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Near Light

Request: Just know it’s sad. And I suggest you listen to Near Light by Olafur Arnalds. (I’m also so sorry this is such shit.)

Word count: 1,770

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This had to be no more than a nightmare.

How could this have happened to you? You’d been warned that people had it out for Samcro but never the extent of what was happening to you. Your husband, Happy, had told you to be cautious because things were going down and you just needed to be careful.

It was always known that when this was said, you do not go anywhere without the escort of a Samcro member, even if it be a prospect. But of course, you being the stubborn woman you are, you’d completely ditched the rules and had gone out alone. You were only out for a grocery run and cigarettes, but in such a short amount of time, everything began to go wrong.

You were sure if Happy found out, he’d be more than murderous and a little upset with you for the fact you’d gone out alone when he constantly begged you not to. The Samcro family was not on lockdown, ever, but it was still cautioned at the time. Apparently, they’d really pissed off some sick people.

Making it to the grocery store, you hadn’t noticed the vehicle that had followed you from a reasonable distance the entire time and even parked a row over away from you but kept an eye on your car. You’d never been so blind and naive in your life and you’ve every right to beat yourself up over it.

You’d gotten the groceries into your truck, packed everything away and had even made it to the tobacco store to pick up a case or two of cigarettes before you even made it home. And you did make it home, into the safety of your walls with armfuls of groceries.

Breaking glass had you alert, dropping the groceries in the kitchen to look at the front door where the glass on it had been broken and a gloved hand was coming through to twist the knob once unlocking it. Your body was frozen in place, stuck where you stood in your home, a gun a mere five feet away in a kitchen drawer for easy access. But you seemingly couldn’t break out of your fear struck stage.

With the front door swinging open and masked men bustling into your home, the sight of their guns seemed to break you, immediately lunging for the drawer but a muffled shot to your shoulder had you screaming in pain and collapsing to the floor. Blood dripping from the wound, soaking your tanned shirt and dripping to the floor as well.

You’d never felt pain so excruciating and this was unbearable in so many ways. Tears streaked down your cheeks, hands grabbing your feet and beginning to tie your ankles together had you becoming aware of your surroundings again. You let out another blood-curdling scream, trying to kick at the male but several more come to his aid, holding you down with ease.

The struggling ceases, along with the screaming as a hand is over your mouth, leaving you a muffled mess. Your hands and feet are tied in quick succession, your body being lifted and quickly carried out of your home but not before a message is left scrawled in your blood on the wall.

Happy only comes home because you’d not been answering his phone calls and seeing your car outside in the driveway settled a fear that was bubbling deep inside of him. But the moment he saw the broken glass on the front door, the door left ajar, the fear settled back in along with anger. Upon further walking into your shared home, he first noticed the message scrawled in dried blood on the wall, staining your white painted walls, a puddle of blood on the floor.


This meant one thing, and one thing only. The club had killed one of Darby’s family members, it being an accidental thing when they’d decided to raid his place.

He was hesitant about asking the guys for help, he’s never liked having to ask for help but he knows he can’t do this on his own. He’s only known you’ve been gone for ten minutes and he’s already feeling distraught, hands wringing together tightly as he paces around your home, looking for any other signs, something to let him know that you’re still alive and he’s not going to be finding your dead body.

Once he’s searched the home twice to only find nothing to help his case, he calls Jax, begs him to get the boys rallied up and headed to his place, that he’ll explain everything when everyone was there.

The sound of motorcycles was heard just five minutes after he and Jax got off the phone, and the first face he sees coming in through the front door is Jax, followed by the others.

Jax opens his mouth to speak but the sight of the blood-scrawled message on the wall has him completely silent for once in his life. His heart is in his throat, swallowing thickly and looking to Happy who’s got tears in his eyes though he’s trying to quickly blink them away.

“Darby.” Jax nods, looking to the boys. “Back on the bikes, let’s go!”

Everyone seemed to move faster than Happy had ever seen them move though he supposes they could say the same thing for him. He’s on his bike with his helmet on in a matter of moments. He’s also the first to leave his yard, the first one down the street, and the first one speeding so much he’s sure he’d be pulled over if the cops cared enough to do so.

It was like he couldn’t even think right, couldn’t focus on one thing other than getting to Darby’s. Everyone knows Darby isn’t very smart and because this is payback, he’s going to make sure that Happy knows exactly where to find his wife; alive or dead.

The drive seems like it takes forever, hours upon hours but Happy’s at Darby’s trailer house on the outskirts of Charming, barely even able to put his bike on its kickstand before he’s rushing the front door.

“Y/N!” He yells, having made it minutes before the boys, pulling his gun from his jeans and kicking the door in with surprising ease. The sight before him, his wife laid out, blood smeared across the floor like there was a struggle.

It all has Happy sick to his stomach, heart dropping from his chest into his stomach as he walks closer to her barely moving body. He can see the small but labored rise and fall of your chest, indicating you’re still alive and you’re breathing.

He drops to his knees, sliding to your side and carefully cradling your body to his chest, a shaking hand ghosting over you, trying to find the source of the blood but there’s so much of it and tears are clouding his vision. He can’t see straight.

“Baby? Baby stay with me, c'mon. I’ve got you, you’re gonna be alright, okay?” His voice wavers, little shakes and breaks here and there and you suck in as deep a breath as you can, your cloudy eyes opening and looking at Happy.

His features are blurry, you can barely make him out but his voice soothes you, the fear that’s settled deep in your chest at the thought of dying. But you’re oddly becoming peaceful at Happy’s close proximity, his voice in your ear as he nuzzles you close.

“H-Happy, no it’s O-okay, I’m okay.”  You cough, blood spilling down the side of your mouth, Happy beginning to rock you gently, not able to stifle the sob that leaves his lips.

You’ve never heard him cry like this, never in your life and it’s beginning to scare you. He couldn’t do this to you, you were going to be okay and he had to understand that.

But he watches as the life begins to leave your body, watches as you go limp in his grip and the rise and fall of your chest halts completely. An animalistic cry leaves his lips, head falling back as he cradles your lifeless body to his chest.

It’s like a hole is being ripped in his chest and his heart is being clawed out viciously. You’d only been married for almost a year, you hadn’t even had your first anniversary as husband and wife.

How could you be taken away so quickly? How could anyone do this to you?

Jax jogs his way up the steps into the trailer house, hearing Happy’s cries and the way he repeats 'no’ over and over. Jax sees your body in Happy’s grip, how he’s gripping at you like it’ll bring you back and keep you with him but you’re already gone.

Chibs makes his way over, hand settling on Happy’s shoulder and squeezing gently. “C'mon, brotha. We need to get her out of here.” He whispers, Happy’s body shaking under his hand as he nods and carefully stands. He carries your body outside to the van when Juice shows up in it, sitting in the back with you in his grip and caressing your hair back gently.


It’s been a week since Happy had found you, a week of not waking up to your face, a week of not hearing your voice, an entire fucking week since he’d last held you in his arms. It’s like a decline in his life like he’s under water and being held under.

He’d not left the house but to help plan your funeral and that was only for a short two hours. He was back at your house, curled in sheets that smelled so deeply of you, face buried in your pillow and crying himself to sleep again.

When it came time for your funeral, he dressed heavily in Samcro attire, pulling his kutte on over his jacket, sliding on his rings and necklace.

Riding to the funeral, he was head of everyone, the boys following behind in an almost practiced sequence, the entire group following the hearse that carried your dead body.

And when your coffin was lowered into the ground, Happy couldn’t help but collapse by the grave and beg you to come back, Jax and Chibs standing at his sides, hands rested on his shoulders as he cries.


Each anniversary, Happy goes out of his way to buy himself dinner and you a large bouquet of flowers and have a candle lit dinner at your grave with you.

No matter what, he won’t miss it for the world, and he won’t let you go.

Please? Part Thirteen

This takes place around season 2, episode 5 when Daryl is taken down by his own arrow. He’s rushed to Hershel, needing help taking the arrow out of his side, but you aren’t able to see Daryl in this shape. Not until he calls for you, begging you to stay by his side.

  1. Please?
  2. Please?
  3. Please?
  4. Please?
  5. Please?
  6. Please?
  7. Please?
  8. Please?
  9. Please?
  10. Please?
  11. Please?
  12. Please?
  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 1673 words
  • Warnings: Language and a bit of sexual indication.

The baby won’t stop crying, neither can you or Maggie. Tears stream down your face as Daryl hugs you close, as if he may lose you again. It was too much to see Maggie cut the baby out, too much to see Lori lay so still, her body going limp, but you couldn’t handle Carl shooting his own mother.

Seeing the rest of your group should have made you happy, but you notice not only Lori missing, but T-Dog and Carol as well.

Daryl rubs your back, trying his best to calm you down as he talks to Rick, whose on the ground, rolling in his own tears.

“Rick! Stay with us.” Daryl calls, letting go of you and waving a hand in front of Rick’s face. He goes silent, not moving, not speaking, no sound coming from him at all.

“The baby needs food.” Hershel calls from the steps.

You look over, watching Maggie hand the baby over to Carl and hugging onto Glenn. Carl starts to walk away and tries to calm her down.

“We got anythin’ a baby eats?” Daryl asks. “No, s’pose not. I’ll make a run.”

“I’ll come with you.” Maggie pulls away from Glenn and stands straight, wiping the tears from her face. “I have to.”

“Me too.” You look from Daryl to Maggie, daring either one of them to say no.

“Is that such a good idea?” Maggie lowers her voice. She thinks you’re crazy, too. That you lost your mind in there. “I mean…”

“I’m going.” You say through your teeth. You glance over to see Daryl whispering something to Beth. She nods and runs off, talking to Carl. You don’t know why a little bit of jealousy shoots through you, after all, that’s Beth. She’s younger than you, and Daryl never cared much about her before.

Daryl starts shouting orders, pointing all over the place. His orders are rough like gravel, sending chills down your spine every time he spoke, getting a little angrier if no one paid attention. He looks like a perfect leader.

He waves Maggie over and you instantly follow, Glenn just behind you. He’s saying something about a store being empty already, but you aren’t really listening. You’re looking around, looking at all the walkers that have started showing up around the fence, thanks to all the noise from earlier.

“I can only take one.” Daryl says, pulling you out of your thoughts.

“What?” You say, a little dumbfounded that Daryl wouldn’t bring all of you.

“One.” He throws his leg over his bike and grabs onto the handles.

“I’m going.” Glenn says and starts over, but Maggie holds him back.

“I’m going.” She insists.

You hold up your hands and look at them. “Excuse me, I should be the one to go.”

Maggie looks over at you, pity on her face with her eyebrows furrowed and her mouth turned down. She sighs. “Y/N, I think you should lay down. That was a lot…”

“No, I will go with him. I can make runs now, I’m good.” You cross your arms over your chest and raise an eyebrow. “Am I good for nothing again?”

“Hey,” Daryl jumps off his bike and walks over. “What’s the hold up?”

Glenn looks away, not wanting to get in the middle of this.

“She should stay behind, get some rest.”

Daryl looks at you and puts his hands on his hips. “You causin’ trouble?” His tone was teasing, but you aren’t in the mood.

You roll your eyes and point to Maggie. “Why does she get to go? I want to do something. Get me out of here.”

Daryl nods to his bike. “Get on.” He looks at you and then Maggie. “Stay with Beth. She and I needa talk.” He moves over and gets back on.


Daryl breaks a window and looks inside the house. Things were quiet between you two, which is fine for you. You aren’t in a talking mood. You want to get the stuff on the list Maggie gave you and go, though the prison isn’t exactly where you want to go to, but it’ll have to do. Daryl doesn’t want to leave and you know that.

You find the door is unlocked. You simply kick it up and walk inside, not bothering to raise your gun as you walk by the room Daryl is trying to break into.

He spots you and freezes. “Hey!” He whispers.

You ignore him and walk into the kitchen, where you start pulling open cabinets and drawers. You find a few cans of baby formula and a bottle that looks like it will do the job. You stuff those into your bag just before Daryl comes up behind you and pulls you around to face him.

“The hell’re you doin’?” He growls. “Tryna get yourself killed?”

“Just trying to get this shit so we can leave.” You grab the bag and swing it over your shoulder.

Daryl grabs onto a strap the bag has on the front and keeps you in place. Half of you thinks about swinging around and clocking him, but you decide against it, since he is stronger and can probably sense that you are about to do so. “Talk to me.”

“About what?” You look at him, facing him and crossing your arms. “About the fact I was supposed to help deliver a baby? The fact I witnessed a son killing his mother without batting an eye? The fact that we now have to be super careful because at any second a horde of walkers will come walking up to us in the one place we thought was safe?”

Daryl tilts his head and squints his eyes. “Wha? That’s what this is about?”

“No.” You throw your arms up in the air. He couldn’t understand. “Maybe. Daryl, I’m just so sick and tired of moving! We found a place. We were supposed to be this big, happy family and now that’s impossible! And then you didn’t want me coming along today, which was even worse and—“

Daryl pulls you to him, wrapping those muscly arms protectively around your small frame and hugging you close. He plants a kiss on your lips, most likely to have you stop talking. You admit to yourself that your little outburst wouldn’t help anything, this was unstoppable. This is how the new world works, people are different.

You stand on your tiptoes so Daryl can stand up straight instead of curving down to meet you. He backs the two of you up until your back hits the wall of the hallway and his overly large hands rest on either side of your shoulders. He keeps you in place by squishing you between his legs and pressing against your chest with his.

He growls a little as you touch his broad shoulders, shrugging until you understood that he wants you to hold your hands behind his head.

Once you’re holding onto him, he grabs your thighs and pulls them around his waist, still holding you against the wall as he tries to kiss you harder, not realizing his own strength, but you don’t want to stop him.

The rush of the moment engulfs Daryl and you, sending the two of you into a blinding heap on the floor, tangled within each other as the afternoon continues on, a bird chirping in the background as the only noise through the whole house.


It hits you only after it’s done. Daryl is lying on you, his face buried in your fully clothed chest. His pants are still around his ankles, though yours seem to be missing from sight. You glance around, hoping that they’re in reach and you can slip them on quickly—no luck.

Daryl moves and lifts his head up, his eyes meeting yours. His cheeks practically glow in the dim sunlight as he looks down, a little chuckle leaving his lips. “That jus’ happened…”

You nod, trying to keep the blanket you must have found somehow in the act and covered you two with. “You didn’t have to do that…” You mutter, still trying to spot your pants. The house is a mess anyway, there’s no telling where they landed.

He stops trying to pull his pants up and looks at you. “I thought… ya needed the distraction.”

“We don’t need another pregnancy.” You think you see your jeans. You lean over and snatch them up, pulling them on quickly before Daryl can abject.

“Whoa.” Daryl follows your lead, buckling his ripped up jeans and standing beside you. “I ain’t tryna impregnate you, Y/N.” He reaches out for your  shoulder but you pull away and cross your arms over your chest.

Tears sting your eyes, you try to blink them away so he doesn’t see how upset you are. “I don’t want to become another Lori…”

You hear his footsteps walk over to you and feel his hand on your back. He gently rubs between your shoulder blades and kisses the top of your head. “I ain’t lettin’ that happen. We ain’t gotta make love no more…”

You turn around and wipe away the tears from under your eyes. “Make love?”


Baby cries harder which each passing minute. You follow Daryl inside, carrying the bag full of baby supplies you hope are needed to raise a newborn.

You set the bag on a table and Maggie and Beth rush over, Beth making up a bottle as quickly as she can.

You glance over and see Daryl holding the baby. He’s got her head placed on his elbow for support and his other hand lying on her tummy until Beth hands him the bottle. He sticks it in her mouth, making her quiet—finally.

“You’re so good with her.” You say gently, no longer mad. How could you be? Daryl is good with kids, he always has been. Sophia, Carl, now Carl’s little sister.

Daryl smiles at you, a certain twinkle in his eye that told you everything will be okay.

Imagine Chris meeting your new boyfriend after the two of you broke up for whatever forsaken reason.

Chris could feel the blood coursing through his veins. 

This was not the kind of guy you were supposed to go for after your split. In fact, you weren't’ supposed to move on at all. The two of you were supposed to figure out why the hell you packed your bags at four in the morning and didn’t speak a word to him. Because he was clueless and judging by the way you were talking, you were too.

But, this guy? No. He wanted to knock him out right then and there when he introduced himself. This was not going to do. 

I think I am going to do all the 2D princesses… This is too much fun!! <3 It was actually hard to decide with colour-sheme to go with for her fin and bra, but I hope that this looks good! :o 

PS: She is giggling, so the shoulders are supposed to move like that. ;3

Wanna see more mermaids? —> Belle, Aurora & Tiana


(requested by anon)
word count : 3 736
summary : Reader is a heretic and gets sent to the (new) Prison World.
* gif by jake-riley
note : (to the anon who requested it) i’m sorry it took so long 🙈, hope you like it :)

Y/N sat on one of the tables at the Grill waiting for her order, looking around. Mystic Falls , the 21st century verison of it , looked like a nice place to live. Her hand reached in her jacket pocket , pulling out her phone when suddenly someone sat opposite her.
“Who are you?” wondered Y/N as a young woman with short dark brown hair , green eyes and olive skin sat opposite her at her table.
“Town witch.” replied the stranger. “I am here to deliver a message.”
“From who?”
“Doesn’t matter really.” she smiled. “The Armoury keeps very detailed files on hybrids like you. We know about what you did in Georgia … and Dallas.”
Y/N shifted on her seat trying to figure out where the conversation was going. She knew about the Armoury and what they had done to Mary Louise and Nora. Last thing Y/N wanted was to end up in one of their cells. Specially after finally getting her freedom. Spending over 100 years in the 1903 Prison World had been enough of a torture for her to last her a millenia.
“And ?”
“Everywhere you go , death follows.” replied the girl.” You should’ve stayed away. Why did you even come back here ? Your family is gone.“
Y/N clenched her jaw trying hard not to think about the fact the people she had known for decades were all gone now. “Mystic Falls has been my home for over a century. Granted it was a snapshot of a snowy day , but…”
“We cant allow you to stay in Mystic Falls.”
“Who ? You and the mysterious Armoury ?” wondered Y/N , waving her hands in the air in pretend fear before starting to laugh. “What are you going to do ? Glare me to death ? There are no more Prison Worlds and as far as I understand the entire Gemini coven is gone.”
The girl rested her back on the chair , folding her hands on her chest with a small smile on her face. Sometimes Y/N wondered what would’ve been like to stay in Mystic Falls with her family , but going away when Oscar had , had been the better option. Why stay in the same place when there is a world to explore and … people to eat , unlike in the Prison World where she had had to live on a few drops of blood every day , just to stay awake in an agonising pain ? No. Y/N had chosen to see the world , not realising there wouldn’t a be home for her to come back to later.
“I’ll ask you to leave. Once.” said the girl. “You get up and leave now - you get to live your life.”
“And if I chose to stay?”
“There is a Prison World , waiting for you.” replied the girl leaning in on the table. Y/N stared at her. There were
no more Prison Worlds. The girl was obviously bluffing and Y/N didn’t plan on falling for it.
“Witches … always so brave. Ready to protect everyone but themselves.” replied Y/N , purple black veins showing under her eyes as her fingers wrapped around the knife on the table and jamming it in the girl’s hand , pinning it to the table before grabbing the girls hand and siphoning her magic. “Thing is - you are not a match for me. And to think this could’ve gone in a completely different direction.”
“You are not … the … first heretic I’ve had to … deal with.” said the girl through gritted teeth , flicking her wrist magically snapping Y/N’s neck.

* * *

Y/N opened her eyes , her cheek and shoulder resting against the cold floor. Her neck hurt and she rubbed it for a moment before running her fingers through her hair. Slowly the girl got up , cracking her neck for a moment. Loud music was blasting from speakers nearby , so loud the glasses on the bar were lightly moving across the surface.
“UGH , that song is awful.” she muttered , turning off the music with a flick of her wrist.
The place was empty , absolutely empty or at least thats what she thought until someone groaned behind her. No wonder she hadn’t noticed that with the Spin Doctors playing. Y/N got up looking around. She was no longer at the Grill but in what appeared to be a karaoke bar. On the stage there was young man chained to a chair, his skin was gray with every single vein in his body visible. Y/N tilted her her in confusion , studying the guy’s face. He seemed very familiar to her , though it was hard to say considering he was not quite himself. In a few short steps she got on the stage , leaning in towards him , waving his hand in front of his face.
“Hello?” she asked. “Are you awake ?”
Another groan. Y/N smiled to herself.
“I’m going to take that as a ‘yes’.” she said. “Look , I’ll get those chains off you and we are going to find something to eat for you. If there is even someone to eat in this place. It’s so beyond quiet..”
A sigh left her lips , starting to realise the girl’s words had been true. A few seconds later the chains dropped on the ground. The young man’s head dropped and Y/N had to help him up. Except when she did , the guy grabbed her hand and sank his teeth in her wrist.
“Oh-kay.” she muttered flinching in pain a little. “That works too.”
He kept feeding , drainng an artery or two before letting go. Her head had started to feel a little dizzy but she was still stronger than him.
“God , you taste delicious.” said the young man , dropping her wrist. He looked at her with curiousity - purple / black veins still flashing under his eyes, a smirk showing on his face. Next moment her neck got snapped , again.

Kai kept feeding , draining every ounce of Y/N’s blood from her body trying to figure out why the girl’s blood tasted different than human blood then he figured it out and a smile spread across his face recognising her. He let the girl ‘sleep’ on the floor after feeding on her and waited for her to wake up.
About two hours later Y/N woke up , opening her eyes and jumping up fast and away from the guy.
“You could’ve said ‘please’.” she said. “Or at least ‘sorry’.”
“Whoops.” said the guy amused. He was sitting on one of chairs , his feet crossed on the table and his hands behind his head. There was a smile on his face. “Where is the fun in that ?”
Y/N laughed , reaching behind the bar.
“Funny.” she said. “I’m curious to find out where we are because there is no way that’s a Prison World. Those do not exist anymore. How I got here and most importantly how do we get out… I don’t plan on spending my life in a magical prison.”
“Good. Then we are on the same page.” said the guy , getting up and walking towards her. “Specially on the 'get out’ part. I’ve been in a Prison World before and I’m not looking forward to spending another 20 years stuck in one.”
Up close , now that he had fed , Y/N recognised him instantly. His blue eyes , that smirk and his voice. There was no way for her to forget that voice.
“Wait.” she said. “Kai ?”
“I wondered if you’d recognise me. ” he said smiling , putting his hands in his pockets. “Its been like what ? Four years , maybe five ? I lost track of time being chained in that chair in excrutiating pain. Now I understand why first chance you got back in 1903 , you grabbed me and sank your teeth into my neck. Sorry for feeding on you and snapping your neck. I was … a little delirious.”
“Well , now we are even.” she smiled , wondering what would happen if her arms wrapped around him. There weren’t many familiar faces in the world left for her. Back in 1903 she and Kai had become friends. Y/N had asked him questions about what the world is like and he had been more than happy to tell her everything. “It’s nice to see you again. Maybe this time I can repay the favour and help you get out of this place.”
Y/N opened the bottle , grabbing two glasses and poured a drink for her and Kai. Her eyes studying him the entire time. He was supposed to be dead. Then again so was she , technically. Kai moved a step towards her and wrapped his arms around her without any warning.
“Oh hugging.” she said smiling , wrapping her arms around him. “That’s definitely new. What happened to you ? Don’t tell me you have gone soft?” she teased.
Kai laughed , pushing her away.
“Sorry. It’s been … a long time since I’ve seen someone who doesn’t have the intentions of beheading me or trapping me somewhere or sending me back to Hell.” he said smiling nervously. “I’m not going soft. Not a chance.”
“Good.” she said , handing him one of the glasses. “I like you better this way. It’s going to be so much fun getting revenge after we get out.”
Kai took a sip and left the glass on the bar.
“Yeah… about that.” he said. “There is no way out this time.”
“What ?” she nearly choked.
“I’m guessing Bonnie sent you here.” he said sitting on one of the tables near by. Y/N looked at him with puzzled expression. “Green eyes, dark brown hair , oilve skin ?”
“Ah.. yeah , must’ve been her.”
“Anyways , when she ditched me here there was one thing she made very specific. No eclipses to bail my ass out of here.” he said with a note of anger and hurt in his voice. Y/N understood where he was coming from. Like her he had spent years in a Prison World. “Though something’s been bothering me ever since I got here. Because as you know I am the leader of the Gemini coven and as one , I should be able to get out without one but -”
“You are not sure if that still applies now that you are a heretic.” she sighed , gulping her glass at once. “Well , we still need the Ascendant. If we find this , we can figure out our way out. There are two of us now.”
“We’ll also need a celestial event and Bennett blood.” he added. “I don’t suppose you tried to bite her head off and maybe got some of her blood on your clothes ?”
Y/N took a step towards him with a small smile on her face.
“No… I didn’t bite her.” she trailed off, glancing at a blood stain on her jacket. “I stabbed her.”
Kai’s eyes widened and he looked at the semi dried blood on Y/N’s jacket sleeve. Then he looked up at her.
“I could kiss you right now.” he said smiling widely. Y/N smiled back at him , feeling a warm fuzzy feeling spread through her body at his words. “We can get out ! Take your jacket off.”
He ran to the bar , grabbing one of the small bottles , emptying it and used a spell to transfer turn back the blood to liquid and transfer it into the small bottle. Kai’s fingers wrapped around it looking at the blood with a devilish spark in his eyes , then looked at Y/N.
“Admit it.” she said smiling. “I am your favourite girl on the planet. Well , I am the only girl in the planet but still.”
“Fine.” he said laughing for a second , leaving the bottle back on the table , taking a step towards her. “You are my most favourite girl on the planet. So , do you happen to have the Ascendant in your pocket too ? Or am I being too optimistic?”
Y/N laughed under her breath.
“No , that I don’t have … yet.”
Kai looked at her curious , taking another step towards her until they were standing barely a metre away. Y/N was full of surprises. Out of all the heretics back in 1903 he liked spending time with her. They were roughly the same age and were alike in many ways. Not only because both of them had been cast out of their coven. Y/N was nice to him , not like the others who just wanted to use him as a blood bag. She treated him as a person , as someone who is worthy of having friends and family. Unlike everyone else he had known.
“Yet?” he asked gazing into her eyes.
“How much do you know about the Armoury ?” she asked with a playful smile.
“I know their cells don’t have the proper security to hold a vampire / witch heretic.” he said taking a step towards her. “And that there is a tunnel that leads from Mystic Falls directly into the voult of the building barely 7 miles away from here as the crow flies.”
Y/N took a step towards him until they were barely inches from each other.
“Where do you think the Ascendant came from ?” she asked raising her brows , turning around towards the exit leaving Kai completely breathless. “Are you coming or what ?”
Kai blinked a few times and grabbed the small bottle in his hands , placing it in his pocket before chasing after her. Not only he wasn’t alone anymore , but Y/N had quite literally brought him the key to getting out of that place. Going after the twins had gotten him into that mess , now weirdly he was glad about it other ways he probably never would’ve seen her again. There was another thing on his mind other than revenge in that moment. Even if their plan failed and they got stuck there , at least he wouldn’t be alone for all eternity. A smile spread across his face at the thought.
“Never thought I’d say this … but thank you Bonnie.” he whispered , catching up with Y/N in a split second.

* * *

Y/N and Kai had spent the following days going through the archives at the Armoury searching for an entry describing the Ascendant he had seen. It had taken them a while but finally they had gotten their hands on the mystical relic.

“We still need a celestial event. Although …” he trailed off , twisting the Ascendant in his hands looking up at her. Y/N crossed her hands and took a step towards him , resting her hip on the edge of the table standing barely half a metre from Kai. He turned towards her. “.. we might not need one. The Armoury is the hot bed of supernatural energy. If we can siphon enough magic , we might not need one.”
“Lets go then.” she said starting to walk away.
“You seem awfuly eager to get away from me.” said Kai grabbing her wrist. “Why ?”
“I’m not eager to get away from you.” she said smiling. “In fact I actually kind of like you. Thing is … I’ve spent nearly 120 years in a place like this. I feel a little … claustrophobic ? No , thats not the word. Caged ?”
“What do you mean you 'kind of like me’ ?” he wondered not letting go of her wrist. “Whats with the 'kind of’ bit ? Am I not charming and funny enough ?”
Y/N laughed placing her hand on his chest. “You are beyond charming Kai…and quite funny. Lets go. The sooner we get out of this place , the sooner I can rip that witch’s head off. Although … weirdly , I don’t mind much she sent me here.”
Kai let go off her wrist and went after her. He knew the feeling Y/N was describing. Being in a Prison World is worse than being trapped. You can still be outside in the park or somewhere on the street and feel like you are stuck between four walls with no way out. It can drive a person mad , specially knowing there is no way to actually die. All he had done in 1994 had been try to kill himself , only taking a short breaks from existing without truly living. It had messed with his head. He tried imagining that times five , being a dessicating vampire living only on a few drops of blood. The thought of it created a lump in his throat. If it hadn’t been for her , he’d still be chained in that chair , listening to that awful song. Kai caught up with her , taking her hand in his. Y/N seemed surprised but didn’t push it away.
“You know , I like you much better in those clothes.” said Kai as they headed through the voult back to Mystic Falls. He looked at her from head to toe - jeans , a white top and moderately high high heels. “That dress you had on back in 1903 - it was cool and probably was all the rage a hundred a fourteen years ago , but…this century suits you.”
“Thanks.” she smiled at the ground. “I like it better too. Definitely do not miss corsets.”

They walked in silence for a few minutes , taking a turn or two along the way. It wasn’t very dark , specially not with their cell phone’s flash lights. That had been a nice change from the early 20th century. If they had had to carry a torch around they probably would’ve ran out of oxygen in that tunel.
“What happens when we get out ?” wondered Kai.
“We go to see the world.” she smiled at him. “Together , the two of us.”
“There is an us ?” he asked smiling.
“Well , we are the only two heretics , unless we count Valerie.” replied Y/N. “Before , you know in 1903 , you said you didn’t get to live before they sent you away. I will make sure you the chance to live now. Keep you out of trouble .. or start trouble with you.” she winked at him.
Kai laughed.
“I’d like that very much. Being alone … is not as fun as people think.”

* * *


“Hurry up.” said Kai , pulling Y/N behind him.
“Sorry , I can’t run in high heels in the woods.” she said trying not to laugh. “Do you have any idea what its like to run in heels?”
“Um , no. I don’t.” said Kai trying to suppress a laugh. “And I have no intentions of finding out. Here , I’ll carry you if you want.”
“Maybe some other time.” she smiled. “Are we there yet?”
After figuring out the right spot to do the spell and siphoning pretty much all the magic at the Armoury it was time for them to try and get out. Kai felt more eager to get out than ever. Y/N had promised not to leave his side and to show him and teach him how to feed so he doesn’t kill anyone and they can go undetected. He had been worried that after getting out , he’ll be stuck all alone again but she had assured him that’s not going to happen. Almost at the old remains of Fells church , they stopped and Kai turned towards her , not letting go of her hand for an instant. He didn’t want to risk leaving her behind. Not after everything she had done for him.
“Hold my hands.” he demanded and Y/N held onto him , glancing between the Ascendant and the tiny bottle with Bennett blood he had just poured on the device. “If this doesn’t work out - ” he started.
“It will.” she smiled at him. “Be more optimistic.”
“You be optimistic.”
“Fine.” she laughed and Kai started laughing with her.
“You remember the spell right ?”
Y/N nodded. Kai had spent the entire night repeating it out loud over and over again , it had started driving her crazy around 3AM. At some point she wondered if somehow he’d teleport himself out of this place alone but he had spent the entire time repeating the spell , holding onto her hand.
“Good.” he smiled , seeming to relax a bit. “Ready ?”
Kai took a deep breath and both he and Y/N closed their eyes and started chanting the spell over and over again. At first nothing happened , but neither of them was willing to give up. There was no celestial event for them to channel , that had become clear to them. It all depended on the magic they had siphoned at the Armoury. Either they’d get out or they’ll spend eternity together.
All of the sudden there was a little gust of wind blowing out of nowhere and when Y/N opened her eyes , they were standing on one of the streets like two blocks away from the Mystic Grill. Kai looked around smiling widely , wrapping his hands around Y/N quickly , muttering Invisique.
“Sshhh…” he said , placing his hand on her mouth. Y/N stared at him with puzzled expression trying to figure out what was up and then she heard a familiar voice. Two familiar voices actually. A moment later Damon and Bonnie turned around the corner and walked right past them. Y/N’s eyes went wide.

“I bet Kai is happy now that he has company.” said Damon. “Wouldn’t it have been wiser to put her in another Prison World ?”
“Why ?” asked Bonnie. “Its not like they can go anywhere.”
Damon smirked at her just as they walked past Y/N and Kai.

Kai waited a few minutes until they were gone before letting go off Y/N.
“Well … those two are up for a giant surprise if ever they decide to pay us a visit in the Prison World.” laughed Kai.
Y/N laughed with him , taking his hand. All of the sudden her revenge fantasy didn’t matter. It took her a moment that it had been a few days since she had let go of that idea without even realising it.
“Come on. It’s time for you to live your life to the fullest.”
“One thing though …” trailed off Kai , pulling her back in vampire speed. He backed Y/N against one of the cars near by and smashed his lips on hers taking her breath away. “I should’ve done that in 1903.” he whispered smiling.
Y/N bliked fast a couple of times, her eyes darting between his eyes and his smile.
“Well , about time.” she smiled at him , pulling him in for another kiss.

[MASTERLIST March / April 2017]

Eek! I’m so excited to be writing this because I have an unreal adoration for Falcon. Like yes. Just so much yes. The sass, the bravado, the honour - he’s just brill. Anyway! So this is the sick!reader for Sam. If I’m being honest I’ve been writing these sick!Readers totally in teh wrong order so this was ready ages ago but hey ho; I hope you guys enjoy it!

“To The Rescue”

You weren’t a big jogger. But you were competitive. Frankly you only partook in the exercise for the sights around your home, and as of late they had been getting significantly better. When Sam Wilson had run past you the first time, you were impressed with the view (you’d be lying if you said that you hadn’t stared a little). When he did it a second time, you thought he was being funny. The third time pushed you over the edge and you raced to catch up.

After surpassing him (and clearly overexerting yourself in order to do so) he chuckled and quickened his pace also. The two of you battled it out, neither staying in front for long, until you reached a nearby park where you collapsed onto the grass, panting and grinning. Due to being so out of breath, the pair of you said not a word for a good 10 minutes. When you decided to stand up, you found that he had already done so and was offering his hand.

“Sam. Sam Wilson.” He said.
“(Y/n) (Y/l/n).”
“Nice to meet you.”
“And to you.”

“I’m not sure I’ve ever run so fast in my life.” You panted, leaning over a little to check you had got all of your breath back.
“I’m honoured.”
“You don’t sound as shocked.” You chuckled, letting Sam help you forward onto the path. You both began to walk the same way – towards your home. Maybe he lived nearby?
“You ever heard of Captain America?” He asked, anticipating the laugh you gave as a response. “Yeah, well, I’ve run with him before and let me tell you, you don’t come back from that without wanting to get a little faster.”

“I can imagine.” The two of you continued to walk forward and it was then you realised that Sam still hadn’t let go of your hand. What had originally been to help you stand had quickly become something… else.

Keep reading

mrs-foxx-1233 asked:

May I have a story where you and Ashley were friends in kinder garden but you move to Russia and you become friends with Andy and he “introduces” you to ash and you two remember each other? Thanks!

Thank you for your request! :) This is my first Ashley Purdy imagine so I hope you like! :3

“Do you really have to move away?” Ashley says frowning, fiddling with his fingers.

You sigh, frowning. “Sadly, my dad has to take this job. I’m not that excited about moving away either, what am I suppose to do for a best friend?” You manage to say, tears in your eyes.

It was 6th grade. You knew Ashley Purdy since kindergarten and he had been your best friend ever since. And now, you were moving far away and had to say goodbye.

He suddenly hugs you tightly. “I won’t forget you, never.”

You hug back. “I won’t forget you either Ashley, you’ll always be in my memory.”

*about 16 years later*

You laugh as Andy grins. “That’s a horrible joke Andy, it’s so bad.” You say between laughs.

“Jake told me a few days ago, I knew you’d enjoy it. I’m glad you’re getting to meet all the guys tonight, they’ll love you!” You chuckle.

“Maybe, I’m not that interesting Andy.”

You and Andy had been friends for a few years, when you moved to Russia, he was there touring with his band mates, you chatted with him, not thinking you would run into him, but you did that night, 3 times for a matter of fact.

You never had feelings towards Andy, plus he had a girlfriend, Juliet, and you didn’t want to cause sparks.

Andy opens the door to the bar for you. “The guys should be there already, I told them I’d be running late cause I was bringing a friend.” You nod and follow Andy’s long legs.

“Hey guys, meet Y/N!” You wave slightly at the group of guys.

They all wave as you take your seats. You see one staring at you. You politely smile but feel your nerves.

“I’m going to go see what they have to drink.” They all nod.

“I’ll, erm… go with you. I’m not sure what I want either.” He gets up and you nod, kinda nervous since it was the one staring at you.

“So, your names Y/N.”

You nod. “Yep, and yours….?”

He smiles. “You know me.”

Your eyebrow raises. “What?”

“Oh no, Y/N. You forgot your promise. I didn’t. I know you.”

“I… who are you?”


You gasp.

“Ashley Purdy?” He nods.

“Oh my god, ASHLEY!” You squeal, attacking him with a hug. He chuckles. “Oh my god, Ashley I am so sorry I couldn’t remember you. I just… It’s been so long.”

“It’s okay, I understand. I kept my promise, I never forgot you.”

You smile, returning to hugging him.


If you have a request, please send it! I do all members of Black Veil Brides and Pierce The Veil.

“If there were a body, just one single ball, with no surrounding space, there would be no way of conceiving or feeling it as a ball or any other shape. If there were nothing outside it, it would have no outside. It might be God, but certainly not a body! So too, if there were just space alone with nothing in it, it wouldn’t be space at all. For there is no space except space between things, inside things, or outside things. This is why space is the relationship between bodies.

Can we imagine one lonely body, the only ball in the universe, in the midst of empty space? Perhaps. But this ball would have no energy, no motion. In relation to what could it be said to be moving? Things are said to move only when compared with others that are relatively still, for motion is motion/stillness.

So let’s have two balls, and notice that they come closer to each other, or get further apart. Sure, there is motion now, but which one is moving? Ball one, ball two, or both? There is no way of deciding. All answers are equally right and wrong.

Now bring in a third ball. Balls one and two stay the same distance apart, but ball three approaches or retreats from them. Or does it? Balls one and two may be moving together, towards or away from three, or balls one and two may be approaching three as three approaches them, so that all are in motion. How are we to decide? One answer is that because balls one and two stay together, they are a group and also constitute a majority. Their vote will therefore decide who is moving and who is not. But if three joins them it can lick ‘em, for if all three stay the same distance apart, the group as a whole cannot move. It will even be impossible for any one to say to the other two, or any two to the other one, “Why do you keep following me (us) around?” For the group as a whole will have no point of reference to know whether it is moving or not.

Note that whereas two balls alone can move only in a straight line, three balls can move within a surface, but not in three dimensions. The moment we add a fourth ball we get the third dimension of depth, and now it would seem that our fourth ball can stand apart from the other three, take an objective view of their behavior, and act as the referee. Yet, when we have added the fourth, which one is it? Any one of them can be in the third dimension with respect to the other three. This might be called a “first lesson in relativity,” for the principle remains the same no matter how many balls are added and therefore applies to all celestial bodies in this universe and to all observers of their motion, wheresoever located. Any galaxy, any star, any planet, or any observer can be taken as the central point of reference, so that everything is central in relation to everything else!

Now in all this discussion, one possibility has been overlooked. Suppose that the balls don’t move at all, but that the space between them moves. After all, we speak of a distance (i.e., space) increasing or decreasing as if it were a thing that could do something. This is the problem of the expanding universe. Are the other galaxies moving away from ours, or ours from them, or all from each other? Astronomers are trying to settle the problem by saying that space itself is expanding. But, again, who is to decide? What moves, the galaxies or the space? The fact that no decision can be reached is itself the clue to the answer: not just that both the galaxies and space are expanding (as if they were two different agents), but that something which we must clumsily call galaxies/space, or solid/space, is expanding.

The problem comes up because we ask the question in the wrong way. We supposed that solids were one thing and space quite another, or just nothing whatever. Then it appeared that space was no mere nothing, because solids couldn’t do without it. But the mistake in the beginning was to think of solids and space as two different things, instead of as two aspects of the same thing. The point is that they are different but inseparable, like the front end and the rear end of a cat. Cut them apart, and the cat dies. Take away the crest of the wave, and there is no trough.

-Alan Watts, THE BOOK On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are