  • You’ll often compliment her on her outfit or how that lipstick you bought her compliments her eyes, but it’s the deeper ones that really get her
  • “You’re the kindest, smartest person I know. You mean the world to me.”
  • When you guys cuddle, sometimes you’ll tell her that you never want to let her go. You want to spend the rest of your life with her and you hope that she’ll never leave you.
    • She cried at that one once
  • Sometimes she’ll go to push her glasses up, but realize that she doesn’t wear them anymore and you laugh.
  • This girl loves scented candles
  • Like, 
  • Loves them
  • So sometimes if you run out to the grocery store or something, you’ll buy her a candle then cuddle on the couch with her 
    • Honestly, it’s like one of those holiday commercials where everything’s perfect and the whole world smells nice
  • When you guys cuddle, you like to tell her how beautiful she is, how much you love her, and compliment the cute little things she’s done in the past week
  • Her face gets hot and it makes for warmer cuddles


  • You laugh at all his jokes, even when they’re not funny
  • “Luciel, you have the nicest ass.”
    • he says shit like that to you all the time, so you figured it’d be okay if you said it to him too
  • He concealed it well, but it made him feel super nice
  • “Seven, how come you never use caps lock?”
  • “Because my fingers are polite.”
  • He doesn’t know why, but he really likes when you pick up on little things like that.
  • Sometimes you like to take his glasses off so that you can stare into his eyes. When he asks you why you do that, you tell him that you love the color yellow.
    • “Yellow is a happy color. I’m always happy when I see you, and I hope you’re happy when you see me. Your eyes are like…. I dunno.. flowers. The sun. Golden retrievers…………….. Minions.”
  • When you keep going on about how happy he makes you, he gets really happy too because, ‘Oh my god, they love me so much. How the hell did I luck out like this???’
  • His cheeks turn a super light shade of pink. When you start giving him little kisses, he smiles into every single one. His blush gets a little darker when you compliment him more.
  • Sometimes you start to ramble after the kisses, but he never actually stops you. It makes him feel really good.
    • “Have I ever told you that you’re like, the funniest person I know? And you’re so smart! Funny and smart?? How did you get both? That’s not fair! Also, you’re so kind! God, you’re so lucky!!! I’m so lucky!!!!!! WHERE DID I FIND YOU I NEVER WANNA LET YOU GO”
  • By the end of it, he’s blushing like mad and things get deep
  • Also, his feet are hella ticklish, but you only use that when you’re desperate, because it usually ends with you getting kicked in the face and him feeling really bad


  • When he’s doing literally anything, you get super close to him and weasel your way into his space
    • Cooking? Hold me.
    • Reading? Let me hold you.
    • Texting? Lets cuddle.
    • Doing something important? Idc, please give me all your love and attention.
  • “Jihyun, I love your laugh! It’s so cute and it makes me so happy! And your smile! You’re just so handsome….”
  • He thinks its so cute that you pick out little things about him, and he thinks about how much you love him a lot.
  • Whenever he gets sad, he thinks about the compliments you’ve given him and everything is okay again
  • a i g h t, his laugh though
  • His laugh is like the most beautiful music to you
  • When you find out that his neck is ticklish,,,,,,HOOOOOOOH BOII
  • Not only do you get to hear his laugh, but you also get to see his smile and compliment him on both
  • plus a new thing that you absolutely love;
  • “When you try to protect yourself, it just makes you look cuter, y’know!”
  • His entire face turns red when you call him adorable, and you do it a lot when he’s trying to protect his neck from your tickles


  • Everything makes this poor boy flustered
  • “Babe, your bedhead is adorable.”
  • “The pasta sauce on your nose is a good look, really. It’s so cute.”
  • “Saeran, you’re so cute!”
  • Every single nice thing you say or do to him makes him blush and deny everything you say
  • He usually ends up trying to turn it all around and compliment you, but it never really works
  • “I’m adorable?? N-no way! You’re adorable….er.”
  • Cuddling with him is a fucking mess
  • He gets super flustered whenever you touch him, so having your bodies pressed together is ridiculous
  • When he’s super tired, he mellows out though. He falls a sleep when you’re the big spoon and it’s just so cute
  • He’s so cute when he sleeps oh man oh man

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Pls can you write anything with a jealous Nico? So like he's being a bit more touchy and grumpily affectionate with Will all day for some reason until Will realises why and he's like omG cUtE gRuMpY jealOuS bOyf

read on ao3

It’s not as if Nico is jealous, per say.

…Okay, so he’s a little jealous. But that’s fine! It’s not like he’s about to throw a fit over it. Or break into the Apollo cabin while they’re all out having breakfast to ensure that Will isn’t getting up to any shenanigans behind his back. It’s not as if he even feels threatened in any way - Will loves him, and he loves Will, and he trusts him.

But this new girl, hanging around Will all the time? Blushing every time he so much as says hello and thanking him every day for bandaging her wrist when she was first brought to Camp Half-Blood a few days ago, a shiny new addition to the Athena cabin?

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Seijou in Skirts

Yo, so recently, I have created a new headcanon. 


- Oikawa wants to wear a skirt but is pretty insecure about it cause he doesn’t know how his classmates will take it

- Iwaizumi keeps encouraging him to try it because he knows how much Oikaa really wanted to try it. 

- (”Come on Shittykawa. Just try it for a day.”

“Mean Iwa-chan! Call me something nicer! Besides, why would I want to wear a skirt? Skirts are for girls. Now come on! There’s a toss I wanted to try out…”

- So Iwaizumi talks to the other third years, and they all show up the next day with skirts- Hanamaki rocking a miniskirt and Matsukawa straight-faced in a flowy knee skirt.

- Now, Oikawa is pretty shocked, and so is everyone else, but surprisingly, no one really says anything about it? So they just keep wearing skirts, switching up the skirts.

- But the third years tell the rest of the volleyball team, and soon everyone’s wearing skirts to school! Yahaba and Kunimi even go shopping together for skirts, with a grumpy, yet happy Kyoutani trudging along behind them. 

- And then Oikawa finally feels confident enough to wear skirts to school! And everyone complements him and Iwaizumi is really, really proud. 


Okay. NEW SERIES! I had to do it because my love for AJ is beginning to over take my whole life. I did this one based off an AU prompt that’s been floating around. Basically the OC has an antique necklace that her grandma gave her that’s got supposed special powers to find her soulmate. She obviously doesn’t believe that, until she meet AJ Styles (the man she’s been crushing on for a while now), in person for the first time and something odd happens.
I hope you all like it!

Tag list: (Shield sisters get tagged no matter what. Even if they don’t like AJ, *Cough cough* Asylum *Cough, cough*) @i-kneel-for-king-loki @straight-outta-the-asylum @livingthestrongstyle @the-geekgoddes @geekoftv @planetahmane @ajstylesworld @littledeadrottinghood @thatwrestlingfan91 @lovemybtrboys @wrestlingbabe @xstylesxclashx @littlebluespoon @gurimujox @superrezzy00 @stardustmoonlightflower @blondekel77 @pjanina13 @wrestlingnoob @lady-laura-speaks @phenominalstyles @caffeineandreveries

Warnings: FLUFF
Word Count: 2869 (whoops)

Chapter One: Electricity

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Dinner - Carl Gallagher (Shameless)

Pairing: reader x Carl Gallagher

Word Count: 837 (is that too short or too long? idk)

Warnings: Swearing, Lip being a cocky arsehole, Carl being Carl (not really a warning because we all love it really)

A/N: Hi! So this is my first imagine that i’m uploading, and Carl Gallagher is my absolute fave atm so yeah! Send me requests!

Originally posted by whataboutourlifes

You smiled as you walked down your old street, being engulfed in the warm summer breeze of Chicago. This was so different in comparison to the constant rainy days of the UK. You missed living here, you had only been gone for 3 years but in yours and your families eyes 3 years were too long. You moved because of dads job, he was given a promotion, however he was offered better back here, in our old neighborhood. 

“Y/N! Is that you? Wait!” You turned around and saw Lip, your old neighbor, running towards you. “Holy shit it is you, Hi! Fuck you walk fast Y/N/N.” He panted, clearly way too out of breath even though he only jogged for about 5 seconds. “I don’t walk fast, you’re just a lazy shit.” You smirked in response, watching as he looked you up and down.

“You should come over for dinner tonight, bring the family around like old times. How long are you staying for?” Eventually spoke after catching his breath. “’m pretty sure Carl misses you, he’d be more than happy to see you again.”

You tried to hold back a scoff but wasn’t successful. “Oh please, last time i saw Carl was too infatuated with Bonnie to notice that i’d left. Pretty sure he was more than happy to see me go so he could finally get laid without me being a third wheel.”

“For fucks sake, Y/N! Carl was obsessed with you and turned into some mopey shit when you left. I don’t think he even remembered who Bonnie was after you disappeared!” Lip spoke, lighting up a cigarette. 

You took it from his lips. “I did not disappear, I had to go. There’s a difference. And as for dinner tonight, make sure V, Kev and the twins are there too. But right now, I’m busy.” You took a puff as both of you rounded the corner, heading towards the Gallagher household. You took a couple more puffs as you slowed to a halt outside of the house, looking up at it, reminiscing back to the times where you’d talk about boys with Ian, plan shopping trips with Deb and Fiona, when you’d play hide and seek with Liam, argue with Lip and cuddle up to Carl in his bed. So many memories in one house, it was hard to just walked away like you did 3 years ago. 

Lip plucked the cigarette away from your lips, shaking his head lightly. “You smoke now?” You turned to look at him, one brow raised in question. “You can’t talk. I only started last year, you’ve been smoking for more than I’ve been alive.” He laughed, also looking up at the house in front of you.

Lip rotated his body towards you. “So I guess we’ll see you later Y/N/N. Don’t forget.” He gave you a warm hug, flicking the cigarette onto the ground, stepping on it as he walked up the steps to his house.

You smiled and continued on down the street, it felt so good to be back.

Carl stared at his eldest brother as he walked into the house. 

Lip walked through the living room, straight towards the kitchen, not noticing Carl’s eyes focused on his every movement. No, he was too busy thinking about Y/N being back. After hoping for nearly a year that she would appear, the family had given up thinking that the Y/L/N’s would ever come back to Chicago.

“Who’s the hottie you were speaking to outside?” Carl’s voice shocked Lip, causing him to stumble across the rug that was sprawled along the floor. “You didn’t see her face?” Lip turned to his younger brother cockily. 

“Fuck yeah I saw her face, that’s why I wanna know who she was. Have you got her number? If you see her again, give her my number for me yeah, I’d love to tap her fine ass.” The wannabee gangster lifted his eyebrows and nodded his head. 

“She’s coming over for dinner tonight you fucker.” Lip laughed, kicking the rug out so that he wouldn’t fall over it again. Carl’s head shot up. “She is. Fuck, what should I wear?” 

“Idiot, she’s already met you, she doesn’t give a fuck what you wear. You really don’t know who it was?” He couldn’t understand the levels of his brothers idiocy, how could he not realize that that was the girl he had obsessed over for years and practically grew up with? “No! I don’t know who it was. If I did, I wouldn’t have fuckin’ asked would I asshole?” 

Lip shook his head in laughter as he turned towards the stairs, ready to walk up to his room. “That was Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N. You know, the girl you was in love with after she up and left whilst you were infatuated with that Bonnie bitch?” 

If only Lip could have seen the look of realization on Carl’s face. Unfortunately, by the time it had clicked, Lip was already locked away in his room.

Okay, well, you know what?

1. I don’t look like these fitblr girls while working out. I don’t wear make up and sometimes old workout clothes and I look like a sweaty hot mess. My hair is all over the place and my head is really red. But that’s okay because I love working out and I don’t care how I look while doing it. Looking at those beautiful fit strong women makes me want to workout and be a stronger person myself. But I really really really don’t look like that while doing my workouts.

2. Sometimes I really don’t feel like working out. This may be just a day or it can last a whole week. And you know what, that’s okay. If you don’t feel like it, you don’t need to do it. There will be days when I can’t bear it anymore to sit on the sofa so I will go for a run. Just because I want to. Or do some yoga or some circuit training. I don’t work out when I have bad period cramps. Or when I’m tired. I will rest my body and I will have some chocolate. It won’t hurt me to skip a few days.

3. I don’t always eat healthy. While it’s important to nurish your body and eat all kind of healthy stuff, I love to have a burger. Or pizza. Or fries with a milk shake. I really love those beautiful pictures of smoothie bowls, fresh salads and fruit. They motivate me and make me crave healthy food. But when you are able to listen to your body and your body wants ice cream, then let it have some ice cream. I’m not saying it’s okay to stuff your face with “unhealthy” food all the time. But it’s also not healthy to deprive yourself of some things which make you happy. To force yourself to just eat healthy. Why should I not be able to go out with friends for some delicious pasta. It’s important to find the balance between so called “good” and “bad” food.

4. I don’t weigh myself very often. Every few weeks, sometimes not even for months. It’s not about the number on the scale. It’s not. It’s about your body. The number on the scale might not be getting smaller but your body might be. While you build up those beautiful muscles, your body is getting slimmer and stronger while your body weight stays the same. Don’t weigh yourself every morning and evening. It’s not about the number on the scale. It’s just not.

5. It’s just about being happy.

The Heat: Part Four (ending)

Part One // Part Two // Part Three                                    


You were hired on for the summer to help the Avengers after college, a job you considered to be the stepping stone into a lifetime career. Throughout the summer you find yourself in the crosshairs of Bucky Barnes, the only member of the team who vowed to hate you the day you moved in - or so you thought.

Word Count: 2,463

Notes: some cursing, fluff.

Hope you guys like it! let me know what you think! :)

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College Tutor (BTS x Reader)

A/N: This story contains Poly!BTS x Reader(the reader is female). That also means that there will be some Boy x Boy scenes in here. Also if you can come up with a better title for this story, please let me know. I’ll give you credit. I pinky promise.This story is based off of a story line that I made in five minutes at four in the morning. This is the first chapter of probably many because I have shitty planning skills. PLEASE, let me know you think. I really appreciate helpful criticism. Also let me know if you see any grammatical errors, English is not my first language. I just realised that I’ve been up for thirteen hours and I just now decided to write a huge ass chapter for something that’s probably shitty.

Character Description: Common nerdy girl. Wears big sweaters, baggy pants. Nothing tight fitting and has glasses. Just had to throw that in there because well, I suck at figuring out how to describe a character.

~Enjoy the shit show~

I found this gif on google. It’s not mine. I don’t know how to make gifs. I’m not that smart.

“Psst. Angel.” The librarian that I had recently befriended motioned me to come here.

“Hm?” I put my notes down, giving him my undivided attention as I made my way over to him.

“You still down for the tutoring job?” He grinned at me, “Please, for the love of all that is holy and unholy, say yes.”

I shot him a look, not really understanding why he was begging me to take the job.

“What’s the problem? Is it some troubled frat boy who can’t get his grades up?” I quirked an eyebrow up at him. Why does he want me to tutor this person so badly? I mean, I don’t mind the extra cash but the way that Jay, the quirky gay librarian, is practically begging me to take the job makes me a  little uneasy.

“Try three troubled ‘frat’ boys.” He put air quotations around the word frat, “It’s Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook.”
I let out a low groan and shook my head no, crossing my arms in an ‘x’ position. There is no way I’m tutoring three of the seven infamous fuckboys of this small college.

“Please!” Jay grabbed onto my arm, “None of the male tutors want anything to do with them and all of the female tutors are begging me to pick them. Please, I need you. You’re the middle ground.”

“I think I’m going to go with the other guys and refuse your offer.” I pulled my arm out of his grasp, “Even if I were to try and teach them, I doubt any of them would take it seriously. You know they’re playboys. Just go pick one of the other female tutors.”

“All they’re going to do is flirt and fuck.” I raised an eyebrow at him, he never cursed around me before so it took me by surprise when he did. “That’s basically prostitution if you think about it. They’re getting paid to not teach them anything and to please them.”

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Anonymous said:Being best friends with Dally Winston would include?xx I LOVE YOUR WRITING BY THE WAY

A/N: Yeah sure, lovely. Sorry that it took me awhile to post your request, lovely. I had waaaaay too many requests. /-\ Thank you very much, sweetheart! (: I’m glad that you love my writing, that makes me super happy. :3 Please enjoy the imagine, anon! (:

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Being Dallas Winston’s best friend would include:

- Breaking the law together.

- Being partners in crime.

- “Hey, Dal.

- “Yeah, (Y/N)?”

- “Bet you ten bucks I can steal that slier than you.

- “Hell no! But a bets a bet, you’re on!”

- Nobody ever messing with you.

- Dallas caring about you but never admitting it.

- Fast car rides.

- “We’re gonna die!

- “Will you shut your trap and close that door! You’ll kill yourself, idiot.

- “Hey (Y/N)…” Dally would trail off.

- “What do you want, Winston?

- Getting drunk together frequently

- Dallas not knowing how to deal with you when you get emotional.

- “Stop doing that!” Dally would snap suddenly.

- “It isn’t like I can help it, asshole!” you spit.

- Dallas pulling you into his side when you cry or go quiet because he doesn’t know what else to do.

- You giving Dallas space when he get’s mad, because you know him better than anyone else, and learnt the hard way with him.

- Knowing each other like the back of each other’s hands.

- Both of you always being up for a challenge

- Dallas being your pretend boyfriend when it calls for it.

- You being Dallas’s pretend girlfriend when it calls for it.

- Dallas always asking you if you’re up for something.

- Unfortunately being present when Dallas tries picking up women.

- “I’ve seen someone pick something up better with a ten inch pole, Dallas.

- “Shut up.

- Being the only one to smart talk Dallas and get away with it.

- Late night talks and rides around town.

- Dallas talking to you about his years of New York.

- Knowing all the sides of Dallas.

- Dallas being so protective of you; it’s like you’re his sister.

- “You touch her one more time and I’ll kick your ass, punk!” he’d growl ferociously.

- Having a love and hate relationship with Dallas.

- “I hate you.

- “You love me really.

- “Whatever.

- When you get jumped and Dallas finds out… BITCHES DIE!

- You being protective of Dallas but Dallas finding that useless because he can look out for himself.

- Dallas making sexist jokes and you basically slapping him.

- “Forgot you were one of them.

- “THEM?!?!

- “Can you chill for five minutes?

- You being the best girl fighter on the greaser side of town.

- You learning (from Dallas) and knowing how to talk real dirty (as in cussing).

- Getting to wear Dally’s brown leather jacket with the sheep skin inlet.

- Dallas having a soft spot for you.

- Sharing what you both have with each other.

- Basically being like siblings.

- Lot’s and lot’s of bickering.

- Being the tuffest/toughest greaser best friends in Tulsa.

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listen wynonna earp is good, i’m not disputing that at all, but i don’t want wynonna earp. i want a continuation of season 1 of supergirl. just because you have a show about 2 sisters, with one being queer, doesn’t mean that they’re the same thing. that’s like looking at two photos and saying that it’s of the same person just because they’re both wearing the same blue shirt.

wynonna earp is incredibly gory, for starters, and you know what both me and small young girls can’t really watch that for this reason tbh. and i want space fam and the superfriends, kara working at catco and dealing with being the last survivor of a dying planet, figuring out how to live in a world where her culture and language and entire family is dead and still learning to be the sunlight in her loved one’s lives

But she’s all of sunlight, illuminating and soft warmth and life bringing, helping other people to grow, but also burning and unrelenting and sometimes even painful–but ultimately it’s a show full of hope, of optimism. It’s a show about how to continue on and filling the hole in your heart and fighting like hell against the worst demon you can possibly imagine: your own self. Of losing every single thing and building your life back up and fighting tooth and nail to do good.

Of finding your own family, of juggling the balance with work and life and navigating how to be a person again, figuring out how to come back from losing literally everything and not let it eat you alive.

a man who has lived for hundreds of years and lost his entire planet to genocide finding a new family and a girl who’s actual world exploded in front of her struggling to figure out what parts of herself can be deemed “acceptably” human, figuring out how to live life as the very last of her culture while also doing good not because she has to but because she wants to, finding a new family again and continuing on, and the woman who is technically weaker but would still jump in front of a bullet for them because she do anything to protect them because they are hers and she loves them so much and she knows how much pain they’ve gone through and like hell are they going to go through anymore.

Wynonna Earp is great and it’s not a criticism to say it’s not supergirl–it’s not a criticism to say that i like italian but i love sushi but now every single piece of fish is poison, and you can only eat italian.

there isn’t anything wrong with wynonna earp, but it is still a drastically different show and i don’t want wynonna earp. i want supergirl again.

Maternity Memes

Memes about motherhood, having babies, and parenting. Some borderline NSFW and mildly offensive. Includes adoption!

Pregnancy& Motherhood

  • “But you’re hardly showing!”
  • “You are really big now!”
  • “Maybe it’s time to shop for something more flattering?”
  • “Maternity wear. You. You’ve gone without it for too long.”
  • “Did you hear the baby’s heartbeat?”
  • “How far along are you?”
  • “So when are you due?”
  • “Do you have nursery themes picked out?”
  • “Are you having a little boy or a little girl?”
  • “I know you went to get the ultrasound done.”
  • “You have to tell me if pregnancy sex is as kinky as I’ve heard it is!” 
  • “Just consider gender neutral colors for a second. Hear me out.”
  • “I’m just saying gendered colors are not as evil as people make them out to be.”
  • “You’re certain the baby isn’t someone else’s right?” 
  • “You can’t clean the cat box. There’s other stuff you can’t do while pregnant, either.”
  • “If you get put on bedrest, your entire house will fall apart and you know it.”
  • “So I guess you’ll go straight back to work after this?”
  • “Goodbye working world, hello stay-at-home-mommy! Right?”
  • “Your feet have got to be killing you!”
  • “Your boobs are gonna get so huge!” 
  • “You know you’ll be sore from breastfeeding, right?”
  • “So I guess you’re gonna pick a side in that breastfeeding and bottlefeeding thing, right?”
  • “I hope you’re not afraid to accept some help. You’ll need it.”
  • “I hope s/he is going to be pitching in more?”


  • “You’re not gonna keep it, right? I mean face it, you’re not parenthood material!”
  • ”I understand you don’t want to keep the baby and I support whatever you want to do.”
  • “You’re giving up your baby to great parents. That’s not selfish.”
  • “That’s so selfish of you to not even think of your baby. Of course they want to know you more than two strangers just raising them!”
  • “Wait, so you’re adopting a baby?”
  • “I don’t think I’d be able to love a child that isn’t my blood.”
  • “You already love them so much. It’s obviously meant to be.”
  • “How much does a baby cost, anyway? Can’t you just buy a dog and call it even?”
  • “Are you afraid your paperwork will get rejected?”
  • “Does traveling to get your baby scare you?”
  • “Will you change their name?”
  • “Did something happen to the parents?”
  • “I’m certain you’re strong enough to answer their questions when they’re old enough to ask them.”
  • “You shouldn’t keep secrets about their life. Don’t lie to them about being adopted.”
  • “I wouldn’t call it lying. I would call it being selective. They don’t have to know they didn’t come out of your womb, right?”


  • “Once you have a kid, you lose everything. Your sex life, your party life, your quiet life. It’s gone.” 
  • “Those eighteen years go too fast.” 
  • “So what’s more exciting? The poopie Picassos at 3am or the green bean Van Goghs at dinner?”
  • “I guess you haven’t heard a modern music station in the past year. I guess you’ve memorized the soundtrack to the latest cartoon musical!”
  • “So is the sugary cereal for them or are you happy you get an excuse to eat it again?”
  • “Be honest. You play with your kid’s toys more than they do.”
  • “When they call for you, you feel like a superhero because you are their super hero.”
  • “When you accept that a toddler is just a tiny drunk college student having a meltdown, you start to feel better.”
  • “If I have to sit through the Wiggles one more time…”
  • “I like hanging out with you more than my child-free friends. You have food. You have ice pops. You also have Disney movies.”
  • “Lego bombs. Oh my god, lego bombs in the carpet..”
  • “The minivan was probably the sensible purchase.”
  • “I had no idea a baby could fart that loud!”
  • “Dressing baby girls is fun. Then they age three years and the boys get the better, tasteful clothing. Girls? No they get the glitter bombs from hell.”
  • “They say you love them the first time you hold them.”

Gabriel The Sweetie

gif is not mine

Title: Gabriel The Sweetie

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader

Word Count: 762

Warnings: hurt/comfort, angst/fluff

A/N: This was requested by an anon! I hope you all love this! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3

You sat in the middle of your bed, staring at your phone.  Your ex was texting you repeatedly.  They went on and on about how terrible you were and how you’d never find a love like you had with them.  Not only that, but they were already telling you about how they had met someone else.  It was starting to become unbearable.

You thought that when you broke it off with them, that the torture would stop, but it didn’t.  If anything, it only made things worse for you.  You tried to talk to Sam and Dean about it, but there was nothing they could do or say to make things better.  They weren’t the most comforting people in the world.

There was a knock on your door and Gabriel came through seconds later.  The smile that was on his face quickly faded as he saw the indifferent expression on your lips.  “[Y/N] are you okay,” Gabriel asked, suddenly worried that something was wrong.  “Where’s that smile that I’m so used to seeing?”

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anonymous asked:

I'm the only Indian at my almost all white school. People obviously make jokes about my bindi and culture occasionally. These specific girls absolutely hate me for it. And then one day, they had henna on their hands. How would you react?

If a specific person insults my culture and then shows up one day wearing henna, I call them out on it. I really can’t help it, it comes out of my mouth without me stopping it. 

Ask them why they wear henna if they got a problem with your culture? Call them out on that shit. And if their bullying is getting bad you need to let your school officials know. 

Interviews together


“So today i have prepared a game for you two” the interviewer says in a mysterious voice. “It’s been great chatting with you for these past minutes, i think it’s time to spice it up a little” 

“Uh” Luke says with a small smile “That sounds interesting” 

“Bring it on” i say with excitement. 

“Alright!” the girl behind the microphone says with an excited voice “So this is what the game is about: I’m gonna give both of you one of this” she says passing to us a sign with our names written on the front and back. “I’m going to read a question here and you will tell me, who is most likely to do anything” 

“Sounds good” Luke says 

“Okay so, for starters” the interviewer says with a smile “Who is Most likely to start an argument?” she asks. 

we both turn our signs and reveal the answer. “No” he says looking at mine “That is not true” 

“Luke” i laugh “you always whine for everything, we live together, don’t tell me you don’t do it” 

“No i don’t” he denies one more time. 

“I think this is a really interesting question to ask” the interviwer says with a smile”Do you guys argue often?” 

i sigh and think about it, we actually did but it wasn’t that big of a deal “I think every couple does” i say 

“Yeah” he agrees “We argue over normal stuff, but it’s usually like we are arguing but at the next second we are watching movies and eating an entire bowl of ice cream” 

“We literally do that all the time” i laugh and move my sit a bit closer to Luke, reaching for his hand, suddenly feeling the need of just touching  him “a message for all the fans who have a partner, it’s okay to argue” i say shrugging “after the argument comes the understanding” 

“And After all, we are still the cutest couple on earth” he brags squeezing my hand. 

“Yeah we deserve an award” i joke 

“Indeed. where is it?” he says continuing with our lame joke. 

We really needed an award for that. 


“there’s something funny about Me and Michael” i speak in the microphone and staring at my boyfriend with a smile. “You know how every couple always shares like, hoodies or sweaters…” 

the interviewer laughs, interrupting me “Is Mikey wearing girl clothes now?” he scoffs and Michael laughs 

“No man” he says quickly and i proceed with my story.

“Not exactly” i say “he doesn’t wear my clothes but what it’s funny is that not only his hoodies and sweaters, Michael’s clothes fit me exactly” i laugh, and hear the interviewer laugh with me. 

“No way!” the deep voice of the leader of the interview spoke. 

“It’s true” i smile “i remember after we found out about this, i went to his house one day and i don’t know how i found these really cute jeans he bought like the day before and when i asked for them he was like ‘(Y/n) fuck off’“ i laugh and see how Michael’s ready to fight me 

“Just to clarify, is not that i don’t want to share, i do” he says “but every time i lend something to her i stop seeing it for like a month”

“It’s not my fault!” i fight back stretching my leg under the table and touching his, starting a little footsie game under the table “you got some cute clothes in there Mikey” i giggle

“Sharing is caring man” the interviewer says and he immediately starts laughing and Michael reaches for my hand and laces our fingers together.

“Of course” he says still chuckling and squeezing my hand “Sharing is caring”

i nod, totally agreeing with that “That’s not the best part though” i say into the mic “This happened not long ago actually, and i was like so in love with those jeans that on Christmas Michael got them for me” i say and the interviewer laughs so hard “i was so happy” 

Michael laughs along with the interviewer and gets close to the mic “What can i say?” he brags “i know how to please my woman”


“Alright alright” The girl behind the microphone says in the microphone “Hope everyone liked that last Jam we just played, here on Nova we’ve been jamming nonstop since it came out! And along with that we actually have here in the studio to the man who helped wrote that song” she introduces “Ladies and Gentleman here we have one-quarter of the rock band 5 Seconds of summer but he’s not alone his girlfriend is here today!” She cheers “Calum and (Y/n) everyone!”

The sound of inside my gigantic headphones is filled with fake a clapping sound.

“Hello” calum says in his microphone

“It’s an honor to be here” I say smiling to the camera and feeling my cheeks burn in a dash of embarrassment. it was my first interview, i didn’t want to mess up. 

“It is great to have you guys here in the studio” the interviewer says “Now sadly we don’t have much time, so that’s why i decided to spend this time asking you guys some question from the fans on twitter” she says “And the first question is. (Y/n), how is your relationship with the fans?” she asks “if you don’t want to answer, is fine” she points out 

“No, it’s okay” i say smiling “i actually have a great relationship with them, i like to interact with them often” i smile 

“She was a fan” Calum mentions

“I still am” i laugh “and that is actually interesting because on like every venue we go i always go out and hang out with the fans while they do the show and stuff” 

“That’s so sweet” the girl says 

“Thanks” i smile “he didn’t like it at first”

“Yeah” he admits “i didn’t want anyone to get aggressive or something like that” he says “Sometimes fans can be crazy”

“I am a crazy fan” i say totally joking “What do you mean?” 

“you are not “ he laughs “if you were, would you be my number one fan?” 

“Oh” i say raising my eyebrows “Am i?” i chuckle “I feel blessed for that” i joke 

“Of course you are my lady” he says reaching for my hand and kissing the back of it. 

“Guys i swear” she says with a big smile “you are so sweet” 

“thanks” i say blushing “We do a good Job at that” i chuckle

“Hell yeah we do” he says doing a weird face “Next question”


“So, the other day we had here in the studio to (I believe is a friend of yours) Alex Gaskarth” the behind the microphone says and we both nod In agreement, in fact, Alex is our friend. “I asked him about the tour that they’re giving right now, and he told me he actually brought his wife along on tour”

“Oh really?” Ashton speaks.

“Yeah and well- we didn’t had the time to talk a little more about this, but now that you two are here , and you are dating so I can ask, how is it to interact on tour? Is it difficult.. or you have to take separate ways while being on the venue..?”

“Well” I start “it’s definitely difficult”

“Yeah, we definitely don’t really get much time to be together while being on the Road” Ashton continues “but it’s okay, we always find some spots”

“We do” I smile and feel how Ashton takes my hand under the table “sometimes when he’s not that tired from the show, we get to hangout a little, also some days we get to stay in the hotel for like a day and we could explore the place we are in, it’s nice, I actually like it”

He nods playing with my fingers “it’s nice, not the same as when we aren’t on road, but it’s actually nice”

“I guess that you always get like some kind of breaks in between shows” the guy says

“Yeah most of the times” I say “I think it’s pretty funny when he knows there is no way we could have at least a minute to hang out so he actually comes up to his manager and tries to negotiate” I laugh “there’s nothing to negotiate there”   

“Yes there is, what are you talking about?” he argues “i always get us 10 minutes to hang out!” 

“10 minutes” i argue back   “we can barely keep a decent conversation in 10 minutes”

“Oh shush, at least is something” he says nudging me “I always buy us some time because of that" 

"We see each other at night anyways” I laugh “but it’s okay babe, I like when you do it”  

“Oh wow” he says like he felt truly offended “just 5 seconds ago you were saying this is funny and now you like it, clear your thoughts woman" 

I push him and laugh "I am clear” I argue and roll my eyes “he’s moody today, I’m sorry” I say to the guys in the room “tour stress" 

"Dammit” Ashton laughs “now you’re making me sound like I’m the woman of this relationship" 

"Don’t be dramatic” I laugh and lean on my seat to rest my forehead on his shoulder “I love youuu” I say and kiss his shoulder 

“Everyone, I introduce you the kind of girlfriend that I have” he says scoffing “I love you too” he repeats in the microphone 

Everyone around us look at us with loving eyes. I know. We are the sweetest couple

So I Killed My First Vampire, Now What?

Characters: Alpha! Dean Winchester, Omega! Donna Hanscum, Beta! Sam Winchester, Beta! Jody Mills

This takes place immediately following the events of “Hibbing 911.”

*This fills the “Possessive Alpha” square for my @spnabobingo card

Master List

Everyone was quiet as we drove back to the sheriff’s retreat.  I was still in shock from the news that not only were monsters real, but I had killed a real live vampire not 30 minutes ago. What the cuss!

“You did good, Hanscum.” Jody said from the seat next to me. “I know this is a lot to take in believe me.”

“I don’t know about you three, but I need a drink,” Dean muttered.  Dean sure drank a lot, even for an Alpha, not that it was any of my business.  But if what we had just seen was any indication of the crap he and Sam dealt with on a regular basis, no wonder!

“And I need a shower!“ I said, trying to wipe the blood off the side of my face. I only succeeded in smearing it on my nose.

“I wanna go somewhere no one knows I’m a sheriff. Meet back here in 30 minutes?” Jody got out of the car and walked away without waiting for an answer. Something told me she wasn’t really asking.  It still amazed me that Jody wasn’t an Alpha.  Alpha females were rare, and she sure acted like one, but there was no doubt about it, she was a Beta.

“Uh, Sheriff? You have blood on your nose. C’mere.” Dean reached over and with a swipe of his thumb, he wiped the blood away.  The cocky grin immediately left his face the instant his skin touched mine, and he looked at me like he wanted to say something.

I felt his touch all the way to my bones, and I shivered.  I knew he was an Alpha, but why did he have to smell so damn good?  For a minute we just stared at each other, until I pulled away. His touch made me really self-conscious.  He was gorgeous,  and I was divorced and needed to lose twenty pounds. I quickly put some distance between us so i could think.

“So now that I’m a member of your monster-killing gang, I think you can call me Donna, ‘kay?”  I teased in an effort to lighten the mood.

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Rant Alert!

Okay, so I have avoided this for a long time but I can no longer turn a blind eye to the issue. It’s not even a new issue. It’s one that, as witches, we all experience.

So I wore my pentacle necklace today at school and I had this girl in my Psychology class come up to me and flat out tell me that I worship the Devil and basically said that I was going to hell for being a terrible person. Now, I usually don’t like wearing my necklace because I know how people are and I just don’t feel like dealing with it. But, today I really wanted to wear it because I actually remembered to bless it for once and I kind of needed the extra spiritual boost that it gives me, plus it looked nice with my outfit so.. 😂😂

Anywho, Psychology rolls around and this girl, don’t even know her name, calls me a satanist and tells me I’m going to hell. Normally I would ignore her and pray that she got some smarts before she said something like that to the wrong person, but today I was just not feeling it.

I looked at her and said, polite as possible, “Well, let me ask you a question. I’m gonna say it’s safe to assume that you believe in God, correct?”

“Well, yeah.”

“And you believe that that this God created the universe and everything in it in seven days as the Bible says, yes?”


“Okay, and you believe that, as your Father, he lives you and all his children, yes?”

“Yeah, but what does that have to do with anything?”

“I believe in my Mother who crafted the universe and every atom, every particle, every tree, every blade of grass and every soul inside every human being and every animal within. Whether it took seven days or seven million years makes no difference. She created us and loves and and every one of her children, same as your God. And this necklace represents her Magick and Power that she grants to us when we aren’t strong enough alone, just like when you pray to your God for help. There is little to know difference in what we believe, the way we believe it is just a little different. So maybe educate yourself before you try and tell me what I do or do not believe in.”

She shut up after that and my Psych teacher looked so proud. 😂😂😂

But really, for anyone who doesn’t really understand, don’t go around mislabeling people. It only pisses us off. Be nice to each other and if you can’t be nice, then don’t speak at all. It’s as simple as that.



A/N: whelp it’s here thanks for being patient and all hope you like it! i tried to write it in a way so you can see both povs lol. haven’t edited it out yet sorry!!

word count: 1,1k+

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Y/N was beyond surprised when Chris asked her out on a date. It didn’t seem like something he would do from what she’d heard of him. She was actually excited, maybe she could finally see what he really was like.

Y/N hadn’t told anyone she’s going on a date with Chris, in case this was just a sick joke of his or if something incredibly terrible happened. She didn’t want to be that girl, yet at least. Even with all her efforts to keep it secret, Noora had somehow found out and had insisted to help Y/N out when it came to picking up and outfit (which was a thing that Vilde would do).

That’s how she had ended up hours before her date, lying on her bed with a pile of clothes on top of her. Noora wanted Y/N to put on something special, meanwhile she just wanted to go out with her ’normal’ clothes on since she didn’t want to look like she was doing too big of an effort.

”Alright, I’ll tell you something that I haven’t told anyone.” Noora said with a knowing look, she knew exactly what to do or say to get your attention on something. You kinda hated her for it, but nodded along signaling her to go on.

”I went on a date with William so that he’d leave Vilde alone, but I think I like him now. I really think I fucked up big time now.” Noora was biting her lip, avoiding Y/N’s gaze. Y/N couldn’t stop the smile from forming on her face, she knew there was something going on with them.

”I’m not really that surprised, you two would look great together anyway so just go for it?” Y/N suggested, giving Noora a sympathetic smile. ”Eskild also told me somethings, so if the other girls know something it’s because he told them not me.”

Noora laughed for a bit before mumbling something along the lines of ”damn you Eskild”. Y/N looked at the clock to check on the time, her eyes widening when she saw how much time had passed by already. She quickly got up and looked inside her closet, picking out a pair of jeans and a nice sweater to wear.

”You’re seriously going out like that even after I told you my secret?” Noora groaned, falling on Y/N’s bed.

”Yeah, it’s Chris after all. I don’t except much from a date with him.” Y/N was feeling slightly nervous, but she didn’t want to show it to Noora.

”Well, I guess I better get going now since he’ll probably be here soon. Good luck.” Noora got up and left before you could even say something to her. Y/N sighed and walked up to her mirror to see herself in it, wondering what could have ever drawn Chris to her out of all the girls. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell, she gave a quick last glance to the mirror before going to open the door.

”Hi princess.” Chris said with a smug smile once you opened the door.

”You seriously didn’t have to come all the way to the door you know, but hi.”

”You’re not supposed to do this on dates?” He asked, his eyes wide.

Y/N let out a chuckle at his reaction and walked outside closing the door behind her. ”You’re nervous and I must admit I like it, if this date is a total flop I can blackmail you with it.”

”Well look who’s feeling confident in themselves?” He was smirking, making Y/N blush. He found it cute how she went from confident to shy. ”Let’s go.”


Chris had cheesily enough chosen to take Y/N out on a gaming arcade, but he seemed super stocked so she didn’t say anything.

”What even made you choose this place?” Y/N curiously asked, looking around the arcade. It was almost empty.

”I don’t know. Taking you out for a movie date would be too cliche, taking you out on a dinner date would just be odd and we’d probably be acting all awkward, a picnic would be lame and it’s way too cold outside and I bet 20 bucks that you’d never come in my home for a date because you still think I’m a dick, so this came in my mind and well here we are?” Chris said breathless and went on after a moment ”Fuck did I already ruin it?”

”You’re so awkward, relax it’s fine I was just asking a question.” She gave him a reassuring smile, making Chris relax a bit. ”Seriously though, you’re always like this on dates?”

”Eh, I thought I said before but I always skip the ’dating’ part. You’re the first one who I’ve actually taken out and chased after if we could say that.”

”Oh.” Y/N mumbled, blushing again because, as a matter of a fact, he had said that before.

”Come.” Chris took her hand and dragged her all the way to a dancing game making her rise her eyebrow at him.

”What? It’s a nice game! You should see William trying to play this when he’s drunk.” Chris said letting go of her hand. They both felt a little sad at the loss of contact, but neither said a thing about it.

”I think I can live without seeing it, nice to know what you guys do when you’re drunk.” Y/N said and rolled her eyes. Chris just chuckled before motioning her to come closer to play.

She ended up having a great time and get to know Chris a lot better. He actually wasn’t a total asshole, he was actually nice and sweet and had a great sense of humor, which is always nice. Y/N looked at the time, realizing that they had spent over two hours on that stupid dancing game where he always won.

Chris’ phone vibrated, signaling he had gotten a text message. He sighed and pulled out his phone, his eyebrows furrowing together.

”Fuck, I need to go and pick William up from a party…” He said and awkwardly scratched the back of his neck, giving Y/N an apologetic look.

”It’s okay, surprised you skipped a party for this though.” It made her feel quite special actually.

”Well I told you I can be something else than a dick? I’ve got to go though, so bye?” He didn’t know what to say to end it, Y/N quickly picking up on it.

”Goodnight, Christoffer.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek before sprinting off. She felt all warm and fuzzy on the inside and she couldn’t believe what she had just done, but she hoped it was worth it.

Chris on the other hand was left standing there as red as a tomato, his hand on his cheek. He felt genuinely happy for the first time in a while.


Dallas was leaning against his car, a lit cigarette dangling from his lips as he watched teenagers rush out of Will Rogers high school. Well, I wouldn’t call the car his, more like he stole it and then called it his.

A few Soc girls walked by, he didn’t even bother trying to hide his eyes that were raking up and down their bodies. The girls shot him looks of disgust, he just chuckled and continued his perverted staring until they were out of eye sight. He noticed he had smoked his whole cigarette so he threw the butt on the ground and sighed.

“Where the hell is this damn broad anyway?” He grumbled to himself, lighting yet another cigarette.

Little did he know you had been watching him the whole time, wondering how you had even ended up with him. He never called you his girlfriend, him being terrified of commitment. Your friends had been telling you he was bad news ever since you started hanging out with him but you didn’t listen.

You never felt so stupid and naive in your entire life. This was Dallas Winston for Christ sake, you knew about him before you even met him and he was anything but faithful. And now you were completely done with him.

You worked up enough courage to leave your little hiding place, which happened to be just standing behind your best your best friend. You were so sure that you were going walk right up to him and break up with him; but just seeing his face made all of your confidence shrivel up.

So instead of doing what you originally planned to do, you faced your head down and began walking the familiar route home with your friend. You could feel his eyes burning holes into your head but you didn’t dare look up at him.

“Hey! Y/N!” He called out to you.

You ignored him and began to walk faster, all you wanted right now was to just disappear. Going home and eating ice cream whilst crying your eyes out sounded perfect right now.

“Where the hell are you goin’?” You heard him ask skeptically.

By now your friend was trying her best to keep up with you, you were practically jogging away from the scene that was unfolding.

“Patty!” He shouted your friends name.

You looked over to her, she gave you a weary glance before making her way towards him. You continued your walk home but slowed down your pace so your friend would have a chance to catch up after her chat with Dallas.

He watched you walk away, his thick eyebrows knit together in confusion. Wondering why you were ignoring him, deep down he was a little worried but he’d never tell a soul he was worried for someone.

“What?” Patty asked him, making him tear his gaze from you to her.

She had her arms crossed as she scouled at him, she was beyond pissed off knowing that Dallas had hurt her best friend.

“What’s up with her?” Dallas asked nonchalantly.

“She’s mad at you.” Patty had said it like it was obvious, well it kind of was judging by your composure. Anyone could see a mile away that you were unhappy.

“Me? Why me?”

“Why not?” Patty scoffed whilst rolling her eyes, jogging away to catch up with you.

Dallas groaned in frustration before quickly jumping in his car to catch up to you. He drove up the street and was cruising right beside you within seconds. He beeped the horn making you visibly jump, you glanced up at him before turning away immediately.

“Y/N what the hell is your problem!?” He shouted at you.

“Just leave me alone, Dallas.” You mumbled.

“F.uck that! You’re ignoring me for no reason!”

You stayed silent, hoping he would just give up and drive away, but he had other plans in mind. Just as you began to cross a crosswalk with Patty, he drove the car right in front of you and put it in park. You groaned in frustration and began walking around it. Once you made it around he was out of the car, blocking your path once agian by standing right in front of you.

“Can I help you?” You asked him coldly.

“Yeah, sure. For the last time, what is your damn problem?”

You raised your eyebrows as you glared at him, you were completely dumbfounded. Was he being serious? He’s seriously going to play stupid with you?

“Do you think I’m stupid?” You asked him.


“Dallas, I know you cheated on me.”

He rolled his eyes and let out a dry laugh. This was funny to him? You didn’t see how any of this was in anyway humorous, your patience was wearing thin and you were going to explode at any second.

“This is funny to you?” You breathed out.

“No, not really bu–”

“The whole school has been talkin’ about how you were at a party at Buck’s and you took some girl to your room!” You exclaimed.

His eyes widened, his signature smirk leaving his face. For the first time ever, Dallas Winston didn’t know what to do or say, he was stuck. You noticed the change in his demeanor and knew right there it was true. He quickly shook it off and put that emotionless look on his face again.

“Yeah, its funny that you’d believe anything anybody f.ucking says.” He shot back.

“Oh please, Dallas! I’ve seen you with other girls! You were just checkin’ out other girls only minutes ago at my school!”

By now tears were running down your cheeks, your face red from embarrassment and anger. Your whole body shook in pure rage as you held your books tightly to your chest, making your knuckles turn white. You wanted nothing more than to punch him in his stupid face and never see him again.

He sighed, his cold eyes softening slightly as he watched you break before him. He has broken you, it was all his fault and usually that wouldn’t bother him. He has broken many hearts in his life time, so why was this any different?

“C'mon babe…” He grumbled.

He tried to reach out and grab one of your arms, only for you to drop all of your books to the ground and shove him with all your might. He stumbled back quite a bit, this shocking him, he never thought a tiny thing like you could have any sort of strength to push him. Not only that, but you didn’t have a mean bone in your body.


He stayed silent, shock washing over his features from your outburst. He watched you as you began to walk away, Patty had rushed over to pick up your books for you before running after you.

Dallas shook out of his daze, mad at himself that he was actually letting this get to him. Dallas Winston didn’t love or care about anyone, and it was going to stay that way.

He scoffed to himself, kicking a rock on the ground roughly. Mumbling a few profanities to himself, he hopped back inside the stolen vehicle. Before driving off he glared at you, no way he was letting you get the last word and think that you out him on his place.

“So you hate me, huh!?” He shouted.

You wiped away your tears and looked over your shoulder at him, what didn’t he understand about what just happened? Its over, so why does he have to keep the whole ordeal going?


You flipped him off as he screeched away in the car, Patty throwing an arm around your shoulders as she held your books for you. You couldn’t help but lean into your friends touch and sob quietly. The both of you walking all the way to your house in silence.