these girls are flawless

T update
  • voice is deepening, which has killed my previously-flawless “valley girl” impression, may she rest in peace
  • hair above upper lip is now visible from a socially-acceptable distance
  • acne is … happening

anonymous asked:

As if I don't blow up your activity enough.. You're the sweetest and most genuine female that I've come across on here, and I can't express how much I love seeing you always on my dash. Not the stupid, "ermahgerd naked girl you're the best ever", although you are flawless, but there's so much more worth in the way you do and say things that makes you amazing. You'll always be the one person I'd dream to actually know, but wouldn't ever want to get mixed in with the usual crowd ya know. <3 mutual

AWE!! Comments like these make running this blog so worth it!
Sometimes it gets so hard to message everyone back but I try my best to reply and be kind to everyone! I see no need to be harsh, mean or just plain nasty to those who have only been super lovely and supportive!

Thank you for making my night, anon. I really appreciate it! Mwwwah! 😍😋💞✨