these gifs are so pixely

Here’s a very smol piece of the Hunter x Hunter animation that I’ve been working on! Sorry if it’s really super pixely, I’ve been working on a small canvas so it looks kinda grainy on a portable device. On a computer it looks decent though. I plan on resizing it so it doesn’t look grainy like that but I’ll do that when I’m actually done with it lol

well i know when you’re around ‘cause i know the sound,

i know the sound, of your heart ❣

heres some pastel!dan and punk!phil for you bc im trash for that au

May 6, 2017 in RK World

So a minor dust up today. Pix of Rob released – one outlet says from today but the pix released were obviously taken at night. I saw them at 7pm my time which is 4pm LA time. Call me crazy but I have a suspicion that it’s not dark before 4pm in LA!

If these pix are supposed to be from yesterday that’s another problem because Rob was evidently at a Cartier party. Sorry but I trust that guest list, even without any pix so far, before I ever trust the paps/TPs

Kristen was spotted by some eagle eyes walking in the background of a video from CJ @ Ruth’s pre-wedding party. Her wedding is taking place in Santa Barbara.

No doubt that Rob is now Santa Barbara to accompany Kristen to the wedding of her long-time friend and publicist.

Perhaps a yawning Rob isn’t quite appropriate but I think he’s about right.

Should you choose to create this world once more.
Another path would be better suited.

undertale spoilers
@peppermintbee makes the best sketches and i wanted to go back to my pixely roots so we decided to collaborate on this little headshot! she sketched this out on paper and i did all the digital stuff.

this is my first attempt to do any kind of pixely kawaii stuff so??? if you have any tips for how i could improve or if you know any good tutorials that would be great because i just kinda did whatever. i’m probably going to use this as a sidebar or something for my blog and if you want to use it that’s totally great but please like/reblog and credit me somewhere!

Every time I set a quest marker on a person with a quest in dragon age, I always picture their reactions being like this. I mean, could you imagine?? You’re just chillin, minding your own business with an offer to give, then BAM! THE INQUISITOR’S HOLY GAZE HAS BEEN LAID UPON YOU! BRACE YOSELF

also sorry it’s all shit quality. Drawing the gif wasn’t a problem, NOW MAKING IT UGHGHGHHGHGHGHGHGHGHG. I had to change the image size for tumblr so it’s pixely