these gifs are so choppy

I just wanna do this every time i see Hau! (that’s @dc9spot‘s grown up kahuna Hau)

I imagine Hala’s entire family gives out tight hugs <3

btw first frame by frame animation – what whaat

“So this was Levi, the witch.”

-The Stag in the Dark, chapter 1

Okay so @perksofbeingawaifu‘s darkstag aesthetic is so pretty I had to make something for the fic even if I hadn’t finished reading it yet lmao. and I thought a deer with creepy eyes would go perfectly with the whole vibe.


wanted to doodle a lil thing so i doodled away
should probably add more frames and color and stuff but I’ll do that at some other point in time lol

Pidge ft this really cute outfit I saw on my dash (plus the model was cute too)

I hope you’ve been feeling at least a little better lately, and if you haven’t that’s okay too! Take the time you need ^^ I tried to animate but it’s literally only two frames so it’s quite choppy haha– I hope you like it anyway! Please take care of yourself <3

hOLY HECK THISIS SO CUTE THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! i am feeling better, actually! i just.. kinda forget about the blog sometimes when i dont get frequent asks, and my mouse is acting up a lot lately (i draw with a mouse, and rn clicking and dragging is like… more like clicking 800 times lately) so im not super motivated but thank you so much!!!!!1 posts will start again tomorrow >:3c