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Alright, hello friends! I’m finally going to be posting a follow forever!
(ノ★ヮ★)ノ*:・゚✧ It’s been five years and I’ve only just gotten to doing it, so yeah, good job Esme! This is to show my appreciation for all of you, and just to say that it was a wonderful year of growth and that wasn’t without your help, so thank you all so very much.  Please ignore the poor quality of graphic. Dylan’s pitiful white boy dancing was 100% worth the blurriness. 

Side note: I’m sorry if your name isn’t on this list. I follow 1.5k people, and it would be much too difficult for me to go back and look through them all. In order to save time I geared a lot of my search to the past year or so. If you feel that you should be on this list, please please let me know! I probably will agree, I just may have missed you on my search.

First, a list of some of the beautiful babes that I have been speaking to over the past year or less. Y’all may not consider yourself part of my squad but I 100% do:

@allisonagrnt @maliawerecoyotes @liemdunbars @domssherwood @kimpossibles @ginnyweasiey @ohmyweasleys @banshuman @allisenargent @scottmccalle @bellamyblak @savingsciles @sebtianstn
@bobbimorxmas @grontward @stydixa 

People I would definitely like to get to know better  (mutuals mainly included here, the people that I hope to one day become mutuals with will be bolded):


@10divergentmockingjays // @ahumanandahale //@allihsonargent //  @allisonmccalling //@bansheemrtin // @bellarkemas // @bobbigriffin // @bravenry //
@cadeswater // @chimerapack // @cloudsandground // @codiychristian // 
@codychristian // @czwrny // @darhkswan // @destinyisle // @derekshvle // @drkhales //@derrekshales // @dyllinski // @duhliamdunbar// @eichenlydiamartin // @femmefatalty // @fuckyeahstydia // @gamecube// @generalhansolo // @halestilinskis // @haydxnromero // @hollanddroden


@jinglebaellamy // @kaladandkar // @kirayukimurra // @kirayukimura //    @kirughyukimura // @kingfinnick // @kitsunaye // @kkiitsune // @laurelance // @leofitzsass // @liaamdunbaar // @liamdubnars // @liamdsnbar // @liamdunbvr // @liamsdunbar // @liaydan // @liaydenvsleeps // @llydiastiles // @lvdiamartyns // @lydiahs //@lydiamarntin //@lydiamrtn // @lydiamrtun // @lydiamxrtn // @lydiasdeputy // @lydiaskiss // @lydiastilinks // @lydiastlies // @lydiastilinsik // 
@maliasfur //
@maliasliams // @martinskki // @martinsti // @masons-flight-attendant // @mason-hewitt // @matthew-casey  // @matthewmorduck // @nbscotty // @nogitsunaye


@perfectstydia // @qrounder // @qvkeward // @romerohaydns //
@sciras // @scisaacs // @scottmccall // @scottmccaall //
@scottmcfluffy// @scottslydias // @scsttmccall //  @selenamaris // @shelleyhenign // @shelleyhennigg // @silveragrent //
@snowballstiles // @snowflakelightningbolts // @snowyallydia // @sprayeberry // 

@stilesbanshee // @stxdiah // @stydiaah // @stydiaokaybye // @terminal-argent // @theaisms // @theodoreraeken // @tomfeltin // @truegryffindorforever // @univcrse // @viktorskrums // @wherecoyote

 Special shoutout to my irl bae, Rachel (@jinglebellsamy) who is the true mvp and eternal sunshine of my life. And also to all of the network members that I’ve had the chance to talk to!


Sam: “I may be able to reroute the circuit to the control interface, but –” | 8x20 Moebius (re-make of this older gifset of mine)