these gifs are so pixely

I discovered last night that if you run two pix_film objects into pix_diff like so:

External image

and stop one of them while the other one is still running, GEM freaks out a little bit, causing this really rad datamoshing effect. I’m not sure why this happens, but I’m guessing that pix_diff’s calculation of the absolute value of the difference between two inputted images may be similar mathematically to what happens when you delete i-frames from Xvid videos… I could be wrong. Anyway, that GIF above is the last scene from NIN’s banned Broken video (which seems kinda quaint these days, especially after seeing À l'intérieur a few times) “reacting” to a blank still frame or something…

this is my first attempt to do any kind of pixely kawaii stuff so??? if you have any tips for how i could improve or if you know any good tutorials that would be great because i just kinda did whatever. i’m probably going to use this as a sidebar or something for my blog and if you want to use it that’s totally great but please like/reblog and credit me somewhere!


Ninjago Aesthetic: Cole Brookstone


     hey, special. yes, you!  it’s your birthday, so i have a message: may your birthday bring as much happiness as you give to everyone who knows you.
                                         ❤  may 2nd, 1983  ❤