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March 1, 2017

“Happy Birthday, Jen,” you whispered against his neck as he slowly stirred in the dark bedroom of your Vancouver apartment. You kissed his lips slowly as he rolled over on his back, allowing you to slid on top of him, his morning erection pressing at your bare core, already attentive and needy. 

“Hmmmmm,” Jensen moaned against your lips. “A beautiful young woman on top of me. That’s an awesome birthday present to wake up to,” he yawned, wrapping his arms around your waist and holding you close to him. 

“Oh it gets better, sweetheart,” you teased as you kissed down your husband’s neck, moving over his bare chest and down the grooves of his abdomen, your nails scrapping his skin lightly until you settled over his erection. 

“God I love this day,” he growled as his eyes meeting yours before he let his head fall back against the pillow, the feel of your tongue sending him into a whole new world of pleasure. 

Suddenly you were thrown back almost ten years, to the birthday that started this little birthday tradition. 

March 1, 2008

“Hey Y/F/N!” Jensen yelled as he crossed the dark room toward you with two drinks in his hand. You had just joined the Supernatural family this season, and it had been a wild one. It was season three and there had been a writer’s strike, so there wasn’t as much time spent filming which left a little more time for play. 

Like celebrating Jensen’s birthday, one of the stars of the show. You had become fast friends with him and his co-star Jared. Jensen was nine years older than you, Jared four and a half, but you were so much like them, being from the south, that you fit right in and three of you became nearly inseparable. The chemistry between the three of you had been incredible from the start. 

You chuckled at him. It was his 30th birthday, and he was already well on his way to being completely and totally sloshed. 

“Hey Jen,” you smiled. “Not exactly taking it easy are we?” you laughed, watching him sway a little as he handed you one of the drinks in his hand. 

“It’s my birthday woman!” he replied, a little loudly. “And I’m fucking thirty,” he emphasized that last word like it was some magic rite of passage that explained everything. 

“Oh thirty!” you said with an eye roll. “That some magic number Ackles?” you asked. 

“As a matter of fact, it is sweetheart,” Jensen answered, taking a drink from his glass. “But you’ve got a long time before you figure that out, youngin’” he teased. “Like what, nine years?” he scoffed. 

You rolled your eyes dramatically. 

“Just because I’m only 21 doesn’t mean I don’t know how to have a good time, asshole,” you said with a wink. “You’re working on not getting the present that I got you,” you added with an evil smile. 

You caught his attention at that, and he set his drink down, leaning in closer to you, his chin on his hand as his eye lit up brightly. 

“Are you finally going to give me that kiss I’ve been begging for?” he teased with a smile. 

“Jensen Ross Ackles, I’m a lady,” you said, feigning shock by placing a hand over your heart. “I would never,” you laughed.

His eyes widened playfully as he watched you carefully. 

“But wouldn’t you? It is my birthday after all,” he retorted. 

You laughed in earnest. 

“Who gives a fuck if it’s your birthday, Ackles? My birthday was two months ago and what did I get?” you asked. “Oh yea,” you laughed, “You and Jared took me out and got me wasted and then you spent the evening holding my head up out of a toilet,” you reminded him. 

He smiled and laughed as he covered his face, embarrassed. 

“That’s an awesome gift, dude,” you said with an eye roll. “I would have preferred a kiss.” 

He watched you carefully. 

“Well, Y/N, that wasn’t exactly how I had planned that night to go. Who knew you were such a lightweight,” he teased, stepping closer to you. “Guess you learned your lesson, huh?” he said as he placed a tentative hand on your hip, pulling you closer to him. 

“Yeah,” you whispered, barely loud enough for him to hear you. 

“Well, then I guess your birthday present is long overdue. Even if it is my birthday. I’ll make an exception this time,” he said, his lips lowering to yours. 

Your breath caught in your throat as he stopped, his lips hovering over yours. 

“I mean, if you want the present,” he teased, his nose bumping yours softly. 

You grabbed a fistful of his t-shirt and pulled his lips to yours. They crashed together, sparks flying the minute the two of you connected. Jensen wrapped his arms around your waist, drawing you closer to him, his tongue sliding along your bottom lip, begging entrance. 

He slid in your mouth with ease, his tongue fighting yours for dominance. He won easily, and you moaned quietly into his mouth as your free hand reached around to play with the short hairs at the back of his head. 

Finally the two of you pulled away, breathless, both of your chests heaving. 

“That a better present?” he asked, a smiled spreading across his face, reaching his eyes and causing them to crinkle slightly. 

“Hell yeah,” you whispered as you un-clutched his shirt, smoothing it out across his chest, his muscles rippling in response to your touch. 

 He leaned close, whispering in your ear. “So what did you get me?” 

You looked him in the eye, threaded your hand with his, and led him away from the crowd, back to a private room.  

“Something you’re never gonna forget,” you smiled wildly, leading him away. 

“Holy shit,” he murmured, following you, watching your hips sway tantalizingly. “Best birthday, ever,” he growled once you were alone, and you pulled him close, kissing him fiercely. 

“You’ll never forget turning 30, Jen,” you whispered against his lips as your fingers reached for his jeans. “I can promise you that,” you added as you slid down in front of him, your hands pushing down is pants and briefs, showing him just how much you wanted him and giving him the best birthday present a man could ask for. 

Submitted by both @thing-you-do-with-that-thing and @chaos-and-the-calm67 I’ve been waiting for the best moment to write this one… It seems now is the time. Hope you girls like it.

Author : Mel
Gif given by : @bigdaddymongoose
A/N : I’m really having fun writing based on gifs. Especially with this one.

Groaning as he came to, Dean opened his eyes, but was met with darkness. “What the-” He tried to move his hands, but was met with the cold steel of handcuffs. He smirked softly to himself remembering the girl he had left with. He moved to shift his legs, but found he had cuffs around his ankles as well. “Well, good morning to you too, sweetheart.” He smiled.

His smile faded when he realized, there was not a single sound to indicate anyone else was there.

“Sweetheart?” He moved his head, straining to hear any sound. Was he wrong, was he no longer in his motel room? “Sammy!?” He called out, hoping he wasn’t captured somewhere. Wouldn’t be the first time some hot chick turned out to be supernatural. “SAMMY!”

“Dean?” He could hear his brother behind a door before knocking. “Dean is everything okay?”

“What the fuck is going on Sam!?” Dean was a bit panicked. He didn’t like being restrained like this. “Sammy!?”

Hearing the panic is Dean’s voice, Sam picked the lock quick, but when he opened the door, he had to stifle a laugh.


“I’m here, Dean.” Sam was smiling as he walked closer to his brother. He reached around and untied the blindfold. Dean groaned, turning his head away from the light to let his eyes adjust. “I’m not suppose to laugh, right?” Sam was grinning.

“The fuck are you talking about..” Dean turned his head back, and looked down at himself. “Son of a bitch!” His hands and feet were cuffed to the bed frame. He was completely naked except for a flesh light around his cock, and written across his chest in bright red lipstick was ‘Asshole’. “Wipe that smile off your face Samuel, and help me get these cuffs off.” Dean growled.

Sam chuckled, and started to pick the lock of the cuffs on Dean’s right wrist before moving around the bed to do the other. “How long were you like this?”

“Fuck if I know..” Honestly, Dean couldn’t remember much of last night. He vaguely remembered a girl, a fun girl, a little kinkier than he was use to apparently.

As Sam worked on freeing his left wrist, Dean reached down to move the flesh light. “Don’t fucking look at me like that, Sam. It’s not mine. Which is really fucking grossing me out right now.” As he gave it a tug, his face paled. “You better be kidding me…”

“What?” Sam freed his brothers left hand, and moved to do his foot.

“Crazy bitch glued it on!”

Sam couldn’t hold back anymore, and burst out laughing.

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“You’re looking happy with yourself,” Dean comments as Sam walks through the kitchen. Sam’s dressed in workout clothes, still sweaty as he grabs and chugs a bottle of water.

“Endorphins,” Sam nods, he’s feeling a uncharacteristically cocky this morning. “You should try it some time.”

“I’m good,” Dean throws him a disgusted look and fakes a full body shiver. “Shouldn’t you being saving some of that energy for Y/N?”

“I’m good, thanks.” Sam replies, opening the refrigerator to forage for leftovers. He’s always starving after a run.

“I’m serious Sammy, Y/N isn’t your run of the mill bar chick. If you want to keep her around you better save some of those moves for the boudoir. I’d be happy to show her how it’s done if you’re not feeling up to the task.”

“How selfless of you Dean.” Sam shakes his head but he can’t help the giant smile that creeps across his face when he thinks about the way your hands dig into his back when you call his name, naked and breathless under him. “I’ve got it covered.”

“You sure?” Dean can’t help himself, he loves to push the envelope.

“Positive.” Sam grabs an apple and turns to leave, “By the way, did you use the tool box? I can’t find the hammer.”

“What do you need a hammer for?”

Sam chuckles, turning back to his brother. “I broke my bed frame.”