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‘Everything’ includes you, Nadine.

This is legit dialogue lol (minus the sexual undertones, unfortunately)

for real tho i cant be the only one who chuckled when when she said this … k i probably am but MEH

some vamp Tigs quickies that never got crossposted from twitter! (@apollyna)

ain’t she a doll?

Yes, ML does seem to be treating certain characters unequally

And no, it’s not a case of the show treating Marinette better than Adrien. 

(Note that this is spoiler heavy after this point)

Now I don’t want to jump ahead of the game, but does anyone find it even a little bit strange that of all the spoilers and promo clips we got of the new season so far, Chloe and Adrien seem to have the most heavy material, story wise? But for Marinette and Alya, we don’t really know what’s happening with them at all. 

And for Alya, it’s more understandable given her side character status, and we do know she’ll be getting a miraculous eventually. But in terms of what her storyline could be we have no idea beyond that. But for Marinette, our main character, we know very little about what she’s getting up to besides the most basic hero stuff, and ship related issues. 

Compare that to Chloe’s inevitable redemption arc, and the 3 parter on her family being akumatized. We have plenty of information on her this season to generate interest and guess at where her arc could go. Then there’s Adrien, who’s dad is the villain, who’s mom is missing under mysterious circumstances and could potentially be another villain. They’re more connected to the lore of the miraculous and what the entire story’s main conflict centers around. 

This whole set up just seems very strange to me. I don’t want to jump ahead before we know for sure, but that fact that so many BIG spoilers have been dropped on us already, and nearly none of them center around Marinette’s character is… concerning. Or even Alya, again. We know she gets the fox miraculous and we’re getting more into her siblings, but then what?

Also another big issue I’m finding more and more upsetting is Marinette’s parents and their lack of character depth. The lack of Tom and Sabine’s screen time on the show is concerning to me. They’re usually present as a unit, usually there to play ‘good parent’ until the scene doesn’t need them anymore, and that’s it. And again, no spoilers regarding them at all that could give me any sort of clue as to what we have in store for them. We’re meeting Marinette’s grandmom, yes, and I want to assume this means we get an episode strictly about the Dupain-Chengs, but that’s how Kung Food should have gone, and even Sabine was no where in sight for that episode. We learned more about Adrien in that episode than her own parents, who by right should have been present at the least. 

I’m not trying to necessarily call out the show for something nefarious, but it sure is an annoying coincidence that the two rich, white kids and their parents in this show are seemingly getting more depth to their story arc than our biracial main character and her poc best friend. 

Here’s to hoping I’m totally and 100% making a mountain out of a mole hill. 

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Okay I know everyone seems to champion (haha unintentional pun) dom Shiro and it makes sense when he had the gladiator mentality but like sub Shiro is a good headcanon too in my opinion. Especially since Shiro has control issues it'd be the ultimate sign of trust for him. Leader who has that one person they kneel to? Sign me the hell up.

God yes, sub Shiro is so….so…*proceeds to puddle on the floor*…unf

Again I’m training at Illustrator at work, so I did this. Even if it does look like a magical girl weapon it is Mahô’s weapon when she enters UA. It’s basically a marbles gun that has a wand form. (It is very hard for me to draw such thing too much pink xD)

The whole thing is enchanted, of course. For example the hand strap is enchanted so:

1) The wand would not get in the way of Mahô’s movement (the buckle). (The fact that she states her name is very important because that means she can get her wand in the way of other’s movements)!

2) You could not touch the wand without Mahô’s consent (the strap itself) 

3) If you do try to touch the wand it will make you remember you have a better strategy to try first (the ring) 

As you can see the 2 and 3 enchantment complement each other, since she couldn’t find a way to say it as one and did it as two. 

She enchants marbles everyday to train (and expand her quirk limit) so she has quite a stock of enchanted marbles too. She has to do this this way because enchanting that many marble at the same time would put her into an aphasia state for a week in one go. 

Anyway Mahô’s costume is visualized in my head, but since she enchanted each part of it, I still need to think about of all she can do with it. It’s the contrary with Satoru I know exactly what he needs for, and what it would do, but I don’t have a single idea of how it will look in the end x-x Damn you kids, being the other half of each other ! 

I may have mentioned this before but when I first watched Utena in 2014 I started making an Utena playlist on Spotify, and an Anthy playlist, and an Utena/Anthy playlist

and I never stopped.

I’m in the process of splitting them up in to sections that can actually be listened to at once because it got to the point where my Anthy playlist was over 9 hours long.